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  1. Okay, so my first video I made of Jason dancing with the Councillors went absolutely viral in 2 days. I gained over 1000 subs in a week, so I decided to make another video. This time Jason doing the Michael Jackson Thriller Music Video
  2. to celebrate hitting 100k views in one week for my Friday the 13th comedy intro i posted 2 weeks ago. here is my first official parody to follow it up with.
  3. i dont hate it as such, but like when jason 5 was introduced it was literally the only map that got chosen. i assume the same thing will happen if jason x and the grendal map get introduced
  4. i leave a server if its jason 5 AGAIN. i know he's new, but the novalty wore off when he literally insta kills everyone who doesnt have a pocket knife
  5. So if i roll a decent perk that allows me to avoid jasons sense say 40% how is that worked out? So is that a 40% chance of it working all the time when i join a server or 40% each time he uses his sense?
  6. but as i said this could be a last chance attempt from tommy. now if jason has killed every other counciler and tommy is the only one left, in the end it doesnt matter if he wins or loses the fight, hes already got his xp built up anyway. if he loses then, meh, the camp has been wiped out already
  7. or that way yes lol, either way who wins the kill gets the bonus xp
  8. Ok so the sweater and tommy method seems to bug out a lot more recently and doesn't always activate the option to kill when you need it to, so i feel there should be a 2nd way to kill jason using only tommy. I think there should be a boat that only tommy has access to (otherwise the other councilors would fuck off in it) However Tommy cannot use it to escape as it will not work. Before Tommy can get access to the boat he has to locate a chain and a rock (can you see where im going with this?) and when he has placed both in the boat, he can then unlock it and climb in. Then Tommy takes it out into the lake and casually drives it about to make some noise. Jason will be drawn to it, assuming its just another councilor escaping and attack, but... "It's a Trap!" as soon as Jason tries to rock the boat, Tommy will throw the chain around his neck.. Heres the twist, Jason can resist by spamming the action key. Tommy will need to spam his action key as well as they will both be locked arm in arm in a battle of index fingers. If Tommy wins, The rock falls into the lake and jason dies. If jason wins, he pulls tommy into the lake with him and they both die, but Tommy doesn't get the kill points. I like this method because it brings another death scene from tommy other than an axe to the face. It will also make the jason player a bit more cautious about trying to attack boats, but if jason manages to kill tommy he gets the XP for it. This idea is more of a last chance effort to kill jason when tommy is the only one left or there are no more women alive to do the sweater kill
  9. I think Roy is ridiculous. If you do not have a pocket knife, he literally kills you right away with no chance to break free, even if you have a fast break free perk on.
  10. yes, this is exactly what we want, hitman style play that is more true to the movies way of hunting people down in the shadows. Please tell me we dont have to wait too long because i want to get balls deep into this. And you gotta have councilors going to pound town on the fuck truck while jason comes in to cock block them
  11. as title, they seem to be locked. I never play with the WASD key setup I use the arrow keys and like to have my own prefrence that i use universally in all games but can't with F13
  12. ok i think i may have fixed it. just done 3 matches in a row without it happening. Instead of using geforece experience to do the driver update, i went directly to nvidia and got the latest driver and selected express and clean wipe installation and so far so good
  13. so since yesterday I am now unable to play the game due to a bug that happens every time i play. Whenever i join a server or offline mode i get the main intro of jason killing the black haired guy, but the intro doesn't finish, it bugs out and i enter the game looking at the ground from under the map. i can see my character running around on the minimap but my screen is locked looking at a wall or under the map. If i am chosen to be jason the same thing happens but i get flashes of the jason perks being unlocked (stalk, shift etc) then the same thing happens again. I have full control of the character but my camera is locked under the map. below is a twitch clip i have clipped to show exactly what happens https://clips.twitch.tv/HealthyUnusualTrayTooSpicy
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