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  1. I would'nt have a problem with the beginning of the match in the evening and quickly turning night. That would be pretty cool and no mechanics have to change. 🤔
  2. Yep, had it happen to me. I had to go clean across the map before she (AJ) would come out. Not the wost thing in the world but slightly annoying.
  3. Yeah ive been having same issues on ps4 and it seems its only on pinehurst both with councelors and jason. I feel your pain:/
  4. Gd do you know me or something cause i swear it seems you think you do for some reason, but ya don't. I play private quite often against really good players. And i main jason and dont want it any easier. See what i mean by assuming its no good man.
  5. An argument? lol i was agreeing on one of your proposals but if its your thing to make yourself look cool, do it cool guy.
  6. Using other games to compare to this one is...IDK man. im done with tis conversation. Good day.
  7. Ok mr blonde lol i do objectives at the best of my abilities but seeing as teaming is at an all time high its kind of hard to trust anybody. Please dont assume how i play it makes you look dumb.
  8. Everything gummybish said i can get behind anything else is not worth the time and money.
  9. I play alot, i might be a little off by my numbers but not by much in my playing time. Its way to easy to be jason now and requires no skill.
  10. And another thing, I swear if i hear that councelos have to work together blah blah blah shit. In qp it will NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN so stop using it as a crutch in an arguement its getting old.
  11. To me it's funny how i keep hearing the game is more balanced than ever after a jason buff/councelor nerf. And yet here we are with post still hungry for more jason buffs lol. I mean I find it hard to believe that you/others are that bad at being jason smh. 80% of qp games end in 8/8 kills with 6-8 minutes left on the clock right? Are you wanting it quicker? Quicker games? The only thing i could agree with is the suicide deal, that has to go or just give jason credit for the kill. People have to keep in mind its a game (for fun) and not a movie.
  12. Im speaking on the new map of course.
  13. That thing is bright huh? I hope they tone it down alteast a little it hurts these old eyeballs. Lol