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    ? I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
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  1. Why not post in the rant thread? But yeah, sometimes it gets annoying trying to get a match going in qp.
  2. Wish Corruption Thread

    Oh no, I fully paid for that dog. And we agreed that I keep him. And I'm pretty sure sniffing clothes is weird. Tbh, I think I'll be better off without her.
  3. Wish Corruption Thread

    Right? I tried my hardest, but she didn't put in the effort. She could have said no to the second date
  4. Ph.D in murder

    There is a skinny tree I think you can do it on. But yes it counts.
  5. I bet with weapon swapping that there are new kill packs and weapons on the horizon. And sp challenges. And if the leaked video is true, new environmental kills are coming. And I like the 8 kills. Maybe for consoles it can be the dpad, up, down, left and right for each kill. Or holding a bumper then using the same buttons.
  6. Wish Corruption Thread

    Well you did a good job. I would read a book written like that. Very detailed.
  7. Wish Corruption Thread

    No, don't say that. I meant what I said as a joke. No hard feelings
  8. Wish Corruption Thread

    I don't think I ever felt truly sad from a comment before now. I may now give up on memes and do some soul searching...
  9. I think it would help the game. Unless you have never played or tanking, traps on objectives should never catch you. I feel these new traps would make this game more scary and worrisome for even the best of counselors.
  10. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

    I find it addicting! I really like these puzzle like games, and mixing it with Friday the 13th is awesome. And @The Tommy I haven't got the book yet, but yeah, some kills just don't make sense. I cut somebody in half with an oar. I had to take a break after that. Needed to think how he got a sharpened oar into prison.
  11. Wish Corruption Thread

    But he would only be able to dive bomb counselors on his bike, instantly killing them as he yells "YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!" I wish I could date Deborah .
  12. Yeah, so do I, but sadly it looks like the odds are stacked against it. With the art director in the Dev Diaries saying that the couldn't do it, it might just be a dream. And the backers who got themselves into the game might feel like it isn't fair, and I agree.
  13. Jaw rip Kill

    And the 'Free Kick' where the head actually shoots up 100% of the time, instead of flopping to the ground like a dead fish.
  14. Now the question is, with weapon swapping coming, will he have his own weapon and kills? I hope so.