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  1. Not really. They could just take down the dedicated servers and have us be able to play on P2P. Since those actually work. Instead we get silence from them for the most of this time and nothing happens.
  2. It's been a week with no fix nor a workaround...this is completely unacceptable. Seriously considering deleting the game.
  3. And watch Tommy get gang banged immediately to death after Jason dies. Brilliant!
  4. There's already Jason's who just flat out quit during the kill. Want to know what would happen if this horrible idea was to ever happen, not that it would because Matt already said no... All Jason's would quit at some point because who wants to sit there staring at the screen doing nothing for 15 minutes because some random people can't figure out that they can use private matches to explore the map, repair everything and explore the shack.
  5. I'm failing to see why you're trying to make distinction between squads or solo players. You can play as Chops or Deborah while in a squad and still do things in the background while the rest of the squad is just annoying Jason. And as @GeneiJin stated nothing says F you to Jason, like getting stunned by LaChappa and then helplessly watching him put a repair item in and still have time to waddle off away from you. I'll actually give an example of something I've done as LaChappa. No, I do not main him, but if I'm doing repairs as my goal he's my go to. I had the fuse and a bat. I had another character nearby who I communicated with and they went inside on the phone. Jason had the box trapped. I tanked it. He showed up. He figured I probably could quickly be chopped down. Wrong decision. We traded shots, he went down. i repaired the fuse, sprayed and then body blocked the box. He tried to chop me down again at the box because he must not have had a quick grab kill. We traded shots again, he went down. In that process, the cops were called. And I was inside the house before Jason came out of the second stun. There is the difference between LaChappa and Deborah, or AJ for that matter. Deborah and AJ aren't pulling off that entire set of events and they're breaking whatever weapon they have without likely stunning Jason once. And that is why Big Chops is the best repair character in the game.
  6. Imagine you are Jason, see 3 troll vanessas and then see a Deborah? Same situation applies. Or are we going to try and make the argument that 1 composure is going to make a huge difference? You're basically saying, without really meaning to, that playing as a repair character is pointless.
  7. i sent him a few invites last night and he didn't join.
  8. Outside of sweater wearing ability, Chops > Deborah. And since Deborah shouldn't ever be the one ultimately getting the sweater, that point is pretty moot.
  9. Already exists. You just drop the spray for them to pick it up and use it.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/7ud857/paranoia_current_status_and_path_ahead/ January 2018. End of content announcement came in June.
  11. Sounds like you just want even more pocket knives on the map, tbh.
  12. Big Chops is the best repair character in the game...if all you're interested in is straight repair. He doesn't need a rework.
  13. Paranoia wasn't coming regardless of the lawsuit. It was shitcanned prior to the lawsuit because in their words, "it wasn't fun"
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