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  1. No apology necessary, I do believe this has become the general discussion thread. Which in my opinion is pretty great because conversation has lagged lately as people struggle to stay on topic, this thread can be like a release valve. 😆
  2. This is exciting news, they got to be getting pretty close to finishing. Let’s us know how it is when you’ve got time.
  3. If you’re on PS4 send me a friend request same name and spelling. I have Savini and can give you some practice or just team up for some games if we’re on at the same time.
  4. Just needed to write this down somewhere, this thread will do, so the trailer for Ghost faces reveal for Dbd dropped and it takes place in a big box store. The thing is none of the you tubers I’ve seen cover it have mentioned it’s an S-mart. It’s starting to really bug me that they aren’t seeing the Ash connection. The trailers is excellent by the way.
  5. Most Savini’s are 150, your best bet is to focus one objective, preferably the car. He’s actually really weak in the water but most maps have choke points that make chasing the boat a weak strategy, at high levels you just wait for them and get a free kill. So I prefer the car, try to get him to waste his Morph by pretending to off road but as soon as he appears on your map get back on the main path. Might write more later, got a game.
  6. That looks really good, was that Pamela’s headless body? How cool would that be in a fan film.
  7. No worries, I’m trying to get a match and am going to be distracted by the game anyway. edit - I have no more reactions to give... 💜
  8. Hey if you got something interesting to share as a bigger fan than I am, I’d love to read about your thoughts in an off topic thread. Buddy can you not see we’re having a completely off topic conversation here that you’re interrupting rudely... 😂 I kid. Edit - @OCT 31 1978, was it Voorhees? Cause that looks interesting.
  9. Sounds like you got a great kid, I’m gonna check out A Quiet Place, and Happy Death Day, I thought that one might be to adult but if they’re shareable then it gives us more to watch together.
  10. Us too, can’t wait for the third, started rewatching the first season to get all caught up and had to explain the peeping Tom scene, he’d missed it the first time because it being intercut with Barb’s death. As for actually watching the Friday movies themselves he’s not quite there yet. We did take Clone-4 (my sons nick name even though he’s my only kid, abbreviated to C4) to see a screening of Never Hike Alone and he loved it.
  11. Welcome to camp @HELL, does your location make your mother an atheist, 😂? Hell being the absence of god in this case and not a location itself.
  12. They flubbed the criticism of kings/queens that was clearly intended, but other then that it checked all the boxes it was supposed to as a story. I've only seen the first episode of Hannibal, it’s on me and my GF’s list to watch but schedules just don’t line up for grown up shows and that list just keeps growing. My Son knows enough about Jason to write a book on him but I’m keeping him far away from the harder stuff that defines the genre. YouTube clips are my greatest enemy, lol. I might binge watch the shield some time, people keep recommending it to me. If you haven’t check out Stranger Things, it’s very well done and manages to capture a lot of the best cliches of eighties movies. It’s the only show I currently watch that gets me even remotely as excited as the die hard Thrones fans seem to be.
  13. No apology necessary. This is one of those good rants I was chatting with Play about earlier, lol. Personally I was fine with the ending, I get why others weren’t but expecting the creators to reshoot it is a bit fucked up. It at least it got an ending, so many shows I love get just flat cancelled with no resolution what so ever. I am more interested in if the show that replaces it will be as entertaining to listen people debate about or debate about myself.
  14. Actually there’s a chance it will be patch within a week, Matt posted about it in the very first section of the forums and Oct.78 let us know about the tweet they put out. There’s testing going on now, so if it sticks it just needs to go through certification and no more Counselors dancing on the roof (lol, no more monkeys jumping on the bed either.)
  15. I get why you’d think it’s the predecessor, it’s eerily similar in concept. Our bugs aren’t nearly as bad as it’s were, makes me thankful . PS. The survivor looked like Chad, lol.
  16. It’s so bad, 🤣. The guy I watched was pretty disappointed with it. It does seem like an distant cousin of this game though.
  17. @Strigoi, long time, glad you came back, maybe this isn’t the best place for this though. You’re in Guns house (forum), so this strikes me as a bit disrespectful. I get how you feel, I do but the lawsuit isn’t over yet, they’re in mediation and I don’t think a petition will help the situation. It’s not really how these things work either, big studios generally pursue properties they can own, it’s why none have jumped on this band wagon yet. Friday isn’t Lego unfortunately.
  18. @JustinX, take a break man. Come back to this thread later, take some time read someone else’s topic. Maybe read through @OCT 31 1978 posts, you’ll find you’re very wrong about him. I get you’re frustrated but try to think of camp as a place where you talk with us rather than the pubs or devs. Yelling at them isn’t going to make them listen, we’re all listening though and we’re fans too. If you do bring up something that’s relevant to the pubs or devs Matt will probably get tagged in to read it. He’ll decide what to do with it after that. Hope to read less hostile things from you in the future man, this has not been the best way to get heard.
  19. Lol, I keep meaning to finish the boat badges but like you I find getting a map with a boat to be ridiculously hard. Congrats on the 1000, still haven’t broken 500 yet myself but I got to be getting close.
  20. I don’t disagree a good rant can be fun to read or write. It’s like good arguments, they can be ‘fun’ but more importantly they can be useful in both encouraging others to post and keep conversations interesting. I do like them a lot better now. A lot of them are much more a back and forth, it isn’t just trolling for kicks and when it is, we’ve become quite adept as a community at not leaning into it. There’s clearly still a very diverse number of opinions about the game on the forum and I rather enjoy how the arguments between different sides have developed. I do still think we can get the pubs to see we’re not an adversary but an asset. I’d like to think we’re at a place where ‘polite’ but passionate arguments can happen and hope that members who may have moved on could rejoin us. I think this place has changed in a good way but some of that passion is definitely missed. Some of the arguments too, if I’m honest. 🤣
  21. I’m not a Mod so I can’t say if it’s allowed for sure or not, I just don’t want someone getting a warning for it. I’m not against people learning how to combat glitching or people doing it in PM for fun either. It’s definitely a grey area as to wether it’s ok or not though, at least until a Mod does say something.
  22. Going check out this on YouTube and watch a few videos, looks like cheesy fun.
  23. @Dustycat, welcome to camp. Sorry got a bit of a list for you, first could you do an introduction post it helps the mods, next could you take a second and give the rules a quick read there aren’t that many of them. One last thing, this time doesn’t count because you didn’t know but in the future please don’t double post, just edit your last one, if you need to get someone’s attention tag them by typing @ followed by their name. Glad your problem has been resolved by the way.
  24. There’s another topic somewhere on the forums that I read awhile ago, in it they suggested that you play as members of the Sawyer clan and not just Leatherface. I think this is a really great idea, a two or three person killing team vs four or five survivors could give it a better balance. Leatherface could have been an excellent edition to this game if it had kept growing and eventually branched out into other franchises. On his own he might not have the social currency to keep a multiplayer game alive. Not ragging on his fans, but like the fans of Leprechaun they just aren’t a big enough segment of the horror gaming population. Done well it could be amazing though so I hope someone does give it a shot. I think it’s more likely to be done as a single player game like Until Dawn though.
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