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  1. Noooooo. I got baited. I guess I can say your a... Master Baiter?
  2. Rubber Bending? The last Rubber Bender?
  3. BlitzBoy526

    FOV Slider

    Yes, fov slider, so we can all see Tiffany’s buns a bit better.
  4. BlitzBoy526

    Dying too soon

    I’ve also had games where I’ve died early on, either it’s the phone house, a friend and I are bs ing, both, or a random generator, and I don’t run, or it’s a single room cabin where a part 4, 7, or 9 uses all their traps to catch me. It’s either sit there, or run before a part four blows down your the door and waits for a trap to go off. And then the part four boasts how I’m an idiot, when they are younger than me and I only have a pot to attack him with. My least favorite but not so rare occurrence.
  5. Yeah, mp is a still a bit buggy. I had a game where I entered the car, teleported behind it ten feet, and was dragged by the car like I was tied on a rope, and when Jason hit it, I fell under the map into water, and was stuck for ten minutes. But the update isn’t a total flop. Challenges were good, actually found multiple tapes, weapon swapping is cool, but mixed feelings on the grab. Nice that I can grab counselors through couches, but miss and hello baseball bat. I’ve had a couple of fights with a counselor when we kept missing each other ten plus times. It was funny, but got old then tenth back and forth battle. Overall, they did alright. Could definitely be better, but still fun.
  6. Nice! Time to get out of my f13 hibernation and start the grind. About three or more levels to get weapon swapping. Thanks Shifty for the update. Sadly have to wait until tomorrow to play. RIP
  7. This would be cool, maybe if having the machete, when you swing and get a 'finisher', it would go into a quick version of the mortal kombat fatality, where he chops them in half.
  8. BlitzBoy526

    Cobra Kai TV Show

    Commit the 8th deadly sin and... Insert credit card information. I am planning on getting the free trial to watch this series, but if I like it, and season 2 drops... Well then, lets get to sinnin'
  9. The devs will never escape the awesomeness that is Muffin! #MoreMuff!
  10. BlitzBoy526

    Venus Fly Trap Lobbies

    I have run into full lobbies of these kill squads in QP. It starts out fun, and a good challenge, but just gets annoying after a while, with me being the only Jason Preference. I haven’t been killed yet, but they have gotten close. And it feels like every day I run into group. I’m almost at the point of locking part 2 24/7 just you trap the hell out of the shack and/or generators. But where’s the fun in that?
  11. BlitzBoy526

    Who has the best voice actor?

    Nah, it’s not 80s themed if there’s no corny. And I like the callback to Part 4 with Rob.
  12. BlitzBoy526

    Who has the best voice actor?

    I choose Tiffany because of her "Please no!" scream. That is the only voice line that actually made me shiver. It sounded like she was actually scared, unlike others. And Tommy just because they got Tom Mathews.
  13. BlitzBoy526

    BOI of War

  14. BlitzBoy526

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Damn, beat me to it.
  15. You call him badass, but have you heard his scream in the movie? Will Ferrell’s had a manlier scream when he stuck his wang in a pencil sharpener in Anchorman.