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  1. Welcome to camp, I was just saying hi to another new member yesterday who is on Switch. You might want to scroll back and see if any of the Switch players want to group up. You could also open a thread specifically for the Switch as I don’t believe we have one yet. It might make it easier for you all to find each other.

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  2. Welcome to camp, it’s a bit slow around camp right now but we’re glad to have you.

    Sorry I don’t play on Switch but I’m sure there’s a few members who do. 

    Feel free to share your masks or props, I’d like to see them.

  3. I’ve been playing for awhile and the current build is far from ideal, I do think they have been making progress in the right direction though. If they can make some headway on the bugs plaguing the environmental kills to go with the rubber banding fix, I’ll be very happy. We all have to wait and see though. 

    Relax and have a coco. 


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