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  1. I would like to spectate this match if it happens, names the same on PSN. @Official_Adam_W vs. @The_Minotaur80
  2. Moved this over rather than writing it out again, http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17822-when-jason-quits/, here is the link if you interested. If Gun. is having a hard time balancing it they can always ask the player base for help. I think we will get more game modes, once they have less on their plate, so it will take some time.
  3. Maybe it's karma for shit talking paranoia, . All kidding aside, I hope you get it running again.
  4. I'd like part six, but I think Grendel needs to be completed and released first as a way to change things up. It will also be a good testing ground for new features. Good write up by the way, .
  5. Just thinking out loud if you will, but maybe the Jason model isn't needed (if it can't be done easily), or work for paranoia. So a counselor has the mask in their inventory, either at the beginning of the match (paranoia) they're randomly choosen, or grabbed off the ground after a rage quit. The character who has the mask is the killer. When the mask is selected in their inventory, they power up getting access to Jason's powers and the ability to team kill. When de-selected they become a normal counselor, or become a random clone of a still alive counselor (allowing them to get close). The mask can only be worn for short periods of time and has a limit of about two minutes, before it goes back into your inventory. Forcing you to use it only when you need to. It has a balanced cool down, before it can be used again, rage could let you keep it as long as needed. When the mask is off, you're a normal counselor and can do anything they can, but as soon as the mask is on you lose those abilities, ie. climb through windows, barricade doors, pick up items (spawn on the beach if dropped in the water), Weapons, you use the same ones as the counselors, these only hurt other counselors when you have the mask on. If your not carrying a weapon, maybe Pamela's knife could be your backup. Running when the mask is on should modify your speed and stamina stats to reflect your having Shift and Morph. Masked Counselor strengths and weaknesses Strengths -Plus Damage (uses counselor weapons but they're more dangerous) - Plus Stalk - Can Run - Clone, bonus strength allows you to change your character model to a still living counselor on the map. Weaknesses - Traps - Defence or - Stun Resistance - Throwing Knives It's possible that you are without the ability to collect more, can't reach them. Although you may use counselor traps, or disable counselor traps as a normal counselor, which balances it out a bit.
  6. Yes, they're all being updated at the same time, generally all with in one days time. (Certification can make it a day or so late on consoles.)
  7. @deathbat96777, hey buddy, good to see your update, I'll look forward to April. Hope things are looking better.
  8. As some one who is dyslexic, I have to say it doesn't stop you from being good at video games, it's not that type of disability. Now if your talking about people being dicks about spelling and grammar, I hear you I'm so sick of that shit.
  9. Discussing isn't a crime buddy, but you making a new thread three or four times a day. Try to discuss in threads that already exist.
  10. Dude, I'm asking nicely, please stop spamming the forum. Your welcome to be here, at least in my opinion but your just making it harder for people to be heard. You have a complaint find a relevant thread to bump back up, this is getting out of hand. So again I'll ask, Please at least try to be apart of the community instead of against it.
  11. Lol, getting mad because a child beat you is pretty ridiculous when you think about it for half a second. Congratulations to the seven year old, I mean killing you can't be that hard but he still deserves props.
  12. So you all think the game will be Dbd in May 2019? Lol, none of this belongs here, you should all be ashamed, (I'm joking, don't sharpen your hooks just yet.)
  13. Sounds like you guys should start a club, do a kickstarter and make your own game, nothing here you like.
  14. @thrawn3054 There is a post called "More interactable thingies" (got a bad title during a merge) that homemade spike strips are listed in. Lots of other items if you want to go have a look, http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17192-more-interactable-thingies/ leave a comment, or let me know what your favorite is.
  15. So which Banned forum user is this with a new account, anyone care to guess?
  16. Mmmmm, don't think this will work the way you think. It has to remain a viable escape for the whole match imo.
  17. All the people being salty about this are just lucky their not linking it to your forum I.D. and bumping you off to the forums salt mine equivalent.
  18. Why not, It just means you don't stand around in front of windows anymore. Jason in Stalk would actually be a threat if every window could give him a chance to get you when you come to see if he's really gone.
  19. @Redcat345, so what do you think about the list? I'm fond of the tow truck one, although if it was added I'd feel a little responsible for the driver getting murdered, pretty much every game he gets called into. I imagine him driving up to the car, and players immediately beating him to death with bats and wrenches. Or Jason just standing there till he takes the car away, making sure players can't get him. Counselors running in front of the truck, and him honking the horn as he runs them over would be pretty funny too. Hitch hiking is dangerous after all.
  20. Sorry my bad should have added a note giving you credit beside the name, fixing it now.
  21. Not aggro, but your right it was a childish response. - back on topic below Two announcements in one day, is a really good sign. What do you all think it means, is the engine almost done, is early April looking more likely, or was it announced so people would have time to change their behaviour?
  22. In that case welcome to the forum, . I would still hate it if they kept Jason X behind a ridiculously high level lock. I do agree Retro/NES Jason deserves his own unique set up. Ahhh stop posting your going to bring the demon bear @Kodiak. Edit - use the edit button to add to your last post, they really hate double/triple posts around here.
  23. Guess the quiters are going to be looking for people to play with in private matches so their not restricted to the salt mines.
  24. It'd play it, even if they hid it in the back of a cabin during a match. Beating it in twenty minutes could be hard so maybe have it pause/save when you get killed. Other than that it would funny if Jason looked all over the map, only to find everyone spectating someone beating the arcade machine.
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