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  1. Thanks guys for reaching out with the info and understanding we're in the same boat with these issues. I don't understand the getting shut down by the mods thing either Spyro. Seems kind of like high school. I'd rather be me and speak my mind than following the mindless masses. But then again look at how the world runs these days. Seems like the same mentality applies there. Now that's out of the way... What version is your fav of Jason from the series and do you think they'll actually make a good follow up movie in the series? Anyone is free to answer this one. Halloween's reimagining sounds promising, but even the Rob zombie ones weren't exactly what I was hoping for, but maybe they'll nail it this time. Perhaps things lose their zest over time as well and should be left to live in the Glory days before it's too late.
  2. I won't be disheartened by the thread being shut down. Just by not being able to enjoy a game that should be so much more enjoyable. Also I know Offline is stress free but not as rewarding as playing against unpredictable people. Plus no counselor play for offline, not only that, but the xp doesn't seem to match up. I still very much keep coming back, but idk for how much longer. I never do threads or forums so if I screw any of this up some help would be appreciated. Maddogg, I wonder if trying to reach out to players in matches that go smooth and developing a small group to play consistent matches is the best medicine. I personally have no one that is a friend with a ps4 nor am I an adolescent. I'm 31 and the ship for reaching out to other ppl had sort of sailed a long time ago. Ppl don't value friendships or want to pursue any connections these days anyways so I doubt I'd have much luck in either venture. Maybe one day things will change. Well that took an unexpected turn. Had that been discussed before buttonmasher just messing.
  3. So I'm new to this place and there are way too many topics to know if this has been properly addressed. I have ps+ obviously to play online and it's the first time I purchased the subscription exclusively for this game. To pay for internet and then online access to games is a lot to ask for when it appears servers aren't dedicated. Host migration isn't implemented in this game and is desperately needed. I played 6 games in a row waiting to first find a match, then be dumped by the host because he lost or whatever. To lose hours over time and xp because someone can't grow up and realize they aren't going to win every game is atrocious. I personally, my first time killed maybe two counselors and I kept playing to get better and try to have fun. These players who leave us high and dry need to be held accountable because I'm about to give up trying to play this game and tell others not to even bother at that rate unless they do private games. This is frustrating because I love the series and the game that gun media has done a great job concept wise, etc. But these shitty players that just want to ruin it for others I can't take. I don't know if the developers can address this problem but at least find a way to award the points I earned so I'm not wasting all this time to end up empty handed time and time again. Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm sure someone's going to bust my balls and just be douchie during this discussion at one point or another.