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  1. Hello to everyone that once knew me (and everyone new), I came back to see what's up. That's all, love y'all. Gbye <3. (Also I forgot where the proper place for posting this is, so here we are).
  2. Well, I'm back again, Sorry I didn't reply to yall, I went on an unplanned trip, It seems the situation is somewhat eh right now, Well it's nice to be back anyways.
  3. Heeeeya Everyone, I am back from not being here, How is the situation?
  4. ^^^ Trolling is really annoying when you are trying to Escape from Jason, It's not funny for the person that is caught, But it may be fun for The Person who did it aka THE TROLL, But it still shouldn't be done, Because it's an asshole move.
  5. I'd Love a New Game, One with less bugs that is. I'm sure they could come up with Something, Maybe not focused around Camps any more, Could be an interesting game and THEY COULD ALSO FINALLY ADD A MURDER MYSTERY MODE!
  6. Mhm, Well it would be better if the game was Indeed Saved by someone.
  7. I can see it clearly on my laptop as well, But the # Is Missing it's other half.
  8. Love these, They are Great Also @Slasher_Clone I see you have a New Profile Pic?
  9. Part X Disagrees #LetJasonDiePeacefully. Or #SaveCrystalLake by giving this game to Capable Developers.
  10. Yes Yes Yes, I totally agree with that, That's always why I say that Groups are OP, And Randoms are not, It makes sense that People who have a whole game plan will do better vs Random People in a Lobby.
  11. Wow this thread has made quite a Lot of People discuss things, That's nice to know.
  12. I Already Said I am Done with this argument, You may see it as chickening out And Think I don't have evidence.
  13. I can see that you are trying to explain that, But I'm not disagreeing with you personally, I'm Disagreeing with the people who are calling out for those Buffs.
  14. Oh Sorry if you think I am the Whack-A-Mole Type of Player (Once Again Since I watch my friend play, Sometimes he lets me play too.) I don't really like that style and Thank you for not Hating on me for being entitled to my Opinion, I can see your point as well.
  15. I'm sure he will enjoy playing with Others, But I still stick to my Point that a Game shouldn't be Balanced on One side and Unbalanced on Other. If we make Jason Unstoppable in PWs, No one will want to play QP because Counselors will get Trashed, If we make him Trash in PW, No one will want to play in Pw, But People still play QP. And I still think that there is no way Jason can be Trash In One Place and OP in the Second One, If you are dealing with Experienced 150s, And you aren't as experienced, I feel like you will get trashed, That's all I have to say. Now I don't have time to Continue Any Petty arguments I have probably started because of my so Called "Flame" Post, So I will be ending it here, Once Again Ciao. (P.S Blocking you was a Pretty shitty move from his side)
  16. Really, Are you actually pulling this shit out again, Sorry Dawg But You shouldn't talk about Counselors either if you didn't know a Mechanic About them Existed, And Just By Watching people Play Or Playing against them, I can Say that Jason doesn't need that Buff And Counselors don't need a Nerf, And Anyone who scoffs at Jason being Buffed is the one with a Real Bias, Oh Sorry I didn't mean to say I wasn't a Biased Player, In the case that I want both Sides to be Balanced, So If You Scoff at Counselors you aren't Bias, Oh Alright then. This is why I have always disliked you, And I will continue to do so, Arguing with you is a Waste of my time.
  17. No, Crue I stick to my Bias Opinion that Playing a Counselor shouldn't be about going all "OH WOE ME A LARGE SUPERNATURAL MAN IS TRYING TO KILL ME, GOTTA RUN". Sorry But No one will be able to change My Points, I am Bias and Stubborn, And you may hate me for it, I don't care.
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