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  1. It’s definitely a horror game: you just have to ask any newcomer Jason player how he feels after he had just been the main protagonist of camp crystal lake‘s latest piñata party. Pure horror watching all those dancing half naked counselors with their machetes and axes coming for you, getting beaten up or stunned by simple pans whereas counselors jump from 2story windows without getting even harmed; and you by yrself becoming traumatized by mom‘s sweater and finally head splitted in slow motion.
  2. I had some thoughts about this a few months ago in the suggestion corner of this forum: What about setting some kind of limit for the police escape option to improve this situation a little bit? A. after arrival the police waits at the exit, but for only 3 minutes (on all normal-sized maps, on small maps only 2 mins), then they drive off again (with or without survivors). All counselors getting to them in that time limit will escape. B. after arrival the police waits at the exit as usual (without time limit), but only 3 counselors (it’s a normal policecar, not a policebus) are able to escape with them, then the policeescape option is off the table.
  3. Seems this happens to some players lately, just address this issue to http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ I am sure they can help you. Good luck
  4. I voted for Adam, my Repairman of trust. So, I am more the repair guy, show me any battery or propeller, I drop my rifle and fix the boat/car. First months of my F13 playtime I used to play as Deborah: there were matches, in which I fixed both cars alone, with 5 Chads/Vanessas running around delivering items to the cars and then driving off... my back up Plan was always to grab the sweater and with Deborah‘s high stealth value I often was then the last player standing. Time went on and playing as Deborah got a little bit „boring“, with her repair value at 10, I really missed the challenge of messing up a QTE. Also with more and more trolls and Jason teamers in the lobbies, who used the keys not to start the car, but to run with them around, I lost my enthusiasm to repair things. Later on, in addition with the „car knifing Jasons“ on top to deal with, it didn’t make fun at all for me to play, resp. to fix / repair something, I deinstalled f13 and didn’t play for a few months. Lately - I have to admit that inspite of all the bugs, glitches, trolls, etc - there is no such game as Friday 13th, I reinstalled it and started playing as Adam and this is, why I voted for him: repair at 6 is average, but quite a good challenge to succeed, his composure at 8 and strength at 9 help in 1:1 situations against Jason, speed only at average 5 is on smaller maps no problem for me, but on Pinehurst it’s sometimes difficult to reach the next save cabin. Thus explained, pure Runners or Defenders are not my type of counselors I like to play, repair is still my favorite skill and at the current state of the game it’s always Adam for me.
  5. For an April hoax the details of the boardgame and its Accessoires look pretty much worked out. Astonishing that it is announced now (and not in 2-3 months when the lawsuit will hopefully be settled). This would definitely be a great add on to my boardgame collection. I also like the option in the boardgame: „steal supplies from your teammates“. How intriguing. Sounds challenging and I wonder if we would have had such an option In our F13 videogame how the actual gameplay would have been like? My favorite wish would have been that Shelly (right now not good in much) has had as a counselor a special ability, like doing pranks (like in the movie), by using it he could junpscare others and get their PK or other items they carry.
  6. Too bad that even his alter egos do not cooperate in the match and help him kill Jason.
  7. In another timeline (without any lawsuit forbidding new content) it would have been cool to have on Jarvis map the option to play as the little boy Tommy Jarvis. Situation: one room of Jarvis house could have remained closed from the beginning with, after only two counselors are left alive, the locked room‘s door opens and little boy TJ (played by one of the killed counselors) enters the game. Sweater girl is not needed, little TJ just has to find the hair clipper, starts a QTE, razes his head, then he is able to confront and distract Jason like in the movie reminding him of his former self and he could fight him.
  8. If you have played for 2 hours, why didn’t you just pick up the sweater and axe by yourself, ran to the next spawned Tommy, swap weapons and look for Jason. Lobbies are full of people, who want to kill Jason and who see it as their prime objective. Most of the Tommys who see sweater girl running to them, will know what to do, believe me. By doing this you will become a troll also in the game. Do this for several matches and your next threads in this forum will be about your complaints that you noticed that players start quitting when they see you are in the lobby.
