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  1. The irony is we will both get what we want. The Devs will just put Rob in the wheelchair, wouldn't that be funny?
  2. I imagine playing a match and everyone working together to save Mark, Vanessa pushing him around in the chair, kiting Jason. Meanwhile Chad is popping in to stun Jason if he gets to close and Jenny is hoping in cabins to open doors for Vanessa and mark to come through. Avoiding any cabin that doesn't have two exits would be key. Of course I also imagine watching Chad push the wheelchair into the lake off a dock, because he's Chad. Or Mitch bring the wheelchair toward a cabin like before, and only realizing that Mark is dead when he get inside, and the other counselor gets a jumpscare from the body. Mark with 4 throwing knives sticking out of his face where Mitch can't see. Lachappa stealing the wheelchair from Marks dead body to travel faster, and then refusing to get out of it, trying to convince everyone he's Mark (Lamarko, fastest man alive).
  3. Can't wait. I keep going back to watch the video. It looks like there are a dozen plus kill options just in the tutorial. Jason has his full range of abilities, and since the bots are already in the game, I wonder if you mess up or a challenge is to attack a group you can make them run then continue as if you where in single player bot mode. If it will play out like the opening cut scene, at Packanack around the campfire, straight into hunting people from there. It would be a challenge as things like the phone would need to be disabled first, or you'd risk losing people to the cops. The car is probably in working order so after your first kill, Rob. You would have to shift there to smash it, before deciding to go into the house or chase the runners who head for spots alone. As a way to link the cut scene, the challenges and single player bots, it could be fun to compete a little on the forum. Which things people do first the phone, place traps. Wait to pick off one or two before the charge into the group. Do you shift in, morph or just walk out of the lodge after pitching out a body from a window. Do the counselors run to help or flee? I need to stop thinking about this in case I'm wrong, but I really hope I'm not wrong. This would be awesome.
  4. As long as you could still use a big map, I don't see this as being that bad an idea. If not a mode just a private match setting it wouldn't be that drastic a change to the player pool. New modes would split lobbies making them harder to find.
  5. Actually the new counselor one might not be his fault, my iPad is always messing with the spelling of that damn word. Like right now I had to go back and re-add the w, wtf, I don't get it. So that one he gets a pass on.
  6. I can't heart anything with this much Micheal Jackson in it, good luck, I have a feeling we won't be seeing Reckless anytime soon.
  7. I voted for Reggie, so their is your one, but I think if this keeps going he will damage the cause, or has already. He should move on, rather than wasting everyday on this. Work on other ideas. I'm sure the Devs borrow from the forums but if they do, posting about just one thing is sure to get you ignored for other ideas that they can discuss in planning meetings. Can you imagine if each week they each bring in a new idea to discuss, and one guy brings up Reggie (or tits), every single week. Imagine how annoying that would be, there is a whole internet of tits I mean Reggie stuff, but every week/day like clockwork this guy is making boob jokes. That's what you've reduced your campaign too, a joke. Relax man, get noticed by the Devs for having an epic idea about something else, anything else. Contribute, to other people's ideas, or ask for people to explain their ideas in more detail, be apart of the community.
  8. Or Roy's wallet and the blue sweat shirt. The Ambulance should be his spawn, but it shouldn't be useable, it's just a location not a functioning car. Although if counselors go near it the body of Roy's partner should fall out and give them a jumpscare, increase fear accordingly. Joey should be in the back and as your outside already collecting the sweat shirt should require you to hold action (X) to put it on, takes less time then baracading a door.
  9. I want Mark in the wheelchair, so the OP is wrong that no one wants him. I'm not here to rag on Rob, he's a cool character, but Mark is better over all. Rob brings nothing new to the table, if the wheelchair works, then the Devs have done half the job of making bikes for slower counselors to move around big maps on. If nothing else the work that goes into the wheelchair gives them one more tool in the toolbox to play with.
  10. Or they want to clear up a mess with you? I'm not sure.
  11. Or a million other ways. The padawan knows the dark side listen to him. To the OP being able to spectate Jason if it was ever implemented would not end well, mark my words. This is why we need that kickstarter goal where we have a cabin to go to between matches, the lobby host could play clips of Jason if something cool happened in a match. We could all watch it together after the match without it being used to cheat.
  12. You've really boxered us in here, a brief statement of fact and the panties have run out of air. I thong for the good old days.
  13. A museum, my son has never seen the movies but he knows a disturbing amount about Jason and he thinks Jason would fit right in at the museum in New York. Dredged up from Crystal Lake and sent there to be identified. He awakens and trashes the place. Taking the time to reconstruct his shack in one hall and then wandering the museum with a mace and metal adorned hockey mask. The interns that show up get more than a history lesson. It would be exceptional different than any other map in the game, but be filled with places to hide, run and vault (window hop, only over railings). Jason armed with a mace would demolish doors in two swings. Crushing glass displays to impede the interns(counselors). Doubt it would ever get made as it would take a lot of time, but it would be a good map to build to increase the asset library. When the map is constructed you'd just make a list of all the assets you'd want for other maps, then build the museum around those assets. Build two skins for the asset and players wouldn't care, or most wouldn't. They'd be to excited to get a map unlike any we have currently. At least that's the feeling I get from the forum, what says the forum would being in a museum be scary and fun?
  14. If only people realized how easy everything is for Jarvis, instead they jog around like idiots, or run straight to the cops.
  15. They could test run the challenges that will eventually be at the bottom of their web site, or toss a daily thing up. Between steam, PS4, xbone. Number of dead counselors in one day, who wins. Number of escapes in a week.I hope that someone sees this thread, @ShiftySamurai, I mean now would be a good time to do any of the OP's suggestions. edit - why can't I give him both a trophy, and a heart, @Brigadius deserves them both?
  16. If the call gets interrupted bot cops could come check on things. Just one dumb deputy with a shotgun, or two off duty officers on their way home, they stop to look in, so they don't have their guns. (The reason, I don't know, maybe the sheriff makes them lock them up after their shift.)
  17. What about poison, Is poison allowed? (jokes) could we close this thread, please @JPops this is duplicating a thread in general discussion, fix suicide, a merge maybe?
  18. Your right it might be the only safe way to break up with her, do your think she will be the one who leaves by self defenestration? I may need popcorn too
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