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  1. Lol, I’ll try but my network of contacts isn’t exactly Horror people. I’ve already arranged with my Fiancé, she’s going to order me a copy. Can’t wait to check it out.
  2. Well it seems that Friday is the free game on Xbox this month, so congrats Xbone players.
  3. I agree, it isn’t all about traps. You also have to watch the sound bubbles, make use of unexpected morph points to keep an eye out while setting the board, push Counselors off obj. in an efficient way and sometimes completely ignore one (the boat or two seater), to guard the other three. (Phone, four seater, and before anyone asks what the third is, Sweater.) PS. There’s a fifth obj. to, the Radio but I rarely guard it.
  4. Jesus... some of those are bang on.
  5. My sentiment were a bit more expletive than yours but yeah, wow.
  6. Go watch Slash N’ Casts latest video..... I’m so fucking mad a Cunningham, Miller deserves far more then he’s gotten. Nevermind, here it is. It works out to less than $6000 a year. PS. Don’t anyone harass the fucker though, I want him to lose in court and not have them give him any pity for dealing with crazy fans.
  7. Well it’s only part one of three, each will be funded separately, so by the end we’ll have another Hour in the ‘Never-verse’.
  8. I read it yesterday too, f’ing bastards. (Not Neca, and mostly just one bastard.)
  9. This could be interesting. I’m annoyed they went the multiple cover route though, I know collectors will buy them but I hate the way comics publishers take advantage of it to gouge you. Indie projects don’t need to do the same thing, just stick the alt. covers in the back. So everyone can enjoy the art.
  10. Takes some practice but people can do it reliably. I prefer to cover some ground unless it’s not an option.
  11. I’m for this, I don’t really appreciate the music when I’m running for my life. As Jason though, I got 20 whole minutes, plenty of time to enjoy the music.
  12. Yes, who were trying to kill me. Two got away, little bastards. She doesn’t need a nerf, fear could use some tweaking.
  13. Welcome to camp best of luck to you. What system do you play on?
  14. Just a player like you, I do try and help the new people on the forums though. PS. The links Fair Play gave are the ones I would suggest. They helped me.
  15. You’re not the only one who hates Vanessa’s bloody stamina but maybe read through some of the threads about how to catch Counselors with Shift or Stalk.
  16. Sounds like a rough game. Could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. Thanks.
  17. Yeah, I remember trying it. It was fine looking but not a lot of fun.
  18. Predator is illfonic and Sony, Gun. isn’t involved. The rest is to the thread in general. I think we’d hear about Gun. partnering with a new company before hearing about a game from them. In their shoes, wouldn’t you take the time to not F it up.
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