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  1. If I am not mistaken the Wes Craven Estaste regained the US rights to Freddy Kruger and the first movie, but all other international Movie rights (incl the content of the sequels) are still owned by Warner Bros./ New Line Cinema. Sounds somehow like a familiar situation and not the best legally basis to create a new complex game with forthcoming dlc to keep the fanbase alive. however, I like some of your Ideas: the drowsiness could be postponed by finding certain coffeine pills in cabinets or a left over coffee mug in a kitchen. Regarding the burning of the Bones: I alteady see the Freddy teamers and trolls running around with the bones without any intentions of burning them…
  2. In an alternate Universe without lawsuits anything will be possible.
  3. @HaHaTrumpWon Seems like a lot of work and effort to me you have already put into the footage. In General, I am more into Games, where you can only see from the Ego perspective (= Not what is behind your back, therefore it is difficult or Not for me to judge), but I like the „Until Dawn“ approach of Storytelling and the chirping crickets you can hear, when the Charakters are walking from cabin to cabin. A flickering lamppost could add more fear to the scene, maybe as a Suggestion After a few Minutes after the start of the game. some thoughts: the Game Could Start with 10 counselors which you have to find on the map and ask for hints (weapons, items) and Every 2-3 Minutes 1 counselor Gets automatically Killed, so you have to Hurry up...
  4. Great Scott! What comes next? Do you also want to have the Delorean from Back to the future in the game, then switching a bypass from the flux capacitor and sending 1.21 Gigawatts through Jason in order to kill him?
  5. I am a great fan of using „stalk-shift-slashing“, but more as a method in order to scare the counselors for the fun of it. Pure slashing I only use intentionally on TJ when I am sure he still has his PK.
  6. I am glad this perk doesn’t exist and hope it won’t be created; in the end it’s still easy enough to kill Jason. By implementing such powerful perks I am afraid we would see more trolls than we can bear and more Jasons hiding in the water.
  7. @mattshotcha the patch’s contents sound great. Thanks for the head‘s up and also for the given hope that you are even looking into further issues like the sliding exploits in the future.
  8. Great. Haven’t played for a few weeks now, but I am definitely looking forward to a nice car drive and a relaxed cruising around the woods without getting knived into nirvana...
  9. Combined with the gunshot (and the viewable bullet trajectory to the upper right?) it looks to me that Shelly shot her in the back, didn’t It? Teamkill in offline bots? Stupiest things bots did so far I had seen a Tiffany bot was driving the 4seater and I just watched them drive by (while performing an environmental kill to Chad), 100m further down the road she stopped the car in the middle of the road (no obstacle, fence around) and she walked back to me to meet my machete. Seemed like she was hypnotized and drawn to Jason like a mosquito attracted to the light.
  10. I would choose Buzzsaw, but only if his chainsaw could really cut through any material ( like in his teaser shown in the movie cutting even through big steel metal pipes). Depending on which dev team would create such a game, I wouldn’t want to play this, if you would end up running in circles around a table (like F13) after your victims and not being able to divide the table in just two halves.... funny part about „Running Man“ that always fascinated me was that the original book storyline (by Stephen King‘s alias Richard Bachmann) totally differs from the happenings in the movie. A crossover combining book as well movie elements would be great.
  11. Did anyone ever got killed by the bots (Intentionally, of course) or watch them at least try to do so (sweater girl and Tommy coming together after you)?
  12. Let’s see it positive: if all of us would play it the very same way (= all trapping the shack / all NOT trapping the shack), the matches would be quite boring. I am glad that we all have different styles and methods of placing our traps, it’s definitely more refreshing. Usually, I trap my shack twice, another one goes to the fuse box, the remaining ones I place randomly on the map: many Vanessas in the lobby, then I don’t trap the cars at all, but more likely the stairs to Packanack lodge to have some fun, when hunting them down.
  13. To answer the thread‘s title‘s question: • counselors barricading doors, when you are already in rage mode • counselors not looking at the map and taking the gas to the boat, although it has already been filled up • counselors trying to stun you when you are already doing an environmental kill • teabagging counselors • counselors hiding under the stairs at Pinehurst manor
  14. @Cropsy1981 I am afraid, but the answer to your question for 2 years now is still the same http://f13game.com/news/end-of-content/
  15. My best guess: at launch only 1 counselor was expected to survive/escape (as an average value). Speaking of a full lobby this would be ca. 15%. last matches I played as a counselor, the escape/survival rate had been more like +40% with 3-4 surviving counselors: Whenever police got called (which had been often) and 2-3 counselors ran to the exit, no chance for Jason to outrun them, with the counselors protecting themselves. Same for the 4seater escape, whenever Jason was even able to stop the car and grab the driver, the co-drivers just exited the car as well, helped the driver by stunning Jason and the driver was free again. At this very point I am looking forward to see what kind of change(s) (= nerf/buff) we all will get with the next patch. I keep my fingers crossed for the human meat shield + more HP for Jason‘s mask.
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