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  1. Everything towards badges is only one per game, hence my etc etc etc in my first reply.
  2. That is correct and the way it's always been. So if you stop the car multiple times in a round, you get 1 car stop. You tip the boat multiple time in a round, you get 1 torpedo. You jump through multiple windows as a counselor, you get credit for one window. etc etc etc...
  3. I honestly don't think we'll ever see a new F13 game. When the lawsuit settles, Gun's already said they're done with this game so nothing new will be done. And Jason will just get added to Dead by Daylight. That addition will make it so there will be no need for another F13 game, at least not of this ilk.
  4. Double XP has been going on since March 13th. It's indefinite at this point.
  5. Their masks leave a lot to be desired though. However Part 2? He's got the proper precautions going on there.
  6. I think I'm gonna have to do this next time I'm Jason. Go to the fuse box or the 4 door and just put traps in a circle around me. And then yell at people when they get close to me. LOL I won't kill anyone and I'm sure I'll confuse people...gonna be interesting to see what kind of reaction I'll get out of others.
  7. That's another good spot to do it. The fun part is when the people you do this to have mics and you get legit screams out of them or expletives.
  8. Another fun one is to hide in the phone house, once stalk is activated, allow the phone to be fixed and just wait to see who goes up to the phone to try and call the cops. The long cabin down the road from the main lodge at Packanack is a perfect spot for this. I'll stand in the bathroom out of line of sight, sit in stalk and activate sense every so often and wait for someone to show up. They'll start the phone call and I'll casually stroll out and grab them off the phone. Counselors will flock like flies to poop to a fixed phone. I've killed 6/8 doing this. LOL
  9. I'll troll counselors in QP as Jason. I don't really care about objectives or killing people anymore so if they escape whatever... I'll go to heavily trafficked places on my first morph irregardless of where an objective is, so Packanack I'll go to the main house every time first, I'll find someone and put them into a limping state and then kind of stand there waiting for them to use their med spray, I will then injure them again and wait to see if they have another spray. If not, I'll leave them and go elsewhere to do the same to someone else. There's nothing more hysterical than watching 7 people hobbling around the map. When the cops are inevitably called, I'll keep doing this until I hear the police sirens. I will then go to the exit and litter the area with traps to see who is dumb enough to walk into one of them. If I catch a counselor who's run into a bathroom or one of the two room cabins with no accessible window, I'll stand in the doorway in combat stance so they can't get out. I've had 10 minute staring contests with people seeing what they would attempt to do. I've also done rounds where I've just stood by the car, Higgins Large works well for this, to force no one to fix the car and make people get the cops called. If the boat is out I'll tip it near the exit and then just hover in the area and keep tipping it if the person gets in until they swim away. I will then follow them to the shore and just leave them. Once the cops are called, I will morph to the exit, litter the area with traps and then stand off to the side. Whomever runs or walks through the traps unphased gets a free escape. Whomever hits a trap dies. All of these things I've done have gotten me various messages and banter over the mic. Ranging from calling me a noob, scrub to hysterical laughing. If I get the lobbies with people who laugh hysterically over it, when they get to be Jason it ends up being another round of random Jason trolling. Dancing with Jason is a personal favorite.
  10. Meta is thick skin and medic. Third perk choice has a few different ones you can go with. NoS, Hypo, Marathon are all strong for a third perk.
  11. Dismiss it. The official company position is no new content ever.
  12. That's great if all these objective items pop up on the map for you, super, swell, wonderful. You still have to pick them up and take them to the actual objective. An objective that is still likely trapped. You take out the trap, either tanking or PKing it, congrats you've just told Jason where you are completely ruining the point of your stealth composure build. Thus, if you're playing to be stealthy, you're not taking out the trap. Now you have to take said repair item, say it's the gas, to the other car or the boat if it needs it, taking the slow trek across the map to do so and still having to stop and recharge stamina. So A. you need to hope Jason doesn't find you doing this while he's spamming sense B. hope you don't just wander into Jason C. Hope that's not trapped as well or D. if you can repair something, that you don't screw up. D is one thing that's gonna trip up the magical No Fear Jenny build that some people think is awesome for the entire match. Say you find the fuse, get to the fuse box and its not trapped. Once you make that call you might as well have just rang the dinner bell. Even if you have Legendary/Epic My Dad's a Cop you'll have to outrun Jason for at least 3 and a half minutes and still get to the cops...and good luck with that with a character that has no stamina. So where is the benefit of your build once Jason gets rage? And how do those sense avoidance/fear reduction perks do anything to help you survive at that point?
  13. Thank you, apparently there are some people who somehow still don't understand this.
  14. if you can't find a counselor in a cabin, you're either new to the game or not perceptive of the hiding in "plain sight" options many cabins have. Even if you are, just tap combat stance a few times and you'll zero in on where someone is...including actual hiding spots. If another person is in that cabin tipping off Jason's sense at any point in the match, your stealth and composure are again, useless because he's coming to the cabin you're trying to hide in because sense told him someone was in it. You can make the argument that he goes in to go after that loud Vanessa...well it doesn't matter who's here there for, he's there. You could be another loud Vanessa at that point and it wouldn't matter. The extra few seconds are meaningless, because once he does find you, he's going to be all over you. Especially if you're the last one alive. Stealth and composure are 100% useless when Jason hits rage.
  15. The fact Jason can spam sense while in rage literally every 3 seconds makes stealth and composure useless at that point in the match.
  16. It's because stealth and composure are completely worthless once Jason gets rage. Pre-rage they are strong perks to be sure but once Jason gets rage they mean nothing. if Jason's sense ability was ever reworked, get rid of the sense spam, they would been more beneficial as well.
  17. Pre-rage update Luck was the most important stat. Any of us who played before the rage change can tell you about how much "fun" it was trying to deal with a lobby of 3 or more Chads. Luck isn't useless because like Dont mentioned car start speed is good, if ya know Jason isn't throwing knives at it, however if he is than luck is basically useless now. Now, it's stamina. Speed is a close second.
  18. There are some bloody skins that are specifically linked to the physical copy, so you'll lose those by playing digital. You'll keep your levels, perks, CP, kill and clothing packs if applicable but all perks and clothing will be reset. So you'll have to go through and put your taunts, clothes and perks on counselors and put your weapons on Jasons and grab kill choices.
  19. 150 is the max. You'll never see anyone above it because it's not possible.
  20. They never did drive very well, Shelly literally drove right into me. I haven't played bots since maybe a couple weeks after it was released...whenever that was at this point. I'm curious if they'll now attempt to take the boat out, I know back then they did not. Wondering if that was changed.
  21. if you go directly to the store and go to Friday the 13th and select add ons, you can see and buy the clothing/kill packs. Oddly enough, ever since they were introduced clicking in game to try to go to the ps store to buy them never worked.
  22. I had Shelly actually attempt to drive the car against me in bots. This was back when bots was first introduced so I don't know if they try to drive cars anymore.
  23. I just have a question because I know you've pointed out that Jason going to his shack when Tommy is on the scene and he doesn't have his mask is a death sentence and shouldn't be done...why bother trapping the shack when you're not going to go rush over there in that case anyway? They are both going to be in the shack, sweater on, Tommy with the axe by the time you get in there even if they have to tank a trap to get in.
  24. You're going to be disappointed when you unlock him and find out he's complete ass.
  25. You don't even have to morph on top of the car, or real close, for the car to be sent into the abyss...or into a cabin. A couple weeks back I morphed up to the main house on Higgins and the car ended up inside the cabin across from the barn. It was still driveable, by the way. This has been going on just as long as knifing the car has.
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