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  1. This would encourage people to not use mic’s ever, and would encourage players not to communicate in game chat. I don’t like this as a solution but am glad you suggested it. I haven’t spent a large amount of time thinking about this and the circles give me an advantage, knowing where to search that I’d rather not lose. That said, if they disappeared tomorrow it wouldn’t be the end of the world and could encourage mic use, so why not try it out.
  2. Ummm, thank you but I’m not on PC or interested in getting it via a mod. I would like them to reopen access to it as it’s in the code and has been out in the wild as it were, I don’t have any interest in cheating to get it. I do appreciate your willingness to share even if it’s not for me.
  3. Someone recently clarified that it’s how long the stun lasts for not wether you get stunned more often. I haven’t tested it yet but it makes a certain sense that it would be time based and is just named in a misleading way.
  4. Hey that wasn’t cool, I was trying to respond and talk to that guy about his mental health. You shouldn’t have deleted his comments. 

  5. Oh man, would it ever. Not the worst idea I’ve ever read in conjunction with Friday though.
  6. I’m a fan of the heavy bloody skins, I run them on my standard Jason’s. I have the medium with the physical release for PS4 and have unlocked all the others. For Roy I use the green with heavy, although I might take that one down to medium next time I play. I seem to recall liking it better. As for Savini, I run the alternate Skin with the heavier textures, I think it’s supposed to be a medium bloody skin but it doesn’t look like it. I like to think that, having a swapped weapon and the heavy skins adds a like panic to the opening cut scene. The players are forewarned but maybe a bit more fearful.
  7. The campfire story aspect is very important to the story in general and I’d like to see that idea in your first sentence very much. Pamela’s life I think would be particularly good fodder for a movie. It goes back to the rights though. If we did get it, it would be just that, a Victor Miller screen play, covering Pamela’s life, it would remove anything to do with Jason from after the first movie. This wouldn’t be all bad as I think it could do justice to ‘Pamela’s transformation from All-American girl to her descent into madness’. I’d especially like to see her planning and sabotaging the camp, it’s mentioned and I always though there was some good material that could come from those scenes. There’s something very disconcerting about a middle aged woman methodically planning mayhem and learning how to hurt people. I’d like to have my cake and eat it too. It’s past time for a good Jason movie that draws from its roots in urban legend and superstition but I’m all for a separate Pamela story. The rights being what they are maybe we’ll get both. Victor could want to do just that, and with Chucky already having competing stories, it might work. In this instance both sides can follow their vision, one psychological and the other a Slasher movie were the villain is the star. The rights make everything very opaque, there’s no guessing where we’ll end up, I am very jealous of whoever gets to be in that writers room though. Edit - Never mentioned Elias, figured I’d come back and do that. I think he could be a very interesting character in the Cunningham universe (the sequel verse), if he’s more than a wife beater who gets killed or driven off. I’d like to think that the Voorhees house or family has more to do with Jason or that the curse is more than urban legend spread by Pamela’s sabotage. I figure you have to embrace the supernatural or discard it entirely. Elias has more potential in my mind if there’s supernatural things a foot in Friday. In Miller’s origin story for Pamela, it doesn’t matter if he’s Elias or just some guy who married Pamela, he doesn’t even have to be Jason’s father. I guess that’s why if he was to be explored I’d rather it be in the sequel verse. Whatever we get, please be good and make money, I want regular sequels, 😂.
  8. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the first movie is an ideal origin story for Jason and love Pamela to bits, she’s Mom after all. It’s just I think we’re likely to be getting something that minimizes her role if they do a prequel or a reboot. We’ll always have the original.
  9. You should just be done with the game if you feel this way. Coming here to rant isn’t going to change things and if you continue you’ll just be proving you’re a troll. You’re feelings are hurt and you’re lashing out at other fans or the devs, get over it. You’re also about a month and a half late we’ve done this song and dance a lot lately.
  10. I read your post. I just don’t care what you have to say.
  11. Welcome to camp, good to meet you.
  12. Really.. because I thought they only owned him in the hockey mask? I mean I’m all for a new movie, prequel or sequel but I kinda assumed they would want to push the most iconic part they still own. Elias could work but it will be real iffy to continue it with Jason in the sequels that are bound to follow.
  13. You could try developing the skills to survive as a Counselor... saying the other side is whining while you’re whining isn’t very effective. Not that my opinion matters in the least, but I’ve never met a Vanessa player who wasn’t selfish, not saying they don’t exist but based on what you’ve said, I imagine your the sort who blames not escaping on the other Counselors, rather than fixing anything and leaving. You’re the one choosing to play Ring Around the Rosie, rather than leaving. The buff isn’t godlike, and your hypocrisy annoys me.
  14. Welcome to camp, and I would have loved to get the game to that point. Excuse my ramble but I actually had hope, before the no new content thing that Gun would keep expanding the game into new territory. I had hoped by about dlc chapter/vol 4 we would have had a scream setting. I figured they would have given us Forest Green as a small town to test it out first, between the town and the cruise ship they could have worked out the best balance for routes or added new mechanics to deal with windows and second floors, maybe Morph points that Jason could look at then jump to rather than look at the map. It really is too bad.
  15. I beat games faster than I can rationalize buying them. PlayStation plus has been a good investment though. Hobbies do help, I was mostly just venting about the whole soon thing. They have a habit of saying soon and then going radio silent for a period. This game had a lot of potential, far more than I think even the pubs gave it credit for, so I do probably spend more time thinking about it than I should.
  16. You should take your own advice. Don’t forget to let the gate hit you on the way out.
  17. That’s been my experience, like I said no testing but it is possible to get them that way.
  18. Swap out one of the other two for Grease Monkey and your car start time will be crazy good. I don’t know which other car perk would run best with it, but seeing as it’s Chad I’m going to say Speed Demon, lol.
  19. I can’t vouch for wether you always stay on the mini map, I do know if you’re not on the map when the car starts you can surprise them. When you morph ahead and attack from behind a building it seems to work the majority of the time to confuse the driver. Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky but I don’t think it’s impossible to stop the car. As a ‘good’ driver myself, who does run NoS I still have to work for escapes in the car if Jason is skilled. I think you’re over estimating how easy the Counselors have it, they do have the advantage but not an insurmountable one.
  20. No worries, I agree she’s got some nice dialogue. You got saved by an off topic comment, lol. If they ever fix Composure he’ll be a beast. I started with Jenny so he’s easy mode by comparison. This is why NoS is the third meta perk, not Hypochondriac. Starting with a one (or rather) two use item isn’t as valuable as never losing your mini map. Not everyone runs it though. I do as it compliments my play style, along with Thick Skin but I’m always switching out my third perk to keep it interesting. Never use Medic anymore, but that’s probably because I only have a blue one, RNG sucks, lol.
  21. Definitely, I try to always put a building between me and the road and use the map to track the car. Stalk right when I land or just after I line myself up with the road. Way easier to hit the car if you’re coming at it from the front. No issues with changing the subject, both are good.
  22. I prefer a harder game myself, I main Mitch for this reason. I did enjoy my time as Tiff when we were pushing for Muffin’s inclusion in the game, played her for a couple of months and she’s fun. She looks badass with a machete too.
  23. I agree there’s more struggle with a good Jason but I can also see how players used to working as a team for the kill wouldn’t find pressuring any objective even a little hard. Good Jason or not you can heal and stun your way through any difficulty as a team, it’s a bit funny that hunting parties are good at pressuring objectives. People who play with friends have a vastly higher escape rate and it can really colour your perception.
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