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  1. I would honestly be fine getting banned just to play as him 1 time at this it's the principle of the matter, will be the only satisfaction I can get. There is no way they will do content after lawsuit cuz they won't have a big enough player base. If they knew bout deadline they shouldn't have teased stuff they couldn't follow through on ? I've contacted devs sooo msny times and get automated savinisg saying unless I backed game I can't get him, they don't even read my msg they assume I'm just asking you buy him like sooo msny people constantly bug them about. If they'd actually read my msgs they'd see it's not just a message asking for a savini code. Ugggh sooo stressful. Thanks for your concern and advice.
  2. After my ex goty savini Jason i began waiting for Uber Jason the main reason I backed the geme was to play as Uber and then December he gets teased! Then he gets delayed until after big patch! Then big patch drops and ppl figure out he's finished so he could come out next!!? Then the game cancels?!! Ugggggggg and he was finished and tons of PC players got him by accident! They should've just dropped him after half the PC players got him but no they remove him in last patch! Jesus I was gonna get the PC version just to at least play as him!! I may get PC version anyways, a guy I know that has Uber on PC knows how to access the Uber with hitbox and kills so I guess that's my only way to ever get to play as him. Though I think even if it takes several months if the lawsuit gets resolved they should at least patch in Uber for whatever players remain as an apology for delaying so much when they knew that come June/July the case could stop the game dead. That's why I don't understand why they didn't just drop him in with big update if he was finished, yea I know Grendel wasn't done but I've found out they knew that the lawsuit could hault the game in June/July so just in case they should've just let us have him
  3. I think they should finish the content they've been working on and when and if this gets settled they release it then. So many including myself backed this project from day 1, this is just shitty. Even more so they seemed to have admitted they were trying to get content out within a time perimeter so it's kinda messed up they teased certain stuff knowing there was a chance it wouldn't ever come out. Jesus Christ. I backed this in hopes of getting to play Uber Jason or grendel map. This I'd complete horseshit.
  4. Today it happened again Jason had me as tommy, aj in sweater and 2 others in a cabin trying to take me or aj out, I knock mask off him and go to pick up machete and Jason quits. Okay I get some salt but if you are got fair and square then don't run away lol just makes you seem even more pathetic. Suck it up and deal with your death.
  5. Exactly the holodeck and we will escape via cops, car or boat. Soany ppl gonna be let down, I kept my expectations low so I'm done with it. I use to think maybe we'd get Grendel with escape pod, space cops coming to the rescue and maybe a new hero but then Roy was released and he started in shack, heard Pamela's voice was stunned by her sweater etc etc and then I knew Grendel would be no different than other maps objectives wise
  6. Or maybe it just didn't appear via the bug that allowed him to be played, they could release him now and let us play him until Grendel drops later, I swear if it takes several more months to finish Grendel and Uber Jason was ready the entire time then that's sum bullcrap especially since so many have got to play as him already new kills and all. Saving him to release with grendel would've made sense if it were to be a total surprise but the surprise is gone, on YouTube you can see his finished awesome design and all his awesome kills! So there is no surprise left as far as Uber JasonX I'd concerned, might as well release him at this point let ppl get use to playing him on old maps that seem out of place for him then when Grendel map drops and you get to play him in his true habitat and element it'll be even sweeter!!!
  7. Um not trying to be an asshole but anybody expecting the devs to change core game mechanics and add new heroes or new objectives is in for severe disappointment, the whole Roy instance should tell anyone if they won't/can't even change a Jason model to reflect Roy not knowing Pamela, hearing her voice etc etc then do you really expect them to give us some whole map with a different hero or different objectives?! Also how is Tommy being on a space ship so ridiculous yet nobody everybody seems to think a group of 80s camp counselors on a spaceship makes perfect sense???
  8. 3 times on PS4 I escaped in boat match ended 8 min into match 3 ppl still alive Jason nowhere around but said he died, then a match nobody here killed we left in car other 6 players survived cuz match ended right after we got out in 2 seater, third time saw Jason kill tommy still 2 other counselors alive but match ended after tommy died.
  9. If they could alter game mechanics they would've for Roy, sorry this map will have exact same objectives as every other map just it'll be a virtual camp Crystal lake in the ship's holodeck. Bet.
  10. First off all this talk tommy not making sense lol and a bunch of 80s counselors on a spaceship makes sense??!! It'd be best to drop all expectations now because what's going to happen is half the ship will be the holodeck housing a fully functional fully interactive camp Crystal lake circa 1980s like know constructs In movie and this virtual camp will be what we escape from with tommy as hero or fixing car boat or calling cops just like other maps because the devs aren't in business of changing anything game mechanic wise so it may be fun to think km or brodski or using escape pod or calling space cops but you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.. seriously
  11. W Damn man I didn't realize all they need is you on the team to fix things lmmfao
  12. I love the entire movie I'm just saying Chad Kensington is notorious for taking four seater and leaving everyone behind lol and the Kensa did it with the escape pod lol Kensa/Kensington ?
