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  1. Welcome to camp, what system do you play on?
  2. Get the game on console, it’s more than worth it.
  3. The real meta, lol. At least in my opinion, Hypo isn’t worth half what NoS is.
  4. I actually really like this idea. It’s an interesting take on perk upgrading. I really hope this is how it works in any future games, as much as I’d like small improvements that Mike suggested, a whole new system would be preferable. One were hard work are rewarded and luck is only a small part, if at all.
  5. I was speaking figuratively, I agree with your point though.
  6. Yep, they can take that car right out of Crystal Lake, mother will understand they were one of the good ones, they didn’t need punishing. Lol
  7. Wish I knew. I don’t personally think you win anything if you cheat.
  8. They should most certainly be banned. The company profiting off the hacks should be sued into oblivion.
  9. Ok we got three, a few more and we can do a proper list. Anyone else have a pet peeve about Jason’s behaviour?
  10. I’d kinda like a reverse of this topic, but don’t honestly know what behaviour by Jason irritates Counselors. 😆
  11. Lol, I’m high and I understood your question just fine.
  12. Then quit playing, a game can’t die a peaceful death but you can choose, not to be involved if you want. Even after the servers go down I’ll still be playing it.
  13. Um, sorry if this is a rude question but are you being sarcastic? Because I’m sure nothing would make the fans of Friday happier than Gun doing this. You have no idea how much we want to support you.
  14. I agree but also to add the number of items and mechanics, I’d want, they’d need to rebuild from the ground up. Just keeping the core game play roughly the same but building more options in to it. Like I said it has come up, I just don’t think Wes wants to take the risk. It is his company after all, I just don’t understand why someone else hasn’t realized how much potential exists in a asymmetrical multiplayer game. Before anyone brings up Behaviour, I’d just like to point out they haven’t innovated anything. It’s taken them years to even start to try to change the formula, and now that they are, it’s only the end game. If you don’t mind Six, I’d like to add that it doesn’t have to take place at a camp, as they’ve done this already. What do you think about using a Zoo or neighbourhood, as the setting for the first Vol.?
  15. It’s come up before Number Six, it was and is a good idea. They have hundreds of good suggestions for improving the game and taking it to all horror setting imaginable. I’d very much like to play this game in the future, as unlikely as that is.
  16. I play the same way for the most part. I always trap and smash the phone house first, if someone happens to be there, I give them time to get out and run away. One exception is, I used to ignore AFK players but now just kill them before they can time out. If you make it easy and don’t seem like a hunter, well you’ll die but really I’m not in any rush till I can shift. I want the other players to have fun too, if that means limping a Deb but not killing her cause she got an unlucky spawn, then so be it. If that Deb gets away later, they earned it. Since the last update, I have found that because some people will rush an objective, that I might have to kill them early, can’t guard the phone when there’s a car ready to go and you haven’t got Shift yet. Those players don’t seem to mind as much though, as they’re actually playing to win. I for the most part assume, if I’m getting a new friend request every couple of match, that I’m doing a good job making it fun for everyone. I only focus Tommy if I think they’re going for a kill, otherwise I trash talk him about not being able to save anyone. I don’t mind losing 2 people, you get the best games when they’re close games.
  17. Hey, cool man. Glad to hear you’re success. Beautiful art man, really stunning.
  18. It’s been brought up before, unfortunately there’s very little chance of it ever happening. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.
  19. Jasonkillsbugs.com is the best I can do to help you. If you’re on a console, they can be reported on there as well, if it’s harassment or really vulgar. @Kikki
  20. Interesting question but I’m doubtful anyone tested such a small increase.
  21. I’ve noticed if someone wants a head to head fight and I block, suddenly they no longer want that straight fight. It’s all window looping from then on. People walk into a lot of my grabs too, they’re thinking their swift attacker perk is going to save them while eating a throwing knife. It’s probably why Part 5 is my favourite after Savini, I just wish he had destruction (part 5, I mean).
  22. I agree with your points too, most Jason’s could stand to use block in specific situations, like entering back rooms they know a persons going to stun them coming out of or even front doors. I’ve tried coaching Jason’s but then they get offended, lol. A little off topic but one of the reasons I don’t tend to use combat stance for much other than doors/windows is it’s lock on is so annoying. I miss more swings when locked on then when I can control the swipe and put them on my right side. I still have quite a bit to learn as Jason and could probably stand to use block more, no one but skilled hunters ever try though so getting practice has been painful, lol.
  23. Umm, are you being serious. Did you read my response and just not understand? It means, they are behaving in a way that shows no responsibility for their actions. (This is a very broad explanation for the way toxic is used in connection with gaming, but it answers your initial question.)
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