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  1. Welcome to camp LL7, if you have any questions feel free to tag me. Tagging is done by using the @ symbol followed by the persons name. @Slasher_Clone a little window will pop up just keep typing till you see their name and select it. You can always use a quote too. Please read the rules there aren’t that many. I’m on PS4 too, same name.
  2. I like it, but I also think 2 minutes might be a bit short for the kill. What about if they can only go for the sweater if they get his mask?
  3. Don’t double post.... please and thank you it makes more work for our Mods. What does your post accomplish?... nothing, yeah that’s what I thought. Try and be a part of the community or move on. And stop demanding things, it comes off as so bloody entitled.
  4. Keys, I like to control when I can leave. Health spray is a close second, I run Thick Skin because I feel to fragile without it.
  5. Did you change your gamer tag on PS4? Or were you caught in the server weirdness? If it’s the Server issue contact Jasonkillsbugs.com and if it’s a PS4 issue you can have your tag reset to your old one and get your levels back. Welcome to the forums, Matthew.
  6. @DontZzz34, sorry it took me a while to get back to this thread. It isn’t particularly easy to come up with modes that haven’t been discussed and that are doable with only what we have in match. This one will only work in PM. The House This mode is a tower defence game for Friday. I’m going to use Higgins small as my example map but it could be playable on other maps. When you all load in Jason immediately starts collecting knives from the outside edge of the map and the Counselors quickly search for things they’ll need firecrackers, PK’s, shotguns and traps. Everything is brought to the main house, hopefully it has a car out front. The car is fixed and started, then Jason places a trap at each door. The Counselors who have found shotguns are the House guests. They have to barricade the doors with the bear traps that others have brought, both front doors and the back one. The two teams -The House Team, is 3 members, each is given two firecrackers, a PK and a shotgun. -Jason’s Team, of 4 can use whatever melee weapons they can find. (No weapons may be taken from the main House.) The match should start at the eight to ten minute mark giving plenty of time to get set up. At the start of the game Jason can use his powers to move around the Higgins house and Snipe with throwing knives, if he sees a Counselor he can tell the other members of his team. He however is not allowed to enter the house till the two minute mark. The house team isn’t allowed to leave the house till the two minute mark and must defend it. At the two minute mark however they’ll have to try for the car as the only way to win is to get in it, if you’re still alive but not in the car at the end of match, it’s a draw. Some players may draw and others win but really it’s about having fun. -No healing items are allowed and the perk Thick Skin is not permitted, this is to keep it from taking forever to beat a single Counselor. This rule may not be necessary but I think it makes sense given the type of match. Jason’s team must get into the house and kill everyone in it to win. This is hard as the people inside have guns and you must either enter through a window or a door with a trap in it. The traps should be dead centre of open doorways, so you have to take it to enter. Jason will need to help his people push in through the front windows or they need to be sneaky and come in through the kitchen. You might be tempted to leave someone in there but Jason can quite easily knife them or they could be rushed. The shotguns are your best bet for taking the car and should be saved if at all possible. The 3 House guests are out numbered and the ring leader is unkillable, it’s not a particularly fair fight. If you hide on the second floor you’ll never make it to the car but it’s the best place to defend. At the two minute mark the Jason Team Counselors are only allowed to kill you in the house the car is Jason’s and if they run for it they’re fair game for Jason, he tolerates no disrespect. It isn’t like he cares about them, they’re a tool that he no longer needs. -I figured the firecrackers could be used to stun Jason if he does encroach on the doors or front porch. Firecrackers aren’t permitted at the car, you must either tank the trap or PK it. You want a friend alive to cover you and you will probably need to cover them as they do theirs, of course it might be every guest for themselves at this point. Special - If Tommy is called and spawns into the match, he spawns for the team he was already on. So if you kill two attackers one comes back as Tommy, if two of the Guests die then one comes back to save the other. Option Two - is if Tommy spawns in and the house quests are all dead it becomes a Tommy