  13. Lol had to share, the name of the chick who decides to take escape pod and leave everyone else to die is Kensa, made me think Chad Kensington ????
  14. I'm not saying they couldn't I Kno that they can I'm saying they'd have to pretty much make a new game from scratch, this game has coding rules and shit so things have to behave a certain way in the game. They'd have to start over from scratch and that would be mega expensive. Same goes for grendel map.
  15. I know, they were laying it out to just never expect to see paranoia but it's like people refuse to accept it's over.
  16. These devs are mega fans obviously, if they were able to change game mechanics to make Roy be Roy then they would've, come on. They just can't because they have to stick to preset game mechanics they built for how this game plays that's y they used the excuse that Roy is so crazy he believes he is jason.
  17. That's good but don't be surprised when your expectations aren't met, the devs have no desire to rework Roy, they really can't without breaking the core mechanics of the game.or else they would've done Roy differently to begin with.
  18. Because it's a video game and that's all the devs are capable of pulling off without breaking the game. You and me both! The Roy thing is exactly why I'm being realistic about my expectations for the Grendel, they proved with Roy that they aren't capable of changing core game mechanics. The Roy is so crazy thing was them covering their asses about not having the capabilities to change the core game mechanics of how Jason works everything is set up a certain way to work a certain way, new jasonodels can look vastly different but they have to play within a set of game mechanics or they don't work that's why Roy starts in shack, hears Pamela gets stunned by her sweater and can do everything Jason can and take the damage Jason can. The same thing applies to how maps work for the game, they can make a map look how they want but it has to work within preset core game mechanics that all maps run on, tommy gets called, phone box repaired, car repaired, boat repaired etc etc and to make the Grendel work they will HAVE to implement these factors into the Grendel map, their excuse for this shit show disappointment will be that the movie had a virtual camp and the players "must trick" Jason to defeat him. Or something and they'll probably say even though we are shown escaping in a car or boat or by cops we are actually escaping from Grendel in escape pods or whatever but we have to do it under the guise of a hologram to keep Jason busy or some bullcrap like that. Yes it'll be disappointing but do you honestly believe if they couldn't even change Roy that they could do all the stuff you are talking about with the entire Grendel map?? I'm a huge Jason x fanboy I want the km-13 and escape pod and space cops but I'm also a realist and we just aren't gonna get that stuff not because they don't want to give it to us but because they can't, hey at least there will be cool new environmental kills like the liquid nitrogen!!
  19. There will be a virtual camp in the holodeck where it's just like any other camp map in game, there will be certain things you gotta do to activate the virtual camp from spaceship then escape from the virtual camp in a virtual car, boat or by cops like other maps. Have u not seen the movie where the holodeck becomes a 80s camp and it's fully interactive Jason even kills 2 counselors in sleeping bags as if they were real. He physically picks them up and slams them and stuff. I'm putting my money down betting this is what will be Grendel part spaceship part fully interactive holographic virtual camp where you escape from to win round using tommy for help and either fixing virtual car, boat or escaping with cops like every other map. The devs aren't superhuman geniuses they can only work within the game mechanics they've created within the core game there won't be escape pods and new heroes or space cops flying in to dock with ship. Those are pipe dreams I'm being realistic.
  20. Lol na probably escaping virtual camp just like other maps Not a new game mode it's a map for MP most likely half the ship will be a virtual camp Crystal lake that we escape from just like other maps
  21. Obviously Uber Jason is finished and complete, alot of PC players got him accidentally with last update. True even though he is ready the grendel probably isn't but since so many people already have Uber and his stats and kills are already out there then why not just go ahead and officially release him to everyone, he's not a surprise anymore and kinda unfair they let this happen so releasing him now could just be a prelude to grendel dropping later, give everyone a chance to get a feel for him before the new map drops. My main point, he's not a surprise anymore there is literally no secrecy relating to Uber Jason anymore and so many players already have him so why not just unlock him to all players.
  22. I know Uber Jason is for real cuz half the PC players already have him with stats and kills I say they should just release Uber Jason since he's obviously finished and just let us play as him until they have Grendel ready to drop.
  23. Paranoia was a hype builder that they figured out was too much work to pull off so they indefinitely delayed it hoping the hype would die down and fade away and be forgotten.
  24. The main problem is they have all these game mechanics in place so any new map they just copy and paste the object in essentially, they seem to be incapable of changing anything without breaking the game apparently. Like that's why Roy hears Pamela, gets stunned by her sweater starts in her shack, doesn't die from cars or gun etc cuz they can't really change much without messing other stuff up, sadly this is probably why paranoia isn't happening because essentially they'd have to make an entire new game from scratch to get it to play the way they want. Even more sad is that this reason is probably why the Grendel map will be half spaceship and half interactive virtual camp Crystal lake and to escape you do same objectives tommy, cops, car or boat via the virtual camp and that's how u escape not from spaceship but from the holographic virtual camp ??????
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