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  1. I guess the most memorable Jason kill took place directly in Jason‘s shack (I played as SG). Only seconds after I had grabbed the sweater and Tommy had picked up the axe, Jason morphed to the shack and entered it - with us still in it and Jason blocking the inner doorway. His mask was already off, the sweater stun worked fine, the axe hit well and Jason dropped to his knees right in front Pamela‘s shrine, facing his dead mother’s head while getting killed.
  2. Seems like all of us have totally different styles and attitudes how to play as Jason. For me it is „all or nothing“, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Being killed as Jason, so what. Next match. In other words: 5 counselors dead/escaped and sweater girl and Tommy waiting at the shack, I never morph away from them or even hide in the water, I try to combat them. Stalk, shift, knives are my best „teamers“ then. last showdowns I was able to not getting killed by them: either my tactic worked or Tommy sucked with a wrong timing, stun didn‘t work, etc. In the end I handle it like in the movies: Jason doesn’t walk away from the last counselors, he fights them. If killed, we see him in the next movies or our matches.
  3. I didn‘t report or mentioned this so far as I thought this couldn’t be real, but following happened a week ago: I started as a counselor directly at the phone cabin (it was one of the bigger ones, long dinner table in it) and barricaded both doors and went to the usual drawer opening game. Few seconds later the static came and the Jason music appeared, so I assumed jason must have morphed directly to the phone cabin to trap the phone box. Without him having sense at that time and doesn’t want to cause pings by myself, I waited and stood moveless in the corner (between door + furnace) and arranged the ankle of my camera view to be able to watch both barricaded doors. Both remained barricaded, but suddenly I was grabbed by Jason from behind. I thought WTF, but I then was killed within 90 sec into the match in a barricaded cabin? So not sure what this is about, glitch or cheating?
  4. Good idea. Agree, especially if there are players just hiding under a bed, wardorbe. Boring as hell to watch. Yes, this would really help. By enabling all this, I would also vote for a prompt start of a match as soon as there are 8 players in a lobby. No need to have to wait for every one to ready up and wait for the countdown, just start.
  5. Maybe a dozen times by now. The first one felt and still feels creepy: having played F13 for nearly one year at that point and haven’t been killed so far (only Quickplay, I have to admit), I slowly saw it coming in that very match. the counselors (I had been thrown into a lobby with seven 150s) acted perfectly together. well organized, within minutes had my mask off, the usual sacrifice counselor coming back as Tommy and after a little hide&seek with one Vanessa of them (of course staged to let the other ones even get more organized) they all came „marching“ against me: 4 counselors (all equipped with bats, axes) together with sweater girl and Tommy with his machete. Quite an army. They were all using mics, talking and telling and not hiding what they were intending to do, some of them laughing crazily. Never crossed my mind to morph away, hide in the water or even rage quit, like a deer in the headlights I watched this „kill squad“ perform their job which they did.
  6. Did you equip yourself with some different perks lately, which like medic and hypoch. can have together quite a negative side effect on your health?
  7. @HorrorPops86 sorry, for such a bad experience in a row. Saturday always seems to be the ultimate troll day, without their guards keeping an eye on them and giving them their pills to behave...
  8. Just noticed the following on PS4, (I also have send message to jasonkillbugs): crystal lake, playing as Adam. Inventory: a PK, firecrackers and keys. I ran to the 2seater. Saw Jason on the road, used firecrackers, which stun him and went for the car. Although gas and battery were already fixed on it, the X to enter the car did not come. I was even not able to drop the keys or the PK for a Vanessa either, who stood around. Was it another firecrackers glitch? Inventory was still visible. Later Jason came, slashed me once, the keys were then workable, I was able to start the car. 🤔
  9. Assuming that most matches are being played normal without cheaters. And assuming that only in every Xth match which consist bytheway on a lobby of 8 - with 7 fair playing and only 1 black sheep - players, the mathematical amount of real cheaters will be quite low actually. It‘s surely deep in our human nature that we see, interpret and multiply negative experiences (this doesn’t only count for online gaming), when we should more or less see the positive facts, enjoy and talk about them.
  10. Seems so. I right now have 20/20 Pamela and 12/13 Tommy tapes. Since finding the last one, I found like two dozen more Pamela tapes which I do not need anymore, but no further Tommy. edit: now I have all of them.
  11. This is what I did to that Chad when I met him the second time in the match: he tanked 5 knives during that encounter without getting hurt at all (without using sprays), the third time then no swinging by him, but now immune to my slashes... Hate to admit, but this is what I then did: I „rage quitted“ as Jason (for the first time in 200 Jason matches?), as I was tired by his cheating.
  12. Not sure, to which exactly this thread refers to, but there seem to be two kind of teleport glitches: • as Jason: you choose a point on the map where you want to teleport to, but then you end up at a total different spot on the map (not 10-20 ft away, but like 2-3 cabins further down the road, I experience it sometimes on the map Crystal Lake, annoying when you want to stop a driving car) • as counselor: only saw it once in Quickplay (Pinehurst), there was a Chad and whenever I tried to grab him or slash him he just „teleported“ 3-4 meters away from me. First I thought I was having a bad connection rate, but chasing a Tiffany was normal, then Chad again. Not exactly sure, if it was even a glitch or if he was cheating. I left him, chased another one, then again this Chad, he wasn’t teleporting this time and I was able to slash him 7 or 8 times without any damage on him (or him using a spray...). Quite strange.
  13. They did on June 11th in 2018 on their homepage. http://f13game.com/news/end-of-content/
  14. As much as we all are longing for new content, by adding this to the game, I see a lot of counselors just hiding in the cabins, waiting for Jason to arrive and whenever breaking in through the barricaded doors enabling them a clear aim and shot at his head. Would make the Jason kill too easy / easier than now as anyone could fire the spear gun.
  15. @mattshotcha many thanks to you and your team for providing this patch and for keep on going to provide further ones in the future. Really appreciate this. The environmental kills now work quite fine, also Pinehurst glitches are gone. But the offline bots could actually do a little bit more: on Packanack small some of them Just opened and closed several times the very same door? Unless you haven’t inserted new content (= offline bots using weed and therefore act crazy 😁), this could be looked after.
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