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  1. See i don't even fully agree with your last statement. They patched out bodyblocking/neatshielding and I never thought of that as an exploit or cheat. It just made sense if you had two people to turn your body so the counselors back faced the other counselor...thus not being able to hit you and break the grab. In fact, that should be in the game still.
  2. Yeah some of the morph points in this game are really really bad. Like Crystal Lake when the car is near the water. If you click anywhere near that car, you're on the beach on the opposite side of a fence. Now, imagine if you put a trap right on that morph point as a counselor and someone was getting the car going as Jason morphed over? They could finish their repair, start the car, fill the car and drive off before Jason has any chance of getting out of the trap, around the fence and near the car.
  3. So is shift batting cheating? Side shift? Shift pin? Hitting Jason through a window? I don't think any of those were intended by game design, but they exist and people use them.
  4. What morph trapping is, is putting a trap on the exact Jason morph point. He hits the trap right out of the morph and can't do anything. Near the Pack Lodge was a highly used place for this because that extra 5ish seconds it takes Jason to get out of the trap could make the difference in the car starting/gas put in or not. Now the thing with morph trapping, as opposed to just putting a trap behind a door as a counselor is, when Jason shakes off the morph trap it doesn't move. It'll stay exactly where the morph spot is. So after Jason has left the area, you can just reset the trap and if Jason morphs back, he's back in the same trap. Morph trapping requires you to know the maps and morph points. It's abusing a mechanic of the game to your advantage. Is it cheating? I wouldn't say it is but it is definitely an exploit.
  5. Meh. An exploit would be hiding by the packanack lodge chimney, thus lighting up the lodge, while you're outside. I don't consider that to be cheating. Are exploits cheap? Yes. But there are counters to them. There was no counter as Jason, for example, when someone PK'd their way through the Pack Lodge closet into an inaccessible room which I would consider cheating. Hiding out on a roof is another example of cheating as not everyone knows how to get up there as Jason to counter it and stop some people's stupid actions. Just my opinion.
  6. it's obvious, you're not in rage until the laugh happens. You were about to go into rage, therefore not in rage, and the flare gun hit you. Thus stunning you.
  7. I wouldn't say Pappus was a cheater per se, he just abused and exploited the mechanics of the game to his advantage. Stuff like morph trapping and abduction grabs with shift before it was patched out.
  8. @DontZzz34 Fun video, some good tips and pointers however... At 1:20 at Higgins, the people inside knew or at least should have known you were outside as the one AJ actually screams out giving away your position. You made the mistake of going too close to windows and getting in their LOS. Although in this instance, it doesn't make any difference as they just stood obliviously anyway. At 2:19, you could have just shift grabbed Victoria and the forced Tommy to play the stalk game alone. A couple others you also relied on the stupidity of counselors to kill them. The kill on Buggzy at 7:15 is a prime example of it. He shouted out as you shifted past him, again alerted to the fact you were there, and then he just walked right to you. The AJ in that situation was just as dumb, shooting you while in the middle of the kill animation LMAO
  9. Well, tbh, a throwing knife ain't going through a windshield. lol In F13, it used to though! That got fixed. Now the knives can totally screw up the car instead! Which, technically, if you threw a knife at a car tire, you could likely blow the tire out and make the car hard to handle. As well as the morph sending the car into oblivion issue.
  10. @RustInPeace Yep. Obviously all of us who have played long enough know that morph spot is right on that beach, pretty much exactly where the car ended up on one wheel on a diagonal. I've seen people try to explain that if you morph directly on the car that that happens, truth is, any morph can cause the car to do something like that...or end up completely off the map. Meanwhile there are plenty of people who still don't know this can happen so they quickly jump on the "you must be throwing knives at the car you cheater" bandwagon.
