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  1. Judging by the trailer, the upcoming GB movie could definitely bring back the feeling of the old Ghostbusters‘ times.
  2. Any Character or Jason preferences, or changes of perks or clothing should be set before entering an online Lobby, this would save a lot of time for everybody else.
  3. Could be an exploit: I had a match which was only 1-2 minutes old and Jason‘s static came for the following 2 min (then he killed me) every 10 seconds, but instead of just seeing/hearing the static I could also watch Jason‘s icon shift/morph from cabin A to 4seater to cabin B, to cabin C and back to cabin A (with me running from one cabin to another), seemed to me like his cooldown was only 5-10 sec each. Maybe you had a game vs one of those exploiter Jasons, but he was at the other side of the camp, so you just could see his statics and the noises of it (but not his icon or his visual shape).
  4. @Strigoi just go to YouTube and upload yr stuff there. Whoever’s interested, will be able to watch and follow yr channel, but pls stop posting these things randomly here in multiple threads and posts.
  5. @PowellCampsNAKED good question, but don’t think that we get an answer as it wouldn’t be secret anymore... when it comes to Easter eggs my best guess has always been that some of those pictures on the walls in the cabins might show something which we do not quite know, understood so far. Not sure if there is a thread about all items shown on the walls with deeper explanations. You also mentioned the archery target range: this place puzzles me the most, mainly the question if the devs had actually plans to do something more about it (like environmental kills, etc) but didn’t get to it in time.
  6. Agree, quite annoying, whenever someone is using those exploits, some hints how to cope with them were given in this last month’s thread http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27671-are-you-sick-of-the-teleport-glitch/?tab=comments#comment-372700 In case they are running that health spray exploit as well, best medicine would be to just ignore them. In some other posts someone pointed out that some of those sliding exploiters are uploading their matches on YouTube, so best way - IMO - would be to do not pay them any attention, don’t give them the show they like to get for their videos.
  7. Now that your plans aren’t secret anymore, when are you gonna broadcast?
  8. @Strigoi I am fine with the quality of our game‘s axes as it is right now. you should recheck yr chosen character and yr equipped perks, you are able improve yr stun chance with the right choice. Also keep in mind that playing as Jason you are able to block hits from your opponents, Jason - although it sometimes seems like - isn’t any liveless Piñata hanging from the next tree. At least I am happy to see that you do not vote for more axes to be added to the game.
  9. Mental note to myself: I should really stop posting ironic stuff about any grab cooldowns for Jason, they might be taken for real and become a doctrine for some people... In the end: Everything’s a matter of perspective: ask any offline bot and he will agree that Jason is OP and invincible. 😅
  10. The answer is already given in your very question: since a lot of our perks are useless, a 4th perk slot for counselors is not required.
  11. If this could be really provided in the future (new content argument aside) I would vote for this, only this and to only put all remaining workload and concentration into this and leaving all other bugs, glitches as they are. There had been many discussions so far in this forum, some pleading for some „ALIEN“ like AI, this would be great, for sure, but I think a Jason AI would be far more difficult to program: we do not only are Talking about 1:1 scenarios in a spaceship with narrow passages, but on a 1:8 scenario at an open camp. • 3 counselors in a cabin, which one should the AI attack? • 2 counselors at a car, 2 at the boat, 1 fixing the phone, which one should Jason attack? • Tommy and SG at the shack, which tactic for AI Jason, hide in the water, attack and be killed? of course, also the offline bots would need an upgrade in their brains, otherwise imagine an offline match, were you get killed by AI Jason, then wait to become Tommy and all remaining offline counselors are running past Tommy‘s radio and do not know how to call him...
  12. @Strigoi you already had a thread about this in the off section that you want to be a „strong metal head character with strength and sneak that understands strange mysterious books.“ http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27743-paying-to-be-a-character-in-gunmedias-next-game/ Unless GunM isn’t working on an „Evil Dead“ Adaption for a video game, in which you would play a distracted professor who deciphers the NECRONOMICON book for Ash, I do not see this coming. Yr description of yourself should be more precise (did you have send your application to Wes Keltner?) Anyway, Your USD 2000 guess had been answered with at least USD +10.000. to give you some further ideas, this article from 2015 (numbers might be higher in 2020), may help to understand the financial needs: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/single-video-game-character-can-cost-around-80000-make-180956492/
  13. @Fair Play those who want to take a smoke or take their rest room time, can do it nevertheless. They would a. lose only some seconds in the game, less time looting cabins till Jason shows up or b. it would be still the loading screen, but now with clarity who gets to be Jason. Non chosen Jason players could quit, new ones fill in, once the smoker/restroom players come back they wouldn’t notice a change.
  14. Yeah. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. My best guess: there is some kind of trauma involved, like something happened in the childhood / adolescent time that now always triggers his inner fears whenever Jason is around and on top of that which causes those disillusions and is responsible for his desperately need to kick Jason in his balls. To break it down, some very parallels to our famous little Jason boy in the original 1980s movie and we are sometimes not better than those former counselors, which were hunted down by Pamela. We should do better.
