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  1. Actually, you can call all existing camps in the game „abandoned camps“: 14 cabins, 1 big main house with together round abound 60-80 beds and only 7 counselors roaming around sounds pretty much abandoned to me. just my usual wise ass knowledge which I couldn’t resist to add. 🤓
  2. @HaHaTrumpWon what a cruel degrading video from Jason’s perspective. By watching it in complete length, you get the impression that Jason is just the little retarded boy from the past who still gets bullied around the camp by the counselors. Nothing has changed. Ironical thought: the only missing object the devs didn’t consider: Jason should be THE ONE who is able to find the fuse, fix the phone and call the cops in order to escape by himself...
  3. @OCT 31 1978 I very much like the idea behind that. We won’t get NEW CONTENT of course, but basing on your post, what about this: I grew up playing a lot of board games, one of it had been RISK, a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest for two to six players. One element of it had been to draw mission cards and get special missions (free this country, conquer that one, do this), so that each new match would go into a different direction, you had to form alliances with others or dissolve them again. IMO the game Friday 13th could have had some similar elements of it in it like each counselor or Jason gets a special Mission at the beginning only he knows about. Going for objects / escape / kill would still be the main tasks, but we would have had something else going on in the background. Double or triple XP or a legendary perk could have been the rewards of a successful mission. Depending on the missions each counselor would get at the start a match of 5 Vanessas could be much more interesting. Trolling even could have been legalized to a certain degree depending on the mission.
  4. The next Friday 13th is getting close (= March 13th), will we get a double XP or a multiple tape drop event (actually I guess most of us do not need either of them). If I could choose, I would plead for some „guaranteed legendary perk event...“? What are your thoughts, wishes?
  5. @sav welcome to the camp and you can for sure count on the friendly community here.
  6. @DontZzz34 how exactly do you avoid being drowned by Jason in the water after you have been pushed out of the boat by him? Unless you have a „special waterproof pocket knife perk“, which does not exist, I do not see how?
  7. Or maybe he has only watched the scences, in which all counselors have machetes in both of their hands and Jason Is freaked out because all axes always stun him twice.
  8. I think it goes both ways as also counselors are vulnerable or have a death guarantee in certain situations. # nothing is easier than to hit a counselor who is climbing through a window with a knife. # counselor trapped in a bear trap, easy to grab # counselor in the water, after Jason upset the boat: clear death in the end: no risk, no fun
  9. As per my experience offline matches do not count for badges or trophies at all (or my PS4 version is bugged). Who knows, maybe this will be the final gift (= to enable it) by the devs to us, when the server will finally go offline. Although you will then never be able to achieve the trophies for playing 500 or 1000 matches as a counselor.
  10. Nudity is all over the F13 movies, therefore it wouldn’t have been unrealistic to have more of it in the game. But personally, I am fine with the current spring break clothing. And by all my openness: thanks to the lawsuit, we won’t ever (unless exploited) have to watch a totally naked Chad performing his chain stun & tea bag moments to Jason.
  11. @TomDice all right then. Couple of weeks ago 3 Buggzys were trolling the lobby, running around with the fuse without intention to fix the phone, running people over with cars, teaming with Jason, when one of them was chosen as Jason, etc. In the third Match with them I was the one with the keys, fixed the 4 seater and started looking for them. Saw 2 Buggzys of them (the 3rd was Jason) on the road. They tried to block the road (?), but I pressed down the accelerator as Hard as I could and enjoyed the sound of the double bump by running both of them over. Before I reached the exit, their Jason friend rage quitted. so maybe I stand corrected: I always prefer teamplay, but a little bit of „trolling the trolls“ goes fine for me.
  12. @TomDice Thanks for yr honesty, but I hope you don’t encourage any other players at all to follow yr steps. If you have gotten so bored as you say with the game, what is the point in ruining other - mostly newer - players’ experiences? Remember the time you started playing Friday 13th, would you have wanted to experience the same back then? As @bryanp3692 pointed out: between family life and a busy job, a couple of matches per week is all I can spend by myself playing this game, but at level 150 with tones of XP instead of getting bored, I find more fun and satisfaction in playing a different way: to help new players, yesterday’s example A Jason chased a Deborah (level 7). She was already limping out of a cabin heading to another one. I ran to her, healed her and gave her my pocket knife and then distracted Jason for a few minutes. I got killed, came back as Tommy. As Tommy I fixed the 2seater, went looking for the keys and crossed ways again with Deborah, who had now put on the sweater. We changed weapons (rifle for axe), and we started to look for Jason. A Buggzy, obviously running around with the keys and a Tiffany (both 10-20 Level players) got away with the 2 seater, a Vanessa joined us, helped demasking Jason, got slashed and the Deb and I finally killed Jason together. For me, this game is still about teamwork and counselors‘ trusting each other. There are enough trolls out there, don’t become one of them just because of boredom.
  13. BTW, it would be much appreciated by most of us here, if you, @mattshotcha could provide a short and sweet overview, on which bugs you are currently working on. Maybe a short list, Top 5?
  14. Why would you waste your health spray on them? Not sure, what this fellow‘s original intention was in the first place (other than becoming TJ), but his behavior does not make sense (Jason wasn’t even around and if he is willing to suicide, why not just jump through some closed windows, instead of limping around for 2 minutes). I wouldn’t bother with them at all (playing as a counselor), but go for the objectives or assist the more reasonable playing counselors.
