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  1. I'm more that happy to leave traps at cars, the fuze box, Jason's shack, in doorways, on the ground ten feet in front of the car a little to the left at Packanack, the maps are chessboards and you want white peices to be allowed to castle but not the black. Controlling objectives is a core part of the game, that's why there's more than one, and like you said Jason can't be everywhere at once. Against an organized team you can't control multiple objectives anyway, maybe that should be eliminated. Just one objective to guard sounds fun. /s I would buff the shit out of both Jason and the counselors given the opportunity. Right now the game is simple, low number of items, easy to figure out mechanics. Regardless of where the Devs expand the game, your side is upset about something trivial. I can't imagine how you'd cope with how I imagine this game in two years. I feel it should be possible, it's fine if you disagree. (I have never tried to catch a fellow counselor, so I won't list the places to do this, Jason is fair game everywhere.)
  2. Do you just ignore any post that has listed how to over come this? Here step out of the little box you're building around yourself, the players who are ok with it, are ok with it happening to them as Jason. Doesn't that tell you something about how little it matters, you have to adapt just a little bit so it isn't a problem anymore. The thing that gets me is, we respect people who out play us, do you?
  3. 1. Placing traps was intended, and we were encouraged to be creative. 2. Because it's a strategy, like castling. 3. It has nothing to do with door combat, which is gone. 4. It is part of the game, get over it. Sure, but when it works you get more time to do what you need.
  4. Since we spreading trap tactics, I should add (when your the last one alive), putting it in a doorway and closing it, but not locking it. If you get a clean break to a small cabin it gives you time to re exit a window and depending on your counselor get to another cabin.
  5. Sorry I thought you were asking about the bugged missing skins. Disc comes with medium.
  6. @JF13, I feel you man. @ShiftySamurai, can I ask you to bring something up, please. Could you ask if they would let us run bots in the single player mission maps. It seems like a way to help in this situation, and this post really stung. I don't know if that's possible but if it is, thank you.
  7. Definitely an interesting suggestion, as far as intros go it would be badass.
  8. I'm not allowed to give more smiley's today, that was right when I joined the forum, good times. Lol What if we buff Jason, then it shouldn't bother you so much. I'd like your opinion on some topics, here's the first link @woundcowboy. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19789-windows-buffs-for-counselors-jason-upgrades/
  9. Here you go, http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19789-windows-buffs-for-counselors-jason-upgrades/
  10. I'm pretty sure I haven't called anyone an idiot yet, but if I have I apologize. Why isn't it a valid strategy?
  11. I used to trap Jason shack as Jason, now I do it as a counselor occasionally. If I happen to have a trap leaving with the sweater and an ax is easier if Jason is trapped. @Ahab, I just see it as chess, your using a pawn to guard a piece.
  12. It's being looked into, there will be bug patches coming. I don't know if the upcoming patch will include the fix or wether it will be later. There is a list of things that are being fixed but I'm not sure where I read it.
  13. Only the trap on top would be effective, placing it would set off the bottom trap. Go get two bear traps and try stacking them while they're armed. (Don't actually do this - holy shit would that be dangerous.) I don't think this would work out how you think. If you trapped a car I would use you to untrap it. Or untrap it by setting counselor traps on top of yours then disarming them or based on the process you would probably set it off when dropping it. This doesn't seem like a good solution to your problem. Try trapping around their trap, trap the closest window or if you broke the door the closest doorway. Counselors will think they out played you and get outplayed in return. This topic should really have been handled by a Dev making a definitive answer about it being a legit strategy or not. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, this isn't a good solution either. What is wrong with people playing strategically on both sides?
  14. Would you be cool with me setting them right on top of Jason's traps? You seem to want to be able to set Jason's on top of counselor traps. Fair is fair right?
  15. There are no counselor or Jason mains, and strategy is part of the game. You can guard objectives, counselors can too.
  16. Except for you know going to the place most Jason's go first and risking death 30 seconds into the game to benefit others, your right nothing spectacular about it. The fact that you see it as an exploit is fine, it isn't an exploit but your allowed to keep being wrong.
  17. Was it on PS4, if it was an Adam, I'm sorry man.
  18. @Cokeyskunk, @Truth Perk examples Show Dog - Muffin can enter and exit windows faster. Stepped On Tail - Enter and exit beds faster. Worst Then Her Bite - Can bark to save a counselor one extra time from Shift by jolting Jason out. Puppy - extra stamina or higher regen rate. Old Dog - doesn't move as fast but can spot Jason further than normal.
  19. It's not as simple when you only have one enemy, it has to work flawlessly. My previous post has a link that leads to different way to make this happen, zombies on the first page are an easy way to make disposable fodder, but the second page has a bunch of different ways it could be done, mixed with some other ideas. Sorry it's quite the read.
  20. Well if Muffin is player controlled, I was thinking of Muffinizing some Perks and then giving her tasks that could be done in a match to earn a more useful Muffin spawn. If you successfully delivered a med spray, maybe next time you spawn in a campsite with one. Someone suggested gamer tags (this is a bad idea) but it made me think that knowing who is hurt when you come back as Muffin, would be very useful, on Muffins mini map their circles could be red. Muffin could even be given a mission of sorts, if the fuze hasn't been found she could be given the job of ferrying it to the fuze box. She wouldn't put it in of course, that would be silly. As a bot though, it would be harder to see noticeable effects. Other people have suggested versions of these ideas - A stamina recharge increase if your crouched near Muffin, maybe a visual sign on your stamina in HUD. Fear Reduction that can be an auditory sound Muffin makes, if your close enough to hear it your fear reduces. I imagine a noise like dogs make when they're playing if Jason isn't there or quiet growling if he is. As for progression, I'd like Muffin to be introduced and be rewarded for helping people escape. If she helps enough counselors escape it leads to unlocking, new animal companions. Toby and then Gordon as a reward, giving you a bigger more useful dog seems like a good way to go. This way the Devs can take it slow and see how they effect the game. Powers for Muffin Bare with me, Dogs don't perceive the world quite the same way as we do, in movies an t.v. They can often know or do things that effect the supernatural. If they do give Jason buff points, I think the dogs should be able to see them ie. the mist Jason sees with sense, that way you could help the others avoid them. Muffin or another dog could offer a form of protection against Shift, as they can 'see' Jason coming and possibly stop him by barking or body blocking, interrupting a single grab. Drain Stalk by barking up a storm if Jason comes to close to the cabin, give Jason a reason to stay back and wait or move on to the next target. Let Muffin run at slow Shift speed at the start till she gets near a counselor, or when running full out alone. Dogs are fast, I can't really see why Muffin shouldn't be able to cover a huge amount of ground quickly when not encumbered by carrying something. This would be a buff and not part of the regular Muffin, just a boost if the Devs found that it would be beneficial. Sorry it's all a little jumbled, I tried to separate it into bot and player, hope it makes sense.
  21. If they go with the bot version, this makes sense. You bury the dead Muffin, I'd go with a prompt like calling Tommy, and get alive one for your trouble. Crystal Lake is kinda known for bring the dead back.
  22. I agree, my medic is only a +4%, -0% blue. I wouldn't trade it, it's like an old friend.
  23. Can I ask why you're here posting if you have moved on? It seems that you want to take other people's enjoyment out of the game. The game didn't hurt you, and even if it did, you wouldn't be entitled to poison other people's enjoyment. Move on for real this time.
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