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  1. Good point, I've missunderstood, I thought 97 means they're going to the stage.
  2. Yeah, but it sounds like a dialogue, so it make more sense if the answers is code 97 instead of 37, but maybe you're right.
  3. Did you get your moneys worth?

    Play this game since June 2017 and in my top 20 game ever, a dream come true for Friday the 13th fans or just slasher's fan. I still wait for new content, bought also all DLC for encourage the devs and so sad I've missed the kickstarter's backup.
  4. Share Your Experiences

    Oh yeah I never tought about that ! Need to try it very soon !
  5. Share Your Experiences

    I never try, but maybe the best thing to do in this kind of situation is to stay near the phone instead of the fuse box and try to slash them, because the phone call is longer than Jason's stun. I should try next time.
  6. PiƱata Jason

    I agree but I hope they can fix issues without making the game poorer. For example, I understand why they removed team killing and I'm agree with that but it made the game less "rich". So, I think, the best is not to remove stuff but replace it by better solution. I love the game because of its potential and I don't want a game just about repairing car, boat and fuse box.
  7. New Jason Execution For level 98

    And a new environment kill
  8. I agree with all who think balance is perfect now. The last time people blame the game about that, we have an awful update while 3 months. Now, Gun need to concentrate on dedicated servers, glitch and new stuff about gameplay variety. My only complain is that the new content, like new map or new Jason, don't change the gameplay. I would like that new maps bring, for example, new ways to escape. Maybe next time with Jason X ship.
  9. Super fan

    Don't need to play with Fox, Shelly and Mitch for this trophy cause they don't exist at the game's release
  10. The good thing is the kills are related to weapon, no Jason, so now, I can buy the Machete kill DLC even if I don't play Part 7.
  11. Your first time as Jason

    I remember it took me a while to understand what Stalk ability means. When I use it, with the music turns off and the screen color changing, I thought it made couselors run in slow motion.
  12. Packanack Small all the time

    Yeah it's also in game like Mario Kart, and I think in Call of Duty but not sure. It's a great system.
  13. Indeed, there is a resemblance !
  14. Okay we believe all of you, but where're the pictures ?