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  1. No Thank you! Jason is okay as he is now, We don't want to throw the currently decent balance into chaos
  2. I guess Grendel Would Have New Escape Paths, I mean Imagine Riding a Car in the freaking Grendel ...
  3. Ohhhhhh Well I Would fight if my Ping wasn't horse shit every round
  4. Wait You don't pick Jenny to repair? I Have repaired a full car using Tiff, The boat and also the fuse And then I got betrayed
  5. I Would If I could, Not everyone is an English professor
  6. Already Doing the Most I can when I play Vanessa
  7. Good job on that Tunneling only annoys me on low spd/stm Characters I enjoy the chase as Van Especially If I escape +shift or running Jay
  8. Hmm, It appears that the Chad has been Pitchforked How sad
  9. Since there are so Many Things in the Cabins that could be interacted with, Why not make use of them? Like: 1)The Keys Can actually be used for Something 2) The Canoe(s) can be used to cross small parts of the water (Good For Higgins) or Hide under it like the bed 3) The Fruit can be eaten to gain a small boost of something, What are you ideas?
  10. Stealth - 7/10 (Because he was peeping on the counselors without them noticing)
  11. First thread about this from me, Oh please don't burn me alive
  12. Oh yes! Part 2 running at someone with P6's Spear
  13. Also it was a Part 2 Jason (Fave Jason, Although I'm playing as Part 3 Now)
  14. Don't Really Know, But me and The Other Jenny were already fighting with Jason Earlier, Then he chased the other Jenny Down and Came For Me Although Someone Did Manage to call the Police in the mean time, I left After I died, So I don't know if They Survived or not
  15. Darn I actually have to agree with the LaChappa statement that you have made
  16. The Deb and Vanessa were in the Main Cabin of Higgins, I ran there as well, Deb Ran Out of the room I was going in, Jason Instantly Followed Me, Vanessa was doing... I'm not sure what exactly was Vanessa Doing, That's how that segment went down.
  17. I don't think you really understand the point I made The Thing is that Jason Was Chasing me The Whole Match when everyone else was fixing the Objectives, Car,Phone, The other car! I'm simply calling out the bad Jason(s) who do that
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