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  1. Free tommy tapes in each drawer. Have 2 of them after 2 years playing...
  2. Ok, I guess it was the heat of the moment (injured, wanting to escape and just handing keys over to super hero Tommy...)
  3. guess you know situations like this; a new match, first minutes run perfectly for you as counselor (find pocket knives, car keys, etc), but then you see them: Jason teamers! What are your worst experiences? For myself: # playing as Deborah, finding car keys, repairing the 4 seater by intentionally stepping into 2 bear traps, handing keys over to the arriving Tommy, wondering why he didn‘t offers his spray, but presuming he could drive faster - but in the end he just waits for Jason, they both watch me limping, Jason kills me and Tommy drives away ( honking for others and overrunning them with the car) # playing as Tommy, finding sweater girl, giving her my pocket knife so she could survive a grab, demasking Jason - but then only to learn, that sweater girl is Tommy’s best friend and she only watching me as Jason starts to slash / grab / kill me.
  4. Saw this happening a few times: especially Tiffanys dancing on the tractor, but in my matches the Jasons weren‘t able to slash or grab them. Not sure if it was poor acting of the Jason (he didn’t had any knives and didn’t think about refilling them), but as Tiffany was the last person dancing, I got tired of watching the 9 min to go and quitted.
  5. I would suggest an intelligent game set up depending on the lobby: # 8 players with level 10 - 30 average, Jason‘s powers and abilities stay were they are # 8 Players with Level 30 - 60 average, Jason‘s powers and abilities will be increased +15% (...) # 8 Players with level 120 - 150 Level average, Jason‘s powers and abilities are increased by + 50% The + ...% also stands for starting with more knives and traps. Guess you already know where I am getting to. By adjusting this way, „beginner Jason’s (= Level 0-15“)“ would be able to deal a lot better with a lobby of 6 counselors in their 150s (at least make life harder for them).
  6. Yes, I usually spend 2 traps this way, giving you a nice pre alert. exactly this! Best way to treat Players which are begging to get killed in order to become Tommy. When it comes to dealing with a crowd of dancing, bat swinging counselors, Iike a „good cook who prepares his meal“ I started out this: there was a bulk of counselors toying and teasing around (obviously well equipped with PK) and I started to slash till each one of them was limping and walking around in slowmotion (sprays all used), but I didn’t finish each one of them with the final slash. Instead I watched them for awhile and then let each slash count 😉
  7. Yesterday on PS4: I entered a lobby with six players in their 150s and guess what: I was directly chosen to be Jason. Ok, I told myself (personally only level 85, playing from Time to Time) let‘s see how long I can stand the elite. Although, I did my usual bear trapping on cabin, etc, both cars were fixed and the police called within a few minutes, in which I only managed to kill 2 counselors (one obviously with the intention to return as Tommy which he later on did). The 4 seater escaped (at least no dancing, baseball swinging crowd), the police arrived, but Tommy and sweater girl got of the 2seater and went for the kill. What I really find annoying in this situation are Jasons quit raging, hiding at the edge of map or swimming near the shore in safe distance in the water. However, I took my chances and was lucky: the sweater stunning worked, but I was somehow free (never pressed the x button so hard) before Tommy could slash. Both of them then ran for the police and I was left with 2/8, mommy was proud nevertheless. In the end it all comes down to the lobby and players involved, different lobby, different Players couple of minutes later I got 8/8 in the end. So for me, I have still fun with the game.
  8. Glad I saw this post as I was already wondering, where all my PK went recently. I then tried to use the buffer trick with a health spray and car keys, but they never worked as a Solution: as soon as firecrackers were used, the PK vanished. too bad, but now I have at least one more perk slot free as used to start with them. Hope this one will get fixed.
  9. Jason is obviously watching for the candles on Pam‘s altar, he doesn‘t want to get his hut burnt down...
  10. It‘s annoying and disturbing to encounter such unqualified, outragous Players (I usually mute persons in the Lobby, when they indicate to act that way or turn down the volume in the game when I forgot to mute before). I do not want to Imagine, if he Is behaving this way also to 10 year old Kids, who play more than often in quickplay...
  11. Actually, this Is still a slasher game, isn‘t it? Once they have fixed the Kontext kill glitches, we will surely see more contrast and hv more fun
  12. Thankfully, the mute Button had been invented and I really Hope we Never, never encounter a „mute Button glitch“ (= all players unmuted by accident during a Match...😉)
  13. On the „bright“ side: with Disney buying the rights, we would surely get 5 new F13 Movies and 2 F13 Series in the Next 3 years and on top of that enough F13 based merchandising stuff for Christmas, Including „Jason, the plush puppy with Santa claus Outfit“ 🤪
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