  9. Never heard of the author or the title before, but just read some critics and I am curious to read this book, which is now on my list. Thanks
  10. A QTE for putting on the sweater or entering the shack also works fine for me, but I wouldn’t limit it to some attempts. By limiting it, I am afraid any Jason teamer in the match would have a new prime objective: running directly to it, make 3 fail attempts and the kill option would be off the table (of course, right now picking up the sweater and misusing it is resulting in the same...). Sounds perfect, I love that scenario. Similar to any stand off in the Wild West... so bad, no new content.
  11. Question is, how the Jason kill „itself“ can actually be reworked, without adding new content. All parameters like looking for the shack, putting on sweater, joining TJ, taking Jason’s mask off are surely set in stone (in other words there wouldn’t be any new ways of killing him - although I deeply like counselors have a way of drowning „water hiding pussy Jasons“ with a chain or something). Right now, I only can imagine that the final button (on PS4 the „X“) for TJ will be reworked. It is surely way too easy for TJ to just press the X after Jason is on his knees. Suggestion: we already have QTE in the game (for fixing car, boat, fuse), how about substituting the TJ’s final X with a QTE (old content, not new) ? This could make it a little bit more difficult, of course the final QTE shouldn’t be too easy like all other QTE are as playing TJ, this one should be maybe more like Chad’s/Vanessa’s QTE (= shorter reaction time). In order to make it more dramatical: this final QTE should be viewable by all players (killed spectators, active counselors and Jason himself). This way all of them could watch the final obstacle in killing Jason and even with Jason on his knees there would be chances to mess up, which would make the whole kill more difficult.
  12. No, absolutely not! I always loved and still love playing as Jason, since day1 (for 2,5 years now) my preferences are set on playing Jason. Getting killed by Counselors is part of the game (actually of the Movies, what makes it even more realistic). If I am defeated as Jason, so what, I have to improve my skills and try harder next time. The only changes most of us are asking for: killing Jason is too easy, make it more difficult. Possible changes for a start: • „meat shield“ should come back, easiest way to power up Jason • mask should be harder to take down With those 2 changes, I bet that the balance would go into the right direction.
  13. What kind of strange crazy mode should that actually be? Pamela‘s head is dead!
  14. Exactly. SARS in 2003 caused according to current numbers 8000 infections with ca. 750 deaths worldwide, in western countries it even was quite noiseless. H1N1 a couple of years later was way heavier, figures speak of 60 Million infected, 19.000 official deaths, dark figures even speak of up to 150.000 - 500.000 deaths (not all laboratory proven so the real count is and will forever be unclear). I am by far no virologist, but what we so far face and can see here with covid -19 is still only the beginning and this corona mutation seems to be more aggressive (higher infection/death percentage than H1N1). The incubation time is with up to 14 days quite long (SARS and H1N1 were shorter, in the end better to control) and what makes it now also more difficult to grasp is the current cases’ real number. today on March 28th, we have worldwide 650.000 positive tested persons: 150.000 already recovered and 30.000 dead, this leads to officially remaining infected 470.000. With the given incubation time of up to 14 days, every one can do the maths and will see that those 470.000 had been infected in the past 14 days. it is very likely that all of them spreaded the Virus during the time till they showed the symptoms, got positively tested, got the results, came in quarantine by themselves. The real infected number of today’s March 28th has to be considered as follows: with 470.000 calculated at an average date of already on March 17th and a doubling rate assumption at every 2-3 days, which would lead to ca 4 -6 Million infected persons worldwide. But of course all of them do not know it right now, they will only show symptoms in the next couple of days, accelerating a further spreading. This combined with the more aggressive virus, the higher death rate makes it worse. The social distance situation and the hysteria that comes with it , sucks, no question. ask our little kids, who want to play outside, but our neighbors‘ do not allow their kids to play with ours (or demand to keep a distance of a couple of meters). We ourselves had planned for next week our vacation (the first in a year), but now we are not allowed to travel at all, but stay at home. All that sucks, but avoiding the spread is the absolute necessary way in order to slow down the infections/death rate and give the hospitals more time to cope with the real serious cases. Italy and Spain are some tragic examples, with the situation out of control (and this even weeks after their shut down): hospitals are overcrowded, 3 sick people waiting in the hospital‘s hall for 1 occupied ICU bed to get free, last couple of days +1000 deaths per day only in Spain+Italy, even several of the limited doctors and nurses got infected and died. The Military has to deliver the victims’ coffins via several convoy trucks to crematories in the suburbs as the local ones are overcrowded. The USA is unfortunately at the brink of stepping into this scenario, with the current doubling rate of infections/deaths in the last days and New York at the tragic lead: piling up cooling containers as provisional morgues... Watching those spring break pictures a week ago, careless people on the streets, the numbers (infections/deaths) will undoubtedly further increase. in my opinion we won’t look back in a couple of weeks/months and are ashamed of having overreacted, but more likely we will ask why we didn’t see it coming and did social distancing earlier. Just my thoughts.
