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  1. Moved this here from elsewhere, I might flesh it out tomorrow. Jason Hunt - New Mode Survivors of previous murder sprees band together to take out Jason once and for all. Hunting an enemy with every advantage, the counselors prepare themselves to re-enter the location of an attack. With no chance of outside help, no sweater and facing a superhuman opponent, do our fearless heroes stand a chance? Find out next time...On Camp Blood Mod Note - Please merge this with the post above when you find it NthnButaGoodTime.
  2. I just figured there would be more tension if he got an alert, but yeah this quote is also very true. I wonder if we'll ever get a mode where that's the point. A Jason hunt, 4v1. Counselors get tricked out by spending CP before the match, PK one each, Med. Spray one each, a super durable weapon or firearm to start the match. Jason starts in rage with triple hit points, no time limit fight to the death. It could be fun to give Jason extra traps or knives, let the counselors start with a car. I think I'd want new death mechanics though, so at first it will have some excitement of being unpredictable.
  3. It's an interesting idea, ?. Gonna have to think about it. I do want Shelly to wear it thought, so maybe...
  4. I think it should appear on Jason's map when it is in use, radiating circles, then stay after it has appeared. This will give Jason a chance to stop it if he's paying attention but not make calling Tommy to hard to bother.
  5. 'Original Post' in this context, it can also mean 'Over Powered' when referring to a character, item, perk, or a mechanic. @blablabla, I guess I was a dick before, the post was not garbage. I get you want to stop trolls but I often use one car to get the second vehicle repaired. That mean driving someone with the keys or gas, taking Tommy to the shack is also fun to do, especially when he doesn't know.
  6. I fully approve of Retro Jason's weapon selection being unarmed combat, it's something I think should be an option and with weapon swapping he can already have a machete or collection of axes. This would be a good way to bring that feature to the game, then it could be equipped on other Jason's.
  7. I still think it would be funnier if they just changed it so you were crippled and couldn't move. It would be best if they just didn't tell us that's what was going to happen.
  8. So we haven't discussed wether or not we should get an original dog? I was hoping that we could have a number of options, different pets to chooses from, specifically dogs. I understand we have some cat lovers on the forum, but I see cats as less useful for teamwork than even small dogs. For the original Gun/illfonic dog I think a medium dog would be best. Something in between Muffin and Gordon, but closer to Gordon. A mutt would be my preference, a brown shaggy mutt with sad eyes but a good disposition. I think a younger looking dog would work best, although an old dog could have the wisdom to be heroic. There are a ton of design options, what kind of dog would you want? Edit - A cat could work for Jason, and be a lure for a bot dog, if the dog was a bot but the player wanted to be a cat. It could be a fun distraction, being chased by a dog. I'd give the cat every advantage even though a bot dog probably won't be a threat. Could be a weird but fun way to spend your after life.
  9. Ladders would be a good addition to the game, there's a few spots they would make for interesting chases. ?
  10. Sorry it starred Fred Ward, not Bronson (they look alike), it was called Remo Williams.
  11. Oh, I want Reggie in the game, I just wish that someone would stop baiting people into arguments. @Liquid Swordsman
  12. Thank you, I could only remember the Mad part, all the credit does go to him.
  13. Muffin, if you make a poll, please add Muffin, thanks. ?
  14. Every time I sign on. I even talked my girlfriend into looking for a Muffin since we are looking for a dog. Lol
  15. If they don't at least mention her, I'm going to be very disappointed in them. (I will except the Tiffany in a Mufffin shirt as confirmation.)
  16. I don't think the PS5, is close enough to release to worry. Even after it is out, PS4 will still be the mainstay for two years, as PS5 builds a library. The devs are currently on a good track, the update should hopefully mean a new production cycle. Some people on the team will keep plugging away at dedicated servers, while other people finish Grendel. There are lots of little things that can be done while these projects are being finished, this fall is going to be a good time for this game. Months of waiting can take a toll, the quiet right now will be replaced when the update drops. I'm just glad we didn't fight more than we did, arguing can become the norm, when you've been anticipating something and it hasn't arrived. As for finding a lobby my experience is the same as yours, never takes long. I spend more time waiting for that last person to click through when everyone has que'd up.
  17. This would be interesting, the OP is garbage, but the betrayal thing is worth thinking about.
  18. For beartraps you could just become stuck, till Jason comes around to clean up the trash. Beartraps would actually make more sense if they couldn't kill you, with just a snap, it takes time to bleed out.
  19. @bewareofbears, I think I'd rather permanently limp them, as punishment for their act of defenestration on that poor helpless window. ?
  20. They made a bad Charles Bronson movie out of those novels, they were so bad they where good, the novels not the movie. A cop has his death faked, then gets trained by a Korean Master named Chuin to assassinate mobsters. I remember them paying his fishing village in gold bars. Oh and the martial arts were like super powers. edit - the destroyer novels, should have read farther in the thread. I think I still have one somewhere, the plot is crazy. The Buddha reincarnated into a Vegas showgirl, and some doctor has turned herself into a were tiger.
  21. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17520-perk-system-update-legendaries/ I think what your looking for is here, it's not a complete list of changes.
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