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  1. Sometimes, sometimes they'd fix the car and go. It all depends on the players, but yeah I figure whoever picks up the mask would be locked into the animation of putting it on and changing. Jason's music would swell, letting everyone know a new Jason was coming to get you. It wouldn't take long for Jason to change, but give you a little time to turn and run for cover of a cabin. Also the player who becomes Jason would drop everything they're carrying on the ground around them.
  2. So I was just playing a game with a friend, we had everything to fix the car in the first two minutes, Jason rage quit. My friend suggested letting someone else be Jason for the rest of the match. The suggestion was reasonably simple, the mask falls to the ground, appearing on the map and who ever gets it first gets to be Jason. I think this idea has quite a bit of merit. What do you all think?
  3. There's no proof Jason is Jason, he could be a hobo for all we know.
  4. I like @Truth's suggestion of it being a 5% chance in QP. Just a little something to add some surprise.
  5. I wouldn't mind the doors just having some damage already done to them but not gone completely. Could make you think before you bother to lock it. It might make you skip that cabin entirely early in the game. Also since Jason doesn't need to start with Morph, he could start with Stalk instead. Figure the best option would be to start with Stalk, Sense, Shift, Morph. It will take counselors time to spread out to objectives.
  6. That's a good idea, they shouldn't kill them though only reduce them to limping. If they died Jason would still feel cheated out of whatever kill he was planning. It should also reset their struggle out, not to be mean but because the person trying to save you, just smashed your kidneys all to hell. Ouch, high strength characters should do more damage reducing you faster when they mess up. This should be a toggle in the lobby, . Less reason for people to be upset if it's selectable.
  7. Yeah I suggested giving counselors the ability to throw a punch or push someone out of the way in another thread. It sort of inspired this poll. I was playing offline to get in on a little of the double xp/cp, and thought it would be fun to have a Jason that did mostly environmental kills. So I went through my kills and realized I didn't need the weapon. You could set a Jason up with no weapon kills but he'd still be carrying it around and swing it. Forgot to add it above, I figured he'd shoulder check the door open if you held R2 or the equivalent. Rage would work the same. It would definitely be try hard mode, .
  8. Please let the upgrade go smoothly, as that's what I want most out of the list. I want everything else too, I'm selfish.
  9. Should Jason be able to select no weapon when weapon swapping becomes available? If you have any reason for or against, vote and let us know what you think.
  10. Jason isn't a deadite, that's an Easter egg but the necronomicon does have something to do with him, who says only deadite's can be summoned with the NEM. As far a cannon goes, JGtH is cannon so the book is as well. Could there be more than one NEM, are the NEM and the necronomicon different books in a set, or is one a copy of the other? Wether or not the dagger was the same one is harder to say. In JGtH it's called the Voorhees dagger (I believe, it's been a long time since I watched it), in the Evil Dead it's called the Kandarian dagger. Now this could just be a matter of unreliable narrators, Crieghten might have been lied to himself so I'm not saying he lied on purpose, this allows a certain flexibility in how the game chooses to interprete it. Maybe it is the Voorhees dagger and like the book it is a copy? Personally I always thought the lake had more to do with Jason's state of unlife, but the book or some unknown factor plays apart. Hell Jason might not be Jason, he could be a fake just like Roy. He could be Jason but possessed by Pamela, and he just does what she tells him. Ideally Jason is Jason, but that doesn't mean he's only Jason. Pamela, a demon or even Jason's mysterious father could be controlling him. Really this is why Gun should try and write a story, with the rights they have, they could fix the mythology and leave it in a better state. Hopefully getting another movie made. People want Jason to be in charge or in control but still choosing to do what he does. Most of the same people hate the body hopping Gun could kill two birds with one stone by simply making it cannon that Jason used the book, or someone (dad) used the book to insure he would come back, via a demon (NEM - but not deadite demon) that carried him to a new body. The movie played out the same way but this way Jason and the demon are separate beings, it even explains the talking. That was the demon not Jason. It would give Jason potentially a rival or enemy, or he killed it in hell. In the end Jason does what he does, because he wants to. At least in my version, that's how it ends. Jason doesn't change but we end up knowing he chooses to be this way.
  11. Thank you @Truth, you get half the credit, that way if the Devs add it I can blame you for questioning me. The OP's idea for map skins/variants is the best part by far. The Devs could drop a new variant anytime players started to get to comfortable, gives them room to play around and drop surprises on us. The other cool thing that could happen is we could skip, the whole five minutes later nonsense. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be, as soon as Jason started the kill animation on poor Rob, everyone would get control of their counselors but be within 50 feet of Jason. He'd have to go to the shack if he wanted the bonus knives, just to bring the balance a little closer to centre. Everyone would start in a big group in a semi circle in front of Jason. A couple of counselors could start with appropriate weapons based on luck ie. pot/pan, fire poker, or the stick. Lots of people would take the slugger perk on this variant, just for the meta of starting with a weapon.
  12. Like I said @Truth, I like the idea, it just needs a little refinement, or to be made a smaller addition. You read my response too, it wasn't in the OP, I'm flattered. lol. It would be an excellent opportunity to add a way to board up doors and windows. They could also let you use something like a sheet hanging on a wash line, you'd fold it to drape over the broken glass to climb through, or the bedding would work when inside a cabin. They could add an action that lets your counselor clear the glass from the window using whatever weapon you have, reducing the damage or the chance to be damaged but not both as there should still be some advantage to Jason smashing windows.
