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  1. I got this game back not long after the physical release, since then and now, basically Christmas Noob season I have noticed... Immature little punks in basically every session. Bragging about how good they are, bragging about how they will kill the lobby, dropping F bombs like candy on Halloween, yelling the entire match, telling whoever had the audacity to pick up the keys so it wasn't them to hand the keys over because they're the greatest driver ever. People who do not lock cabin doors, or even close them for that matter, is becoming the new norm. People who don't loot an entire cabin. People who can't be bothered to even pick up the battery, gas or propeller let alone attempt to courier it closer to the objective. Tommy's who hit R2 instead of X during the attempt to kill Jason. Tommy's who will straight up hide under a bed until they get seek and destroyed. Jason's who go 0 for 8 and then quit after the match is over, if they stick around. Jason's who won't even leave the shack. Had a couple matches going to get the sweater and Jason was just standing in front of it when I got there, in the same place you spawn in. Playing on Packanack, as an example, people taking the battery/gas/keys/fuse to an upstairs bedroom in the main lodge...locking the door...jumping out the window. The kitchen at the lodge also collects items like that. These are all things I did not notice prior to Christmas time. Sure, they'd happen once in a while, but all have turned into a pretty frequent occurrence.