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  1. Reverting Jason's grab to pre-engine upgrade. The lunge looks ridiculous. The stinger is ridiculous. Revert lighting to pre-engine upgrade. I'm either stuck playing hardly being able to see anything or adjusting my gamma and making the game look washed out. Go back to allowing Jason to body block counselors while grabbing in a group. Right now there is zero reason to ever try to grab counselors if there is a couple, or more, people in the vicinity. These three changes would get me back into playing more than once a week or so.
  2. Your last sentence, after the comma, is my reason for this. There are plenty of people who have disposable income are big F13 nuts and are completionists in their collections. I'm curious how many of those type of people exist in this community. As well as those who've jumped into this community because Friday the 13th is great but have yet to buy the game and maybe this edition gets them to pony up the bucks.
  3. Just trying to gauge what type of interest people have in the Collector's Edition. If you want to add a why for your answer, feel free!
  4. I've been 150 for ages and have never paid attention to any of the songs, so you're doing better than me!
  5. The toilet looks like a lovely place to take a dump.
  6. I've never tried this with a cabin. I have done it with Jason's shack. Just pull up and line the car door up with the shack entrance and just hang out in the shack the rest of the game LOL I wonder if Jason keeps getting notified by mother if you go into the sweater room. I didn't ask and I'm sure the Jason player wasn't pleased with my antics.
  7. Packanack isn't large enough for that to work, you can still sense someone out in the water from the land. The North boat exit is better to pull it off as there's little reason for a Jason to go to that shore. South, if Jason is in Flat Rock, he can sense you at the exit. After finding out that hiding in the water worked on Crystal Lake, I had to test out the other maps. Crystal Lake is the only one where you can hide out in the water and not be sensed from land.
  8. Much ado about nothing with the 2 kills. Haven't any of you seen trailers for movies or back cover art on dvds/blurays that include scenes not in the actual movie before? Happens all the time, no big deal. I can't believe I have to come across as defending this scummy company in a situation.
  9. That tent on packanack is perfect if you're using an epic or legendary heavy sleeper and two other sense avoidance perks. I have yet to be found in it but now that it's out in the open, if anyone really reads these forums anymore, it likely won't be a go to spot anymore. Another good spot, since we're giving up spots and all, Crystal Lake normal. Use the swimming perk to give off less pings in the water - only matters when you're going out there to be honest. Don't wait to be the last person on the map to do this. Put on a couple sense avoidance perks as well for the Jason who actually goes into the water but not all the way to the exit to use sense. 7 times out of 10 this spot works wonders. As Jason, on either of these two maps, I will now purposely check both of these spots when there's only one or two people left and haven't seen someone all match long.
  10. I play this game for the survival aspect of it. It's a really dumbed down easy mode of a survival game but it's a fun game amongst friends. Usually I play games like Ark, 7 Days to Die and lately a bunch of Conan Exiles. For a game with a horror feel and survival aspects, I'd recommend 7 Days to Die but it's a really different type of game than this one is.
  11. I'll do the barn trap thing at Higgins as well as a counselor if the match itself is just going horribly wrong and nothing is getting done. I'll grab the at least one medspray at the main cabin so I don't really need to care about the windows being broken. Place the three traps, and a 4th if there is one nearby, right at the barn opening and just stand in the barn seeing how long I can keep his ire. This works very well against weaker or new player Jasons and strong Jason players equally. Strong Jasons will just shift in and relegate your traps meaningless BUT they either have to tank a trap to come out of the barn to get you on the side of it or wait til they get shift again to get out safely. Meanwhile when they do, you just hop back inside the barn through the window and the game of waiting for shifts continues. if Jason tanks a trap on his way out, beeline to that trap and re-set it. You go more all out than I do, and I commend you for it!
  12. The boat is the best method of escape for a solo player against an incompetent Jason. If you play against a competent Jason it's pretty much a death sentence and if you're playing against one of us who still need torpedoes, don't even bother with the boat, so basically any 150 Jason you come across. When I play and there's a boat on the map, I'll constantly check my map to see if the boat has moved and against a Part VIII or any other water Jason your chance of escape are nil. I could be in the process of chasing a car down and I'll still be checking the map for the boat and if the boat moves, I'll let the car go for the torpedo. The easiest method of escape for a group is to stick together and call the cops. Jason will show up to disable the fuse box but if any of you are there with a shotgun or flare, he's not stopping the call. If there are two of you with a gun, even better. The call gets made off the first shot and then everyone scatters off the second. And once that happens, Jason is in a battle against time to try and pick people off before the inevitable group up on the road where Jason has no chance to get anyone.
  13. I like to use kick, everyone gets a kick, if there are no environmental kills available. My favorite environmental kill is the Adirondack chair one. I'll use hug if I'm in a group of people or a tight space.
  14. Place one trap as close to the fuse box as possible. Combat stance backward a few steps, check if you can trap again, if not combat stance back another a few steps and trap. Both traps will be very close to each other and both will need to be either tanked or knifed. If the person tanks/knifes the closest one and then goes in to fix the fuse, the animation for fixing it will carry them backward into the second trap. If you want to be a real dick, especially as a Part II Jason, place two more traps as close as possible to make a diamond shape making it so a person has to get through 3 traps to even attempt to fix the fuse. Generally this relegates the fuse box as a nonfactor for the entire match.
  15. They already announced no new content ever. Do you not comprehend that part? You can support it all you want. Go out and pre-order 10,000 copies of that collectors edition that's coming out in September. Get all your friends to buy it too. Gun has already decided what's happening with this game, and nothing you or anyone else around here does is going to change any of it.