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  1. Yes really cool video ! I don't know if you had check all of them but they are all that good ! I don't want to spam here with his video but it's a good complement to the great job that made @Alkavian with this thread. Too bad he quit the forum.
  2. Sinisterslither

    Bots to replace players

    Yes it's a very good idea but with the current bots AI, they would act like trolls (taking car keys, pocket knives etc... and going inside hidding spot during all the game😆).
  3. I agree with that at 100% Except for rubberband car glitch which came with this patch if I'm not wrong. Just need to fix that and that's perfect
  4. Yeah that's a great vidéo, I'll keep posting his future technique (and maybe post some old because it's very usefull). I didn't know about this shift technique and I didn't try yet, is that easy to master ?
  5. Stalk can't come before Morph, it would be a waste of time for Jason in his shack. But in second position it would be cool.
  6. This channel is so underrated, this guy deserves more views, this is his last vidéo about shift technique.
  7. It looks like a great product for Friday's fans ! But all of them already bought the game 1 year ago. As fan of this game, it's too bad that the best edition of this game only comes out now but it's a beautiful object.
  8. Sinisterslither

    The Salt Mines Are Broken!

    The only solution is to remove it. Like Jason ticket, I know it's not the thread to talk about but I played like 7/8 games without playing him, then I played as Jason 2 times in a row.
  9. Sinisterslither

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I know, sorry, english is not my language but I'll try to make some effort next time.
  10. Sinisterslither

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I don't agree because I never saw someone who troll Jason in this area but they can't let invisible wall.
  11. Sinisterslither

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I'm not agree but even if you're right, they can't just let an invisible wall. They need to put something between the chair and stairs.
  12. Sinisterslither

    I am begging you

    Now if I'll see a key next to the car, I will take it before someone else go away with and die far away from the car.
  13. In a current state of this game, I think this glitch is funny, so lets have fun with if it's not an exploit, like in private match with friends, this can be fun. It reminds me SD mode in Goldeneye 64.
  14. The Grab is the reason which make me unsure to follow the dev on their future project. They changed grab in October and it was awful, then 4 months later they repaired it and it was perfect. And they changed it again with same issue than October. But I love the sound when you grab a counselor.
  15. Please no Jason bot. We don't want a new argument to joke about this game. It really don't need this now.
  16. Sinisterslither

    Questions About Future Content

    They can still have some revenue by selling the game to new players. With a big discount obiouvsly
  17. Sinisterslither

    Questions About Future Content

    Hope they fix balance in favor of Jason (grab, stun and rage) before the game will die, to stay on a good impression at the end.
  18. Sinisterslither

    Questions About Future Content

    So we will never have some new gameplay mechanics too (vehicules, weapon etc...). It would be the only things for keeping this game alive for a long time, more than new maps or new counselors. I will continue to play anyway but it's a shame. Thanks for info
  19. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    Good point ! This map remind me when the game had a futur and everyone was excited about this kind of announce.
  20. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    😄 And I agree with you for his behavior, I'm sure he can use his skill to play fairly and show in his video some gameplay technic without trolling. But he prefer team kill and to troll Jason.
  21. Sinisterslither

    Would you prefer to know or not?

    I want to know and I'm glad they respected the roadmap.
  22. Sinisterslither

    Piñata Jason

    They just need to make the Rage Mode more powerful. Simple idea : in Rage, Jason should one shot counselor with slash attack. No more Pinata and more strategic for counselor to kill Jason (only use good fighters counselors for taking off the mask with a minimum of hits, equip strength perks, etc...)
  23. I agree with the fact they need to communicate and stop to "lie" about Jason X. But I think it's not a big deal anyway. I hope you love/don't love the game for its mechanics or gameplay rather than the fact there is Jason X or not.