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  1. Thanks for your answer. I'm in France, Digital copy, All DLC installed, Version 1.30. Thanks again !
  2. Yes same issue for me on PS4 in France, I can't play the game.
  3. @Cheex @DeadDuck Thanks for your help guys, I sumbitted the issue at Jasonkillsbugs but I don't know if they will read that. My PS4 is updated by the way, hope they will fix the problem soon.
  4. Sorry if someone already asked, but I can't play to this game anymore. I'm on PS4 and I have this screen after a few minutes when I try to play in "Quick Play mode". I uninstalled the game and re installed but the problem persists. I have no update to do for this game or PS4 system. Thank you and happy new year !!!
  5. 😄 Same thing happened in a game last time and I really love his reaction :
  6. Back in days where Packanack Main house was full of glitch in June 2017 : And this compil I already posted in Most Badass Jason Moment Thread a few weeks ago :
  7. No, that's not me, I'm not sure that someone even have a proof vidéo about this sound. I haven't play since the update but I'm glad if the sound is really quiet.
  8. There is no feedback thread about this update ? First time I've play since the update. On PS4. In France. And I turned off the game after taking this picture.
  9. Really good job man ! And yes, the kill with flare gun in your eye is awesome ! I love the final kill also, how you use the stalk abilty is really well done ! And don't be modest, they call the cops, that's the worst thing that can happen when you play as Jason. And they had so many knives !
  10. I didn't say that, just thought it was helpful to tell about "murdered" on the list.
  11. Weapon kills badge = "murdered" in front of the name of the dead counselor on player's list.
  12. Maybe they changed that with an update because I don't think I slashed 113 peoples and I have the badge. But I won the 15/20 last badges by slashing one player each games.
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