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  1. That was a good move at the end running to the far campsite. I couldn’t sense you but got lucky with my first Morph.
  2. I might have to give it a shot. It isn’t really going to scratch the itch I want scratched but it might be close or be fun to kill an afternoon with. Maybe do duels or pick teams to change it up. One thing Matt likes to say is that the game is filling a certain fantasy, being Jason namely but I think that’s a bit off from what most people play the game for. It’s also limiting in a way that prevents us from doing anything like having a capture the flag game where two teams if 4 compete to fix a car, someone shouldn’t have to spawn as Jason in PM. I would have liked to have been suggesting new modes, even post content, if the door was a bit more open to it on their end.
  3. Welcome to camp, what’s your issue @UchihaKite?
  4. Thank you for sharing, it’s a work of art and I’d love a ‘slice’. 😂
  5. Congratulations, and you give me hope mine is close to popping. Love when I get a trophy notification, stupid reptile 🧠, lol.
  6. (I feel a disturbance in the force, lol. A noise with no substance, what could it be?) On topic, we as the community could do something for the two year Anniversary, we’re a bit late but there’s really nothing stopping us. Any ideas guys and girls of camp blood?
  7. I just don’t have very much opportunity to use it in QP, I’m glad to finally get one that isn’t crap but it doesn’t really fit my play style. Like I said though, if I can use it on bots that’s a whole other ball game and it would definitely see action. I unfortunately see the effects of it as Jason quite a bit, lol.
  8. Got a second legendary and was wondering if it’s the highest + you can get. Swift Attacker +20%, -1%, (+1%. Stun time), I don’t know if I’ll ever have a reason to run it but it seems decent. Correction if I’m ever given the opportunity to hunt bots with a Counselor, I’ll probably use it. 😝 Please let me hunt bots devs.
  9. The bow and arrow, it did make it into SPC as a special kill but would have been a fun alternative to throwing knives. I actually would have liked to have seen some shovel kills as I feel they could have been very creative. A decapitation on the ground, face smash with the flat maybe followed by a face smash with the blade of the shovel, cut both legs off as they crawl away and maybe one where he plants it then feeds the handle to them. There’s a lot that could have come from having more options. Great topic.
  10. Who’s calling the kettle black, telling me how I should express myself? You enjoying the view from your equally ridiculous moral high ground? It also happens to be very constructive, as Oct said... “We troll the trolls”. “If the shoe fits, it probably means my foot isn’t the first one getting jammed in there,” (s), is that how it goes?
  11. I’m fond of purple, bonus points for working that in. I’m not the one who decided my comment applies to you, you did.
  12. I’m starting to think you should start a fan club for me, 😝.
  13. @Quinn FTW, You want to be a troll, have fun with that. I’ve already told you what you can do... twice.
  14. I’m not interested in being baited into a debate about what’s constructive or what’s a complaint for that matter. You can choose to see it as a conflict or hypocritical if you want too. As for what people are allowed to express, they can express whatever they choose, then I get to respond or not as I choose. I don’t believe in morality, so having a debate about it would be silly, ethics is a better system. Morality implies that it’s handed down from a higher power, and I guess that means I could take it as a compliment so, thank you.
  15. I did... last part of the second to last line. I am, I said what I wanted to say about it. I couldn’t agree more.
  16. This stopped being silly a long time ago, now it’s just “look who’s being a dumbass this week.” If you think the game is dead move on. Your hurt feelings aren’t worth the time to humour any longer. No matter how bad Gun is at their job, those of you who spend the time and energy to be petty for months on end rather than just getting over it, you’re infinitely worse than the pubs you despise. If you don’t have anything constructive to add.... fuck off. I look forward to all the sad faces I’m bound to get, 😘.
  17. I’d just like to point out that comparison between Triple A game studios and a kickstarter are a bit unfair, this game was always going to have a lifetime of scheduled improvements and fixes. Outside of how this is relevant to Gun, I’m not interested in debating the merits of the old way games were produced vs how they are now, as consumers we vote with our money and the new way is how things are now. The relatively short life of most games ie. hours of play vs cost of making them also plays a factor. Games that update and are finished live can attract new players and keep being played daily for years. DLC exists, so do battle passes and other ways to bilk money from people ie. loot boxes and improve that bottom line of the game company unless this changes why would they. Gun isn’t responsible for the state of the market or industry.
  18. We don’t know that, we only know they don’t make communication a priority. (Jk) 😝
  19. TTT... It’s from a Grook, it’s a type of poetry that is simple in nature but has hidden depth or though. Piet Hein is the author, it goes like this... Put up in a place where it's easy to see the cryptic admonishment T.T.T. When you feel how depressingly slowly you climb, it's well to remember that Things Take Time. Edit - I’ll give any help I can @Fair Play, and that appreciation goes double from me.
  20. I don’t think moving the item spawns will effect how the map is perceived by the majority of the players, personally I like it and don’t have much trouble running around it with Mitch.
  21. Couldn’t agree more, with all of it. I will add that the only thing Gun did poorly was communicate with their community. Rather than seeing us as the outermost ring of those affected, they saw us as hostile towards them and had gotten into the habit of dismissing us. I know they can do better and still hope they can continue, just far in the future. I hope their next title is a game I’m interested in so I can support them, no offence to Lof2 but it isn’t my type of horror game. I think it looks incredibly well done and would have loved to work on it (One of my hobbies is reading about the history of magic) but there’s nothing for me to add to a finished game. Here’s hoping they get the Halloween license or choose to do an original horror asymmetrical multiplayer.
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