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  1. Makes no difference when you have a Buggzy who will demask Jason in 1 or 2 hits.
  2. This is exactly why a lot of us are saying killing Jason is way too easy. You don't even need Buggsy with Thrasher to demask Jason with a massive quickness, it just makes it even faster. I've demasked Jason off his first morph to the fuse box. I was in the fuse house, there was an axe, I made a lot of noise and locked the door/opened windows so he would visit me. I hit him after he broke down the door and his mask came off. That's a Part IX with minus defense true but I stunned him with the demask, so I had another free shot, if needed, which would have demasked any other Jason anyway.
  3. Block is responsive, if you are the host of the lobby. If you're not, there's a delay. A normal Jason takes two hits to demask, or one hit and a trap. And again, you only need 2-3 people of an "organized" team to pull off killing Jason early in a match. as it only requires one person to demask him, two to die or one to die and another person to leave the lobby, and then a sweater girl. So if 2-3 is an organized team, then sure we'll go with organized team. And if you're just jumping in a lobby you might not even know there is an organized team, as again, it takes a whole 1 person 1 to 2 hits to demask Jason.
  4. This is why I'm on a temporary break from the game. It's gotten stale when I know I can kill whoever Jason is, every single round, and there is nothing he can do to stop it short of hiding out in the water. Going through the motions is exactly perfect wording to what the game is now.
  5. LMAO You said you cannot deny any method of escape, you are wrong. Simple as. Period.
  6. This tells me all I need to know about how much you understand the current game mechanics. Jason absolutely can deny an escape. You see the car driving away from you? Throw a knife at it. Watch the car glitch out and become destroyed. Sometimes it'll kill the people inside, sometimes it'll throw them off the map entirely and sometimes they'll just stay in play.
  7. I still find it funny that you really think it's easier to escape than kill Jason. If your goal is to kill Jason every round and you have 2 other people in the lobby who are on the same page as you, you'll kill him 9 times out of 10. And 3-4 of those times, you'll have him dead in the first five minutes. It is easy to punish any Jason who doesn't just sit there in block. Which is a viable strategy until the Buggsy has firecrackers and puts you in stun and then can just freely hit you til his axe or machete breaks. Or someone else shows up with a shotgun and stuns you and then Buggsy has free reign to hit you until his axe or machete breaks. It doesn't matter your skill level as Jason when any of that happens. It doesn't matter which Jason you pick when any of that happens. Your mask is coming off. And then 2 people are gonna throw themselves at your feet to kill them so one of them comes back as Tommy. You sure can choose to ignore them at that point but all they need to do is find 2 traps. 1 sets one of the traps, the other sets the other trap and you just crash through windows a few times til you're limping and then go walk into the trap placed by your pattern. Congratulations, you now have two people dead who didn't suicide and one is coming back as Tommy. And most of the time against a kill squad who has any clue what they're doing, you're dying in the first five minutes. How you, and Jack don't realize or understand this baffles me.
  8. Again... You don't even need Jason to kill you to be the one to respawn. If it's just you doing this, it's still simple. Find a counselor placed trap - not your own. Crash through a window til you're limping and go step in said counselor trap. You're now dead. Jason could have never been anywhere near you. Jason could have never even seen you. You were murdered and did not commit suicide. Therefore, if you're the first to die, you're most likely to come back as Tommy.
  9. The only thing that changed is that there are now kill squads who will kill you even faster. The way I played pre-patch it was a leisurely goal. Now it's Buggsy find axe, Buggsy find Jason, Jason lose mask, Buggsy die. That all can be accomplished within the first 2 minutes of every match.
  10. Counselors can do whatever they want, and Jason can do little to nothing to stop it. If you want to call that good game play, then so be it.
  11. I am serious and am not talking people better than you, I'm talking people on equal footing. Are you trying to say that you cannot be hit when you're attacking in combat stance? LOL You chop the door down, your weapon goes back, you get smacked as it does by a person on the other side of the door. Maybe it's just a machete and you shrug it off and then kill them. But you've now taken one decent damage shot from a kill squad player, you've done them a favor by killing them so they can get back as Tommy and you're that much closer to being killed. If you're not host, you cannot get into block fast enough to stop it. If you are host, then yes, you can. Either you're the best Jason player in existence, or you've never faced a kill squad who has some skill.
  12. Chopping it down in combat stance really does nothing, just so you know, once you know the timing as a counselor. You're just gonna get hit in combat stance instead. A Jason who can stop the Tommy call by simply trapping a powerbox isn't facing a good kill squad anyway. Double trap the power box, listen as a counselor who is running thick skin and medic tanks both your traps off, heals and runs away. You now as Jason have only one option if you don't want to be killed...babysit that power box for the entirety of the match. Of course, you then have to hope 3 kill squad members don't descend upon you and play pinata party while someone fixes it.
  13. The other problem is if you're not host, there's a delay to actually getting it off. On host, you can block instantly. Off host, that delay makes the mask come off in seconds.
  14. Right, they all control the killing process...but as Jason you don't have control over any of them besides flat out doing nothing but hiding in the water. Are you going to not chase anyone? Are you not going to break down a cabin door? Are you not going to attempt to kill anyone?
  15. As I've stated previously, I'd like to make it so killing Jason isn't the easiest method for counselors to "win" There needs to be some balancing done. Give Jason more HP. Have weapons do less damage. Make it so he can't be killed in the first five minutes of a match. Have less machetes/axes/shotguns in a match. Give Jason a way to put his mask back on. Maybe not all of those implemented but some of it. DbD does well and you can't even attack the killer, I prefer Friday to it even with it's shortcomings mainly because of the combat and the fact there's more to do than just repair generators. But DbD does build tension and has that aura of horror way better than this game does. USA and Canada servers don't have the same problems as EU servers apparently, btw.
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