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  1. Or you went in with a party. Any time a member of your party leaves the game during play, it'll kick the rest of you out.
  2. I wouldn't take a trap up there. Using a trap is the other way for people to get on the roof and if they know how to do it, there's no way another counselor can stop it. Using a trap is actually even easier to get on the roof than the window method, I've seen people stuck in the wall in that corner - for example.
  3. Buggsy with Epic/Legendary Thrasher carrying an axe will demask you in one hit.
  4. SirMang

    Best place to hide

    It still does. And it's why it's a good place to hide. I'm not saying to stand there all match long, but long enough to see/hear Jason enter the house and take off to somewhere else.
  5. SirMang

    Best place to hide

    Exactly. Someone hiding in the Jarvis house against me would do better to hide in an actual closet than anywhere else because I'm checking the basement first and then Tommy's bedroom behind the dressers before bothering with closets. Higgins bathroom? Same deal. I'm checking that bathroom before either bedroom unless I see the door locked.
  6. The boat is a death trap to any +water speed Jason. You're just not getting out now...period. It was crapshoot before against a +water speed because most of us use the map frequently. Busting down a door? Use the map. Walking to a power box? Use the map. Walking to the car from the morph point? Use the map. The sound just allows us to be a little bit lazy about paying attention to the map. Against a -water speed Jason, you better be getting out 9 times out of 10. There are times when a Part IV can play goalie very effectively though.
  7. SirMang

    Best place to hide

    Stack swimming perks. Crystal Lake. Go swim out to the boat exit and hang out by the buoy. My favorites are at Packanack though, behind the dresser in the bedroom upstairs to the right and by the chimney in front. Those two work even better now with all the people who go on the roof, you can hear Jason tearing up the house complaining that someone must be on the roof LOL
  8. Top 2 are Savini and 8 in that order. The next 5 are based on your own playstyle...3, 5, 6, 7, 9. Each has their own pluses that depend on your play style of which ranks higher or lower. Personally I'd rank it 5, 3, 6, 7, 9. Bottom of the barrel, never use them are 2 and 4. If you prefer destruction then 2 is the worst, if you prefer 7 traps then 4 is the worst. But they are both flaming piles of dog crap.
  9. This is why I simply don't bother with anyone who goes into a glitch spot. Fuck them, they're not getting the satisfaction of me wasting my time to grab 15 knives just to watch them live through it anyway. I'll see them at some point in the match and tell them to enjoy wasting their own time and the rest of the lobbies because you won't see me again. After I kill the rest of the lobby I'll go back to my shack, take a rubber band and rubber band the two analogs together so I'm always moving/spinning and don't idle out.
  10. SirMang

    Sweet Trap Locations

    You got lucky with a bad kill squad. Doesn't matter if Tommy is limping or not if the sweater girl would have used the sweater once your mask came off. Especially since it came off in front of both her and Tommy.
  11. SirMang

    Best Jason Music?

    Definitely Savini. Part 8 is a close second. Barney Jason is the worst.
  12. SirMang

    Sweet Trap Locations

    There is obviously a counter to that as Jason, but still Jason is taking one trap to even be able to knock down the door to begin with. He can just shift through the other traps. But then as a counselor, you have a counter to that jumping out the drop down window and then just loop around to that side window and hop back in. Jason is then forced to tank traps to get to you, or stands there waiting for his shift to come back, and when he does either one, you just hop out the window and do it again. You're wasting a lot of his time and giving others free reign to do whatever it is they're doing to escape. Why I don't agree with Jason trapping non-objectives, like @Bonker2468 suggestion, is if that drop down window is trapped, Jason is stuck in a cabin that he can't just walk out of so he has to waste a morph by the Lodge and won't have a shift to get me as I escape the trap and spray if I've been hit at any point in the match or simply run away thanks to medic. Meanwhile all I'm gonna do is hop back in that side window so we can play again! I've done morph trapping in QP. The only two spots I've ever used are the Packanack Lodge when the fusebox is there because those extra few seconds can make the difference in getting a call off. And the one on Crystal by the Lifeguard Tower, because those extra few seconds while Jason is on the other side of a fence will make for a clean getaway in the car. If Jason tripped either one of them at times when not needed for escape purposes, I'd go back and reset them when in the area. I will say I have trapped other counselors with the Packanack Lodge trap though LOL
  13. SirMang

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Oh, and in spirit of the thread, as a counselor, I learned this fun one from someone I've been playing with lately. On Packanack on that house with stilts near the main cabin. I'll go around the map and just collect traps and take them back to that cabin. I've placed two traps on the porch and three inside and watched Jason walk through 4 of them before getting inside just to watch me hop out the window and run into the lodge. Another fun one on Packanack is to trap the far right bedroom and go hide behind the dresser. Watch a Jason come in, take the trap, watch him take out the closet hiding spot and just leave. After he leaves reset the trap and go back behind the dresser and wait for him to come back. Surprisingly enough there's still plenty of players who don't know that hiding spot. Another fun one, as a counselor, is morph trapping Jason. I'm not sure if it works anymore as I haven't done it lately but placing a trap near the lifeguard tower on Crystal by the car spawn used to always get good laughs.
  14. SirMang

    Sweet Trap Locations

    @tyrant666 I agree, since counselors can reset their traps, Jason should be able to reset his as well. It would do wonders to help negate the thick skin/medic crowd who just run over a Jason trap when they see it because they won't even be limping from taking one out.
  15. SirMang

    Sweet Trap Locations

    I've seen people who don't use their traps all match long apparently, and I'll go in one of those small cabins that has 2 windows and the door. They'll trap each one of them. I'm running medic, so I'll stun them inside, and go out a window tank one of the traps and just run away. @Slasher_Clone it's not blatant negativity. It's poor gameplay to start trapping random spots of the map. Jason is already at a huge disadvantage and placing traps willy nilly puts you at an even greater disadvantage.