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  1. I'd like both eventually, leaning toward New York. I think you would have to include a few Iconic bots and that idea intrigues me. How would gameplay change, hopefully the Grendel map will introduce something (a game mechanic) that gives us insight. Can't wait for the patch, and whatever else is coming.
  2. If the game now is reel four of the movie, and reel one will be missions, the multiplayer version of reel one is where this mode would fit, right. So make more than one set of tasks/goals. I like your original idea, so have both as separate task trees, with bonus tasks for specific counsellors. Tree One players can choose to prepare the camp and give themselves an advantage as the mode switches to reel four. The meta tree if you will, you don't actually want to trigger the regular game till your ready. Tree Two they could complete tasks that allow them to escape early, either leaving the lobby safely or sticking around to play a second character. Tree Three complete bonus tasks that get you badges, some require teamwork or the right character, slowly the games story could be uncovered. This would be the ultimate goal I imagine, the hardcore players would love to figure it all out. Map specific tasks would also randomly be introduced. Some tasks or characters might give other players a false alert, need to find the missing counsellors but are they dead, completing tasks that set off the alert or pulling a prank. I've made assumptions about single player, that I think mean a lot of the work may have already been done to make this a reality. If we want them to see what we see or something anywhere in the middle, I hope you won't mind if I keep posting Ideas in this thread.
  3. The goal of this mode shouldn't be escape, at least not till you lose tranquility, the goal should be getting the camp ready for campers. The tasks you'd need to complete would vary from map to map, but be worth xp based on difficulty, giving it a range of different balances. The mode is going to be played by people aware that it can end and so the tasks should be built with this in mind. If you have critical tasks that further your chances of escape when tranquility ends, they don't unlock unless minor tasks are performed first. Can't put gas in the car if the gas can is empty, someone needs to go fill it. You leave it by the car, but when tranquility ends it could move to a house, if you leave where the task instructed you, xp reward and it's on the map. Why is the drop off the boat house on the wrong side of the map from the boat and car, well better safe on the map then no gas at all. No power at the radio house well guess we should have done that power-box check. People are going to die in tranquility, bodies will be hid and players will flee, the lobby. So here is what I propose, let there be more people who can spawn. Rob's not dead so there's one, what about Creighton Duke (possible new Jason death, if he finds the dagger, sure the Devs have plans). I'd also include Reggie Reckless, aged up a tad. These characters would be built on 40, not 35 points or have a bonus fourth perk. Megan Garris showing up in a car with Tommy would be priceless, they'd run out of gas inconveniently or it's a two seater it could stall if you take it toward an exit. Two dumb cops checking in on the kids, because the phone call was interrupted, random 35 point build but start with guns. Yes having new characters spawn would make it harder for an underpowered Jason, new characters would maybe have limits or tasks themselves i.e. I have to check this house, find this body. What if we remove the time escape, and the number of items was limited. Things would become more desperate as weapons you find become weaker or broken. Windows are broken by the wind when there's no one near, doors unlock and swing open. Just imagine running to the safe corner you've prepared to find it uninviting, dangerous. I'll add more, but mother is calling me, there's some one in my camp. This mode will have a lot in common with the missions but that's a boon, I think it means less work for the Devs, so a greater chance of it happening.
  4. Leave the trap numbers the same but allow Jason to collect unused counsellor traps. No flare gun to trigger traps, but I'd let the shotgun be allowed. Anything long enough, so yeah no pot or pan.
  5. I think if you tank a trap, even if you heal your overall speed should be reduced. If you've just pried a rusty bear trap off your leg, without tearing up all the muscles, your limping no matter how much adrenaline is pumping through you veins. But I also think you should be able to sacrifice your melee weapon to set off the bear traps, giving Jason an alert, and leaving you defenceless. Let Jason collect counsellor traps, that way you might leave the players with less overall weapons.
  6. When I said harsh, I meant being hit with an end of match Xp penalty. If two counsellors want to spilt Xp, to say go check the power-boxes, but three or four go the reduction is slightly more no big deal. Here imagine this, your with another counsellor and your making your rounds, Jason can appear from behind a tree before you even get to the first box. Or Jason can wait for you to go to the farthest one from the group(stalk would need to jam their radios with static), as one counsellor plays the mini-game, the other stands watch. Just as he's saying "all finished", Jason bursts form the closet killing the guard, the other counsellor with nowhere to go throws themselves through the closed window at the end of the hall, Jason has has until his stalk runs out to catch an kill them. Radios should be break/get lost, when jumping through window, running flat out, giving luck more significance. If Jason kills and hides them both, the counsellors would automatically get another task to preform, find the missing counsellors. Of course they assume their out messing around so no panick is introduced at this point. As for the base camp, a room in one cabin or house can have access to the security feeds, giving Jason risky areas to enter. Of course if you don't leave two counsellors at the base your security guy is as good as dead, a new face in the t.v. Kill, a chair that you can be smashed in(sitting and standing would take time, you shouldn't be able to see behind you), so many options. Tasks would be interesting diversions, check the power-boxes, look in all the cabins, take 5 first aid spray out to different houses, find keys lost in the woods, move the boat from one dock to another, visit scenic spots in game take pictures. flashlights, should flicker if used excessively or flashed on and off, damn eighties crap. I want Jason as scary as possible, but I also want to have fun, so fix his grab, make him stun less/shorter duration as he gets more angry. The hits should have less and less effect as Jason takes them. Give Jason a luck stat, have it kick in at the third hit from the same character, on any next hit he has a chance to auto disarms them.
  7. Yes split the Xp, a penalty seems harsh if your already sharing Xp. As a doorway to including Pamela/Roy, and maybe giving Jason a bit more flexibility to hide, it's great. Awesome ideas in this tread.
