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  1. I know, I saw it I'm saying maybe it was to be implemented with paranoia or something, just cuz paranoia wasn't talked about doesn't mean it wasn't in the works. If not then I got no idea what happened to customizable cars.
  2. I remember the devs diary where they showed that!! Maybe it was part of paranoia??
  3. Difference is paranoia was indefinitely delayed they haven't out right said what kind of delay Jason x content is facing. They've all but cancelled paranoia, I'll bet a hundred bucks we never see it. My original point was will the Jason x content he "indefinitely delayed" like Paranoia was. They wrote an entire post about indefinitely delaying paranoia but they haven't even mentioned Grendel or Uber Jason by name since vc 2.0. even then they already had started working on new engine and knew they'd be delaying content yet they went ahead and announced Jason x content as coming soon, so seems more like Jason x reveal was just about building hype since they knew all content would be delayed mere weeks after vc 2.0 dropped. Also Wes' response to my reply on Twitter said it Jason x content wasn't cancelled. They would put out a post about Grendel being indefinitely delayed. Paranoia wasn't delayed due to new engine update, paranoia was indefinitely delayed because they couldn't make it fun and the whole idea is on the back burner. So no the Jason x contenthasnt gone the way of paranoia....yet. here is hoping it doesn't....
  4. Yup here was his original tweet: Game design/development teams rarely have a shortage of ideas. They have incredibly creative ideas, that tie together the metagame and support game mechanics. Why they don’t appear in the game is usually due to time, money or tech limitations (or all of the above). After I replied and got his response he then tweeted: For clarity, this wasn’t a tweet about the future of F13. I just see more and more players go on the attack against great games from talented teams. Claiming either a lack of creative ideas or laziness. Neither could be farther from the truth.
  5. I guess Jason x content still coming!!!
  6. They said paranoia is indefinitely delayed, I'm sorry but here in the real world that is the devs softening the blow of cancelling it. Tell you what I'll honor this, if 6 months or 1 year from now paranoia gets released then I'll pay you $100 on PayPal, I give my word, but I'm telling you it's not gonna happen. You gotta learn the jargon of devs, the words they threw around in the post about paranoia being delayed were all red flags for it actually being cancelled. Others agree with this, but kudos on ignoring my last reply. It's like even though the devs have said they've known about and been working on engine update since late 2017 they still teased Jason x content knowing they'd be delaying it a month later, this is obviously shitty on their part, an obvious hype building ploy, yet no one wants to open their eyes and see the deception and call them on it. Instead people just kiss their ass, I love this game and buy every dlc to support it but what they did with Uber/Grendel reveal was a cheap stunt and at the very least considering it's been almost half a year since vc 2.0 dropped with Uber reveal they could give us some kind of updated info on it! Even just to say hey it's still coming soon! The whole point of this post is because the comparison to paranoia, how the paranoia reveal that stated coming soon was followed by months of silence then being told it was indefinitely delayed, now December 2017 we get told Jason x content is coming soon which has been followed by 5 months of silence.... Seems likely it may get "indefinitely delayed", and that would be a very disappointing scenario.
  7. They knew they had to update engine when they announced the Jason x content, which means they knew they were teasing it just to delay it. That ticks me off, if they make us wait until 2019 for it then it might as well be cancelled cuz not enough people are going to stand for that kind of bullshittery to make it necessary to put out anymore content. Geez they should at least say something about the Jason x content, not asking for a release window, just some updated information. I'm more and more thinking they only showed Jason x stuff at end of vc 2.0 to hype up players to not leave and bring back players who had left the game. December 2017-january 2019 is not "soon" and they already began preliminary work on engine upgrade when they dropped vc 2.0. so yea seems sketchy on their part, a hype ploy, that's why I'm starting to think it will be scrapped, they haven't even mentioned it since December!
  8. Paranoia was announced then not spoke of for several months and then cancelled. In December jasonX content was announced but hasn't been spoken about by devs in 5 months, seems they may have hit same snag as paranoia, great idea but they just can't successfully impliment it into fun gameplay?
  9. Ok can someone tell me is he coming to game or not I'm Soo confused!? Also be careful calling shiftysamurai out on anything! My brother replied to him on Twitter after shifty had tweeted he was going to ignore dms from fand if it wasn't about particular game stuff anyways my brother replied saying the tweet was a bit insulting to passionate fans and shiftys job is social media stuff on the get and saying he will simply ignore fans that dm him stuff that doesn't tickle his fancy was kind of an azzhole move and they should be happy that fans are showing passion and interest in the game and those fans he's "ignoring" help pay his wages anyways shifty blocks my brother! Lmmfao geez if your gonna manage social media for a project then you should have thick enough skin to get criticism sometimes and not expect all your followers to kiss ur butt and dm you about only the sunshine and rainbows you want to talk about Anyways just giving anyone criticising shifty some advice, stop, only kiss his butt or you may get blocked from forum and Twitter or whatever, only say good things about him! Or else!!!
  10. Maybe if f13 would stop saying coming soon 7 months before intending to release content ppl wouldn't be so pissed!
  11. uberXJoshua

    Idea for a new set of tapes

    Thank you thank you thank you
  12. uberXJoshua

    Idea for a new set of tapes

    At least I never actually thought the toxic waste REALLY turned Jason back into a kid lmmfao
  13. uberXJoshua

    Idea for a new set of tapes

    Like I said I'm done arguing with someone who ignores logic, this post is abouty idea for x tapes let's stay on topic, mkay great knower of all things? Lmao
  14. uberXJoshua

    Idea for a new set of tapes

    Tina tried to revive and pull her dad to the surface but freed Jason bringing him up by accident I just rewatched entire series days ago. And Jason in stasis then that much electricity could've given him energy boost to break rusted chains. But Tina most definitely freed Jason and brought him up while trying to do so to her dead dad. And the hallucination stuff makes alot of sense as well as the metaphor of losing her fear and seeing her terror hallucination as a scared child, you just got be a little deep and think more than just seeing a movie for cheap thrills, I applaud part 8 for this psychological side plot, it attempted depth to a series of shallowness, I guess some people just can't get certain things. Oh well I'm done, this is a pointless argument, I've conceided to you a couple times on valid points but you are a person who even when given a proper explanation won't say hey yea good point, you are going to stick to your guns even if definitive proof was put before you, as Pontius Pillate said "I wash my hands of this..."