hunt. Whoever left is now after him. The Most Dangerous Game This is basically just Option Two from above but everyone hunts Tommy. The player that doesn’t get to come back still has a role he can use the camp Cameras and even their POV to keep track of the other Counselors and tell Tommy in group chat what they’re up to. Everyone runs to the main house right at the start of the match, you don’t search or barricade anything. Two Counselors are picked, basically whoever volunteered or by going down the summary page list. When Tommy Spawns the game begins and the remaining Counselors can go grab whatever supplies they need. This time health sprays are permitted but no Medic or Thick Skin (except possibly for the Tommy players). All other perks are fine, feel free to ignore this rule but I do think it would be necessary for balanced play. Counselors aren’t permitted to use the guns, only Tommy. They aren’t allowed to move them either, no hiding Tommy’s toys. This probably won’t work as well as it could/should as skill level is kinda all over the place as far as combat goes. Tommy will probably get swarmed. Jason can grab but not kill anyone he please, practice those Shift grabs Jason. He’s also allowed to throw knives at anyone who isn’t Tommy but is only permitted to limp them, then he must go find another target. When Tommy dies Jason turns on his killers and it becomes a normal game. Jason is kinda on Tommy’s side during this part of the match, he’s acting as a balancing force against the 5 other Counselors. I’ll keep thinking about it, as I’m sure there’s more fun things we could do.
  7. I do believe that’s the reason it’s taking extra time for a hot fix. I can’t believe it’s been a year, it really does feel like yesterday, last week at most.
  8. Yep, this is apparently one that people miss. Can’t forget to murder the killer to get every kill in the game, lol, it’s ridiculous but fair. Ironically I got it today with a Jason kill, even though I’ve killed him before. (Must have been what Somethin was referring to above, sometimes they just don’t stick). Three trophies left to go 500, 1000, and the every trophy bonus trophy. @Somethin Cool, thanks for the list. I’m sure it will help.
  9. @DeadlyD, communication is still very rocky but as mentioned, the Beyond streams on twitch are the best place for it at this point, Matt does eventually get back to people on the forums but he’s apparently very busy with LoF2 and the switch release. Things aren’t great but the game is as enjoyable as ever, so it’s not a complete disaster. Ideally the next patch will take care of the roof glitches and than other things can improve too. The discord for Friday also has a Community Rep. named Mel, not sure why the official forums don’t have a Mel but maybe we’re just too much. Personally I think we’re a much nicer group then they give us credit for. Glad you’re back D, and since I never got to say it before... Welcome to camp.
  10. Yeah, essentially giving the people a way to replace bad or crazy leaders. George has written himself into a bit of a corner when it comes to wrapping it up and a document that gives a recourse is all I can come up with to finish it off. I like your happy ending for Arya and Gendry much better than the shows.
  11. That was my first reaction as well... there may have been a ‘the fuck’ at the end, 🤣. Accidents happen, it isn’t a big deal in the long run. I’m sorry the backers get screwed but it is just clothes, so I’m happy for anyone who does grab it.
  12. Lucky bastard, 😊. I’m only missing those clothes and the emote pack. Hey Matt, could we get some official confirmation about this, is it an oops on xbox’s part?
  13. Sorry buddy, getting to it today. Didn’t want to be half out of it while reading it and I was a wreck yesterday. Edit: Not bad, I like a number of things you did differently and some you kept the same. It’s at least as good as what was filmed, but not necessarily better. This isn’t a criticism, I really do like some of the things you did differently but feel it would be received about the same as the official version by the hardcore fans. Especially killing off Danny, I like the twist of the babies though keeping her covered for most of it would be a dead give away unfortunately. I’m not criticizing the choice to make Bran the Night King but do feel it’s a little cliche. I feel it’s the fan theory that was presented best and there’s nothing wrong with a little fan service either, so it’s fine. The criticism of kings (queens) is still lacking in this version, no offence to anyone who doesn’t think that’s the message of the show. George has done a good job of hiding it in plain sight and missing it is easy, the show runners did and they spent far more time with the story than us. I’m looking forward to reading the whole series and seeing how he resolves it, as boring as it is he’ll probably cop out and Magna Carta it.
