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  1. I really like this, thank you for including it. Sounds about right for camp Crystal Lake though. As for RFC (Redwood Family Campground), when can I play this... it looks legit, like a fun damn map. Thanks for making the map stand obvious, I’ll just assume you did that so I don’t ask again, lol. It also reminds me how badly I wanted them to improve the maps, not anything huge just adding functionality to the playground equipment, some canoes that you could use, stuff like that. (They could have made a killing if they sold this stuff like emotes, of course we’d need a match ranking system or different mode to keep it from being a nuisance. Though if they equip like emotes you’re limited in number, and you still might need an item like a paddle so maybe not to bad.) I also like that it seems placed to be on the south shore of the lake, like it could be a part of it. The only criticism I have is the car route is too straight and wouldn’t give time for more than one attempt to stop it. It’s not a big deal as I assume the other spawn would be harder. Or the main road could have a downed tree or something making you take the west trail or the car could start awkwardly parked. Best map yet. Don’t know if you’re interested in kinda general requests but I’d love to see a drive-in theatre if you have any interest in doing one. I always thought it would make a decent part of a horror map. There’s just something about them that seems perfect, I’ve always enjoyed going to them and find them especially good for horror movies. Random idea while typing - Movable ladders would have been great. Takes two people to carry, front leads and can create new routes going in or out through second story windows. Can be pushed over from the top or pulled down from the bottom. If there were ladders they could only be used in specific areas or it would lead to the roofs all over but then again, if Jason could use them it wouldn’t matter if asshats went on the roof. I know they said Ladders were a bitch to program and stop people from abusing but this isn’t a serious suggestion, just a what if.
  2. I hope you’re on PS4 so I can run you over some time, Dontz made it pretty clear what most of us think teamers look like, 😉. Do you do any other tricks, fetch, roll over, play dead? Or is it strictly being a trained 🐩 that you find value in?
  3. Sorry to hear that about the match. I was just trying to see the light side.
  4. Your bitterness, I get that things happen at a snails pace but why not be here for the community instead of what you currently do.
  5. Now it has a release date too. August 13, lol. You should give it up man.
  6. I’ve always used a controller, so I can’t really comment on how M&K relate to it as an experience but I will say I think there’s a definite advantage to using a mouse. When watching streamers some of the turns that are preformed seem almost like they have a button to switch direction of travel by a perfect 180 degrees, which just isn’t possible when using a controller, no matter how high your sensitivity is set.
  7. Not on PC myself but I think what you’re seeing is just practice at the controls. @45 RPM Could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. Take a minute to read the rules, there aren’t many.
  8. I’m sick of waiting too, but better a real fix than more disappointment.
  9. Exactly, it’s up to the devs how long the grind lasts. While it isn’t how I want to level, I’m not going to hold it against anyone.
  10. Jesus that would be an annoying bug, not a fan of belly flopping though windows myself, as it ruins my perk build. Sneaky Mitch is the best Mitch.
  11. You got a name for this one? Very nice little island by the way.
  12. Find a broken environmental kill, limp a Counselor and grind up some XP. Problem solved. As for lowering the level, I don’t think that’s in the cards man.
  13. Yes please, not asking why you want the time limit removed... just going to assume it’s for playing and getting better at stalking. Could we have a toggle to allow for instant recharge on Jason’s powers, please Matt. PS. Don’t forget to let us spawn in as a Counselor too, lol.
  14. Car, survive, cops, boat, kill. In the order I prefer to do them. Except boat, it could swap with cops but opportunity prevents it from happening as often, so it ranks lower overall. This is just my preference not a list in order of difficulty.
  15. This probably isn’t directed at me but I’m going to respond anyway. This post isn’t a good argument because it’s actually about something other than what it seems... This is what this post was really about. The rest is just to reinforce it. The message isn’t the problem, the messenger being dishonest is. That said there were good ideas, like Tommy starting with a kit and well, actually that’s it. The mask thing could work but doesn’t feel right, of course it preventing Jason from knowing you’re in the shack feels off too, imo. It’s a mechanic so if they went with it adding a percentage sense immunity, it would be fine but not good. Good would be having the mask let’s Jason see you with sense regardless of distance and escaping with it would let you collect it like a tape. Possibly if you collected it and bring it out successfully, you could then spend it to get a Jason buff in the next match or increase your likelihood of being Jason. Between Tyrant and Dontz the problems with it have all been pointed out, I’m not saying you’re advice (dig) was wrong because it wasn’t, it is a sign of intelligence to look past the messenger and really see the message, which I did. I really hope you don’t see this as me trying to start something or talk down to you, I’m not. I respect what you said, I’m just a smart ass who over thinks this stuff and because I spent time rooting out his second accounts from the forum I got used to reading what he really wanted. PS. @tyrant666, I was writing this when you posted, not criticizing your choice to bring this old post up but the reason I think it’s dishonest is above. Thought you might find it funny, 😉.
  16. Happy Father’s Day all.
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