  15. Wait! The day is still long, maybe we will get two or three more threads about this topic later the Night, but then with questions like WHY ISN‘T THERE A COOLDOWN FOR THE JASONS GRABS JASONS SHOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO GRAB EVERY 30 SECONDS COUNSELORS SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOP OFF JASONS ARMS WITH MACHETES, SO THAT HE CANNOT GRAB, BUT FIRST BRING BACK MACHETES
  16. @tyrant666 you have a valid point. The Grendel/Uber content you mentioned, would have been added to the game very quickly, as well as some more clothing and kill packs. On top of that maybe smaller maps of Pinehurst and Jarvis House, but that would have been it. I also doubt that the devs would have worked on totally new maps, new gameplays and offered them for free - you are right that the ROI would have been the important factor in the end: GunM has devs to pay, rent to pay, many fix costs and has to earn money and I hardly doubt that selling a new clothing pack for 2,50 every few months or maybe a dlc with a new map and a new counselor for 5 dollars would have covered their costs. And even if they would have sold a new map as a dlc, then only limited players would have been able to play those maps - deviding the quickplay lobbies even more between the people who bought the map and those who didn’t and that could have accelerated a decrease in playerbase.
  17. @FridayThe31st It’s maybe more or less related to the „good days, bad days - theory: on some days the timing of everything works perfect, a shift grab kill here, a combat stance / slash moment there and the lobby is wiped out pretty quick. But then, there are those other matches, in which you get the feeling that everything is working against you and in the end you come home to mommy with a clean machete, which didn’t get as much blood as you wanted it to get.
  18. Not sure how an effective punishment system should /could work (with the experience we got from the recent salt mines...) Actually, I think we do not need any punishment system at all - here are my reasons why and what I suggest instead of it. In my opinion the players that quit right after the start are mostly the ones that had hoped to play as Jason by themselves and when they realize they didn’t get him, quit and just hop to another lobby (main reasons: to improve their Jason skills, get the Jason matches for the 500, 1000 Jason matches trophies). This is surely annoying for all 3 player categories: • Jason: matches too easy / boring with only 4-5 counselors at start, especially on bigger maps like Pinehurst (not all of us care about the reduced possible XP, as a level 150 Player with 300.00 XP and nothing to spend on anymore, a penalty of 1000 XP wouldn’t matter to them) • remaining players: chances to fix objects / survive the night are reduced with only 4-5 of them at start, also especially on bigger maps (frustration especially for newbie players) • quitted Players: have again to wait for a next lobby, everybody to ready up and the next match to start (frustration might also rise in them, finally leading into decreasing player base, especially when they also get a punishment - not XP, but ban for 5 minutes - on top of that) Here are my suggestions (for Quickplay) • any lobby filled with 8 players, the match starts immediately, no countdown time at all, no waiting time for the 7 others to ready up • once the intro has started and the player who was chosen as Jason is viewable for everybody (some players then quit the lobby), there Is 1 further minute... A. the first 60 sec of the already started Match, where the first counselors start looting cabins, B. Still the loading screen | intro with the shown chosen Jason Player ....in which new players (which were still looking for a lobby) are drawn into this very match to fill in the empty place(s) of the quitted players. Not possible? • Sometimes a lobby of 5 players has readied up, they start a match (countdown to zero), but in the next overview there are also additional players joining (till the intro scene), so not sure when there is the actual final cut off, where no one can enter anymore? There has to be some kind of trigger, which maybe could be postponed for 60 sec (after it’s obvious who gets to be Jason). => the waiting time will be reduced for all players, quickplay matches would have a higher amount of players in it. More fun / more XP for those who need it @mattshotcha is this a totally crazy wishful thinking of mine or something, which could be modified with some „little changes“ in the background? not sure if it would count as new content or „just as some possible mechanical changes?“
  19. Jason used to have the grabbing power of 13 JEDI Masters, but now only of 1 young padawan. Much to learn he has. edit: hopefully you „grabbed“ my exaggeration in my post - it’s definitely not related to the latest patch, but the change goes back quite some time, not sure when exactly.
  20. It’s definitely the best medicine against those cheaters to avoid giving them any action or entertainment at all.
  21. I am also playing F13 on PS4 / EU server for more than 2,5 years now and I can confirm that lately I stumbled upon some Arabic-sounded names in quickplay. But so far, no bad experiences here: we looted some cabins, helped each other, when grabbed by Jason, we fixed some cars and escaped together, when selected as Jason no one had Savini on. so there might be some black sheeps upon them, but maybe the usual quote like in all of each origin‘s players. This is really quite annoying, I had this twice as playing Jason and both matches were the only ones in my nearly 300 (?) Jason matches, in which I rage quitted. I had no intention to let them enjoy their shit. to answer yr question: both were again no Arabic names, but some „Jasonkillersomething“ names...
  22. It is really a pity that Shelly is such a poor character in the game. I have just rewatched F13 - Part3 and Shelly is no sportsman, no person with strength or luck (at least not with the female counselors), but there is one ability in the movie which would have been great to have it also in the game: I call it his prankster ability In the movie we see him pulling pranks on the others, I.e playing dead, bloody axe in his head. How cool would it have been, if Shelly would have been able to do this - to a certain degree of course - in the game as well by misleading Jason by a fake death (no live pings) or some other pranky things. As Shelly also is the person who introduces the hockey mask, it would have been also cool to have this relation been stressed out in the game. Potential is there with him (more variety to the Vanessas and Buggzys at least), maybe in another future game...
  23. so yesterday the hearing took finally place, with both sides pleading their point, Larry posted via Twitter a link for a 30 min „podcast“ https://mobile.twitter.com/larryzerner?locale=de lot of legal technical stuff, what do you think of this? https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AGPMIxgwv_0imHU&cid=E36A2AEB28BA1332&id=E36A2AEB28BA1332!130903&parId=E36A2AEB28BA1332!59271&o=OneUp
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