  14. I’m not on PC but from my understanding you could potential access it by looking in the steam database download history and finding the right one. That is if it’s still in the database and wasn’t scrubbed, that’s how people got footage of Ghostface, they re-downloaded the dev build and played with friends. You won’t be able to join any matches if you did this though, you’d essentially lock your game into offline only mode though as the servers would ask you to update your version.
  15. That sucks, the game does look nice though. I wonder if it will be any good?, seems like a long time since the movie and I’m honestly not sure it has a dedicated fan base, more casual enthusiasts. Best of luck to the pubs/devs though. Thanks for posting it here.
  16. A lot faster, I’m still looking forward to reading it. PS. If you do disown your siblings, waiting till after your parents pass is what I did as well. Haven’t spoken to them in years and feel nothing but good about it. Family doesn’t have to be blood, my Gf’s family treats me far better than mine ever did. I’m sorry to hear that Jade, growing up in an abusive home sucks. We’ll be your adopted family here at camp blood.
  17. Welcome to camp, glad you’re having a good time.
  18. Twitch for the streams, GunMedia is the channel. I wait till someone brings up something related, post a version of the idea and then just keep expanding it. I don’t keep making threads, so no fear of a ban. I mostly trust other forum members to tag Matt if the idea is something that others will want in the game. Switching rain on and off should be easy to bring up, anytime someone mentions toggles, just mention having one for that. Thank you for the info and don’t be completely discouraged, I have a feeling we’ll see the LAN mode back near end of life. Some others might just be accidentally included too. (Wishful thinking here on my part.) I’ve been thinking about it and I think the last patch might have some good things in it. It’s unlikely that anyone would say no by that time and it’s a simple way for Horror inc. to appease some of the fans that aren’t to happy with them at the moment. Miller has no interest in suing a game company for doing something he said he was fine with and wouldn’t stand in the way of.
  19. The wrong patch was uploaded to PC, it had a sandbox mode and something called ‘The Lazarus Experience”. I think Tyrant got to see it. @tyrant666, was it you who was lucky enough to see the dev build? And do you have any thoughts to share if it was? Here and on the Beyond streams mostly. Beyond is on Tuesday 3 pm eastern (I think), on Twitch. You can ask Matt directly that way but you might not get an answer right away, more than likely he’ll say ‘priority something or other’.
  20. Beautiful truck man, I’m happy for you fulfilling a dream.
  21. It was out on PC briefly, so it’s technically been in the wild. 😜, not knowing is making me crazy, 😂. I keep hoping we’ll get a surprise SPC map in multiplayer, Matt hasn’t gotten back about the possibility and I figure the bug patches will come first, so it’s just a waiting game at this point.
  22. Not very often unfortunately, we only hear about stuff right before it drops. I get why they do it but it’s very frustrating at the same time, I have more to add to most of my ideas and would gladly do more work on them if it was required to get them made. I’ve pulled back and now mostly share ideas that might have a chance. I think that playing as a Counselor, even without Jason, has a lot of potential. So I’m going to keep bugging them about it till I get it. When I bought the game I thought I’d be bored as a Counselor and it would only be exciting to play as Jason, boy was I wrong. I prefer Counselor play but relish each chance I get to play Jason. I think it’s because it isn’t up to me and the surprise is nice, in QP anyway. I find myself wanting to play as a Counselor when I only have 30 minutes or so to kill, playing as Jason against bots is just to easy and rote. Thank you for your kind words, and remember everyone who posts about it helps us convince them it’s worth the effort, so thank you again for that.
  23. The hosts PS4/Xbox or PC acts as the server for everyone on the match, instead of us all connecting to a server run by the devs, dedicated servers. There’s a few other possible options they have including giving us access to the LAN mode they test in but until the end I don’t think we’re likely to know. Edit - Maybe to your other post, nothing is for sure yet, other then they say they have a plan.
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