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  1. Also Turning 42 this year. with quite a demanding Job (50hrs/week), House tasks to run, 2 Little Kids (5 + 7), the F13 playtime is always limited, but a couple of (mostly Weekend) very Late Hours are a welcome fun.
  2. Yesterday, I saw a Jason getting on the final Screen a 10/8 (PS4). I had already been His Second victim - so I watched the Rest of the Show and there were no further counselors like „added to the Lobby“. As it didn‘t make Sense to me, just wondering: Anyone also Seen this lately, just a glitch? Or a Special environmental kill counting twice?
  3. At least - so far - the bots didn‘t Start fun troll dancing...
  4. Always Happens when you Play the „easy“ Mode (which Arena more of an Tutorial Mode for new Jasons), by chosing the „Hard“ Mode the Bots should be sneakier.
  5. Jason harpoon

    I Would like that. It would be especially Helpful for Jason in Following scenario: Police is called, 5-6 dancing Trolls/Goofers at Exit with 10 Pocket Knifes, Bats and shotguns waiting for him. Jason then comes, fires the harpoon into the middle and ends the Party...
  6. Where is everybody from...

    Bremen, Germany
  7. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Console: PS4 PSN: wolledc
  8. Finally joined forum

    Appreciate yr help, Hope I can someday give something back to the F13 Community - especially some tactics against all fun dancers, so that our Jason can be a real good Boy again... 😉
  9. Finally joined forum

    Dear all, after Playing for 5 weeks now (PS4, currently level 28) and following a lot of interesting Posts Here, I finally decided to join yr Forum. So far, thanks for all yr Great insights and advices. After Beating a Full 8/8 Lobby as Jason, yesterday, I today encountered a 6 Person well armed, fun Dancing and taunting mob in Front of me (with finally escaping all to the Police...), therefore still looking for good advices for dealing with such scenarios. wolledc