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  1. Just a player like you, I do try and help the new people on the forums though. PS. The links Fair Play gave are the ones I would suggest. They helped me.
  2. You’re not the only one who hates Vanessa’s bloody stamina but maybe read through some of the threads about how to catch Counselors with Shift or Stalk.
  3. Sounds like a rough game. Could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, I remember trying it. It was fine looking but not a lot of fun.
  5. Predator is illfonic and Sony, Gun. isn’t involved. The rest is to the thread in general. I think we’d hear about Gun. partnering with a new company before hearing about a game from them. In their shoes, wouldn’t you take the time to not F it up.
  6. I think we might have to wait a bit longer than that... I’d like to hear what Guns. plans are too but let’s not rush them to much.
  7. We know you’re just passionate buddy, that said you are a bit ahead of yourself. I just hope the next game they make has a solid development schedule and real growth on the communication side. (not a shot at you Matt, you have improved... more a general statement about game companies in general.)
  8. Welcome to camp, always glad when lurkers join the fun.
  9. Oh, man. You’re a bit late on the whole declaring the game dead front, it only happens weekly.
  10. You’re probably right. To the OP, they said their piece man. As for Halloween, we’ll see what we see, when we see it.
  11. Manage your feelings man. Gun isn’t responsible for how you behave. If you do love the game regardless of the bugs, hang out get to know the community.
  12. Welcome to camp Proxy, glad you joined us. How’s the Switch version?
  13. Wait was that the guy who payed to be in the game? @tyrant666 I mean it looks like him, a lot like him.... if it is him, glad he got to be in a film too, even a fan film. If so I got to say “GG Buggsy.”
  14. He’s a good egg, he just needed time and a bit of patience. Now if only Newman would come around.
  15. We got a little video to tide us over until it’s release.... watch it, the profits go to the next fan film.
  16. You doubted my faith that he’d come around. But seriously, you’re really our ‘little blood sucker’ right? This isn’t a prank, lol.
  17. Quite possibly, It looks very interesting. They certainly are marketing to this audience and doing a good job.
  18. Welcome to camp, bots are a joy when you just want something to do for ten minutes or so.
  19. Just distracted, I’m still reading the forums daily..... I don’t have a lot to say right now @OCT 31 1978.
  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1axaUf5d6_0 WTF..... well at least some people can try it out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0V5Vex7b2ds&feature=youtu.be
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