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  1. Welcome to camp, hopefully it’s fixed now. If not pop back and let us know, apparently it was a server issue.
  2. Welcome to camp, it should be resolved but if not come back and let us know. If you’re sticking around, don’t forget to do and intro post and read the rules, there aren’t that many.
  3. Lol, thanks. Edit - I had just asked about the issue in another thread when he posted this, I wasn’t laughing at the problem, just my bad timing.
  4. Could we get an update on the level reset weirdness when you got a second.
  5. Hope not, that would suck. Too the thread in general. It should be fine now, if not let us all know. Thanks
  6. Try reloading your game and signing back in, Twitter says it may be ok now, if not you can tweet F13support, or post again here. Go do an introduction post too, when you got a second, welcome to camp.
  7. Hey buddy, I’m Slasher. Could you do a couple of thing for me when you get a chance, go do an introduction post so we can greet you properly and take a minute to read through the rules. Double posting, is replying directly below a comment you’ve already made. Please don’t do this as it makes more work for our Mods, who have to merge or delete them, they don’t get paid and do it out of love for the game, so try not to make more work for them. Thanks.
  8. Welcome to camp, never too late to join the fun.
  9. Wish I could see it better, I think one of the hits was blocked based on the swing after but I can’t see it well enough to be sure. If so maybe he has a macro set up for block and swing, then it’s just about timing your swing so he interrupts it with the block and scores an automatic hit. I hope not, that would suck, there’s enough exploits already.
  10. I agree, be stupid ‘kill team 6’, Don’t use cars to move around the map or call the cops and set up at an exit if everything goes south on you. Then I get all the time in the world to fuck with you, well unless you rage quit like a pussy, lol. Stupid hunting parties with only one goal aren’t taking it seriously and this shows how broken/easy the kill set up is. The running in and out, or baiting isn’t really exploitive but it is annoying to get nagged by Mother. 🤨, and for that they will pay, lol.
  11. If I was in the pubs shoes my goal would have been to allow players to creat there own scenarios. Using a path laying tool, you’d leave a path and the bot would follow it to the best of its ability. I see in my mind laying down a path of large circles that you connect one after another. Smaller circles could be emotes or other animations from the library ie. stirring a pot, getting beer or whatever. Eventually we would have been able to create in-depth little scenes from the movies. So you’re emote idea isn’t to crazy, it would have been a goal.
  12. That is my understanding as well. It’s just a waiting game now.
  13. Sorry, I’ve missed you so often, I leave my PS4 on while I go grab my son after school, not that that excuses my rudeness. I’ll start checking if you’re on every time I’m in lobby. We’ll see if we can get together this week, I don’t have a regular group anymore but I’m fairly lucky at getting decent lobbies, most of the time. @RustInPeace, could one of you guys hook up Bryanp, he’s a good guy too.
  14. And that is? Don’t leave me hanging, what’s your brilliant insight.
  15. I think everyone should read this part twice. I couldn’t have said it better man. If I could add one small thing without being rude it’s, they never bothered to get to know their community. We might all be armchair developers but the number of solid ideas I’ve read on these forums blows my mind, there’s easily material for more games or content. @BeautyNumber2, Rust’s group is really solid, you’ll like how they play but be prepared to lose some of them every round you’re Jason and watch out if Rust’s Jason.
  16. I’ve already given them about two years worth of stuff to work on but if by some miracle we get more content.... I have more ideas. 🤤
  17. I’ll take a look next time I play or get someone stuck in there.
  18. I’ve tried, I had heard you could knock his mask off with the car but I’ve not managed it yet. I’m thinking the person who told me that was just messing with me. In the last month or so there must have been at least a few Jason’s, who were thinking ‘who the hell is this Mitch and why does he keep hitting me with the car. It’s a fun game to play with the two seater, I wish I’d kept better track because one games, I must have crashed into the Jason about six times.
  19. @Sogreth, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they changed it but it would make using sense to quickly check a dark room pointless, you might as well go in and swing at dark corners then. Maybe there’s a balance if Jason is given better vision in the dark but I don’t think so. I think I’d rather have them add a fear gauge and fix composure. A smaller sense radius might be a good compromise but it might have unintended consequences too.
  20. I hate when they throw knives at my windshield, such a pain to dodge. You can dodge you just have to break to the left or right before he lets go.
  21. I’m having a hard time understanding your question, do you mean other players can’t hear you? or that you can’t hear them? Could you maybe explain in more detail the problem you’re having. I hope you’re not using muted as a replacement for the word banned, but if you are then Kodiak is probably right.
  22. Welcome to camp, glad you decided to join us.
  23. I’m sure Tommy is going to win, and while I’m not against his inclusion he does have the unfair advantage of being able to kill Jason. I picked Mitch as I’m biased, he maybe the second worst Counselor but he’s my boy. If Tommy had been excluded, then I think it might have been a much tighter race. Adam, Buggzy and Chad would have been near the top. Kenny might actually be the best balanced male Counselor, seeing as he’s completely balanced from the get go and can be modified with perks to fit a play style. So Kenny might have won if not for Tommy and his Ten’s. Thanks for making this, I hope it gets as much attention as the Girls did.
  24. Go read the rules and do an introduction post. Sorry but I’m not feeling particularly patient today.
  25. Why would we hate on something that would make the game more dynamic? (I’m only referring to the part you quoted) Stealth could use some love and I think is the right way to go. The Pubs think of Stalk as some godly power but all it really does is force players to move out of cabins slower and check their surroundings. You have about 3 mins to kill each Counselor, you don’t have the time to set up more than one perfect Stalk kill per match and might be lucky to get another on an unaware player. The game desperately needs to be rebalanced, the Counselors should be on more equal footing with one another. Composure is the stat that needs the most love in my opinion, stealth is a close second but could be fixed by changing the order of the powers. If Sense comes last than Stealth is automatically better for the first half of the match. The second half you’ll have to rely on your skill at using that stealth. I don’t think Sense should be nerfed by removing the ability to spam it, it balances skilled Jason’s against skilled Stealth Counselor players.
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