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  1. @VLK you just have to stand before a trap, crouch down before it, sneak some inches up, then (on PS4) have X pressed
  2. I thought about that option, but let’s do some maths: # 1 private match a 10 min (including intro/outro, cut scenes, scoreboard, lobby ready time) makes 6 matches per hour, 24 hours playing, 144 Jason matches a day # 1000 matches ./. 144 equals playing this game 24/7 a week (No sleeping time in a week) even with a 12 hour gameplay shift, resulting in 2 weeks, I don’t know why someone would use his complete sparetime (vacation?). I really prefer achieving trophies the standard way, although it means for myself that I will possibly never see this very trophy plop up on my screen.
  3. Actually no, but since I started to see Jason and his teamer as an additional challenge in the game - like a tougher mode - I got used to and even accept them to be part of the game.
  4. Agree, this sometimes feels totally jinxed. Another one as a counselor: using the preparedness perk and starting with a map, you will find in the first 10 drawers you open 3 maps. Starting without a map, you can search the first 2 cabins and do not find any.
  5. Besides trolling and enjoying to ruin other players‘ time, there may be another reason: with so many skilled and advanced players nowadays even in Quickplay and with Jason‘s current condition that it is too easy to kill him, I more often see level 10-20 players teaming with Jason and in my opinion those Jasons always aren’t skilled enough to cope with a skilled lobby and just need a wingman in order to avoid getting defeated (too fast).
  6. Judging by the provided links there seem to be a lot of players who got the final chapter trophy for „1000 multiplayer matches as Jason“ already on June 11th, June 12th, etc. In 2017. How can this even be possible with the game only released on May 26th 2017, only 3 weeks earlier?
  7. Ok, in other words: an exploit. Then don’t explain. Bad enough, that this exist, I won’t want to know
  8. What exactly do you mean with „speed shifting“? What is the difference to the standard ability „shifting“?
  9. Agree, this works pretty well. But unfortunately you need as you pointed out all 3 abilities (morph, shift and stalk), which Jason does not possess at the start, so the first third of each match can be pretty lame as Jason is too predictable. sometimes I play as a counselor without sound. With all of Jason‘s music off, I already had some good jumpscares in some matches.
  10. I don’t know: I stayed in the lobby for maybe 3 more minutes, waiting for the others to ready up, no one did, some left, new player joined, nobody readied up again, so I left. as much as I love this game, the waiting time in the lobby sucks.
  11. They were fair losers (I gave them that): they stayed in the lobby and didn’t sent any messages. But this is the reason, why I love this game so much: even the matches in which you encounter trolls, teamers you can have a lot of fun. It always is, what you make of the situation.
  12. Just had a game on Packanack as AJ. I found the gas and battery, repaired the 4seater and went looking for the keys. Someone else was more successful, started the car, drove off, trying to run me over the moment I wanted to hitchhike. As the car wasn’t leaving, but trolling for teamkills, the usual Jason/Teamer hunt was on. Finally, I got cornered, Jason sliced me up, but I came back as Tommy, this is where the clip starts...
  13. @Cristiano do you have a Source for this 2022 Information?
  14. Sounds like you are some Indian guru for them of some Bhagwan clan.
  15. Wolledc


    Really? then just wait 2-4 more weeks with most of the western world in „shut down“. The first impacts for people’s health, change of lifestyle, our economy are fathomable. Economy: impacts like companies’ decrease in margin, employees set on unpaid leave, smaller companies going bankruptcy, employees losing their jobs, people having less money to spend on, recession) will be seen in a few weeks, months (how soon, how deep will depend on the shut down‘s length). For a start just look at all airlines just cutting + grounding their planes/ flights to less than 50%, leaving a lot of their employees (pilots, flight attendants, staff) with nothing to do and sending them unpaid home. Or all airport shops / bars, hotels and delis and their employees at the airports running out of enough customers to cover their costs. Cab services or Car rentals at the airport still face fix costs, but less income due to less customers. With the travel ban in place the repair stations will see less orders / cars to repair in a couple of months. Most Governments will surely try to imburse those companies wherever possible in order to prevent similar scenarios like the ones we saw during the world‘s financial crises 2008/9, but I know some people in the airline business who speak of bigger and longer impacts than after 9/11. who is right now going to book flights in a 3-4 months future? Lifestyle + Health: Having watched a few weeks ago the chinese attempts (at least what went out uncensored) like strict curfew, people temperature tests on every street corner / sub stations, the complete shut down of Hubei Region with 60 Million inhabitants in order to condemn the spread of the virus, I really shook my head back then. I did. Everything seemed surreal to me. But surely all this left many of us thoughtful, especially as similar steps are now getting closer to us in the last days. First countries like Italy (for a week now), Spain (yesterday) are both in shut down, ICU in hospitals getting overwhelmed, doctors in Lombardy, IT having to decide which patient to help due to limited respiration equipment, (and this in a western country). France is preparing similar steps in regards to a shut down. Most European countries close(d) their borders or are planning to. In the cities the Bars, cinemas, even the first churches are closing. African countries just start to get aware of their first cases, with such a poor health system in place, nobody knows what impact might follow to them. Could be less dramatic due to the higher climate, nobody knows, but then you can look to Iran‘s numbers. Fortunately, the current deaths‘ numbers compared to every year‘s flu season is still low, but the percentage rate is higher and something is surely is different with this Virus judging by all news. Nobody is panicking (I wouldn’t suggest to do so, sorry if this post might seem so), but many of us are concerned how this situation will develop.
  16. Wolledc


