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  1. Well why would they, They are decked out in survival gear that they can Waste in a matter of seconds!
  2. 1. The Map is important because of a gameplay perspective, We wouldn't want people dragging items into places like the freaking islands and then leaving them there 2. I already replied about Jason Putting down those icons and I said why It wouldn't be a good idea.
  3. " I don’t like this game. I only play it because I payed 40$ " Why would anyone buy a game that they probably wouldn't even like?
  4. I'm not exactly Sure How to respond to this, The Idea is certainly... Something, But The Game Just seems really, really bad! 50 random Bear Traps?! Impossible Wheel?, If you are trying to make a proper game mode, Please Just Balance it out properly, Jason Getting 1 sense and 3 Teleports is still something, But he can Just walk up to someone and Murder them, Without anyone realizing because of his "Unlimited Stalk". This game mode is heavily Jason Oriented, And In that case it would be a pain to play as a Counselor, Also it would get really repetitive, Since you do the Same thing every Match, Escort the bots.
  5. But The chance of someone being as smart as that is really low, People will drop the phone fuse anywhere! If they get something like keys,Med spray or pocket knife, This Ability would be really situational, And I don't think Jason Has shown the ability to morph into random stuff, And by Fuse I meant the Phone Box, I confuse those two.
  6. I like the Ideas, Although AJ's One needs to be changed, As There aren't always radios on the maps.
  7. The Phone Fuse Idea wouldn't work, Remember Counselors Can't see the Phone Fuse? Also, If Jason himself had to be in that place to make the Icon Appear, It would be nerfing Jason way more than The Counselors. And Isn't it going to be a little bit suspicious when there are 3 cars on the Map? More than 2 Gas Cans, Keys,Batteries etc.
  8. Seems a bit OP Doesn't it? This would pretty much Render Chad Jobless, Buggzy Jobless and Any other Body Guard/Fighter Completely useless.
  9. I would 100% buy a game if it was like a 1V7 or 2V7 (in the case of the double Ghost Face!) and was entirely based on scream! Omg I can imagine throwing shit at the ghost face while I'm running up the stairs.
  10. Playing as a Heroic Deborah was my Proudest Moment as a Counselor and Finally Landing a Shift grab was my Favorite moment as Jason, Needless to say I Asphyxiated everyone because they had been trash talking me and laughing at me for the whole Match You laugh you get the shitty kill. And as Deborah I had found the Shotgun in The Barns, I was on Higgins Small, Mitch and Vanessa were following me around, Jason Found us, We ran into the a Small Cabin, Vanessa Hid Under something, Mitch attracted Jason's Attention while I trapped the Cabin, Jason Bursts in, Gets Trapped, He Breaks out, I let Mitch run out from the Window, I shoot Jason But Miss and Jason Ends Up Killing me, Both Vanessa and Mitch Ended Up Surviving.
  11. Stoiker is Literally Daddy, I love his videos so much.
  12. I'd rather if we got Brodski and KM-14 For Grendel, Then making them waste their time on making Creighton Duke.
  13. I just Realized What tinkerer was actually meant for, And I had this shitty perk all the time! I thought it decreased the amount of skill checks needed for a repair instead of increasing the speed
  14. I feel you, But instead of Epic Spatial Awarness, I get Poor Aquanaut or the Perk which increases the Stun range of the flare gun, Also Poor!
  15. Sometimes I see the Shotgun Or A Med Spray during the Pack Intro, I usually see Tommy's Radio if it's on Higgins or CL
  16. I really can't Imagine Bunny Deborah, Princess Jenny and Chad the Leopard, Running around the Grendel Map, It would look really Silly and out of place.
  17. Omg YES! I really want a Rain Coat, Imagine how fun it would be running around the map in a rain coat
  18. I'd Love alternate Hairstyles and More Casual Clothing (And Not textures for the clothes we already have <.<)
  19. I really like this! I'd say that this Map would probably require a Lot more teamwork than other ones, But would the counselors start off together or would they be scattered around in the woods?
  20. I voted Nay because of the increased RNG And Also because People will start bitching about OP Counselors And Jason's Only slashing and stuff.
  21. I don't like being tunneled by Jason while Everyone else is doing objectives, But then Again I only dislike it when I'm a low speed/stamina character I don't mind being tunneled as Vanessa
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