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  1. Offline bots will only get you 1300 without double XP but I found away to get 2000 every round without having to constantly kill bots to level up, get you a friend and the two of you go in a private match together have your friend be Jason and as the counselor do the following things to guarantee 2000xp per round you can make close to 2100xp per round if you equip the epic grinder perk. Also it may seem like alot but it can be done fairly quickly especially if you only select crystal lake small or packanack small, I prefer crystal lake small, anyways here is your to do list: Stun Jason with a bat Shoot Jason in face with flare gun Shoot Jason with shotgun Knock off his mask Set a trap and have Jason step in it Stun him with fireworks Pocket knife him Repair phone box Call cops Heal yourself once Barricade a door Repair an electrical box Call Tommy Find a car part or keys Repair both cars and escape I'm pretty sure that's everything also if you are interested in collecting Pamela or Tommy tapes then check drawers while you are grinding this way you will usually find a tape once every 3 rounds I found 18 tapes while grinding this way. Although this technique may seem repetitive it is alot more fun than bots especially since you got a friend doing it with you, after a few rounds you will be able to knock that list out in about 7-10 mins. And if you step in a Jason trap then your friend will make a total of 600 XP per round since he would've had to break a power box for u to repair Jason will get 50 for breaking power box 50 for trapping you and 500 for completing the round. Some may call this a cheap way to level up but I had stepped away back in October at level 101 and I came back after hearing about virtual cabin and Roy/Pinehurst and the Jason buff and the level cap increase, I wanted all the bloody skins so I needed to get from level 101 to 146 to have every possible bloody skin so I did bots during double XP and got to level 111 but after double XP was over I couldn't stand doing bots for only 1300 but me and my friend came up with the idea of the private match and I went from level 111 to 146 in less than 2 weeks, maybe it'll help you or somebody else that wants to level up quicker. Good luck I hope you stick with the game!!
  2. Jason needs a buff

    I now understand all the replies to my posts hating on me for not using paragraphs. So to everyone here, after reading this reply I am Sooooo sorry for all my long rambling non paragraph posts, truly I am sorry.
  3. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    I think when op said Jason x they meant the pre Uber Jason from most of the film Jason X
  4. Omfg did he really say that? Awesome!!!
  5. The devs already said we will not ever be getting pre Uber Jason...which sucks!! I would love to have pre Uber Jason X in the game but I guess I gotta be happy with Uber Jason
  6. Yes I know they never said Uber in April, I'm saying that when they teased Uber they already were updating engine, so maybe it was a bit premature to tease something they knew would be delayed. We found out about new engine in January but they've been working on it for a bit. Also we never had any teaser about Pinehurst and Roy until literally a few day before they dropped same with Jarvis map and part 4 Jason so perhaps they were working on the Grendel and Uber way before virtual cabin and that content is just in the polishing stage. I'll be happy if we get it period however if they knew he would be delayed but went ahead and teased him as coming soon then that is way way uncool of them.
  7. Lol they literally said the words paranoia wasn't fun in it's current state and that it needed more time, go read what they wrote. Also are you really saying if we don't get Jason x content by Summer that it was ok for them to tease it in December saying "coming soon"? I was stating they knew in December that they'd need to postpone content awaiting upgraded engine so it was a bit uncool and premature of them to hype us with saying Uber and grendel( the most hyped content for this game btw) would be coming soon when they had to have known about the need to upgrade their engine which would ultimately postpone any content being g worked on. Yes we didn't hear about content postponing and upgraded engine until a month after Jason X reveal but they did know when they teased Jason x that they'd be postponing content. That is my point. BTW seriously go read the forum post about paranoia being delayed, it literally says part of reason for paranoia's delay was because they didn't think it was enough fun, that's not a rumor that's literally what a Dev said. "I'm basing Jason x stuff being most hyped on numerous polls that have been taken and it always being the most wanted in the polls all over social media, since the release of this game."
  8. After paranoia fiasco I don't think they'd tease Uber/Grendel if they thought they couldn't get it out soon They may not have told us about paranoia being postponed and about engine update until January but they knew about all that when VC 2.0 droppeD, so if it was going to be delayed they would've probably not given the big VC reveal, they could've shown Roy if they thought Uber wouldn't happen for several months.
  9. Why did my reply post 4 times?
  10. First off awesome and thank you...secondly...any chance of a real Jason X/Grendel trailer soon? Or even just an update on the new map and Uber Jason? Will he be able to swap weapons? Cuz ya know he really wants his machete!!!
  11. Even if he is I seriously doubt we won't get him until July that's toooo much of a wait for hyping him mid December
  12. They put paranoia on hold because it wasn't fun enough but Grendel and Uber look really finished in leaked trailer so I bet they are just polishing it at this point. But paranoia has nothing to do with Uber and Grendel they are just another map and another Jason.
  13. I seriously doubt we will have to wait until July for Uber Jason and Grendel...and if it does take that long then it's pretty bad of them to tease him in December then wait 7 months to drop him..I'm guessing April 13th we get updated engine with Uber, Grendel and SP challenges demo!!!
  14. I have a job I'd get a better one but your mom pays me so well for my services....see I can post immature douchebag replies to...you're not alone!!!