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  1. Did anyone ever got killed by the bots (Intentionally, of course) or watch them at least try to do so (sweater girl and Tommy coming together after you)?
  2. Let’s see it positive: if all of us would play it the very same way (= all trapping the shack / all NOT trapping the shack), the matches would be quite boring. I am glad that we all have different styles and methods of placing our traps, it’s definitely more refreshing. Usually, I trap my shack twice, another one goes to the fuse box, the remaining ones I place randomly on the map: many Vanessas in the lobby, then I don’t trap the cars at all, but more likely the stairs to Packanack lodge to have some fun, when hunting them down.
  3. To answer the thread‘s title‘s question: • counselors barricading doors, when you are already in rage mode • counselors not looking at the map and taking the gas to the boat, although it has already been filled up • counselors trying to stun you when you are already doing an environmental kill • teabagging counselors • counselors hiding under the stairs at Pinehurst manor
  4. @Cropsy1981 I am afraid, but the answer to your question for 2 years now is still the same http://f13game.com/news/end-of-content/
  5. My best guess: at launch only 1 counselor was expected to survive/escape (as an average value). Speaking of a full lobby this would be ca. 15%. last matches I played as a counselor, the escape/survival rate had been more like +40% with 3-4 surviving counselors: Whenever police got called (which had been often) and 2-3 counselors ran to the exit, no chance for Jason to outrun them, with the counselors protecting themselves. Same for the 4seater escape, whenever Jason was even able to stop the car and grab the driver, the co-drivers just exited the car as well, helped the driver by stunning Jason and the driver was free again. At this very point I am looking forward to see what kind of change(s) (= nerf/buff) we all will get with the next patch. I keep my fingers crossed for the human meat shield + more HP for Jason‘s mask.
  6. As said, I have a different opinion. In the end, it’s a free world and I am fine when you do otherwise, just give me a call when you are playing as Jason and I will be happy to snatch my free sweater 😉
  7. That’s it, when playing as Jason this is also my prime objective to fix before everything else. I see it otherwise, if you leave yr shack unprotected (no traps, no reaction to mother‘s call for help), this will mostly be yr biggest step into getting killed. Coming back to the topic and speaking of logic: why on earth should someone take out both batteries out of both cars and hide them then in different cabins?
  8. Agree, give us this back and regardless which Jason you play, you will have much better chances in many situations: • confronting and taking out kill squads (use stalk, shift, quick kill, morph out, repeat) • 4 counselors at a car, with 1 fixing and the others just standing around, protecting him • dancing counselors at the police exit
  9. Welcome to the forum, but I am afraid you have to unlock many counselors, skins and Jasons when you start the game for the first time. However, with the ongoing double XP being received after each round, you should reach yr aimed level pretty fast.
  10. @aurllcooljay good catch, the fireplace is also one of my favorite ones, although I most prefer to give Tommy gratis diving lessons in the toilet boil. @The Wolf with that Toast timing is everything, always love the moments when the kills come for the counselors most unexpected. I had been in a match yesterday (Recording didn’t work, therefore -sorry - no video to provide this time), where I had first problems locating the counselors: the lobby had been full of AJs and some Vanessas. I searched around the map without seeing any person, I trapped the phone, the cars, collected knives, then I came upon the first red highlighted cabin of the match, which was at the edge of Crystal Lake‘s bigger map. I circled the big cabin, crushed all windows, then broke the front door, still no pings, but still red highlighted. I checked out the closed restroom and broke down the restroom’s door and it turned out that 3 Vanessas were just hiding in that small toilet room, equipped with machetes and axes. Not sure, what they had been doing in there in the last couple of minutes, but once the door was broken down, all 3 of them wanted to fight their way out. So I stood in the doorway, blocked it and blocked also their attempts to hit/stun me. For 1-2 minutes it was a blocking, quick knife throwing, blocking and slashing, with me not giving an inch away. After 2 minutes, all 3 Vanessas were limping (obviously no sprays left), and I let them out, watching them creeping in a row along the corridor and heading to the front door. Picture it, I had to laugh, this was a very cool moment to watch all of them rock bottom of their health and then just 3 short quick slashes by myself ended their short toilet adventure lives within 3 seconds. As said, no video recorded, if it had worked, I would have named it the „toilet party crasher“ 😅😎
  11. Do you have some video footage that shows that the window is then completely blocked, unavailable? Or do you mean the un-interactive 2-3 second(s) after the first knife/slash? IMO, what you describe, makes totally sense for me and I wouldn’t count it as a bug: imagine you are slashed or knived in reality, would you be able do anything at all in the very next second or would you rather be dazed/confused and need a second to collect your senses? Jason gets a hit with a simple pan, is stunned and cannot interact - on the other hand a counselor gets knived in the back, but just can do everything as usual?
  12. Wolledc


    Guess it was only a matter of time before this turned out to become political and finally lead to the beginning of conflicts. I am not sure, how credential all the sources, shown Interview experts and the quoted mandarin translations, which we can see in this documentary, really are, but it definitely keeps wondering, if some dead bats on a seafood market were the only or the real source.
  13. Agree, this definitely was way too easy and this had only been a lobby with 3 counselors against Jason in it. this makes the demand for a full lobby with more machetes, axes and pocket knives as a requirement to kill Jason quite obsolete.
