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  1. Oh Sorry, I don't think you Actually know I'm not the one doing the Playing, I watch my friend (He Lives one apartment lower than mine) And That's where I get most of my statistics, But I also feel like He shouldn't be Buffed, It makes sense for Someone who is not of equal skill to get trashed in PWs, Organized Groups are Meant to be OP After all. Also Crue, If a group is coming your way Just be cheeky and Hop into Block, That's what I usually do.
  2. I'm not sure About Private Matches Since I also Stick to QP.
  3. The fact that Pine Hurst Has all of these Things is Even Better, Considering it is a Place for Mental Patients, We may all be going crazy and seeing these!
  4. And I'm Talking in General that Neither Side needs Buffs, I'm sorry if my terrible Writing didn't make my Point Clear, I don't think either side needs buffs, More like Fixes.
  5. ^ Flame Thread where? Excuse me but if you call this a Flame thread you need to see a Ton more Threads, I stand here for both Sides that neither one need Buffs, But both of the sides needs Fixes. ^^ Crue Something based off of a Movie isn't going to be EXACTLY, 100% Similar to the Movie, When did 8 People Survive Jason's Onslaught, When did so many Counselors fight Back, When Did they use Med Sprays And Fix Objectives, And Really, You can't really fear what you actually expect to come, Jason Was never scary for me.
  6. Not exactly What I was Talking About, But I don't want him to get Buffed, I want them to fix the Random Glitches and Bugs which Degrade Jason's Abilities.
  7. I don't even use the Sweater for Kills, It's a Way for me to Save a Person Or my Self from Jason. (I don't trust Most of the Tommy Players)
  8. Why Thank you, FYI I play Sims, But I don't play this Game for Jason, I play it because It's a Survival Game Where I Have Fun, I know this wasn't 100% Directly meant to be sent to me, But Since I made a Point about Not everyone being in this Game for F13 Franchise or For Jason, I had to reply. Also I hate playing as Jason, Playing as a Counselor and Using my wits is a lot more fun, Than being a Serial Killer (I wouldn't complain to play Ghost Face in a Scream game though, No Supernatural Bullshit).
  9. So Is it a trend to complain that Counselors can Do things Now and Jason Needs 100 More Buffs, I'm Sorry If I sound Bias (Which I will). My Point is: There have been a Ton of Posts On Buffing Jason which Focus On Nerfing Counselors in One Way Or Another, At this Point I feel like Each Of these Posts are Made by people who Always Play Jason and need it to be easier, Right Now I feel like the Balance is Fine and Wouldn't want either Side to Get a Buff, You are free to Disagree With me, But I don't think That Degrading the Ability of Counselors is going to make you any better at the game, Ciao.
  10. They Are Nice, I do hope to see them more (Used on me, That is)
  11. Alright I simply wanted to observe, Buuut Then I saw that Jason's Game Bullshit and Got Triggered as a Cheeky Counselor Main, Alright Anyways: No, It is not "Only" Jason's Game with Jason's Rule, No Matter what the game was based on, It shouldn't simply cater to One Person, In This case: Jason, If you truly want a More Jason's Game Experience, Bots Exist, Single Player Challenges also Exist Now, Over Buffing One Side is Not going to make Many People Happy, Not everyone is in this for Jason.
  12. Alright Then, I don't want to go into Further Detail As to why you Disagree, I Just Shared my opinion about that Matter, Even If I presented it as a fact, I'll let others handle the argument.
  13. Indeed, And a Lot of these Bias People on F13 Forums are Either Counselor Mains Or Jason Fanboys (From what I have seen, At least)
  14. Well I suppose they Could go for a Chance type Perk which Will Show you one of the Nearest Weapons (Only works 50% of Times, Like the Sense Perks)
  15. Not trying to Bring Up any Past Posts Or Drama, But I completely disagree with Buffing either Side, I read all of the Important Posts In here, And I agree With CPL (And the Defense Force of Stop bullshiting) Some of the stats you brought up were completely bullshit, I hit Jason with Jenny 1-4 Times, Only 2/4 Times Did the Wrench or The Bat Stun him for me, So It's not even 90% Of the Time, It takes more than 1 and 2 Hits from Deborah to Actually Stun Him, Same With AJ Or Any other Counselor with Low Luck And High Luck too, Jason Doesn't need to be changed, He is in a Normal Spot, And Organized GROUPS are meant to be OP, They are ORGANIZED For a Reason. Anyways, Anything that is about Buffing One Side is almost always a Bias and The Poster will almost always bring up Bullshit Stats, So I disagree with this post.
  16. Being Happy about Something and Sharing it with other people doesn't count as Bragging, He even asks if anyone else has managed to achieve it... And what if he is bragging, He can make the post if he wants to, You can simply just ignore it you know?
  17. Well Sorry to burst your Spokesperson bubble, But Most people don't really think that, I'm sure a lot of people don't want to be annoyingly jealous. And @Nickypoolicious I have no idea.
  18. Don't want to be a Snarky Bitch, But I'm not actually surprised Someone like Ben said that, Just saying.
  19. Agreeing With Tiffany Here, I'd rather not have this type of thing in the game, Because it would completely mess up the So called Balance we have right now.
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