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  1. Woah.. What happened here? I decided to do a little visit here ever since I left and I'm looking at these pages on this thread.
  2. Qcici

    The End

    Thanks for being a member of the community! I guess my time has come now. It was fun having debates 'n stuff. -Qcici
  3. Welcome to our generation of Earth, where logic is thrown out of the window and school shootings are starting to become a cultural component this year. I don't know, and I don't care anymore.
  4. Anything entitled to the rights of Friday the 13th by Gun Media is off limits. It doesn't even matter if a counselor is put into the game and isn't based off on anyone, they're strictly off limits lol..
  5. With the word from @wes over the lawsuit, unfortunately we will not be receiving any content related to this thread or any other counselor/map/etc thread. I really wanted to see characters like Eva make a debut into the game, but we won't be seeing that happen.. Thanks a lot, Victor. Time to move on somewhere else, I guess. Gun Media had great plans going on w/ Grendal and Jason X. They even had the kills ready for Jason X, but in the end, it was all for nothing. Absolutely Nothing.
  6. Well.. Now we know this isn't a prank.. Oh well lol, time to move on.
  7. I'm praying that this is a prank for E3... It's strange how this comes up out of the blue during E3.
  8. It's really Jason's responsibility to trap objectives. If he fails to do so, he gets punished by the trap exploit. Even though it is obviously unintentional, it serves as a lesson for the Jason player. Wins don't always get easily handed over, folks. You have to actually try to secure objectives instead of attempting to tunnel vision someone the start of the match.
  9. People these days... Why are you even butthurt over it? Actually scratch that, HOW do you even know that they added an additional med spray on maps. Med sprays do not have a set number, only their general quantity has decreased. The only item that has a set number of spawns per map is the Pocket knife. Only 3 knives can spawn per map (excluding Tommy) So tell me, how do you even know that for a fact? You're spreading false information here.
  10. Are you seriously complaining over a single med-spray? Grow up kid! It's not the end of the world, quit complaining about it. It's actually always been on top of barrels since the first update related to items spawning outside. I've never seen it spawn on books though.
  11. YES LMAO ME TOO! I read it in her voice from one of the Pamela Tapes lmao! ? "How dare you! My son's condition?!" "N-No Pamela, he didn't mean t-" "I am done talking to you. ALL OF YOU! I am going to find my son myself!" "No Mrs.Voorhees, we need to continue your-" "Fuck you, you are nothing but heartless murderers. You are leaving my son to die all alone out there!"
  12. HUH? That's very unexpected, never heard anyone do that lmao, gonna try that. But really it isn't an exploit lol, like @Truth said, you just got nae nae'd. Edit: Wait.. They placed an UNSET trap and it blocked you from being able to place a trap on the phone fuse? Ouch!
  13. It isn't already in the game lol. Counselors don't move slower when near Jason, their stamina simply regenerates at a much slower pace. We don't need to make them slower, that would just be giving Jason a free easy kill! He doesn't deserve that.
  14. Really, if a Jason cannot catch a single Vanessa, that's really on him. I've been in matches too, where I've encountered Vanessas running up a storm. It really depends on the skill of the counselor and the skill of the Jason. My best advice would be to practice shift grabs lol. I'm fine with the stamina regen when a counselor whacks Jason as it is . Obviously they deserve it for possibly ending their life (considering the decreased stun chances and decreased weapons-- or at least viable stun weapons in the game.)
  15. He looks like the perfect canidate for a charmer! In terms of a sibling status, Tiffany Cox and Tyler Cox seem so perfect! I'm getting nostalgia on Eva and Tamara right now. I actually would REALLY like this character in the game!
  16. No way in hell am I sharing those items. Pocket knives are too precious right now lol.
  17. How does running away from a killer the entire game make you a bad player? I'd say that player is a GOOD player because they know how to juke Shift Grabs and conserve their stamina. Just because they don't fight back, doesn't mean that they're a bad player. You do also know that the stun chances in this game have decreased for the counselors, so their best bet is to avoid attacking Jason unless it is critical to do so.
  18. Jason Idea: Pros: +Shift +Fear +Can Run / +Destuction Cons: -Weapon Strength / -Can't run -Stun Resistance -Defense This Jason would be the most versatile Jason. He has potential to be able to run down any counselor faster than Part 4 Jason can. He has +Shift and +Morph to be able to quickly traverse the maps and may even have the ability to run or destroy doors quicker to further help him out. In the event that he has +Fear, counselors would consume their stamina a lot more quicker and cause him to appear extremely fast to the counselors. The drawbacks to this however, is that he is extremely terrible when it comes to combat. He is the first Jason to have -Weapon Strength, meaning there isn't a good reason to use his regular attack instead of his grab. He is also able to become demasked and stunned more easily than the majority of Jasons. This Jason would best be suited if the player is certain that they have a low chance of getting killed or harrassed as Jason. If the majority of players are slow and/or weak in the lobby, you might have a best shot with this Jason!
  19. First of all; "Ya need to speak proper English." Nah I'm joking, the bug has already been mentioned and may become patched within this week or the week after.
  20. I'm all for Playtesting (Especially on PS4) You guys could be the first game that could allow play testing on consoles. Games like DBD and Overwatch play test exclusively on PC.
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