  15. I was just selected as Jason for the second match in a row (first match as Jason on Crystal lake ended 7/8 with one suicider/quitter, mommy was proud), but in the second match on Pinehurst I quickly came upon one slider / later on a stairway exploiter. I don’t name the players here in the forum, but took some footage and would ask you all for some advice: # what’s the best way to cope with sliders? As you can see in the video I pretty much messed up with my knives # is there a way to kill players who hide under the stairways? I thought I at least hit him once through the wall, but as he also seemed to have unlimited health sprays, no clue Ok, here is the Video (sliders at 0:25, 0:31, 2:41, 3:01, further on the stairway exploit, Rest pretty lame to watch as I did not know how to counter the exploits So thanks for some advices, how I could do better next time (yes, I know knife practice and blocking should stand on my training list).
  16. Ohh Yes, I remember the time - late 2017 - where I was still new to the game and my first time I had put on the sweater. I was so exited back then that I pushed the button accidentally too quickly and messed up the kill 😅
  17. @Strigoi With so many 150 level players in the lobbies (just started a random quickplay Match, no buddies, but 6 out of 8 were at 150), I doubt that implementing a main objective with double XP will influence their way of playing much. Btw, killing Jason mostly seems to be already the prime objective of everybody, so I think that we don’t need to push the counselors’ intentions any further in that very direction.
  18. What exactly are the reasons you actually ban a player nowadays: • providing video proof of someone who is obviously hacking (like using „Uber Jason“ or manipulating something like deleting other players‘ scores), I would take as a BIG yes • providing video proof of counselor players who are sliding / morphing or having an unlimited „thick skin“, I would hope so • providing video proof of trolls / teamers, I would guess nothing happens or we wouldn’t encounter so many in the lobbies just curious here, where exactly is your threshold of acceptance till banning. By telling us this we could also save us all a lot of time, only sending video proof that counts.
  19. @HaHaTrumpWon this sounds like quite a detailed study of yours and I am with you. Sometimes, I also abort the search already after 10-15 seconds and try again - with having to repeat this for 5-6 times till finding a lobby. This results to a total waiting time of 1-2 minutes, which always leaves me thinking, if I had just been patient and had given the first attempt a bigger chance I would have gotten into the same result/lobby in the same time... In the end all of us may be right as it just could depend on which server you are trying to find a lobby. For me it’s always the EU server. I have asked it before, but nobody was able to answer: is there a way to actively change the settings, so that you can play on different servers (US, UK, worldwide, etc)?
  20. Hi @Hokiehi62 usually 1-2 minutes, longer than that, abort and try again. Actually, with „corona“ around and more and more people practicing social distance to limit the spread, I have the feeling that more people are playing now online matches and finding lobbies became easier recently.
  21. Which genre? As you are asking your very question in this F13 forum, I assume rather horror/thriller than some „pride and prejudice“ tome, right? As a big horror book fan and an even bigger Stephen King fan for almost 30 years now, I would recommend the „Bill Hodges trilogy“ (= Mr Mercedes, Finder‘s keepers, mind Control) to you and on top of that „the Outsider“, but only after you have read the trilogy (you will know why after reading). Each novel stands for itself, but characters like Bill Hodges are a constant. You will embrace the books and turn the Pages like nothing.
  22. My advise: don’t waste your precious limited time in recording them as nothing will happen at this state of the game. Enjoy the great moments of the game instead.
  23. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow For some guys (in Quickplay) it really seems to be a similar challenge for them playing this game as studying quantum physics.
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