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  1. That's odd since the bat has the best stun rating of all the weapons. Another fun thing is the wrench, the pot, the pan all have the exact same stats.
  2. SirMang

    The Car

    I'll pull that to drive the car to the other exit. LOL
  3. SirMang

    The Car

    Well when you're driving you have the accelerator held down, so keep it held down and e-brake (square on ps4) at the same time alongside right or left on the analog til the car completely turns around. The left or right depends on what you're using it for. If you see Jason up the road and are driving to him it doesn't matter which direction but if you see him shifting alongside the car, then you want to do it in the opposite direction of him. You can also use it to drift corners and turn, just not hold the e-brake down as long for the 180. The e-brake makes turns way easier than slowing down and turning as you don't have to come off the accelerator to do it. You can even do donuts in the car, if you start in a stationary position holding e-brake, accelerator and a direction.
  4. Yeah interesting shit happens now if you grab someone near objects and they have a PK. I haven't seen someone falling through a wall, but have seen someone fall through the ground. With sense you can still see them under ground but they can't do anything and neither can you. So far I've noticed being put inside or outside of a cabin, through the ground, into a car, on the roof of Packanack and into another stall at the Higgins barn.
  5. My most memorable kill lately was on Pinehurst. That cabin with a front and back door right by the main building. I was in stalk just walking towards it and hit my sense to see if anyone was in it. There wasn't but I could see a character that looked like they were running to it. So I just walked calmly into the cabin, the door on the main building side was already smashed the door on the other side was intact still. I walked into the cabin and to the intact door and just stopped. About 5 seconds later, Fox opened the door to me just standing there. She screamed on the mic as I grabbed her. It's moments like that that make you remember how terrifying and badass Jason can be.
  6. On Packanack, if you're on the stairs when grabbed by Jason and have a PK, the game will sometimes shoot you upward to the roof after you break out of the grab. This is not always on the counselor just not wanting to die and cheesing.
  7. Sweater Girl can hit him to bring him to his knees. There is barely enough time for it, but there is time. Easiest way to do it is have a Chad, Buggzy or Vanessa with the killing party that has a bat standing behind him. Just wait about a second after Jason starts his freeze animation from the sweater stun and he'll go down to his knees on one bat hit. Unfortunately with an axe or a machete Jason won't always go to his knees, and if there's a group of you on the kill, after one shot doesn't bring him down the entire group will then try to hit him and screw it all up.
  8. Never seen it. I know if Jason grabs you near an interior window and you have a PK, he can drop you outside of the cabin.
  9. SirMang

    The Car

    @Ahab I don't even know what the game considers Line of Sight though. Based on my tests with a friend, there was no way I was in LoS and he still knew where I was and when I got there. Unless he saw me before I even morphed to the road to begin with, which I guess is a possibility because he could have drove close enough to me initially. I'd have to re-do the test with my friend on Crystal Lake regular and just go out to the boat exit to ensure there's no way possible he could see me prior to getting to the middle of Flat Rock. I use this example because I know Jason cannot sense someone out by the exit buoys from land on Crystal Lake regular so there's no way a counselor will see him out there to have him show on the mini-map. I do agree it's only slightly overpowered as not everyone is that good of a driver. And not everyone realizes that you will always see Jason on your mini-map once he's anywhere near the car to begin with or he morphs to whatever the game considers LoS regardless of if he's in stalk or not. If you are a good enough driver to run loops on Higgins, do e-brake 180s right in front of him, use the car to body block his shifts then by all means, you should be doing it. You annoy Jason because he is powerless to stop any of it, regardless of his skill level, and you give as much time as Jason wants to commit to you for others to have free reign to escape or survive. My friend who I did the initial tests with I've been in the car with him for easily 15 minutes wasting Jason's time and allowing others to do whatever they want. It is hard as Jason to stop the car to begin with sometimes, no doubt. Even if the driver doesn't pay attention to his mini-map and just drives a straight line down roads to an exit. Some of the morph points on each map are god awful horrible and put you in a spot where you have no chance. Some Jason's have shifts that are absolute garbage - looking at you Pt. 2. And Jason seems to love getting hung up on any little thing in the environment during shift. FYI - Don't ever just stop the car if you see Jason in front of you, just do an e-brake 180.
  10. SirMang

    The Car

    But it is guaranteed. No amount of luck can help Jason with an experienced driver. Because a good driver who's paying attention knows where Jason is at at all times, knows he can almost drive all the way up to him and do an e-brake 180 that Jason can do nothing to stop, and won't drive into a random tree. This includes watching someone drive around the Higgins Barn 15 times and can pinpoint exactly where Jason''s morph is by the barn. I've literally been in the car with a driver who sat 10 feet from the morph point and kept saying wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...Jason shows up, he hammers reverse and e-brake and does a 180 with a Jason flailing at the back of the car only to watch him circle the barn driving by Jason once and doing another e-brake 180 right in front of him. Any time Jason gets anywhere near the car, he shows up on the drivers mini-map. If he morphs the driver sees it, if he shifts the driver sees it doesn't matter if he's in stalk the driver still sees it. To stop the car, you have to know morph points and use shift right after you morph and hope you guess the right direction, while having a +shift Jason to have a small chance at getting in the right position. Even still the good driver sees all of it and can just do an e-brake 180 as Jason gets alongside the car or just stops.
  11. SirMang

    The Car

    The car is a guaranteed escape with a driver who's using nerves of steel and pays attention to their mini-map. Jason has no ability to stop the car of someone who knows how to drive and use the mini-map. I've been in plenty of matches with someone who can drive the car around the entire map for 15 minutes. If you lose your mini-map Jason has the advantage against the car. Then, and only then, does he have the advantage.
  12. I need 42 more boat escapes as a counselor, 6 more boat flips as Jason and I think 10 more slasher kills. As Jason lately I've been purposely ignoring the boat and hoping someone takes it out but usually no such luck. I've gotten 2 boat flips in the past week. Slasher kills, which I hate doing, I've been diligently getting 1 per match to get that done. I still cringe at seeing "Murdered" next to a counselors name but soon I'll have that done and won't have to see it anymore when I'm Jason. Boat escapes are a whole nother story. I've been trying to prioritize that as my escape, but it's still not working in me getting parts or getting the seat. I've now resigned myself if I do find a part, to get it and just hold it until I see someone else trekking to the boat or the other part is placed in. Then there's the whole 500/1000 matches which I still haven't gotten to and PhD in murder which I have no idea what kill I'm missing. I believe one is the graveyard kill as I don't recall ever doing that one.
  13. SirMang

    Fun making Jason quit

    Now it has two since you were so polite in thanking the first one. LOL
  14. Don't worry they'll fix like 5 things, and then 10 different new problems will arise. I have a lot of faith, can't you tell?
  15. SirMang

    Jason Perks

    I've never seen players get both cars done before I've had shift. As I've stated before if there's an experienced driver, doesn't matter how good you are as Jason, you're not stopping the car regardless of when it's in motion. So yeah I could get behind something that allows for Jason not to show on the mini-map or something that would remove the drivers mini-map for a short period of time.