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  1. Pretty much what the title says What are your worse experiences with QP and the Toxicity of the kids in it?
  2. Oh yeah traps! Forgot about them Makes them even more useful because of the pocket knife reduction
  3. Medic and Hypo are good if we Have a Slasher or all of those damn windows are broken, But really now it doesn't happen all that much Also I would like Special Passives For each Counselor, Relating to their respective troupe.
  4. Not Until I get my Pamela Maybe I will pay for Pam
  5. Thank you all for the tips! I will surely utilize them
  6. I have decided to work as a Translator(In the Future), But even I can't translate that!
  7. What the title says ^^^ Anyways I'm not really a Jason Player but I want to get into playing Jason, I'd like for some suggestions for a More Beginner Level Jason?
  8. I escaped From Pinehurst by boat in 4 minutes, I also picked up a kenny swimming in the water lol
  9. I have a Stamina Infused Deb with a Cop Daddy Marathon Restful Cop Daddy
  10. To be honest I don't play as the combative type in game so It wouldn't matter if Jason's Mask was off or on for me, Lone Wolf Repair For Life
  11. I don't think the Frames when he is getting up are intended for hitting, I think that Devs Should Give Him Immunity during that time, Nothing else is needed right now.
  12. That would still be better than Someone running off with the fuse and dying In the Middle of Freaking Nowhere on the other Side of a Map, So Yes that is kind of Interesting.
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