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  1. Hello to everyone that once knew me (and everyone new), I came back to see what's up. That's all, love y'all. Gbye <3. (Also I forgot where the proper place for posting this is, so here we are).
  2. Well, I'm back again, Sorry I didn't reply to yall, I went on an unplanned trip, It seems the situation is somewhat eh right now, Well it's nice to be back anyways.
  3. Heeeeya Everyone, I am back from not being here, How is the situation?
  4. ^^^ Trolling is really annoying when you are trying to Escape from Jason, It's not funny for the person that is caught, But it may be fun for The Person who did it aka THE TROLL, But it still shouldn't be done, Because it's an asshole move.
  5. I'd Love a New Game, One with less bugs that is. I'm sure they could come up with Something, Maybe not focused around Camps any more, Could be an interesting game and THEY COULD ALSO FINALLY ADD A MURDER MYSTERY MODE!
  6. Mhm, Well it would be better if the game was Indeed Saved by someone.
  7. I can see it clearly on my laptop as well, But the # Is Missing it's other half.
  8. Love these, They are Great Also @Slasher_Clone I see you have a New Profile Pic?
  9. Part X Disagrees #LetJasonDiePeacefully. Or #SaveCrystalLake by giving this game to Capable Developers.
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