  14. a max. of 5% death rate of Jason (or in other words out of 100 matches, he only gets killed every 20th match) would be fine for me. @mattshotcha does Gunmedia keep somehow track (via their Server?) of all Quickplay matches and their results? So that you could tell us, like how many quickplay matches have been played in 2020 at all or how often Jason really got killed in those matches? Would be an interesting statistic, also to know how often the police got called, etc. Just curious, as we (including myself) do often complain here in the forum that killing Jason Is too easy, facts and figures may prove us wrong. P.S. Not sure how transparent yr big data are, but there is one thing I do not want to know: pls don’t tell me how many empty drawers I opened in my F13 gametime 😅
  15. On top of that come some Options in Quickplay, with which you can choose that you start the match • directly as Tommy: so, if Tommy gets called in the match, we have max. 8 Tommy’s in the lobby. This also solves the lack of pocket knives) • with Jason always dropping to his knees, whenever you turn your flashlight rapidly on and off: this solves the lack of axes/machetes) Just kidding, but I will enjoy whatever change we will get.
  16. @Strigoi this whole poll thread by @Fair Play was about to find out what the majority of players (at least here in this forum) would think about some changes for the Jason kill. Judging by the votes (pls look at them) the majority would be fine with some changes, reasons might differ, but mostly on the fact that it’s too easy right now. Nobody votes for heavy impact changes, but Jason‘s mask just tanking 2 more hits before falling off or Tommy’s box being broken at the start would be a nice step in this direction. By changing this nobody will need tons of axes or machetes to cope with a mask that just needs 2 more hits. You also don’t need a whole lobby for fixing a simple power box or more pocket knives. let‘s just wait what the devs have in mind for us.
  17. Could be, maybe you should try „the Y-Files“ then 😉
  18. Sounds like the X-Files with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to me. Want a catchy name for many clicks at the start, just call it „the real X-Files“. What exactly are your sources? Already Existing footage, but newly explained by your own fresh interpretation? What will be your most scary topic? I suggest you start with a good opener in order to keep the audience interested. Will you show yourself in person, like Jonathan Frakes did in his „beyond believe: fact or fiction“ show?
  19. It’s definitely a horror game: you just have to ask any newcomer Jason player how he feels after he had just been the main protagonist of camp crystal lake‘s latest piñata party. Pure horror watching all those dancing half naked counselors with their machetes and axes coming for you, getting beaten up or stunned by simple pans whereas counselors jump from 2story windows without getting even harmed; and you by yrself becoming traumatized by mom‘s sweater and finally head splitted in slow motion.
  20. I had some thoughts about this a few months ago in the suggestion corner of this forum: What about setting some kind of limit for the police escape option to improve this situation a little bit? A. after arrival the police waits at the exit, but for only 3 minutes (on all normal-sized maps, on small maps only 2 mins), then they drive off again (with or without survivors). All counselors getting to them in that time limit will escape. B. after arrival the police waits at the exit as usual (without time limit), but only 3 counselors (it’s a normal policecar, not a policebus) are able to escape with them, then the policeescape option is off the table.
  21. Seems this happens to some players lately, just address this issue to http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ I am sure they can help you. Good luck
  22. I voted for Adam, my Repairman of trust. So, I am more the repair guy, show me any battery or propeller, I drop my rifle and fix the boat/car. First months of my F13 playtime I used to play as Deborah: there were matches, in which I fixed both cars alone, with 5 Chads/Vanessas running around delivering items to the cars and then driving off... my back up Plan was always to grab the sweater and with Deborah‘s high stealth value I often was then the last player standing. Time went on and playing as Deborah got a little bit „boring“, with her repair value at 10, I really missed the challenge of messing up a QTE. Also with more and more trolls and Jason teamers in the lobbies, who used the keys not to start the car, but to run with them around, I lost my enthusiasm to repair things. Later on, in addition with the „car knifing Jasons“ on top to deal with, it didn’t make fun at all for me to play, resp. to fix / repair something, I deinstalled f13 and didn’t play for a few months. Lately - I have to admit that inspite of all the bugs, glitches, trolls, etc - there is no such game as Friday 13th, I reinstalled it and started playing as Adam and this is, why I voted for him: repair at 6 is average, but quite a good challenge to succeed, his composure at 8 and strength at 9 help in 1:1 situations against Jason, speed only at average 5 is on smaller maps no problem for me, but on Pinehurst it’s sometimes difficult to reach the next save cabin. Thus explained, pure Runners or Defenders are not my type of counselors I like to play, repair is still my favorite skill and at the current state of the game it’s always Adam for me.
  23. For an April hoax the details of the boardgame and its Accessoires look pretty much worked out. Astonishing that it is announced now (and not in 2-3 months when the lawsuit will hopefully be settled). This would definitely be a great add on to my boardgame collection. I also like the option in the boardgame: „steal supplies from your teammates“. How intriguing. Sounds challenging and I wonder if we would have had such an option In our F13 videogame how the actual gameplay would have been like? My favorite wish would have been that Shelly (right now not good in much) has had as a counselor a special ability, like doing pranks (like in the movie), by using it he could junpscare others and get their PK or other items they carry.
  24. Too bad that even his alter egos do not cooperate in the match and help him kill Jason.
  25. In another timeline (without any lawsuit forbidding new content) it would have been cool to have on Jarvis map the option to play as the little boy Tommy Jarvis. Situation: one room of Jarvis house could have remained closed from the beginning with, after only two counselors are left alive, the locked room‘s door opens and little boy TJ (played by one of the killed counselors) enters the game. Sweater girl is not needed, little TJ just has to find the hair clipper, starts a QTE, razes his head, then he is able to confront and distract Jason like in the movie reminding him of his former self and he could fight him.
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