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  1. But Why Does Saliva even come out from the Crotch Area. And Yes, I Agree on everything you said, Good Idea.
  2. They better fix the Milk, I meant Blood that Comes out of Counselors sometimes...
  3. Indeed, But I quite Doubt it, He was the Type of Troll who wanted reactions from People, The One who always moaned and Complained about something, While not exactly doing much.
  4. Well At Least Dorian Only Complained About Jason Being OP, Then Counselors Being OP And those kinds of things, He never outright did anything like this.
  5. Biitch I accidentally saw this again And Almost had 5 heart attacks, Even though I knew the date was 5/24.
  6. Hehe, Of Course I'm 1000% Sure they are working on it.
  7. Oh No, Victoria is Roy 2.0! So now we are getting a New Killer, Not a Counselor Heheh, But Yes that Dress With the Morbid Details would go well with Vicky.
  8. Same, The So Called "Good Host" Trolled the "So Called Trolls", I hope they finish Dedicated Servers quickly So we won't have to deal with People like Him.
  9. Same Here, But With Tiffany I don't even need Luck, If my Team has Jason Distracted, I can fix the whole car.
  10. HMMM? Are you praying on Thots, Should I be careful?
  11. I Know I will be playing Her, I don't care about Stats. I'm here for The Models, The Clothes And the Thottyness Of Tiffany
  12. SmugDoka

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Victoria Has Truly Made Me Moist.