  15. Thanks, it’s a pity the devs didn’t implement some kind of a QTE mini game for this situation, like when you repair the car/boat/fuse or like you have to keep pressed a button for calling tommy / police in order to get the boat free again.
  16. If you take the boat and steer it directly to the exit, you won’t face any problems (except you encounter Jason in the water of course). But, what I often see in the matches are counselors being too clumsy to operate or turn around the boat (due to wrong direction) and they often end up at the shore/beach and the boat then becomes unmanageable, with the boat escape option off the table. are there any tricks to get the boat manageable again? Or is it just another bug being there around that I don’t remember?
  17. @SilentVob does that mean you have played on each version together more than +2000 matches as Jason? How many hours a day are you playing? In ca 2,5 years I guess I have had „only“ +250 Jason matches...
  18. @Finalgirl.f13 Not exactly sure why, but so far I haven’t even tried out the virtual cabin by myself in my 2,5 years playing this game. Maybe, I leave it for the time, when the servers go down, to still have something to explore. nevertheless, this old post might give you some answers to yr questions http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14114-spoiler-virtual-cabin-20-complete-guide/?tab=comments#comment-194087
  19. Yeah, he did. Sometimes when I read his posts I feel like Bill Murray in his 1993s cult movie Groundhog Day, reliving the same day over and over again or like in this case reading the same strange theories again and again.
  20. Judging by the +400 hours I so far must have spent with and enjoyed this game, the Eur 9,99 I had paid for it 2,5 years ago, were more than worthy it. This game may have some toxic players, bugs, open unfulfilled wishes, but more or less it is worth any cent. Go and buy it.
  21. @HaHaTrumpWon wonderful clip. Even with his dumb ass teamer friend in the 4seater (he did know how to push the car’s horn, I give him that), he messed up, I would have liked to watch him get killed in the end. Nevertheless, the clip has some Tarantino style moments in it, add steeler‘s wheel „stuck in the middle with you“ as soundtrack to it. Voila.
  22. It does not make more sense: this is still camp crystal lake, Packanack lodge, Higgins Haven, Jarvis House, etc, not any medieval torture chamber challenge game with sharp bladed weapons lying around at each corner. I am having a strong de ja vu that we already had this very topic discussion in several of your other posts. Pointless IMO to go all over this again.
  23. B+W+M = 3 weapons vs M+A = 2 weapons, by pure maths this leads to an outnumbering count of the later ones. Besides that: take a match with 7 counselors. What do you usually do at the start of each match: you enter a cabin, barricade the door, loot everything and while leaving you grab the next best weapon of yr choice (axes, machetes sure on priority), what comes next? you Start searching the next cabins, where exactly this has been done by others, always leaving the less popular weapons ( pipes, wrench, pans) back for you to find.
  24. Definitely depends on the players in the Lobby: as most Jasons only slash Tommy, I give away my PK to other counselors, but not without watching them in advance. Had a match as Tommy (1 year ago) and I gave away 2 PK to a Tiffany and a Buggzy, even healed him with a health spray. later found out that both were Jason teamers. Always watch your back and choose the ones you help wisely.
  25. @tyrant666 interesting post and I agree: I also see a decline in the gameplay‘s quality over the last 2,5 years ( I only started playing at the end of summer 2017, so I cannot compare to the beta and the very early time) Back then - as a newbie - there had been a lot to explore every day on all of the maps, new experiences could be made in each match, a 7/10 or even more for me. later on, a lot of that became „known, normal, used to, etc“, so a great part of my decline feeling will have to be considered and based on that, of course. But, Quickplay lobbies seemed to be less toxic, more teamplay involved and surely Jason was harder to get killed back then, right now it’s getting some kind of let’ s say: monotonous/ sometimes boring. Example: After some weeks without playing F13, I found the time again to play a few matches, yesterday: usually I avoid playing on weekends (too many teamers, trolls), so I played on Tuesday night: 3 different lobbies = 7 matches, in 4 of them I was chosen as Jason. Majority seemed to have set their preferences to counselors (as I wasn’t even the last one entering the lobbies) and the lobbies were of course crowded with 80% Vanessas, 20 % Buggzys, running with - it seemed so - thick skin, medic perks and swift attacker and their first objective (surely Vanessa suck at repair) was always to get Jason killed. I didn’t mind the kill squads, I see it as a challenge in the game, but every match? No one going for phone, cars, anymore? It also seems to be a new gamestyle to leave all doors open... Never experienced this before, but yesterday, they even succeeded twice in a row in killing me. First one was, ok: I thought better luck next match, then again I was chosen as Jason, de ja vu, same finish. At level 150, I wouldn’t count myself to be a perfect Jason player (by far no: blocking is my biggest achilles’ heel), I have some skills and certainly my good, but also my bad times (like yesterday), but the fact that many players do not want to play Jason anymore (I saw newbie ones getting 0/8 kills, been teabagged all the time, who wants to use his rare sparetime with that?) and with the non-Balance of powers which we have right now, I would only give a 3/10 to the game at the moment. Sorry.
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