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  1. It’s still a question of licence and rights to add more Songs, isn‘t it? ...how about you enter the packanac lodge and the Beach Boys are playing some Surf Hits while you are battling/Running against/from Jason, Would be a nice Contrast ?
  2. I recommend to Safe yr Data / Progress First in a cloud/extern Database before doing this
  3. If they add a „long dresses dlc“, they should reduce the speed of all female counselors as well, this would make running around in the woods, climbing through windows more realistic - in the end would anyone play this game then?
  4. 5 games in QP, 3 Jason kills, a lot of objectives were always fixed - seems the magical date dragged out a lot of veterans who knew what to do. ??
  5. For this scenario I’d like to have a „jump away“ option. car is frontally approaching, you can press a button (only shows up once car is approx 5-10m away), which will give you at least a chance to survive.
  6. Started only in Dec. in Dec and Jan 2-3 Hours a day (on weekends 4-5 hours), Feb 2 hours, March only weekends, in total April around 5 games at all. The last times I played: glitches, host quits, server connection issues, crying kids, and my Jason getting the Blockade twice. right now, if the patch/update doesn‘t change something significantly, I will be done with the game and will prefer and enjoy the sun, a beer and my garden.
  7. Dedicated servers + single player mode + new ways of escaping (for more variance) right now I stopped playing the game and wait for those improvements.
  8. I am a very big fan of the man with the hood from Sherwood Forest, but as much as I would like to see this weapon option, I see a serious change of the gameplay, if we get it: Jasons using stalk and just hiding in the woods all the time and using sniper style mechanics. The long Packanack road would become one of the deadliest roads of Crystal lake & co.
  9. The worst Tommy I encountered, did the following: # running around in a cabin (no hiding) with a bat # I thought ok, went by myself for the sweater, picked it up and on the way back also found a machete and then hurried back to Tommy‘s cabin # Tommy was still there, searching the same drawers... # I dropped the machete in front of Tommy, he picked it up and together we went out in search for Jason (at least this had been my thinking) # next second Jason shows up (mask was already off at that time) and Tommy? # instead of attacking,Tommy runs into the next cabin and shortly comes back... again with a bat! # So I went into the cabin, picked up the machete again and put it in front of Tommy (I also used mic, but he obviously had muted me before or was just deaf, stoned, plastered or all together?) # Tommy (surprise - picked up the machete a second time), I started the sweater.... and Tommy? # Tommy left the lobby, „rage quitted“, and Jason got me...
  10. Currently on vacation, so I cannot test by myself, but theoretically spoken this could provide some valid seconds in a final moment more in favor of my personal Jason gameplay as I often get stuck by picking up knives
  11. If this now works for both sides: # counselors opening drawers/doors faster AND # Jason picking up knives / crashing windows faster which side does this discovery help more? Do we now have a (More) overpowered Jason as he can now act faster I.e.?
  12. Good idea, I like that. personally, I like to go for the environmental kills. if such a PK perk would be implemented, we would see less of them and a lot more slashing/knife throwing. Yesterday, I got 5 knives in a row in my neck - although the lobby should have been quite empty of them by then, I instinctively started to slash everyone. this behaviour surely does not speak for every one, but if a good amount of Jason players would act the same way after the 3rd, 4th knife taken, this game would lose a lot of attraction.
  13. Not sure if the following is some kind of fake news (I stumbled over it in the www), but the perk item shows a pocket knife and the explanation speaks for itself:
  14. Sounds good, thanks for all your workload and love for details you still put into this game, Shifty.
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