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  1. If I know they are killing me, I give them the honor to do it Although they do have to achieve that first.
  2. I thought they were Counselor Points and not Customization Points, Huh.
  3. It seems to me that he is suggesting a New game mode that activates on double XP weekends.
  4. By my understanding, Teaming with Jason means that: 1. a ) Jason Lets you live, Lets you get XP etc. While not killing or doing anything to you b ) Jason lets the person live Until the end, Either a fight ensues and the Victor is the one who lives or Jason Chases him/her until they die. 2. Jason Gives that Person One More chance in the term that the person "Doesn't have anything on them to fight Jason With", He Kills everyone else and goes back. 3. The worst case Scenario, Which Combines number 1 and 2, The Counselor tells Jason where everyone else is, Kills everyone else and then Lets his "Team mate", Get all the exp, Stun Him,Demask him, Break out of his grab etc. And lets them either live until the time runs out or Lets them escape in a car,Boat,Police what ever.
  5. Yes YES YES! Oh my god I actually want that right now!
  6. Oh, I never knew about that, Well I'm not gonna use it, But I'm gonna be on the lookout for it.
  7. Oh my god, I Can Imagine Melissa in a long Sparkly Dress Shouting at Others to fix things and running away from Jason, That would be so darn hilarious! Also Yes! All of those costume ideas are really good!
  8. I'd love to see what Fox would go as Halloween Mitch would probably be a Life Sized Marijuana Plant or something Shelly's Costume should be the best Made, I mean he is the Prankster, After all. I'd Assume Melissa would go for Something that would show how much of a rich person she is, But still suited for Halloween
  9. Perk Idea - Gambler

    Random Doublepost that I have no idea how to delete, Need help!