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    PSN = Lordchristo, another shocking twist!
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    Worlds Worst Jason

    Hello, friends! I've been lurking on the forums for a few days, learning some stuff and being generally amused, so thank you all for that. I've been playing since Black Friday (when PSN went to 40 bucks, hell yeah), and in that time I've discovered I'm decent at being a councelor but just horrendous at being Jason. Just the worst. Example - I was chasing a Tommy through a campsite, decided to try shifting to catch up to him, and didn't notice the giant lake in front of me THAT HE WAS HEADED TO. So he was not a good player, but he still got to the other side while I flopped around in the water trying to figure out where I was like a moron. If you see me in the lobby, pray I'm Jason so you can laugh at me. It'll be great fun!