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  1. It looks amazing. I’m going to get lost in it for a few months.
  2. I already said hello and welcomed you, but feel free to enjoy the facilities during your off season stay. At least you know you’re a shitty battle Chad, most are in denial.
  3. Unfortunately no, you just got to kill the troll and get out before Jason shows up. Welcome to camp, it’s the off season and a bit slow right now.
  4. Lots of people checking in lately. It’s nice to see so many old names in camp.
  5. Your response makes me happy, I look forward to what the future holds. Good post #6.
  6. That is the nicest custom figure I’ve ever seen.... not even joking a little. the back of the hands are perfect... love the bones in the calves and back. The head is fantastic, love the lower part of the face and the bone around the eye. Looks mean, lol. Great work on the axe too.
  7. Thanks for the laughs.... NES is Purplelishous, reminds me of bubble gum.
  8. Sounds like the team over at a Black Tower have been hard at work. If you have a second to pass on thanks please do. I got to say I miss reading your responses Matt, and I hope the everyone at Gun. is well.
  9. That looks legit like an official figure, nice work man.
  10. I’m on console so I don’t have any experience with Last Year directly, I can suggest some other titles they may interest you. Predator - Hunting Grounds, is the most like Friday as it’s illfonic. Resident Evil - Resistance, The survivor game play has lots in common with Friday but Mastermind is a bit different. Charles - The Legend, it’s not out yet but will be later this year. It’s got a killer like Chucky.
  11. I will guys, I really appreciate Wes’s, if you haven’t checked it out you should. It would look very nice in a lobby or office.
  12. Ah, thank you for the information. I don’t follow most social media and miss out on things sometimes. As for the possibility of Gun working on a Halloween Game, I find that intriguing. They’re one of the few teams who could do it justice Imo. I think you might be seeing clues or hints where there are none but understand your excitement at the prospect. Interesting, going to have to go have a look at the diorama, I sometimes find myself thinking it would be fun to build dioramas. There’s sometime so satisfying about the details and the patients it takes to appreciate them.
  13. Mine too, Crazykid. PS. No, thank you Matt. The Friday we got is the realization of a million childhood dreams, and everyone involved in bringIng it to those grown up children is who deserves thanks.
  14. Just wanted to stop by Camp and wish everyone a Happy anniversary. This game brought me so much joy over the years.
  15. It is, you have to buy the part 3 remake to get it. It’s a lot of fun, I think I might be enjoying Predator: Hunting Grounds more but it’s worth checking out if your a fan of RE or multiplayer horror.
  16. I play Mitch and Jenny, so fear isn’t normally a concern for me. (I also run Nerves of Steel, which helps.) The Counselor I’ve had the most experience other than them, is Tiffany (who doesn’t give sound pings with Lightfoot) and I’ve spent half the game following Jason around using his music as a gauge, it might not be a perfect one but it does make it easier. Nice chatting with you.
  17. Sense range is set before rage, he can’t Sense you if you’re farther than his music. Lightfoot reduces Tiffany’s sound bubbles to zero, so unless he Morph’s to your location for another reason, you’re invisible if you can’t hear him. @theblitz707 I’ll double check with someone else to be sure. @Somethin Cool, did something change with the above in the last few months, last I checked this was still good advice?
  18. Not really punishment, but the consequences for being so disrespectful to your fellow players you’re already seeing first hand. Friday is not Dbd, they don’t play the same. Learn to play the game you’re playing. Dodging all but the best Jason’s is actually pretty easy, NoS makes sure you can do it even at max fear. Just learn to use your mini map, Shift becomes a non-issue. Not a fan of people who come here hostile, but maybe you just lack self respect.
  19. It’s the off season here at camp, but glad you joined us. Welcome to Crystal lake.
  20. If you like being stealthy, try the perk Lightfoot on Tiffany, you can jet all over the map without giving yourself away. PS. If you can’t hear Jason’s music you’re outside of sense range pre-rage. You can follow him around by staying just out of range and watching him, it’s fun.
  21. Having a great time with the game, I like that you level your account so both Predator and Fireteam get unlocks as you go.
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