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  1. No there's no issue with player data. People still play in private lobbies and the data is just fine. If you disabled the dedicated servers, then everyone would be on public P2P servers thus it wouldn't take as long. If all of these local saves are susceptible to hackers, as you want to claim, then why was the game initially released without dedicated servers where those saves could have been potentially compromised? If these local saves are susceptible to hackers as you want to claim, why do we have private lobbies that are P2P as well? You want to play this fearmongering game that the big bad hackers are going to come and steal your bread, yet the game was released without dedicated servers and still allows for private lobbies. Both of which fly in the face of your remarks here. Both of which still *gasp* saved player data. As apparently the patch you just released was garbage, as in it did not work, it was a waste of a month. So take another month apparently and do the easy solution. a solution that is simple, disable dedicated servers. @mattshotcha oh so if I make simple comments with simple solutions while pointing out you're wrong both now and based on the history of the game you don't want to hear my opinion? Awesome. Silence the critics! Keep up the ass kissing. I hope you can figure out a solution to this problem before next year then, I'm sure you all are doing a bang job. Especially with how fast you patch anything in this game. Last comment...you really think people shouldn't be frustrated at the incompetence of fixing/patching/securing this game? Seriously?
  2. Your bolded is 100% bullshit. Point blank. Period. If you get into a P2P QP lobby the game works fine. If you play in Private servers, also shockingly P2P, it works fine. You know when it doesn't work fine? Your dedicated servers. That's where. So the fix is simple since no one on your side can figure out how to fix over a month long problem, disable dedicated servers. It's going to be done at some point anyway.
  3. I know this method does work, but the game doesn't always cooperate with trying it. I did this a couple times the last server hack but it grows tiresome trying to search for 15 minutes finally to get into a P2P server and then watching as it doesn't fill up.
  4. So much for that patch to fix things. The answer is now clear @mattshotcha it's time to disable dedicated servers and allow us to play P2P. Because a round here and there with a host quit that throws everyone back to the menu is better than not being able to play any rounds.
  5. That video surprised me, I've never seen the frying pan not stun prior to that video in all of my experience and time playing this game. Still though it's gonna be a 99% chance overall based on my experience. I do agree, the 2x4 is the best stun weapon option on the table for any character. Bat is a close second and that closeness shrinks further if running swift attacker. Also agree best damage weapon is machete, unless running thrasher with Buggzy. But that's situational.
  6. Vanessa is not able, nor was ever able, to demask a Jason in one hit.
  7. Meant on Pack Small, I've only seen the radio spawn in 4 different cabins. 2 of them South of the main house. One down in Birch. And the long cabin down the road from the main house. Majority of the time it's south of the main house. It's an optimal setup, quick Jason kill, map.
  8. Pack Small, me and two buddies ran roughshod through, killing Jason in sub 3 1/2 minutes several times. Everything is so close, the spawns are so predictable and you can be nowhere near where the Tommy house is or the shack and be to either one in less than a minute. Plus they love spawning Tommy basically next to the shack on Pack Small. Hence sub 3:30 runs. There's only 3 spawn points for the Tommy box, and it's usually south of the main house. Rarely out in Birch - I think that's called Birch at least lol Pinehurst, on the other hand, you can spawn in as Tommy the entire map length away from the shack. Down in Mulholland when it's North for example. Higgins normal is still the hardest map to kill Jason on, IF, the shack spawns on the island. Any decent Jason shouldn't allow himself to die on that map with that setup.
  9. I miss the teamers who would take car/boat parts up to the roof of the Packanack Lodge. Back then I would just go up on the roof with them and dance to annoy them and their Jason friend. Now they'll just carry those parts around with them until they get the car keys and then you get to try and avoid the car and Jason. Which can be fun as well, especially when you're looping in tight spaces and watch the car constantly crash. LOL
  10. These maps are picked because the Jason hunters know how easy and quick it is to kill Jason on them. About Pinehurst, I don't even like playing that map as Jason. There's no challenge. Everything is so far apart and even good counselors are going to run out of stamina trying to loop Jason. The boat has no chance of ever getting out with how small the waterways are. The only time counselors have it easy is when the fuse box is up north and the fuse spawns 2 houses away. Other than that, you can have the car up north with the battery down in Mulholland.
  11. I've done that without teaming with Jason if the person dying is someone who has annoyed me during play. So, nope, not always teaming.
  12. Just go back to P2P already. Playing some games and dealing with the occasional host quit is better than playing no games.
  13. Pinehurst is the worst map to try and escape by boat. Any Jason can just morph near the bridge and protect the bridge. If the Jason has any skill whatsoever, you're never getting passed that bridge. Packanack is the easiest boat escape map, as the water isn't very large that needs to be traversed to get out, which you can get lucky and start the boat when even a Part VIII doesn't have a morph at the ready instantly and you're out.
  14. Try to let them get the car running, a car stop will get you XP as well.
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