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  1. Oh Yeah, That's also What I meant with Clutter, Well then Looks like we agree on this!
  2. Well I really don't like "Hiding Spots" I feel like it Should be a stealth Game, Like In SPC The Clutter is larger, That is the type of thing I want to see (With a few Additions of Random cabins from there as well)
  3. I just watch others Play, Playing as Jason isn't my thing, But As I watched my Friends, They had the Most trouble With Deborah in Pack and Pine.
  4. Thick Skinned Runner Fox, Marathon, Restful and Thick Skinned.
  5. Well, Jarvis is an Archeological dig to find anything, And Then It's like Transferring those findings From One Country to Another for the Museum.
  6. Sounds Good, Since I don't Play: Mitch,Adam,Buggzy,Kenny and LaChappa. I'd love for my Counselors to only Cycle through the Remaining ones.
  7. Sounds Fun, But I'd Increase the Map or the Cabin Size, It's a Lot more Fun to have Jason Search for Counselors in a Stealthier Area: 1. Power is Cut from the Beginning, Darkening it for Both Counselors and Jason. 2. Jason Can Only Use Morph. 3. Counselors Can Only Walk/Jog until They Spot Jason 4. Mini map Exists, But It only shows the Cabins (No Jason/Counselors) 5. No Car/Boat (Phone Would be there, Fixed, Although you wouldn't be able to call the Police, Just for the aesthetic hehe) 6. No Jason Music, You have to spot him to Get Alarmed. 7. Counselors don't scream If Jason is like 30 feet away from the Cabin they are in, They don't say "Omg like did he find me or something?" while In Hiding Spots. 8. The Map Could be either of the Small Maps (Pack, Higgins or CL), With an Option if everyone in the Lobby wants a Big Map (This Enables Jason to Use Shift) 9. No Sense Or Blimp Blomps, Because then what would the Point of the Stealth game be? 10. Jason Finds Counselors through the Noise they Make (For example, Tumbling, Opening Drawers, Closing Doors, ETC.) 11. Sweater is still there, Although it's Unusable. 12. Weapons and other Items Exist. 13. [Only Grab] or [Only Slash] (Pick One). These are all of the other Additions that Could Make it a lot more fun (It Should be Hard For both Jason and Counselors, Since this is a stealth game)
  8. Managed to Help People More than 3 People In 3 Games, Then I mess up one repair and they start calling me Rude Stuff and Cursing me, Although this isn't exactly a Sad Story.
  9. The Keys always Stay with me, No Other Hoe is getting them.
  10. Just Rework The Perk System Fully, New Ways to get Perks and All!
  11. *Some Ahole put a Trap near the Window inside a Cabin, I an Injured Counselor is trying to get it, I end up in the trap and die* Although I'm not sure if This also Counts as Suicide or as Being Betrayed, Similar things can be played out, And Some people commit suicide because of Trolls or Teamers.
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