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  1. Muffin, if you make a poll, please add Muffin, thanks. ?
  2. Every time I sign on. I even talked my girlfriend into looking for a Muffin since we are looking for a dog. Lol
  3. If they don't at least mention her, I'm going to be very disappointed in them. (I will except the Tiffany in a Mufffin shirt as confirmation.)
  4. I don't think the PS5, is close enough to release to worry. Even after it is out, PS4 will still be the mainstay for two years, as PS5 builds a library. The devs are currently on a good track, the update should hopefully mean a new production cycle. Some people on the team will keep plugging away at dedicated servers, while other people finish Grendel. There are lots of little things that can be done while these projects are being finished, this fall is going to be a good time for this game. Months of waiting can take a toll, the quiet right now will be replaced when the update drops. I'm just glad we didn't fight more than we did, arguing can become the norm, when you've been anticipating something and it hasn't arrived. As for finding a lobby my experience is the same as yours, never takes long. I spend more time waiting for that last person to click through when everyone has que'd up.
  5. This would be interesting, the OP is garbage, but the betrayal thing is worth thinking about.
  6. For beartraps you could just become stuck, till Jason comes around to clean up the trash. Beartraps would actually make more sense if they couldn't kill you, with just a snap, it takes time to bleed out.
  7. @bewareofbears, I think I'd rather permanently limp them, as punishment for their act of defenestration on that poor helpless window. ?
  8. They made a bad Charles Bronson movie out of those novels, they were so bad they where good, the novels not the movie. A cop has his death faked, then gets trained by a Korean Master named Chuin to assassinate mobsters. I remember them paying his fishing village in gold bars. Oh and the martial arts were like super powers. edit - the destroyer novels, should have read farther in the thread. I think I still have one somewhere, the plot is crazy. The Buddha reincarnated into a Vegas showgirl, and some doctor has turned herself into a were tiger.
  9. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17520-perk-system-update-legendaries/ I think what your looking for is here, it's not a complete list of changes.
  10. Wish granted, but I have nothing to wish for.... Muffin?!
  11. Good to know, expectations checked and stowed in the over head compartment, will there be an in flight movie? Not a serious question, but I whiffed on a punchline, will weapon swapping be shown off during the challenge? This is my real question, it would have made no sense attached to the airplane joke. ?
  12. Ah that sucks, I work midnight weekends, feel like I have insomnia sometimes. @Ahab
  13. I hope this is true... there's lots more to read in the other thread, your falling behind in your excellent review.
  14. Posted about this earlier, Offline/Private Mode thread on page two of suggestions. There hasn't been any confirmation on the Pajama clothing, it could be for single player challenges. I don't mind whatever they choose to do with it, but I would rather have confirmation on a Mark inspired counselor. (Or Muffin, but she wasn't mentioned in the leaks) I would hope that a clothing pack will be a part of the Grendel update, and only worry if nothing is provided for the counselors mentioned above.
  15. So what your saying is I have to have more ideas...got it covered, ? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17109-offlineprivate-counselor-mode-not-just-zombies-?/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-278339
  16. This would actually be better if a done as a mod on F13, Vol. 4 Scream - New suburban neighborhood, playable by all killers from vol.'s 1 - 3. Jason, Zombies, and special guest star Ash Williams.
  17. Why not contribute to the suggestions threads, rather than focus on the negative, what would you like to see in the game?
  18. I'm wondering if Victoria will make an appearance in the single player challenges, I think I'd be a little disappointed if she didn't appear. I also think that she should get a leash as a prop for Muffin, it would be an interesting way to expand the counselors ability to hold off hand things. A purse or other trivial items could add depth to the characters, and provide a way to sneak more items and customization into the game.
  19. That or a Muffin confirmation. Not sure which would excite me more.
  20. I really glad to see you interacting with the forum, Thanks for spreading the word of Muffin.
  21. I thought it was because the court ordered you to inform all future partners of your status. ?
  22. People haven't quite adapted to the modern game industry, hell the modern game industry hasn't adapted to its own growth. Battlefront had a goldmine if they'd read the wind right, but instead of quietly backing away from loot boxes, they jumped in head first and tried to rob the bank. A game can get a whole new player base with one dlc, just one. Games like fortnight will just keep selling things that take no effort to produce and are only cosmetic. Doesn't matter people will buy them, I will too, if it's the right cosmetic. I left a link with more thoughts on cosmetics and how this game can profit off them. I don't think this game is dying, but I do think it will change. (I'm sorry to the artists hurt during the reading of these comments, I respect your work but it isn't about that. It's quick and easy to implement so seen as less valuable than mechanics, sorry.) http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17109-offlineprivate-counselor-mode-not-just-zombies-?/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-278339
  23. If your interested, I posted the ideas I mentioned over in my thread 'OfflineBots/Private' in the suggestion tab. Edit - here's the link. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17109-offlineprivate-counselor-mode-not-just-zombies-?/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-278339
  24. I agree with this point of view, even though it has a small factual error, the stretch goals weren't all reached. However the profit did exceed it many times over. Things will cost money, dlc has to be a priority after servers are up and running. I'm not expecting a huge amount of dlc, but things that are over do, mixed with new stuff at a steady rate. I know for a fact people would pay to have Muffin, and I have some other things I'll write up tomorrow, they kinda have to do with this topic, indirectly.
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