  11. Last nights match where I got to trap the exit, I got 3. 1 person got grab killed because they hit the trap. 1 person had a pocket knife so they pretty much got to the cops right from that animation...and then the last one was extremely weird. Remember the whole counselor screwing each other over idea? Well the car was also roaring down the main road towards the police exit at the same time. Tommy hit a trap, poor guy came back after being betrayed earlier in the match lol, so while Tommy was standing in the trap the car rammed him full force. His body ragdolled into the top of the bridge, we were on Crystal Lake, except instead of being betrayed the game decided he escaped LOL Good times! The best map to do the police exit shenanigans is Higgins Haven, especially if it's on the East exit as the lighting isn't great and the traps kind of blend in with the dirt road. I had some girl extremely salty over my shenanigans on the map. It wasn't a screw over your teammate match, it was a I'm Jason I don't feel like chasing or seeing any of you so I went out to the boat exit and just stayed there until I heard the cops get called. I waited til I heard the siren and then morphed right to that E exit. Lined it with traps. Got 2 people with them and killed both. The 3rd was said girl. I stood at the exit and waited to see what she would do. I was able to shift towards and around her back to the exit twice. On my third shift, she finally made a break for it. Problem is, she found a trap. And then she found a spear into her face. She went on a 5 minute tirade about the whole thing. How I was trash and a noob for not doing anything all match. For just standing at the police exit. For lining the exit up with traps. I just replied if I'm trash, what does that make you and the two other people who all they had to do was pay attention, not hit a trap and simply walk right out for a free win? She was apparently in a party so a couple other people chimed in and then they all left the lobby. It is really weird if you don't play Jason the way other people's think you should, including doing next to nothing, someone is going to bitch you out for it.
  12. To come back into the map, if you care to, all you need to do is swim to the actual water on the map. From there you'll be able to surface and walk around again. About the thread title and problem itself.... The car can be screwed up simply from Jason morphing anywhere on the map while you're driving. Watched the first car get destroyed and that's exactly what happened. Jason tried to morph out ahead of you, and as soon as he morphed the car decided it was done. This happens to me all the time when I'm playing as Jason. This is how I know it's not throwing knives because I don't throw knives at the car and I'm just as surprised as the counselors that the car is gone. I morph out ahead to try and stop the car, flip sense on, and look around and no car. I then look at the map and see the car being in all sorts of weird locations. This glitch/problem has been ongoing ever since the throwing knives glitching out the car has occurred. Which was the patch that stopped people from being hit by knives while sitting in the car.
  13. Chad's main strength was his luck. We all know luck affects weapon durability. So I'd find a baseball bat and just be all the annoyance I could be as soon as I could. The whole smacking Jason through windows, as he came in doors, hiding around a corner and smacking him. That was the main strength of Chad's game...being able to distract Jason for lengthy periods of time and constantly stunning him. Here's the problem with doing that now, post patch...all you're gonna do is put Jason into rage even faster and make it that much harder for the rest of the lobby when inevitably you put Jason into rage in 6 minutes doing that. Which also means you're going to die not longer after that, because with Chad's stamina, constant pressure by Jason is gonna deplete that with a massive quickness. Chad is borderline useless now, his sole purpose is to run parts because of his speed...or to steal someone else's repaired vehicle as you stated.
  14. Oh trust me, I'm also sad about the rage buff patch change too. My style of play was to just troll and annoy Jason as Chad for as long as possible so others could get things done. NoS, Thick Skin, Medic Chad was a beast pre-patch. Now Chad is almost worthless, which brings a tear to my video gaming eye.
  15. Oh, I got a new complaint last night! I've gotten QP lobbies to now play the "screw your fellow counselor game" so as Jason, I won't do a damn thing to interrupt their fun. I'll break windows, I'll tell people where the fuse box is so I can trap the police exit and see who's dumb enough to hit a trap. The goal is to get people to trap windows, trap unlocked doors, run others over with the car - there is a real premium to finding the keys. I got some salty messages last night from someone who didn't like the fact that I did not kill, or even attempt to kill, anyone.
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