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  1. Sinisterslither

    Your most satisfying kill?

    Back in days where Packanack Main house was full of glitch in June 2017 : And this compil I already posted in Most Badass Jason Moment Thread a few weeks ago :
  2. No, that's not me, I'm not sure that someone even have a proof vidéo about this sound. I haven't play since the update but I'm glad if the sound is really quiet.
  3. There is no feedback thread about this update ? First time I've play since the update. On PS4. In France. And I turned off the game after taking this picture.
  4. This post should be on every page of this thread.
  5. I didn't know about this shift technique, this is amazing.
  6. Really good job man ! And yes, the kill with flare gun in your eye is awesome ! I love the final kill also, how you use the stalk abilty is really well done ! And don't be modest, they call the cops, that's the worst thing that can happen when you play as Jason. And they had so many knives !
  7. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    I didn't say that, just thought it was helpful to tell about "murdered" on the list.
  8. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    Weapon kills badge = "murdered" in front of the name of the dead counselor on player's list.
  9. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    Maybe they changed that with an update because I don't think I slashed 113 peoples and I have the badge. But I won the 15/20 last badges by slashing one player each games.
  10. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    Okay but that's the only way for this badges (again, with knives and traps too).
  11. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    I thought that too, but that's not, you should try with slashing.
  12. Sinisterslither

    Jason's weapon badge.

    @D-dog513 I don't know for you, but at the beginning, I thought "weapon kill" was the kill we made with Weapon after a grab (like the DLC pack). But it's not, that's just kill by slashing people or knives or traps.
  13. Sinisterslither

    New Jason Kill!

    Haha great death ! thanks for sharing
  14. Oh I've miss this one ! really excellent ! Good game man !