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  1. Well Looks Like Shavar is on this, Enjoy your Reggie Everyone, If he does get added. (Maybe then the Annoying Posts will Stop)
  2. I would love to See Trish,Tommy and Megan Beating the Living Shit out of Jason and Killing Him That would actually be so Cool to witness
  3. They Truly Are Mostly Because A Lot of them Either Fooled Jason Or Simply fucked him up Real Badly, Put up a Good Fight and Didn't back down (Excluding Alice from "Beat the Living Hell Or Fool Jason" Group, But she did Beat the Living Murderous Intent out of Pamela)
  4. I Really wouldn't Mind Ginny Her and Chris, Aside from Alice are my Favorite Final Girls (Trish and Tommy Duo Comes in Fourth)
  5. Well It's not really Logical That Jason Can Slash Someone with A FREAKING HELL PITCHFORK AND NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM (Until a few slashes later) Or a Freaking Pick axe, A Fire Ax and More weapons! Also Med Kits Magically make all Cuts and Blood Go away. It wouldn't really be a stretch that you could be healed with a Med Kit at this point.
  6. Well Trish and Child Tommy defeated And Killed Him Using Some Psychological Stuff and Also Strength Ginny Defeated Him Using Reverse Psychology Chris Did a Bunch of shit. So Human Jason's are a Lot Weaker than Zombie Ones But the Zombie Ones Got Chained,"Wasted", Thrown out of Space and then Pulled away from there as well. So Yeah...
  7. Locked in the Key On the Second floor of Party House as Jason was Chasing me, I ended up dying by falling out of the second floor window and Jason Left me Alone (Jason Left me alone before I locked my self in, He Probably heard a skill check or something, idk)
  8. S T A L K You can Literally do that if you Use stalk, You just have to hide your self And Also, Of course they wouldn't know Jason was Around, That doesn't mean he camouflaged Him self, They couldn't hear the Loud and Obnoxious Music.
  9. But what if my Freaking Deborah isn't doing Anything, AJ Is Hiding in a tent and Vanessas and Chads are running around the Map, What Will I, The Tiffany do? Obviously fix everything my self!
  11. And Every other Survivor Perk is Overpowered and Killers are helpless babies who need caretakers. EVEN THE LEAST USEFUL ONES ARE CONSIDERED OP
  12. Jenny's Mop Hair as well, And AJ's Hair because it looks like she put on a wig, Covered it with Honey, Let it dry and Splashed some paint on it.
  13. I'd like to share my opinion on this, The Reason why Counselors weren't alerted was because Jason Voorhees Was Simply a Legend, And They didn't hear Jason Music when He Approached them, Now where did that happen int the movie? Making Him Transform into certain things or camouflage him self would be rather dumb, Jason Was Sneaky, But as I remember, I don't think he camouflaged him self at all, And Also Stalk Exists for the "Ambushes", Just gotta be smart to use it in a way that the counselors won't expect you, "Bash the Jason" Can Still be Countered if you are Jason, Blocking is a Temporary Fix to that and This game can't have the Friday the 13th Mystique Because everyone knows that Jason knows where they are, Sense and Sound Pings, No one in the Movie knew about the fact that Jason would randomly show up and detect them, Which Made it a Slasher, While in This game, Jason has 2 Tracking Devices he can use to find people (3 If we Count Counselors screaming while Jason is like 20 ft away from their cabin, 4 If we Count Power Box Breaking (Although that ties with Sense or Sound Pings in a way), 5 If we Count Hiding Places, and etc.) Now if Jason Had to actually Look Around for Counselors, Counselors had to Actually Hide around, Hope that Jason Doesn't find them and try their best to survive while fixing Things, It would get even more of the "F13 Feeling". If we Make a Game about One Side, The other One will be displeased and Since Most players Do Play as Counselors Like A lot, It would be a rather sad experience, What you said in that Post mostly focused on Buffing Jason and Giving him even more capabilities or Transforming him into a full on Stalker, Which I very much disagree with.
  14. Either one still proves that you didn't mess up I'm a trash Jason but Even I don't don't take 18 mins to kill someone, Especially Low Stam/Speed counselor like AJ.
  15. WELL Surviving for 18 mins while Jason is chasing you makes you actually pretty good!
  16. Wait Seriously... That's just sad And Somewhat Hypocritical, The "Bug Abusers/Cheaters" Are Calling someone else a Cheater!
  17. Nothing can defeat my Combo of Restful,Marathon and Thick Skinned or Sneaky, Bitches need to be quicker and Have more Stamina, I mean if they are going to camp to have sex, They may as well Have good stamina for it!
  18. I'm still not going to waste my Perk slot for that abomination P.S I Voted Worsen because I like the Game as it is now, I don't really want to see any other buffs, Other than if those buffs would actually Make Jason and Counselors a lot more unique.
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