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  1. Welcome to outside, a thread dedicated to not filling other threads up with garbage. Follow the forum rules you are outside other threads not the mods domain.
  2. I tried to keep it from spilling over, I really did. Back on subject, Dukes knowledge about Jason makes him a very unique character. I like that he leaves Crystal Lake to learn how to take Jason down. As a side note it would be neat if they had him show up as his younger self, in a canoe as his entrance. For him, his girlfriend was just murdered, and he knows nothing detailed about Jason. Doesn't have to bring the knife with him, this way.
  3. @Armani?, no but at this point you are passive aggressively trolling people who disagree with you. I want Reggie, you're going to fuck it up. @Rexfellis just wants you to talk about another idea for a couple of days, not hijack threads, and be a little bit more involved than obsessing over Reggie. Go pick any other thread an read and contribute, something new, I'll come and read it. This isn't something any of us needs, there are trolls in this forum, we don't have to do it to each other as well.
  4. @Rexfellis, that's a pretty reasonable argument. I respect that you don't see a point to Reggie, (I'd like him for variety, I know I personally want way to much), and I second the motion, let's put this aside for a little while @Armani?, not forever just until we see how the poll turns out. Not every post here is a troll looking for a fight, we all want to discuss the game.
  5. You missed your chance, four of the counselors are based off real people who wanted to be in the game, they paid during the kickstarter.
  6. Google each map, there are spawn maps that show every possible location. except Pinehurst, they are north west passed the graveyard in a little loop, and southeast in the ravine. The campfire thing works here to, if there if a campfire no shack.
  7. I for one am eager to kite Jason in a wheelchair, or die horribly more likely. Damn do I ever want a badge that says I escaped in a chair, and representation is important, so having a disabled person from the source material is good. Edit: Everyone has opinion, I like the confused face.
  8. I would like to add Chewie, from the reboot, if the rights where ever acquired. Over all he was my favourite character in the series. Lucille could be a special item for him.
  9. Roy Tapes, yes please. Why is this not a thing, fix 90% of the bitching (about Roy) with one fell swoop.
  10. Also I've been told, take this with a grain of salt, that if you put it in a drawer by swapping items. The next match in the lobby will spawn a Pamela/Tommy Tape. I was told during a game by a 141 who says they have tested it, but couldn't find anything when I looked a month ago. Did some googling, haven't confirmed it for my self.
  11. At some point Jason will be fixed and options may need to exist. Ideally though I'd just like to be able to throw them when Jason grabs someone and I'm to far away or in a cabin. It wouldn't have to be a baseball pitch, just the ability to toss it based on strength and luck.
  12. @Barbara Ann. Megan's dad, Barry and Claudette. Actually any cop would be cool. Shit I wanted to pick Megan but was trying to keep my list short, I'd add to my list Megan with her dad.
  13. Mmmm, I want more options @Barbara Ann. Great list no offence intended, I would select every one of them but that wouldn't be very helpful to figuring out who is actually wanted. Crazy Ralph, Mark, Reggie, Rob, Jimmy, Tina and Duke. I don't have a favourite from Jason X, and it would only let me select one. Vote for Brodsky, needed to fill a field. Yes a Jenny overhaul would be nice.
  14. Actually I was thinking only 5 plus repair to use it like a PK, that way the repair counselors have an option others don't.
  15. Moved this so it's all in one place. edit: Could be only usable as an escape for high repair counselor, 5 plus repair. Must be prepared in advance. The scissors, should work the same way as a pocket knife but take up your weapon slot (hand), rather than one of your inventory slots. The matches would also be something you carry if you want to use them in a grab. Edit: response to it being like to many knives all over At some point Jason will be fixed and options may need to exist. Ideally though I'd just like to be able to throw them when Jason grabs someone and I'm to far away or in a cabin. It wouldn't have to be a baseball pitch, just the ability to toss it based on strength and luck.
  16. Ah, new item. Matchbook, combines with firecrackers to make them droppable when Jason grabs you. You fold the matches over on to the striker and tape the fuse down. With a quick pull they light right up.
  17. He did that, it was beautiful, lol. I need this patience kill or power how do I get it.
  18. @Blaisy-Bas, again what you feel about what the creators made is irrelevant. It is not history, it is fiction, but it is fiction inspired by history. It is literally a creative effort to warn society about people with the beliefs you are defending. If history is forgotten we are doomed to repeat it. Your argument about it not being historically accurate doesn't matter girl, they were inspired by the nazis, and no argument you make can change that fact.
  19. It is literally the same gun, and you do realize how you feel about what the creators made is irrelevant, right? @Blaisy-Bas
  20. Choosing to change your appearance is a good sign, it generally means that you have some level of acceptance for your situation and are dealing with it. So good news, glad your sons are sticking by their friend, it can be hard on everyone. Updates are appreciated.
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