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  1. This used to be the case but it doesn't even require throwing a knife at the car to get it to go flying off the map, into the ground or just broken in place. Jason can morph anywhere near the car and make this happen. So even if you're a good driver and running NoS, the longer you stay on the map driving Jason around, the more Jason has the ability to render the car unusable. Even without throwing a knife.
  2. It's a good way to stay off the radar of Jason for the first half of the match. If you haven't escaped or killed Jason by the time he gets rage, all those sense avoidance perks are now useless.
  3. Because everything is stored on their servers. If you can't connect to them, you cannot connect to the servers data. Your account data being on the server.
  4. I think it's an ineffective and pointless Jason "buff" Most matches I play Jason doesn't get into rage. He's either dead, or all the counselors are dead/escaped before Jason gets rage.
  5. Or you have no real reasoning behind anything you say, and your trolling on the topic is running thin? Tough call!
  6. @Urmomsnewman I'll ask this again since you ignored the question the first time... How does raising Jason's mask HP unbalance the game?
  7. The kills in offline bots only count on your last kill. So if that kill is what you needed then the trophy pops. If it isn't, then whatever kills you did in offline bot mode don't count. So say you need the higgins barn closet and graveyard fence kill...you get the graveyard fence kill but not the barn closet...guess what? You still need to go and get that graveyard fence kill again.
  8. Hey that's what every slasher movie ever made has been! People are meant to die, there's no plot, there's ridiculous and idiotic teens that are basically lambs for the slaughter.
  9. Exactly. And then there's no "oh look it's an optimal setup, you won't get every game" type of dodge to what is, in my opinion, a huge flaw in this game. Jason should be the hunter, not the hunted.
  10. Here's hoping there's a double XP event this weekend for people in your situation to get your weapon swapping abilities!
  11. Not the only person I've heard or read that stated this. Personally I had to do one of the cheap grab kills again to pop the trophy.
  12. As someone who would likely be like level 500 now, raising the level cap does nothing for me. It's not like they can add more rewards for leveling past 150, it would just be a meaningless number.
  13. I would like an explanation of how raising Jason mask HP would make the game unbalanced in your opinion. These lower level players you reference in another post aren't players who are going out to kill Jason every round. Care to give your reasoning as to why a tweak in Jason's HP would unbalance the game?
  14. Alright, @mattshotcha has spoken. I'm a little perplexed why I got called a troll for wanting to show him in a stream just how easy and often Jason gets killed though. A stream which he would experience firsthand how easy it is and a stream that would be kept for posterity by Gun themselves. Me, or others, showing 100 different clips is meaningless because we can just dictate the parameters of the kill and it can be brushed aside. Just like @DontZzz34 and @Seraphic King video got brushed aside. Killing Jason will remain the easiest, most efficient, and most rewarding "victory" So be it.
  15. You don't need to smash someone's head in the door from the inside and outside...in fact there is nowhere where you'll kill them outside. Never seen it. And it's not glitched on PS4, as I have it.
  16. @OCT 31 1978 I don't know if your list is right. You have tombstone listed as a corner kill and all corner kills must be done...I've never killed someone on a tombstone and have the PhD in Murder trophy.
  17. I honestly think the only purpose the sweater has is to kill Jason. As easy as it is to kill Jason, there's no other reason to get it unless you're going for the kill.
  18. IMO the rage buff is completely meaningless and pointless. Jason either has the lobby cleared or is dead in the majority of matches I'm in before he even gets rage. If you're one of those people who don't like the rage buff...either kill Jason before he gets rage, call the cops or drive the car/boat and escape before he gets rage. Don't be one of those people who still want to pinata party in the first 5 minutes and then wonder why Jason is now mopping up the lobby. Jason, without getting hit, doesn't get rage until about 6 minutes left.
  19. It is...kinda. I've seen people in the kill squad party quit when Jason does this. Sweater girl or Tommy quits, then Jason comes out of the water and starts taking out everyone.
  20. If Jason quits at the beginning, you should get between 502 and 600 XP. Sometimes the game will give you a free 50XP for defense for no reason LOL You get 500XP just for completing the match. Have seen offense as high as 210. Defense 50. Demasked 50. Escaped 250. Team Escape another 250. 500 if Jason is killed. And then XP, up to 200, based on the time you were alive in the match.
  21. I would love for @mattshotcha to do one of those Tales streams on Thursdays while playing F13 on PS4. I'd grab a friend or two and show him how easy, and often, Jason can be killed. Maybe if he saw firsthand how easily, quickly and frequently Jason dies, he'd understand where we're coming from. I say on stream because then there would be record of it and he could show people around the office, as well as others who watch the streams and think Jason is this big badass when in reality he's nothing more than a pushover.
  22. Hiding in the water when his mask is off and Tommy and Sweater Girl are on the prowl. I wish I was kidding.
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