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  1. We definitely need to play some matches together sometime. Be interesting to see who's trollish behavior as Jason would outshine the other. LOL
  2. I go all out in my trolling! Here's another fun one with the car, if almost everyone's weapon is broken and the PKs are gone. It also requires the car to be in position where it can only go in one direction. Grab the driver out and then just walk them to the front hood of the car and stand there. Dare someone else to get in the car to try and drive around you. They of course can't and they also get to betray someone if they attempt it. If they don't move the car at all, you just smash down the hood and repeat the process.
  3. Outhouses or tents, I'll place a trap on the ground right in front of it and then just stand there in the vicinity. Outside of sight line so they can't see me just standing there basically wondering if they'll come out. I won't care about anyone else on the map or what they're doing until the person comes out of the tent or outhouse. If they stay in there all match, and I've seen everyone else has escaped, then I'll just kill them to end the round however. The boat video is pretty amusing, I've done similar to that but I wouldn't have let that person just get away. Dunk the boat about a second or two before it's going to leave. Then if the person gets back in the boat, dunk the boat again. And keep dunking it as often as they keep getting back in. Once they swim away, follow them to wherever they go. They'll eventually get back to shore, and then hit them down to limping and just morph back out to the boat. Sit in stalk and wait for someone else to get in and do it again, because once the boat is in the water, someone will inevitably swim out to it. I've done the objective thing before with people with a twist LOL This only works if you're using your mic though. Tell them you'll them repair the item if they can do it without making a mistake. If they do, you're grabbing them. I've made people playing as Tommy, Deborah and Chappa mess up with the added pressure. Except I'm not planning on killing them. I grab them, let them break free and sternly say try again. I've had one person as Tommy who I ended up grabbing 5 times. I figured he was just trying to troll me back for my efforts, until after the 5th time he just ran away and gave up. Another fun one when you're using a mic as a Jason who has grip strength, and the counselor player also has a mic, is telling whoever you grab if they scream loud enough or with enough feeling, you'll let them go. I tend to get people to scream twice because whatever their first scream is, is never good enough. If they don't conform to my fun, I just give them the old degrading head punch. And lastly for now...dropping a counselor into a counselor trap they put in front of a door that you shifted through or walked around. I laugh at them, grab them and let them break free so they fall into the trap and say, "you thought that trap was gonna help you? Look at you now!" and proceed to see if they have a med spray or not, if they don't use one in a minute or so, I'll leave them. Sometimes I really wonder how many people on PS who hate me for my methods. I also wonder why some of my friends still play with me because I'll do the same stuff to them.
  4. When I search for a game if it goes to a minute and a half, I cancel and search for a new lobby. It seems like once you get to about a minute and a half and haven't found a lobby, they'll never put you in one.
  5. Start messing with people as Jason instead of just straight killing them and the salt flows freely from their mouths...or messages.
  6. Trolling as Jason can be fun. From grabbing people and spinning them, to herding them into inescapable places, to injuring them and just leaving and another personal favorite.... Not doing anything as Jason all round long. Morphed out to the the furthest point in the water and just moved the R stick so I wouldn't idle out. Waited for the cops to be called and show up. Once they showed up I morphed to the police exit. This was on Higgins Haven and it was the NE exit so it's pretty dark. Littered the exit area with traps to see which dumb counselors would find them as I was just standing next to a tree by the exit in combat stance block, because people still cannot just ignore and not hit Jason. 3 counselors found a trap, 2 got killed by me, 1 got saved and limped to victory. The very last person alive was on the main road just staring at me. And me staring at them. So I'd get shift, go in around her and just go right back to the exit area and the tree off to the right hand side. I had no desire to grab her, just pressure her into doing something. The second time I did this circle shift, she made a break for the exit...found a trap...got grabbed and impaled. She was livid. Calling me trash, calling me garbage, saying I sucked because I only killed 2 people, complaining about the traps at the exit. I told her if you weren't a dumbass and didn't find a trap I would have only killed 1 person. And if no one found a trap, I wouldn't have killed anyone. She apparently did not like that response as she, and her party, left the next lobby. Funnier part is my other kill was someone also in that party LOL
  7. If I'm in the all out trolling mode as Jason, I'll try to herd them into a room that's only exit is a doorway. I'll then stand in that doorway in combat stance block. LOL
  8. A form of trolling, especially if they grab you again within 30 seconds and do it again. I've done this to people in lobbies. As I've stated, once you reach 150 and have all the achievements done and most of the trophies - just missing the 1000 Jason games - you tend to find little ways to amuse yourself.
  9. There will never....ever....be new content for this game. That point has been made quite clear. Numerous times.
  10. Uber and Grendel. Pajama pack for counselors. Kill packs for all Jasons. Maybe some more clothing packs for counselors. That's about it Grendel and Uber were the end of the content pipeline from what I remember as far as free content.
  11. Have to disagree on Mark, as a guy in a wheelchair would be completely against all the mechanics the game goes by..window hopping in a wheelchair? meh. No thanks. Content wise? Definitely new maps. Forest Green. Lazarus NYC. Grendel. Shepard Residence. I know technically Forest Green and Shepard Residence are Crystal Lake but in real life they were filmed in different locations and they definitely looked different. Also some generic maps would have been cool as well. Plenty of room for imagination for a camp site.
  12. Negative shift is by far the worst negative attribute for Jason to have. Part IV with negative shift and negative traps has absolutely no chance against a group of counselors who are dedicated to escape. At least Part II can put out a ton of traps but if the car is moving or the boat is moving, he's done like dinner too.
  13. @BeautyNumber2 Spot on, on everything in your post. Sense should not be able to be spammed, it should work the same as the other Jason abilities. You use it, and for however long you decide to do so, it goes into a full cooldown after. Just like if you short shift. Counselors, especially when hiding, shouldn't be screaming out when Jason walks by them under a bed or in a closet. Holding your breath is an interesting idea, however once you stop you let out a huge gasp which is just as bad as "I hope he didn't see me!" Instead of holding your breath, maybe it should be covering your mouth because you can still breath through your nose. I think back to Ginny in Part 2...she didn't let out a huge gasp when Jason came in the cabin, she didn't gasp when he walked by the bed, she didn't gasp when a mouse walked by her. She did piss herself which Jason somehow realized but she was hidden, and covering her mouth without yelling out like an idiot. The mere fact you character screams out while hiding completely ruins the point of hiding. The problem with making it harder for Jason, is the game is pretty easy for counselors already. So things would need to be changed on their end as well. Make it not as easy to knock Jason's mask off. Make counselors a little slower. Make repairs take a little longer. Make the diving through a window animation, especially a closed window, take a little longer. If you're making it so Jason has a more difficult time finding people, you have to make it more difficult for counselors to get away when he does find them.
  14. I now play on random counselor and random Jason... So when I get Part IV I slash everyone to death because, why not! First I leave them hobbling and move a little away from them to see if they use a spray or not in front of me...if so, I kill them. If not, I leave them to hobble around the map for a while. People apparently do not like it.
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