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  1. I could get behind this idea if she was different, stats, clothing options, make her a repair or strength character. It's a simple way to increase the options for everyone. If you don't like it, that's cool too, just don't play them.
  2. Actually, Adam's best move is to sell them a limited license for a dlc. That way he gets proof of concept, and a little pocket money for future projects. Of course this is only my opinion, maybe he has options I'm unaware of.
  3. It's bound to happen eventually, Gun could get creative after they give us our updated retro Jason. Not cool with Scalping @Aksana.
  4. Because I love it. Because it's fun to be scared. Because it's fun to scare people. I sure it's one of those, or maybe I play because it is play. As a adult there are not enough opportunities to just do that.
  5. Not false, a statement of perception, that's why I said it seems. Your also an outlier, an exception to the rule, so not who I was referring too. As for your opinion that it's fine, its ok you feel that way. I disagree, that's my opinion, which is also ok. Now if you would like to discuss it, I'm happy to.
  6. It seems the only people who want it kept at a high level, only want it that way so they can lord it over others, that's fucked up. It's a cool feature but that's all, treating it as a statues symbol is childish. The level should be much lower, if the game needs a status symbol the devs should come up with something else. Being able to play the Jason you want, with the bloody skin you want and the weapon you want is half the fun of Jason. He gets no real customization other than weapon swapping.
  7. Lol, Return of the Living Dead. And wasn't the actor who played Tommy in that movie as well?
  8. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17109-offlineprivate-counselor-mode-not-just-zombies-?/?page=2 Near the bottom of page two is a suggestion very similar to the OP. Check it out, if your interested.
  9. I don't know, if a writer or director can make the rainbow blood look good as a tribute, that could get a good laugh from those that play the game. An art student carrying a bunch of tubes of paint combined with a power back swing from Jason, that cleaves it all in two. It could work.
  10. I trade PK's for keys fairly regularly, I just don't trust anyone in QP to not troll, so those dropped keys find a nice safe place with me. If the person who dropped them has a radio I try and pick them up first.
  11. I have epic leadfoot, speed demon and grease monkey on my Adam right now for this very reason. It's too fast right now but I'll get used to it. This is why we need new modes. A counselor mode where we can race would be fantastic.
  12. No part one is half done. Maps yet to come, counselor modes, lots of room for this game to grow. I don't think a sequel can be started at this point. That's not bad. I'd go with thirteen episodes that use the movies as history, with things being changed slightly to make it all make sense. Easter eggs everywhere, but new characters and more in town interaction. Same Jason, but with a growing presence as the series progresses.
  13. Netflix original series would be nice, not going to happen because of a damn lawsuit. In a perfect world though, that's what I'd like to see. As for the game, it's only half done, no need to rush getting to a sequel.
  14. Perk pyramid, three weak bottom ones, two decent middle level perks and one glorious meta perk, is how I'd like it to work. That way you would get a better balance and build on your counselor making it feel unique. It would also be a good way to give roles/classes to counselors.
  15. I think the cars still need work but the turning feels better if that makes sense. I vote no because I see room for improvement.
  16. I believe you have me mistaken for a different Clone, no worries we all play alike. I am also here looking for improvement, I'm sure that with this player bases loyalty and the game itself, we can all go great places together, and murder counselors/Jason's. I agree with a good chunk of your grievances, but to get them solved we all have to be a little more forgiving. It's a delicate thing interacting with your community, especially this one. All communities have their loud voices, but we are a community of loud voices. I guess what I want to say is this, we have to change how we interact with the devs, if we want this to continue and get the most out of it. It's your expression of an expectation of failure with every big post, it can become a self fulfilling prophecy. I think your adding it out of habit, your wit needs to be given an outlet, but could you exercise it differently, please.
  17. While I do occasionally see something off about the models, part 2 in particular, I don't think we need it fixed anytime soon. Not Against it just don't think the effort is worth the pay off.
  18. I just never added one, been looking for something that suits me. @Jdt827, where you referring to the OP or Toasty? (We're cool by the way) I kinda like the S, for Slasher. (Even thought I don't slash kill most of the time, the exception being annoying Tommy's.)
  19. Your right Snug can have whatever picture they would like, I was just expressing my opinion.
  20. I liked your old picture better Smug, this one has a weird loading circle in the middle. And to the OP, I support any change that means I can actually get perks I want.
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