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  1. I like your new profile pic.

  2. Hey that wasn’t cool, I was trying to respond and talk to that guy about his mental health. You shouldn’t have deleted his comments. 

  3. Gave you guys a way out, we need an official response to this mess, please, I’m sick of watching people leave. 

    1. Truth


      Did you really think that would do anything @Slasher_Clone? lol

    2. Slasher_Clone


      It was worth a try.

  4. Holy shit dude, you came back just to do that. Why'd you even pick that name way back when?

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    2. Slasher_Clone


      Me too, that's why it hurt me to see the person who got the coolest name on the forum, drop in to bomb Wes. Respect though, I was there on the weekend, when it finally clicked. 

    3. JasonVoorhees


      Lol yea. Iv been lurking in the shadows since day 1. In my part 6 mask. ;)

    4. Slasher_Clone


      Now you decide to become active, that is pretty funny. Stick around, it might be fun for awhile longer.

  5. Don't let the state of the forum get to you, just keep working on those patches. Most of it is just venting. 

    Although, If we had a little more communication, it wouldn't crumble quite so quick when a patch doesn't land well.

    (PS. I'd still like to know what you think of Muffin, you could distract us all by weighing in, just a thought.)

  6. Having the only pinned as recommended comment is pretty cool man, glad that nthbutagoodtime did that, I would have been sorry if the merge had stolen your thunder.

    The Muffin thread has been really good for the forum. You deserve more props.

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