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  1. Seeing as how some parts of Pinehurst are pitch black now, I was thinking of what that will be like after the update drops. I wonder how dark some sections of the forest are going to be for Jason. It's cool, the normal response around here is outright rejection of anything that doesn't conform with deeply held opinions. The fact that I've thrown a knife trying to turn my flashlight on is still hilarious.
  2. Do you believe that people can be taught false beliefs? If others can be thought false beliefs, how do you know you're not just like them. That you haven't been taught a lie, a pathetic fallacy. This isn't an attack, I'm serious. If your making a claim to special knowledge then share it, evidence is required to prove something is true. If not how are you different from all the people that are wrong?
  3. I like how they first assume she would become a stray, then give her a happy ending as speculation. We never talk about Toby either, Toby should be in the game as well. I can't remember but didn't he do something badass?
  4. Yep, and I like fair because I enjoy playing both sides. ? I also think you should limp if you tank a trap, you could still heal but it always think it's silly when I tank a trap then run to the next one. I don't think it should do more damage just put you at limping speed. Ideally they'd introduce bandages for wounds like this.
  5. Slow an steady wins the race....I know you just want to try it before you head off for break but we are all hanging by a thread waiting with you. I guess what I'm saying is I know what your going through, but don't kick other people's threads. Your comment wanted a response, it's going to be ok. I know how these guys are, and other than being exceptionally bad a communication for a media company, all signs point toward it being not to far away. Weeks, not months.
  6. I would be cool with this if it was a modern, two involved good characters/arcs, and three not just focused on Jason. A modern story set in that universe should be way more expansive than just the camp. Develop the town of Forest Green, have a military component that teases Jason X but changes it so it defunded. Allowing you to ignore parts of the movie. Have a sub plot explaining the Necronomicon, and psychics, but don't focus on these parts just include them where needed to flesh out the story.
  7. The thing is if you burn a knife that trap shouldn't be resettable. Jason should be able to reset any trap that hasn't been disable/sabotaged with a PK.
  8. Dude, really. It's not that bad, their buttoning it up now, everything's going to be fine. I know it's been a long wait, but it's almost over.
  9. Kicking a sprite of a dog is not kicking a dog, there is no moral equivalence. I would rather if Muffin just dropped the part if Jason came near, or Shift/morphed to her location, a 20 foot circle. This could work when playing Muffin as a player as well. That would be cool, and exactly what I was thinking of when I suggested the cats work for Jason.
  10. Jason beats Michael regardless of Michael's durability, Jason doesn't stop till they're dead or out of reach, he would dismember Michael. This has more to do with mass and power, Jason size and reach are better for this type of battle. His weapon of choice is also a better choice, machete beats carving knife. Think of it this way, Michael goes for the kill, but Jason will cut you in half. I don't have the patience this morning to read back what has been argued, it seems obvious who the winner would be between Jason and Michael. As for Robocop, well that becomes exactly the sort of fan boy fight you can't win. Michael kills weaker opponents, and stays locked up in a mental institution without escaping or killing for years. Jason does eventually get captured, but then they have to freeze him solid because he's to dangerous. Jason is on a different level than Mikey.
  11. I agree with the OP, you shouldn't have to use sense as a flashlight. Jason should see better in the dark, or at least not walk into chairs that are invisible. Yeah sense brightens it up, but it also feels like a waste of it.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure I jammed the two movies together in my head, I was a kid at the time so it's been awhile.
  13. Moved this here from elsewhere, I might flesh it out tomorrow. Jason Hunt - New Mode Survivors of previous murder sprees band together to take out Jason once and for all. Hunting an enemy with every advantage, the counselors prepare themselves to re-enter the location of an attack. With no chance of outside help, no sweater and facing a superhuman opponent, do our fearless heroes stand a chance? Find out next time...On Camp Blood Mod Note - Please merge this with the post above when you find it NthnButaGoodTime.
  14. I just figured there would be more tension if he got an alert, but yeah this quote is also very true. I wonder if we'll ever get a mode where that's the point. A Jason hunt, 4v1. Counselors get tricked out by spending CP before the match, PK one each, Med. Spray one each, a super durable weapon or firearm to start the match. Jason starts in rage with triple hit points, no time limit fight to the death. It could be fun to give Jason extra traps or knives, let the counselors start with a car. I think I'd want new death mechanics though, so at first it will have some excitement of being unpredictable.
  15. It's an interesting idea, ?. Gonna have to think about it. I do want Shelly to wear it thought, so maybe...
  16. I think it should appear on Jason's map when it is in use, radiating circles, then stay after it has appeared. This will give Jason a chance to stop it if he's paying attention but not make calling Tommy to hard to bother.
  17. 'Original Post' in this context, it can also mean 'Over Powered' when referring to a character, item, perk, or a mechanic. @blablabla, I guess I was a dick before, the post was not garbage. I get you want to stop trolls but I often use one car to get the second vehicle repaired. That mean driving someone with the keys or gas, taking Tommy to the shack is also fun to do, especially when he doesn't know.
  18. I fully approve of Retro Jason's weapon selection being unarmed combat, it's something I think should be an option and with weapon swapping he can already have a machete or collection of axes. This would be a good way to bring that feature to the game, then it could be equipped on other Jason's.
  19. I still think it would be funnier if they just changed it so you were crippled and couldn't move. It would be best if they just didn't tell us that's what was going to happen.
  20. So we haven't discussed wether or not we should get an original dog? I was hoping that we could have a number of options, different pets to chooses from, specifically dogs. I understand we have some cat lovers on the forum, but I see cats as less useful for teamwork than even small dogs. For the original Gun/illfonic dog I think a medium dog would be best. Something in between Muffin and Gordon, but closer to Gordon. A mutt would be my preference, a brown shaggy mutt with sad eyes but a good disposition. I think a younger looking dog would work best, although an old dog could have the wisdom to be heroic. There are a ton of design options, what kind of dog would you want? Edit - A cat could work for Jason, and be a lure for a bot dog, if the dog was a bot but the player wanted to be a cat. It could be a fun distraction, being chased by a dog. I'd give the cat every advantage even though a bot dog probably won't be a threat. Could be a weird but fun way to spend your after life.
  21. Ladders would be a good addition to the game, there's a few spots they would make for interesting chases. ?
  22. Sorry it starred Fred Ward, not Bronson (they look alike), it was called Remo Williams.
  23. Oh, I want Reggie in the game, I just wish that someone would stop baiting people into arguments. @Liquid Swordsman
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