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  1. Hello everyone! I bought the game on PS4 just before Christmas, as a friend had been pestering me for a while to buy it. I must say I was not disappointed! I have played the game constantly since and have a borderline obsession. I am yet to play as Jason as have set my preference to councillor, I might change that soon to at least give him a try but feel I will be so bad at it. I mostly use Deb going from building to building in search of all the repair items. It always seems to take me a long time to find the fuse box if I do find the fuse. Her stamina is awful which sucks so if Jason does spot me I always seem to find it hard to escape/lose him. Tristan.
  2. So I have being reading posts on this site for a while now and I have seen a number of topics moaning about the number of penknives available to the councilors. I have played well over 100 games as a councilor now, search drawers constantly straight from the start and I very rarely find a penknife. So my question is. Am I doing something wrong? First post go easy on me.
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