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  1. I remember playing this game way back when and you'd get the trolls who'd die near the beginning of the match so they could come back as Tommy. Window suicide FTW apparently! They would then run to whoever the nearest counselor was and shoot them. Find another gun, find the next nearest counselor and shoot them. I suspect team killing was done away with because of stuff like the above. I have no problem if team killing was still a thing if people weren't as toxic as my above example. If you're grabbed by Jason and someone shoots the shotgun at you, you should die as well as Jason flinching. If you're swinging your bat to free the counselor, there should be a chance you hit the counselor - dealing damage - and not just freeing them.
  2. More realistic lighting and textures...I like it! Hoping some of the animations end up looking better as well and for less clipping. Oh and for that ridiculous female hair flying around uncontrollably when escaping in the boat to be a thing of the past.
  3. It is two different games. With a mic and without a mic. The game is a vastly different experience if people are using a mic verse if they aren't. Quick play/private lobby doesn't matter...if people have mics and communicate is the difference in this game and the way matches go.
  4. April hasn't ended yet, so there is no reason to update the time table. April 30th is still April, so if it comes to that day and they don't have it ready then they can update on the progress. There is ZERO reason right now to give an update as the patch can still be released in April. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Only a couple things. 1. People who don't close doors let alone be bothered to lock them. 2. People who don't bother to pick up objective items, let alone shuttle them over to an objective. Things Jasons do that annoys me, but shouldn't, wasting traps on objective items on the ground. i.e. someone is carrying the gas over to the car and gets killed by Jason and said Jason then decides to waste a trap on the item seeing you can pick it up without standing in the trap.
  6. Haven't boosted... i.e. used private matches to bullshit my way to trophies/achievements/tapes. Missing 5 Tommy tapes. Need 500 and 1000 Jason matches and PhD in murder on trophies. Need boat repairs, need hiding spot kills and need torpedos. Unfortunately next to no one is dumb enough to try and hide anymore.
  7. Every game has dropoff within the first couple months. People buy the game, play it, and don't like it or it doesn't match their expectations for whatever reason and they simply stop playing it. AAA games aren't immune to that effect, look at games like Destiny 2 and the mass exodus and that was the 2nd highest selling title of 2017. So a AAA company wouldn't have kept the playerbase engaged for longer, in fact most AAA developers ability to communicate with the playerbase is somewhere between outright lying to nonexistent.
  8. I don't see lazy being a justification here. How do you implement any of the kills from 6-9 into the game? 6, Jason would never go in the water when Tommy was on the scene thus negating that kill. there is no telekentic power girl and she'd be overpowered if she did exist anyway. There are no sewers, no toxic waste, and even if there was the answer is Jason would never go down there if that was the way to kill him. Then the special dagger...it could implement a way to "kill" Jason within the first minute of the match so not happening.
  9. It is weird but I don't know what other mechanics you'd use to kill Part 6-9. Luring him out into the water with Tommy wouldn't work, he'd never go. No one has telekentic powers to do him in. There's no sewers to drown him in toxic waste. And there's no Voorhees family member to stab him in the heart with the special dagger. The only one that could be realistically implemented is the special dagger but that would be way too easy and quick of a kill.
  10. Considering Jason never dies in any of the movies, what would make you think he dies in the game? The confrontation with Tommy and sweater girl is just the finale to a round, like Tommy anchoring Jason to the bottom of the lake in Part VI or Ginny stabbing him to "death" in Part II is the finale to a movie.
  11. Alright, Rennie was afraid of water. Her uncle gave her the story of Jason being at the bottom of the lake to scare her and get her to swim, apparently. Bad lesson, bad idea, just bad all around adulting but whatever. Here's the thing, through her fear and her uncle's story she hallucinated the entire incident in the lake. Her lack of ability to swim was the issue, not someone or something grabbing her holding her under the water. Jason, kid Jason, at that, was never in the lake grabbing her. He never was in the porthole of the boat. He never was in the sewer. Kid Jason for the entirety of the movie was a hallucination in her mind. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. A AAA title would have turned the emotes into lootboxes where you'd pay 1.99 or 2.99 for the chance to get one of them. A AAA title would have released this game even more broken with promises to fix it along the way. A AAA title would have made the environment even brighter because they need to show off their fancy graphics. A AAA title would have forced you to pay for the Shelly, Fox, Jason IV, Roy DLC packs. And most likely a AAA company would have never even produced this game to begin with. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. I'm a 150, have all the Pamela tapes and likely found enough to complete that collection twice, have found 6 Tommy tapes and only 1 over the weekend. The spawn rate isn't high and then you have to be lucky to go into the cabin that has it. I've been in enough matches where Tommy tapes were found by someone to have finished the collection at least twice, if it was me who found them.
  14. There's only one map I know of where you can hide so far away that Jason can't sense you. His shack is a good hiding spot but you need to get in there earlier in the match and hope he doesn't come over when he gets alerted. If you've been in the shack since the 5 minute mark or so, there's no way he would think of going there at the 15 minute mark to look for you. And the fact it tends to be out of the way from everything else. I have seen people hide on the side of the shack late in the game for the same end result of surviving.
  15. April Update Clarification

    or they should just not give potential release information until it's concrete. Have something like X, Y and Z are being worked on currently but we have no timetable for its release at this time...when we get further information we'll pass it along.