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    Questions About Future Content

    They can still have some revenue by selling the game to new players. With a big discount obiouvsly
  2. Sinisterslither

    Questions About Future Content

    Hope they fix balance in favor of Jason (grab, stun and rage) before the game will die, to stay on a good impression at the end.
  3. Sinisterslither

    Questions About Future Content

    So we will never have some new gameplay mechanics too (vehicules, weapon etc...). It would be the only things for keeping this game alive for a long time, more than new maps or new counselors. I will continue to play anyway but it's a shame. Thanks for info
  4. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    Good point ! This map remind me when the game had a futur and everyone was excited about this kind of announce.
  5. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    😄 And I agree with you for his behavior, I'm sure he can use his skill to play fairly and show in his video some gameplay technic without trolling. But he prefer team kill and to troll Jason.
  6. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    I want to know and I'm glad they respected the roadmap.
  7. Sinisterslither

    Piñata Jason

    They just need to make the Rage Mode more powerful. Simple idea : in Rage, Jason should one shot counselor with slash attack. No more Pinata and more strategic for counselor to kill Jason (only use good fighters counselors for taking off the mask with a minimum of hits, equip strength perks, etc...)
  8. I agree with the fact they need to communicate and stop to "lie" about Jason X. But I think it's not a big deal anyway. I hope you love/don't love the game for its mechanics or gameplay rather than the fact there is Jason X or not.
  9. Combat, grab, slash and Rage mode.
  10. I don't know in US but in European PSN, the game was 10euros in May 2018 and I met a lot of new players since that discount, so yes it would be a good idea (maybe not 10 but 15 euros)
  11. I've played it day one on PS3 and I still don't see its amazing qualities 😜 And don't worry, that's not a shame to play a long time after game's release, there is no expiration date on vidéo games. Except online games unfortunalty for Friday...
  12. Thanks for the answer, after this message, I joined a QP with players who not seem to be trolls, so it don't looks like salt mines so I thinks there are no problems for me. Otherwise I had for the first time the suicide by escaping with car 😁
  13. Hope it's not about salt mines, because I never quit in game except when I was dead already.
  14. First time I see this screen, someone knows what that means please ? Edit : on PS4
  15. Uber Jason or Grendel won't save the game. What it will save it is to offer a decent game, technically speaking first, for having some new players to buy it (maybe with a discount). And in its current state, I'm sorry but nobody will want buy this game with so many issue. Okay, for us who have been playing since 1 year or few months, we ask for new content, but think about new players who could buy this game, in term of content, it's really great already. They need to concentrate on issue and glitch to make more sales.
  16. Sinisterslither

    Since they can't add new content...

    It's funny because when I wrote my precedent post, I thought also footprint in snow was the only god reason to put snow in this game, and I don't want to be mean with this game, but with all technical issues we saw, I don't think they could program this, it's seems very complicated. I'd wish I'm wrong.
  17. Sinisterslither

    Since they can't add new content...

    @Ralph_E_Fresh @Truth Daytime is a good idea because F13 movies take place in daytime/nightime. But I don't know if snow is a good idea, except for aesthetic reason. The rain/lighting is great not only for the visual but also because of sound but with snow I don't see what it can bring to the game and no movie take place in winter.
  18. This is what I am afraid of when dedicated servers will come on console. I play on PS4 in Europe, but I still want to play with US players and rest of the world. And I don't think we could select servers on console but maybe I'm wrong.
  19. Yeah you're, totally forgot about this. But I still thinking there are a lot of people who don't know about tickets, otherwise, I don't understant why they after beeing Jason.
  20. Yeah it's annoying. They play like that to obtain the 1000 games as Jason.
  21. @gtdjlocker311 Yes Die Hard Trilogy was on PS1 And is in my top too with : - Goldeneye 64 - Friday the 13th - Alien Isolation - Evil Dead Regeneration - Chronicles of Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay I never played Warriors from Rockstar.
  22. Sinisterslither

    An open letter to the Gun team

    Yes, I hope the dev will read this !
  23. Sinisterslither

    Since they can't add new content...

    Oh it would be great ! We could imagine something like that :
  24. Sinisterslither

    We're Still Here

    Same, I read this thread today, I was in a mood to join all this support we saw here, so I played... and stopped after 3 games. Too much bugs to fix and servers disconnection...