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  1. You don't have to have it, but if you do the axe will stun 100% of the time. From my anecdotal experience, without it is about 1 in every 10 attempts will fail.
  2. That's a better way of putting it. I'm sure in matches of a bunch of noobs the entire rage buff comes into effect but when you have people who've played this game for a while, escapes are happening before rage, Jason killing everyone is coming before rage and most likely is Jason is getting killed before rage. The last match i played as Jason in a random QP lobby I got rage as I was in the middle of killing the last counselor. So what does rage actually accomplish or do for the majority of us long time players? Absolutely nothing.
  3. Quoted for truth. Once Jason gets rage sense avoidance perks and fear reduction perks are useless. Outside of NoS. That perk has application all the time and is top tier IMHO.
  4. This is way late in response but I offered to bring a couple people with me into one of his Beyond Streams back when that was a thing to show how easy it was to kill Jason round after round so he'd stop the "optimal conditions" narrative he was pushing. That way a. he'd experience it firsthand and b. it would recorded for posterity. His response was to the effective of me ruining his stream and trolling.
  5. Of course it'll be double XP and 130% tape drop weekend Does it really need to be asked?
  6. Technically frying pans have the highest stun rate, as pre-rage they are a guaranteed stun. Of course you can only hit Jason once with them and they break unless, of course, you're Chad. Then you get 2 hits.
  7. I haven't played in around 3 months, the only thing I was missing was 1000 matches as Jason. I hit 500 after playing for a little over a year...so if I got back into playing I'd probably have my 1000 matches done some time in the summer. I got all the badges long ago.
  8. You can throw firecrackers halfway across the map...no joke. Just look upward when you throw.
  9. For 5 bucks, yes. Just expect a buggy mess, a slow team to actually fix anything if they fix it at all. There's still bugs in the game that have existed since launch. And a game that obviously will never have any future content. If you like Friday the 13th as a franchise, horror movies, or enjoy playing Dead by Daylight...it's a must have.
  10. This is literally not a thing, unless it's something new from the past 3 months as I haven't played in about that long. All of my characters run NoS. I play random plenty. Any time I've come back as Tommy, I've never lost my minimap.
  11. Anything that's not intended in game is an exploit, point blank period. The exploits plus the broken state of this game have made it so I haven't played since last year. I'm waiting for the fix to cars because I enjoy the driving mechanic and cat and mouse game with Jason while in it. Throwing knives completely ruins that aspect of the game. Sliding either kind since people call the counselor teleport a slide, I personally think the gliding around with a shotgun or flare is more sliding, is an exploit. Not any worse or better of an exploit than the roof glitch. Turning any Jason into a +destruction Jason is an exploit. Spray cancelling is an exploit. Call any of "tech" if it makes you feel better. Trying to justify any of this is just giving excuses as to why you can't just play the game straight up. Which makes it funny to me when people say competitive or tournaments as none of them are played straight up. They are all played with using any and all exploits. While hiding out in the lake as Jason is a bitch move, it's not an exploit. It just makes for a boring 20 minute round.
  12. Pointless glitch to do as a counselor as it's a free kill for Jason, I think even if you're running around after doing it, the game still considers you under the bed unless you hit x at some point, the command to get out from under the bed. It's an easy glitch to do on that bed, as well as other beds like it on the map, but again the game still thinks you're under the bed, so all Jason needs to do is click x on the bed and you're dead.
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