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  1. That’s not even the full list, just the ones they asked Santa to fix, 😉.
  2. Yeah, it’s definitely set too high but not likely to be changed now, so just ignore it or grind it out with a friend in PM.
  3. Really can’t recommend this game enough, the story is developing as we go and things are already changing based on player interaction. The publishers at Question are on a hiring spree and while the player base is small we seem to be growing steadily. Also Stalker game play is amazing, it’s 1v4 with the 4 having almost all the advantage but once you learn some tricks you can really fuck with them by using quick use items and the NPC’s. Catching Stalkers is equally rewarding, and with every one captured you receive an opportunity to be one your self (all team members get a dossier which allows you to be a Stalker, so really with every one captured up to 4 players get the opportunity). I don’t know what they have planned for the future but I’ve got quite a list of ideas I’m writing up, hope to see some of you in Redacre soon.
  4. Well that’s an interesting picture, you’ve further peaked my interest.
  5. Probably Shift, as I believe it gives the most direct benefit. Without sense you still have sound bubbles, without Stalk you’ll still surprise people but Shift gives you mobility and doesn’t limit your offensive options ie. grab, slash or quick throw. Traps and Tk’s run out.
  6. I don’t want AI Jason, just the ability to go to camp as a Counselor.
  7. I’d like to be able to play my Counselors offline. (Both bots and SPC’s) When I bought the game, I didn’t think the Counselor play would be as fun as it is. I thought it would be a chore to play those matches waiting for my chance to be Jason. It wasn’t though, it was and is fun. It made me love playing games again after losing almost all interest in them. It’s what I want to do when I have only 20 minutes to dick around, it’s how I want to visit camp for years to come. Thank you
  8. Look for the radio tower in the opening animation, it works to narrow down the field, even if it’s not there it tells you to go somewhere else first.
  9. Or by buying the physical edition, you get the medium bloody skins with that.
  10. The devs will have to say for sure. It isn’t in the same realm (to me) as other things considered exploiting. There are things that are much easier to do with M/K, like knife throwing.... So shifting being made easier on a controller makes sense to me. It’s just the way it is. That said, I don’t know why it’s worth all the fuss, so I’m going to bow out till the devs do comment.
  11. @wes, this is too fuckin’ funny. My new favourite version of the cups and balls. @Strigoi, you’re too eager, relax brother these things take time and we’ll be told when it’s that time, which will be months down the road (probably). If it’s even Halloween he’s talking about.
  12. Welcome to camp Daddy, 😂, you can call me Slasher. Glad you’re having fun with the Switch version, going to pick up a a copy soonish myself, normally I’m just a PS4 player but like you, playing with the family just sounds like too much fun to pass up.
  13. Thanks @Dragonfire82877... such great shots @Tommy86. PS. Thanks @Armani?.
  14. I can’t find the tread @FridayThe31st but let me see if someone else remembers. @HaHaTrumpWon, do you remember who posted the giant bear trap? I think you had quite a bit in that thread.
  15. I don’t think it’s an exploit, I believe it’s there to balance out the difference in control from k/m. Some of the other techniques in YouTube videos are but this seems intended in my opinion. If it is, then the devs need to clarify it.
  16. I believe that’s probably the case. I hope someone does get a giant shotgun... or another giant trap, only set this time. 🤣
  17. Do what you gotta do, I have no sympathy for the players who drive new players away.
  18. This was the funniest glitch to ever show up, like Dragon said, before it had to do with the flare gun. Enjoy it while it lasts, and thanks for the video.
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