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  1. Teamers already used to do that before some patching. Taking gas or other objective items into upstairs bedrooms, lock the door and jump out the window. Packanack Lodge kitchen was notorious for this method. When they made it so counselors could unlock interior doors from the inside then the teamers would go take objective items onto roofs.
  2. I hate to be that guy but I don't think we would have ever gotten any different game types then we have now. Just more maps, a couple more Jason, a few more counselors and some emote/clothing packs to buy.
  3. Chad. His biggest strength, luck, is completely pointless since the Rage update. The point of Chad is to distract, bait and smack Jason around. Well with the Rage update you want to prolong the time it takes Jason to get to rage and then while he's in rage he can't be stunned. Thus negating the entire point of Battle Chad and his ability to get 8 easy stuns from 1 baseball bat on Jason.
  4. Three months earlier post and all I got is....HI!
  5. Composure, stealth and perks related to those are good before Jason gets rage. So they're good things to get stuff done early and escape. Once Jason hits rage, those stats and perks are largely useless as Jason can spam sense every few seconds and sense the entire map. So once rage happens, there's no way to hide.
  6. I'm glad the wheelchair never made it into game. Random items about the campsites that could be picked up by Jason and used as a weapon. Not just environmental kills. But would actually swap his weapon for the rest of the round/until he picked up something else. Like Jason could pick up an actual branch from a tree to bash people with, or a graveyard fence post, or a pitchfork/sickle from the barn, or even how he uses the screwdriver in an environmental kill he could pick it up and carry it around if he wanted, etc...
  7. Once dedicated servers were implemented you could no longer join on people who were already in a game. Joining in on a lobby is hit or miss...it does allow for you to join just not often.
  8. Considering it's not hard to repair anything as Vanessa or Chad, it really doesn't matter to change your character. 5 clicks is nothing. And I learned long ago that player level doesn't matter in the slightest.
  9. This never went away. And yes, if you have a supersized weapon, you see it as a supersized weapon. No it does not change the hit boxes or range.
  10. On Pinehurst I'm pretty sure I've seen them everywhere and anywhere on the map...including the boat dock itself.
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