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  1. It isn't just building a model, it's dialog, hiring an actress and so much more. On top of all that it depends on the complexity of the model in question. Look you want definitive answers, I get that. The production timeframe happens at a crawl though. Each time you add a character you find new problems or attempt to fix old problems, it is an on going process. Not to mention breaking them into bits.
  2. Armani, I need you to stop provoking Truth, he has reading to do. He can come out and play when he's done.
  3. Get news man, looking forward to the crowd funding. Can't believe they got one of the backers, that is amazing.
  4. It isn't easy to add a counselor, they have been working on Victoria for months. That's why her dress was in the data mined files. There's no reason to be upset about it, I know you want feedback on your own threads, so go give feed back on theirs. Your writing has gotten better by the way, keep forgetting English isn't your first language. It means sometimes what you write comes off as attacking not questioning. I'll try to remember your just passionate.
  5. That's a cosplayer from the eighties standing in front of the display, lol.
  6. Yeah I think they could do some creative things with the road map. Have obvious stickers hiding what exactly is underneath until it's time to reveal it. Interesting stickers could be cabins, bodies, or even bushes. When the Devs are ready, a new map with a single sticker is removed allowing us a few weeks to get ready for whatever the image under the sticker is. That way things can be modified on the fly, or a weapon pack can be substituted, to avoid missing target dates. It can be set up to give large and small surprises, but you never know till the sticker is removed, keeping expectations in check.
  7. I really hope this is a statement about Grendel and Jason X not an all encompassing statement, designed to shutdown any and all requests for comment. There are things that we would like to know that aren't part of the update and I personally thought you'd enjoy taking part. Hope to hear more on Thursday, thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. Having the only pinned as recommended comment is pretty cool man, glad that nthbutagoodtime did that, I would have been sorry if the merge had stolen your thunder.

    The Muffin thread has been really good for the forum. You deserve more props.

  9. Players, it really boils down to sex sells. I'm not against it existing in the SP challenges, or cut scenes. It should not be introduced into QP, that would be disastrous. The selling point is the only relevant reason, there is a case for the being true to the movies but why make a weak argument when you have a stronger one at hand. Edit - I feel this is incomplete, and could be seen as looking for a fight, I wasn't just answering the question. I get both sides of the argument. I've had most of them in my head, trying to work it out. This next part explains. When I first heard about the game I devoured everything I could about it. One thing that stood out was the games willingness to go to adult places. Stake ground that was untouched be bigger devs. Horror games came in two types in the past, gore or pretend horror. This game is more than that though, it isn't reliant on its mechanics to be horror, it acts as a setting for us to project our own fears on. As Jason we embody other people's fear and hunt them, a good Jason makes the game great. Good counselors make the game fun. You lose out on these parts during SP or Bots, so really the gore and potential nudity are the draw rather than the players. I'm glad it is up to someone else to execute, but I do believe it is coming in one form or another.
  10. We could just give Jason a dog too, it could be a Muffin killer, ? Edit - Good job on the merge.
  11. This was the original request @Truth, it might have been a little optimistic about how people would take the news. @Armani?, I wouldn't expect a confirmation, I would ideally like to hear that it is on the plan board, and being looked into. That the suggestions (not specific ones) were useful or inspiring. That an over looked asset ie Muffin, was worth exploring, and they share our excitement. What we will probably get is good natured ribbing, I'm being optimistic as I see real value in keeping players involved in matches, if it takes the opportunity to play Muffin to inspire people to stick it out, then release the hounds.
  12. Lol, no response. It was a public invite to join the fun, not a PM. I let him know we could all be patient till Thursday, that might have been a little untrue, but it's what I believed at the time. So hopefully we can get either good news as a single announcement, or if it's less than ideal news possibly something funny that takes the sting away paired with whatever he has planned already. @Truth
  13. Thank you for listening, I do appreciate it. This was much easier to read, and a good concise breakdown, covering your preferences and the maps. Look forward to disagreeing with you more in the future. P.S. Moby Dick won. ?
  14. Wait so you open a thread to bitch about all the counselor threads, then answer your own question as to why ie. because it worked, why are you still salty about the other threads?
  15. Asked Shifty to bring it up with them, and invited him to join in the fun by making it a Thursday announcement, if he is so inclined. I'm sure at this point they are aware of the love for Muffin. I've been main'ing Tiff all day in her Muffin shirt recruiting randoms to the cause. Lol
  16. Sure there's more to the story, but it hasn't been written, let alone filmed, edited and sent to the theatres. This thread isn't going to end up a discussion about Slash and Cast's opinion. What's there to say about it anyway, it's not a puzzle to be solved, it's a wait and see.
  17. @NthnButAGoodTime, we discovered a merge to feed your endless addiction.
  18. Reggie would be a cool addition down the road, I just don't think endless fighting with the forum will help that happen. Lots of props have been given, maybe find your next project. Updates once in awhile aren't a big deal but daily is a bit much. Not sure what I'm trying to say exactly but I think now is a good time to move forward. Maybe champion something, like a mechanic, rather than someone.
  19. This is cool and I like the idea of an antagonistic 'counselor' who is older. Hope to see him in the future. If bots are ever added to matches it would be awesome if he could manipulate them into protecting him, or he could be introduced as a bot himself. It would be funny seeing new people buddy up with him thinking he's a walking PK only for him to run away when they're grabbed. If the bots that are introduced are also playable, it will encourage the use of mics, as that will be a way of quickly identifying who is a bot or not. It would also add a good deal of variety to the game. Paying CP, to take over a bot after the death of your counselor could also be fun. Although it would probably add two mins to the timer, and only one player would be permitted to do this per match. Sorry for going off topic, ideas happen when I read good posts. The idea of a psychologist, or Dr. that is out for themselves at the expense of others would make for interesting future SP Challenges as well.
  20. If it won't make any difference for the salty, it won't make any difference for the not salty. It can't be both useless and a punishment at the same time. Sorry but your not making any sense.
  21. Sticking to your target without deviation, chasing someone until you catch them and ignoring everything else. tunneling isn't trolling.
  22. That Muffin is the Forum Mascot, Mean Girl Camp member, and all round most adorable character in the series. They could add a pet cemetery to a future map, that would be fun and explain why Muffin is alive again.
  23. That would kinda be the point. If they did introduce Muffin, it would mean they're not done improving the game in general. That things can change and become more complicated, rather than just more of the same. New mechanics are a good thing, even if their just adding a dog, you point out the advantage yourself, new mechanics. You shouldn't treat this as if Muffin was just a dog, you should see the bigger picture, they listened for one. For two the game is growing and for three it might mean things like the tractor have a chance of getting new mechanics too. Chill man, you've had to reap what you have sown, learn from it contribute something while your here on this thread and sow something different.
  24. I disagree, Muffin has an equal to or better chance than Reggie to make it into the game. It may not be the Muffin from the movie, it might be another dog. As long as it has a tribute to Muffin, I'm sure most of us would embrace it and see that as fulfilment of this thread.
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