    It definitely gets tougher: all schools now closed for 4 weeks, all sports events are cancelled, European countries start closing their borders. The following link is a very realistic wrap up about the corona virus current spread https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca a lot to read, but in the end the truth and there now is only one option: to slow down the spread of the virus by shutting down all unnecessarily actions, social life.
  17. Wolledc


    Some aspects from Germany / Europe: • mostly all bigger concerts, theatre, fairs and conventions had been cancelled for the next 2 months. cultural activities to a m/m • sport events like some German soccer games this week first took place without any spectators in the stadium, only the players („ghost games“), now current leagues (ice hockey, basketball and soccer) are being stopped / considered to abruptly end completely with no final league winner announced. • reduced Business Travel or restrictions to some areas for some weeks now, home office is more and more considered wherever possible • I live near a city with some medieval districts, normally full of tourists at noon time: right now you can count the tourists with a few dozens (this already effects restaurants, hotels, lower income) • stores are well equipped, but you can see that certain products (toilet paper, pasta, noodles, bread flour, conserved cans, disinfection sprays are being bought at a much greater level) • usual worklife has changed a lot, Cov-19 virus is all over the media, it takes a lot of nerves nowadays • today I picked up my two little kids from their handball training and it was just annonced that for the next 4 weeks no training, matches will take place, all tournaments had all been cancelled this afternoon • a lot of discussions to shut down schools, universities for the next 4 weeks (leaving us parents with the task to find solutions: work/child care), some states of Germany already did close their schools. • Countries like Austria, France, Danmark, Belgium completely closed schools, there are border controls. Italy has a 100% shut down since yesterday. So, how do I feel? This is nothing we have faced before, it surely worries, especially explaining your kids what is going on. In the end, all measurements are appreciated to condemn any further spread of this situation.
  18. Coming back to his thread‘s title „EXPLOSION, INSANITY...“ the HUGE Info he so much yearned about, had now been revealed two days earlier than on expected Friday 13th even by himself After all his denials to have multiple accounts here in the Forum he finally confirmed with his apology (when called out as Darrin) his former alter ego „Darrin“. Thanks.
  19. The more I read this thread, the more I feel like Bruce Willis must have felt in „12 Monkeys“, travelling back in time, trying to understand what is going on...
  20. @Strigoi there is absolutely no sense in critizing a Company for not realizing the illusional thoughts you fantasized about.
  21. Ok, I am with you. A real scary, new horror franchise game, which might consider some of all of our provided suggestions here in the forum is very much appreciated. Let’s just wait, if something and what happens.
  22. @Strigoi I am not sure if I am more scared about Gun Media‘s next possible horror game or about your possible reaction here at the forum, if Gun Media should indeed verify your „Wes Keltner / Kirk Hammett soundtrack / Halloween“ theory. Although I still do not see, why someone should announce a Halloween game on a Friday 13th for dramatics and not on an actual Halloween day (= Oct 31st)?
  23. Jason should earn his kills by performing them (or being responsible for setting the bear traps at the right spots). Jason shouldn’t get them just credited, if he isn’t even around.
  24. Another example: you are being chased by Jason, stamina is low, you run to a bigger cabin / the barn and then you can just wait and watch on the mini map, which route Jason is taking (left or right side of the building. you can totally predict him and get out the other side and don’t have to be scared at all. Question: would removing the red icon count as „new content“?
  25. Agree, improving the stalk ability (at least to have it from the beginning with, shorter cool downs) would make the game much more interesting and scarier. Besides that, the removal of Jason‘s red icon off the minimap / big map would give the game more quality and a bigger touch of an actual horror genre game. Counselors shouldn’t be able to know (by looking at the moving red icon) Jason‘s moving position and headed direction, I.e when he is shifting. Especially, when counselors are driving with the car, the red icon (when morphed, shifted) is too predictable for them.
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