  8. I'd like if passenger's could do something without exiting the car, if this would work even if it was only when the car was stopped I'm all for it. It should only protect one side of the car though. Shooting a flare would also be cool, although I wouldn't let you shoot in front or behind the car.
  9. Down the road this would be an excellent tease for a vol. 2. I don't think we have all of vol. 1 at this point, regardless I'm glad you brought it up. I could see The Shape being the vol. 2 killer, although his lore doesn't feel quite as expansive. I think that could be over come, more on that in a bit, first. If the Devs give us Roy, Pamela, and finish the road map out I think there's a good chance we will get new story out of them. Ideally the story would be a lose collection of lore that could make sense of the inconsistencies(in the movies) and tie the separate game volumes together. I can't believe the level of detail in this game, with access to the production notes and a little approved creative license there really isn't a good reason not to take the next step in building a shared game universe. If the Devs did offer paid DLCs, that re-skin the maps and killer I think it would have to be part of vol. 2. Maybe the unreal engine and game programming could handle it. I'm not sure myself. Assuming they could now or in future volumes, there are quite a few slashers who could be fun to play. Billy from Black Christmas, Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Chucky from Child's Play(re-skin DLC kid Jason), and Ghost Face from Scream/Stab.
  10. But I want options, I have maps of all the spawn points, what I don't have is perks that make my character unique or more fun to play. Look it's great munchkins can meta their perks, but what about the rest of us who don't want to run the same three on every character?
  11. That's good, seeing the shrine and Jason would make it a great perk.
  12. I wrote this in another post but felt I should repeat it here. If the player has the psychic perk, let them see the sweater and shrine, like how Jason's sense works but mid to close range.
  13. I would like to add that even though councillors emotes don't have an added effect, that doesn't mean we can't buff Jason's. Jason is a doer, every action matters, so his emotes should as well.
  14. I like long walks on the beach, that end in murder.
  15. Dance emotes are fine, but why would Jason need them, give me some taunts that invoke fear in players and rage in Jason. Make Jason's emotes useful, give them interesting side effects/bonuses. Successfully using emotes would raise Jason's rage, failure would decrease it slightly. Jason's emotes would only work close range, and if a player is watching/looking at Jason, or preforming an emote/t-bag. Emotes wouldn't effect players in hiding unless specified. Each emote would be balanced by Devs, how long each takes to preform, effect, or worthiness of a badge. These are just some ideas (probably posted in the wrong thread, but I'm just answering the question asked by Cokeyskunk, and I think they should effect the rage meter, so kinda relevant.), don't be to harsh, thanks. 1. If a player wants to dance, give me the ability to make them stumble back by emoting a quick lunge. Usable from the ground. 2. Let me raise my mask, maybe have it take their mini map away for a short time. Countered by Nerves of Steel perk. 3. Let me pretend to throw my weapon, and force them to dodge and sacrifice stamina. Add throw points where Jason actually does throw the weapon, archery range, a few lonely roads. Jason should see these throw points, players would have to be careful not to get caught in one. 4. Let me kneel at my Mothers Shrine, over a kill or point of interest. Rage bonus, hiding tactics when in stalk? 5. Let me stare at the sky, and give me a wide downward shot from my camera pov. An expanding view that rises above Jason, letting me see everything around, even better if sense is active to show Jason where those players are hiding. Highlight hiding points when rage is full. 6. Let me hang a body over an object or place ie. window sill, car hood, canoe, fence. Waist high, bent in the middle so arms and heads don't matter to much. Adds a fun way to hide bodies, close to where they fall. 7. Let me flip a piece of scenery, tables to start, make them like kill points on the map. (These all might be asking to much, this one in particular, but you can't blame a clone for trying.) 8. Have Jason pick up and throw a small item lying on the ground/table. The item doesn't go far, and the direction is random but gives you an option to disperse a pile of loot. It should come with a rage penalty, but maybe works for heads too. 9. Let me breath, you know what I'm talking about, just lock eyes on a target head moves body is planted but something is about to break. Deep breaths, followed by explosive movement. Short speed bonus, ten steps or so. Let me run them down like Hodder. 10. Give me a special emote that let's players hear Mother. If the player has the psychic perk, let them see the sweater and shrine, like how Jason's sense works but mid to close range. If under the influence of the emote, have Mother's head speak to them. Maybe pieces of the Pamela tapes play leading them to undiscovered tapes, so much fun could be had. As for making Jason use this emote, maybe carrying one of the occult books scattered around camp could trigger it. Jason emotes but this happens as well, giving Jason pause about becoming an emote fiend. Hope that, never mind I don't think that answers any questions, you enjoyed it anyway.
  16. I like this, make Jason scary again. I also think when jason is enraged he should speed up his walk slightly, the longer he's in pursuit the less circles people could run him in.
  17. I'd like to be able to sacrifice a weapon to disable a trap, don't really care if Jason is notified. Seems wrong to make my character purposely step in a trap when I'm holding something, just let me set it off with my bat or poker. Notify Jason, but let me skip the escape mini game, and save my med. spray. The weapon should be destroyed, when you strike the trap with it, then Jason should get his triggered trap notification.
  18. Hi, don't understand the point of this, or what I'm supposed to write.
  19. Great idea. It would be nice if it included things like, carrying the key/battery/gas to drop off, acting as guard for weaker players, or giving up a quick use item to another player.
  20. Jones, the only one acting like a child is you, this is Gummybish's sandbox, don't like their post ignore it.
  21. I was being sarcastic, duplicate posts abound. Also why introduce myself, what's the point? Honestly I don't know.
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