  13. Ummm, It was literally pointed out in the first response, unbunch your panties @Truth. Edit - There would be no guns anywhere on the map too.
  14. Wouldn't Jason be dead already on most of these maps? Since you know, he dies at the end of every movie. "Hey guys they forgot a body with an ax in its head?" (Edit - Would he not have a mask at the start?) (no part five map as Roy really stayed dead) It's not a bad idea man, but it shouldn't take place after any specific movie, just after random Jason massacre. Pre-arrival of the final girl and Tommy. Taking into account how much damage is done after a game (which this kinda is), it should be limited to one part of the map, a row of cabins or just one of the main houses. Don't be salty BoB, I do like the idea just think it needs a little refinement so as to not be too ridiculously leaned in Jason's favour.
  15. I think because most of the suggested perks are OP, and balance is at a nice place right now. If Jason did have perks, they would probably be little things ie. quieter footsteps, weaker red light in the water, has a radio that cuts in and out so he can hear plans. One extra trap would be nice sometimes. The other thing they could do is tie powers together like Stalk and shift, sense and shift you'd activate one and the other would go active for the same length of time, draining but only the length of time it's active, Morph and Stalk would make you appear with Stalk up till you deactivate it. Tying to many powers together would end up hurting Jason in the long run. To answer the question, mostly it's about customization, but it also would add a little uncertainty as Jason would have unknown potential, currently you know what to expect when you see any particular Jason. I think at some point he might need them, counselors will get more items, weapons or just to balance the legendary counselor perks. (That is a very salty title, I don't believe anyone needs Jason to have perks.) As for people wanting Jason stronger, I do.... but I also want the counselors to be stronger/have more options, to balance it out. The game is a teeter totter, add something on one side, make the lever longer on the other. Using this analogy, eventually Jason will need to add weight as just getting faster (making his lever longer) eventually won't work, in fact we're about there now. You make Jason any faster as a balance and you'll remove half the counselors from the game. Jason perks would add weights not length, the balance needs to be fixed for repair counselors, but not by making Jason slower. If it is fixed that just piles more weight on the counselor side. I worked all night so my brains mush, I think there's at least one good idea in there, somewhere. (Or two or three answers to the OP.)
  16. Only sort of related, I'd like to be able to collect the masks from each Jason by escaping with them. Use the models from the Virtual Cabin 2, and have them show up in the progress menu with badges and tapes. In their own mask page, collecting them all should earn you a merit badge, or the ability to wear the masks, something cool.
  17. It is an interesting idea, I think we need a different kill method at some point. I would hope it would require us to figure it out, say using more communication or to put a couple of simple clues together, before you know which kill method to try. As an alternate kill in a list of possibles this wouldn't be the worst they could choose. I would buy a DLC to play as Kane in Jason's mask it would be a cool alternate, without leaving the franchise. Jason Strengths for Hodder - Can Run - Stalk - Grip Strength Jason Weaknesses for Hodder - Shift - Morph - Water Speed Or something similar, he shouldn't be an easy killer to play. Was tempted to load him with stun and hit point weaknesses but figure that it doesn't really apply well to Hodder, but a more human less supernatural killer could be fun.
  18. I knew Jason X and Grendel were a ways off, but hadn't heard specifically that the mean girl wasn't still a possibility. That sucks, I was hoping we would get two counselors right before the update. So the last three videos could be used to generate the most hype/excitement. Although I think the mean girl would've had the most effect, so many people have been championing her. A good new counselor would be a bigger announcement than legendary perks or a costume/emote pack. Maybe work on the engine will go smooth and they'll surprise us. See I even find myself holding on to hope for her, you've all won me over to her camp.
  19. Your being very impatient, I understand why but based on how things have been released we shouldn't expect a counselor trailer until right before the update. Five to ten days out, depending on if we get a trailer for the update itself, a counselor trailer would most likely come first. So I wouldn't light any torches or sharpen any pitchforks just yet, a least not until the update release date is announced sans mean girl trailer. As for the fucks given, they are probably giving a fuck by finishing a trailer, so you can get the best intro for her possible. I would rather have a finished trailer then just a screen shot of her counselor select screen or boring write up. Counselors have gotten some love, legendary perks. We still have weeks to go, so just assume their saving the best for last, ie the Catty girl.
  20. Good to know, see you in a bit man, look forward to seeing around again. Also PM me if you need too, like I said I'm fond of you. (Not sure why, we disagree about everything.)
  21. I like to drop one outside the kitchen window on Packanack lodge on my way by from the phone or generator at the back. It's best when you can get someone to jump through the glass onto the trap.
  22. Oh, that had nothing to do with you, sorry on my end. I'd rather not fight either to be honest, I want the best game possible and good discussion. You'll figure it out pretty quick, but you'll need thick skin, the number of arguments here is staggering and daily. It's like in my first post, jumping could be fun done right, but it could also be a little silly. I didn't mean silly as an insult, a silly idea can lead to good ones, you never know which thread will inspire something brilliant.
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