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  1. I agree, it would be a fun change, not game breaking. ...and then we could buff Jason’s HP. 😉
  2. It’s all good brother, I was just joining in on the fun. I definitely understand your position on this or any other new content. PS. Seems the Switch launch is going well other than that little hiccup.
  3. Welcome to camp send me an invite sometime, same name and spelling. I’m slow drawing a blank on the clubs name....? Good sportsmanship... maybe.
  4. Thanks, I was wondering how it was. Glad it did, it belongs on Nintendo, 😊.
  5. Welcome to camp glad you decide to join us.
  6. Welcome to camp, if you have any questions related to the forums feel free to ask.
  7. There’s a red diamond in the centre of sprung traps.
  8. Yeah, no ability to connect this morning. It’s a problem but I’m sure it will get worked out @kohagan.
  9. There’s no surprise, we constantly have to put up with the rest of the world. 😉
  10. I’m glad this seems to have gone well, from what I’ve seen we’re back in business and can enjoy a camp free of roof glitchers. Thank the team for us Matt, look forward to the stream tomorrow, you’re having one right?
  11. Welcome to camp.... wait you got banned before I could say hi... how rude.
  12. You’re fine man, he’s just defending a friend don’t take it personally. Looking forward to not seeing people on the roof, or hearing about it on PC. Black Tower has done something awesome already so I don’t mind the wait till it all gets worked out. If two weeks of speedy recharge and swing canceling are all we need to tolerate, it’s a fair trade in my book.
  13. After they get the work done on the persistent bugs, I’m sure the challenges will receive some attention. There’s some obviously rushed aspects that I’m sure the devs care about fixing. I’d like to be able to load in as a Counselor and explore the maps, just leave the bots following their paths unless I attack them. I’d also like to be able to set up the bots clothes and kit in regular bots, if that crossed over to the challenges it would be cool. (I’d love a cheat code for unbreakable weapons...and infinite ammo for the shotgun/flare gun.)
  14. Thanks for the update, appreciate the level of communication this past couple of weeks. Will definitely be watching for updates.
  15. Numbers are main goals, which focus on preparing the map for the mid and late games. 1. Collect knives 2. Trap phone (warn players verbally to piss off.) 3. Break the windows and one or both doors depending on the map and spawn for the phone, I may need to shift to the phone and not the box. 4. Trap first car, which ever has the easiest primary route off the map. 5. Push objectives away from where they need to be, I’ll chase a battery half a map away and then Shift to a new target. If there’s two objectives right beside each other I’ll prep the area and then drive players into it. This is the most common way I’ll vary my early game, I don’t ignore the far objective but I focus on the weakest players or the repair Counselors as they’re probably trying for one of the two. Letters are sub goals and can happen after or during any other goal. These are done while waiting for shift or Morph. A. Limp AFK Counselors. B. Break radios that are on my route or windows that are part of common escape routes. C. Watch sound bubbles and try and see a pattern or clue as to their goal. D. Check my map. E. Respond to Trap alarms. F. Collect any convenient knife. These aren’t in any particular order. Great topic, 👍🏻.
  16. I prefer to, Talk Shit then Hit Them, (by them I mean the Counselors). I’m definitely not against Jason having a little verbal fun, and most of my friend requests come after I’m the most verbose, so it must not be the toxic kind of shit talk some people are experiencing. That’s hilarious.
  17. Looks fun, hope it makes it to consoles. You should try the other mode there’s guns and melee combat against bots, weird creep things. It looks like you can level faster and earn more money in it too. The maps 2.4k, it’s huge and filled with interesting little sections.
  18. I hope so, otherwise I’m embarrassed by my Woot, 🤣.
  19. It doesn’t matter... the day it dropped I made a joke about it being balanced but it was only a joke. I like your other thread better Armani, but it looks like we have a debate so maybe it’s not all bad. Glad you’re back.
  20. Take your outrage elsewhere, it’s a video game. Go look up Lakeview Cabin Collection or if you want an AAA title look at Bioshock, not only do you kill children, you’re told at the start it’s a torturous death filled with suffering. I don’t think despawning would have been a thing, I think the point of Mark being playable is that he would give the other Counselors a bonus objective to achieve. I’m sure it would have been hard but not impossible for a team or even a single individual to get him out. I always liked Megan and there’s a perk just waiting to be on her permanently, lol. One request as fan service I would want is an animation if Tommy’s sitting in the passenger seat, I’m sure you can guess what. I surprised her sign didn’t make it in somewhere, or if it did I missed it. It totally should have been a weapon. That would have been nice, I certain degree of specialization would have made it interesting. I think the fanny pack idea was borrowed from here, I think the only way it works is for there to be more types of item which is what the thread it was in, was about. Sorry all apparently I had more to say.
  21. Welcome to camp, glad you decided to join us. I’m Slasher if you need to know anything feel free to ask or tag me.
  22. Um, yeah about that.... I gave them a fix and method for Psychics in game. So I think he spoke a bit to soon. I really wanted him in game, or the ability to put any Counselor in the wheel chair.
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