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  1. Good, it's almost done, then I get to do it all over again tomorrow night. It's all good ? @FrenchFriedPotaters. I agree Pamela's Knife should come with Pamela, and then be available for weapon swapping.
  2. @Freddie Mercury, I been beaten to the punch by... Worked all night, so I might come back with more later but I really like the bonesaw.
  3. He means the four powers, not the strenghts and weaknesses. No worries though, ?.
  4. Oh it's certainly a problem/bug and needs to be looked at. How he deals with it is an opinion. I deal by not getting Jason smashed and always making someone ride in the backseat on the drivers side. Between the two the rubber band is less threatening. Demanding a PK to drive is just silly, don't drive then, of course they're better off just practicing the smash dodge and playin with a high composure counselor. @Tommy86
  5. No the OP is an opinion, it isn't incorrect either but that doesn't make it correct by default.
  6. Use your mini map to watch him and reverse when he goes for the smash, that's what I do it works most of the time.
  7. Look forward to seeing you in the office, @Thatguyinktown. Lol
  8. I did laugh so you get a laughing face but I'm hoping we can change their minds before it drops.
  9. Sorry to see you go, your passion will be missed. Good to hear your doing well.
  10. Sure, it just draining always confused me. Why would Jason's last power be made so weak.
  11. No, it's a bit silly. I don't hate it but I'd rather door Combat be something different like a shotgun trap then the way it currently works. If it does get changed I'd like them to change other things about it too, boards to block it to go along with the traps. Jason should be able to visit his shack and get more bear traps as well to balance it out. Edit - missed the post, good news as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Ah yes, that's why I edited it to switch sense and stalk @Ahab. I still think we need a mode that lets us play Jason a different way, and gives us a chance to see for ourselves why the powers are in that order in the core game. I think it would be exciting to not know for sure what a Jason is going to do again.
  13. I think you guys set the bar way to high, I appreciate the announcement and it being posted here. I have more to say but I think I'll hold back for a bit. Thanks for showing it off during the stream. Edit - If you wanted to give reward to players at level 113 that also allowed other players to see that they had reached that level. I wish you had considered adding bloody weapon skins instead.
  14. If it works well I don't see why it wouldn't be incorporated, I just thought that people might not except the change if it wasn't tested first. It could also be a chance to try other things.
  15. Yes, but then I'll always be getting grab killed in a game while trying to beat a different game in the game. Lol
  16. That's what's in the eye drops, ?. Edit - the bongs off camera, but you can clearly see he's holding that smoke in.
  17. If the processing is the same, I don't see why different modes couldn't be used to try different POVs. I would like to explore this world in first person as a counselor. As Jason it might bring with it balance problems that would need to be fixed. It would be fun to try and play tag/hide and seek/manhunt in F13 as counselors in first person, on small maps it would be tense. Manhunt especially would be an awesome week long gift to those who need something new. Get ride of the mini map and let counselors see sound pings. Use the bloody skins to indicate who's a hunter. Maybe let counselors stun the hunters so they can escape.
  18. So when's the next stream @ShiftySamurai? Kinda hoping you guys do another one.
  19. Polyamory is AJ's bag, she's not going to be tied to just one guy.
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