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  1. My imagination has always been nearly limitless, but I honestly do not have any idea how the gameplay of a video game based on the movie „the ring“ would turn out?
  2. this must have been recorded in the pre-car-knife-glitch-area, I wonder why else this Jason did not just throw a knife at the car to end his dilemma.... Watching Pappus drive all the minutes long, it would have been in general better (in my opinion) to have a gasoline limit in the Game. Meaning, once you have filled in the gas, you can max drive 3 minutes long, then you run out of gas (this would also set a time limit for all trolls, running over innocent counselors the whole game).
  3. My role in the game? I am a happy naive vacationer having some horror fun at camp crystal lake. Real life can be stressful enough, therefore no use to re-live those parts in the game. So maybe there is another role for me in the game: I try to repair, fix, beat and help others out and enjoy having fun with them together.
  4. As you will be the first to ask him, I am convinced you get a special deal.
  5. 1. wrong section of the forum. again 2. It’s a twitter message, nothing more. 3. Pls be patient
  6. @Kodiak what about a new rule that only a limited amount of new threads per week / month AND per member can be posted? This would set a limit to some troll / double posts. In addition, who ever exceeds this rule, will only be able to read (not write) in the forum for the next month.
  7. Funny, how sometimes the very own old ideas may trick you to think about them to be the best.
  8. @Strigoi seems you are again the only one here expecting and interpreting some HUGE thing. Why not just keep a low profile, be patient and let yrself be surprised if anything will happen at all?
  9. @HaHaTrumpWon for this kind of situation the „car knife glitch“ had been the perfect answer. 😀 I had a similar situation, but as a wounded counselor: police had been called on Pinehurst, while I was still at the opposite side of the map and was unfortunately limping (someone had set a bear trap inside a cabin under a window, which I had just entered....). The 4 seater was fixed, cruising around, honking as hell to attract unsuspecting ones, 2 counselors already betrayed. First I thought „great, now I have to cope with Jason AND his teamers“, but it turned out differently: I started creeping to the police exit, 4 seater arrived and tried to run me over. I always hid behind trees, fences to avoid becoming their next victim. Then Jason showed up - I was only half way through the Pinehurst map, miles to go - but Jason only focused on the 2 Trolls in the 4seater. I kept on limping my way and finally made it after an eternity to the police escape. Trolls got killed in action. So another friendly, fair playing Jason and I wished the car radio had played „....and justice for all“ by Metallica to them while they got killed.
  10. @Tommy86 great work. Many thanks. Must have been a hell of a workload to put all those details on the maps!
  11. Like the old saying goes: whoever sows the wind will reap the storm
  12. @Strigoi why do you not contact one of your favorite movie studios, and ask them this very question by yourself in order to find out? It doesn’t make sense to me that you keep on repeating and asking the very same questions to Gun Media all over again. They will have their reasons, like any good author will have, who does not want to publish any trash novel every year, just because there is someone asking for it. Quality needs time, be patient.
  13. Exactly. This would be the cockaigne for all trolls. Hope we never get this in online Quickplays. Yes, this Would be perfect!
  14. Using the „Off Game“ section of this forum would have been a more qualified choice, I do not see what this topic has to do with F13 game discussion? However, as a future backer of their new game you could surely plead for enough machetes added to the next game from the beginning on.
  15. Well done, you are pretty successful with yr throwing knives!
  16. @HaHaTrumpWon Good example. In a Situation like this it is of course risky to ambush the crowd. But without having the meat shield as a defense, I would definitely more slash than grab them when surrounded. With the right timing the Jason player could have thinned out the players a little bit, making it easier for him afterwards. However, when it comes to highly skilled counselors it’s definitely more difficult to avoid being killed as Jason and the match I earlier described happened in quickplay with average players involved, so I enjoyed the game, but I am also realistic about my previous success.
  17. Exactly, something like this Potential is out there (ideas/suggestions in this forum), but it would take time of course and I wouldn’t expect something earlier than 2-3 years after the lawsuit is finally really over.
  18. Switching servers intentionally? Is this even possible? Would be great to expand the actual range of players joining into a lobby/Match. On EU servers however, I love the variety: one night you play in Quickplay with some Dutch, Spanish or Russian players, next night with someone’s living right in the neighborhood.
  19. Getting the 7/7 result ( or if Tommy was called the 8/8 kill result ) is surely the biggest aim of playing Jason in the match, the more environmental kills involved the better. Personally, for me, there is an even bigger aim possible - call it satisfaction if you like: the moment in which Tommy and SG come after you, try to kill you, but do not succeed - but you on the contrary go after them again. Just had a match on Packanack small, the Showdown directly before the lodge with Tommy , SG and a Vanessa. My mask was taken off directly on the porch and all three of them waiting in front of the campfire, me standing on the stairs, preparing the next move: knife, shift, slash for Tommy, who was a little bit on the right side (SG behind the campfire). Tommy ran off (how silly of him), next shift and I slashed him to death. Finally, I even got the 8/8, and Mommy was proud. 😎 In other words: by running away from Tommy + SG ( or hiding in the water and counting the 20 mins down) and avoiding this scenario (which I have as Jason far more often than getting killed), you really miss the best in this game.
  20. On EU server it usually takes less than a minute. Longer than that, just break up and try again. How many servers are there actually? Does anybody know? So far heard from US + AU and EU server, didn’t know that there was an extra one for UK
  21. Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that old alter ego of him, but the same pattern of his posts, the same reactions by the forum and again the lower case „i“.
  22. The hope is actually out there for a F13 - Game II (once they solved their lawsuit out). Game I is done, for sure. No new content.
  23. I don’t know the exact wording of the lawsuit, but my guess is that it prevents ANY new content regardless of providing it for free or having to pay for it. The majority of us would surely love to have them, maybe as an unlocking bonus for reaching level 150 or something like that. Or with the next patch for free as you suggested. but if there would be such a loophole to the lawsuit I am sure we already would have gotten - for free - smaller versions of our known bigger maps (Jarvis and Pinehurst didn’t cost additional money for us players either) or even Uber Jason or Grendal map (as some YouTube videos already showed them existing / being developed in 2018. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the hearing on this Feb 13th and the judge‘s decision.
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