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  1. When it drops, I would rather they focus on quality than speed at this point. That and finding away to give us something extra because if ever there was a time it’s now.
  2. Yeah you could see them clearly, go watch some old footage from just after release. They also didn’t stun him at the time, just made sound bubbles.
  3. Thanks, if you need to tag someone you can do it by typing the @ symbol followed by their name, @Kane78. Welcome again, glad you joined us.
  4. Welcome to camp, sorry I don’t actually know the answer to your question but I believe it’s just random. Could you do me a favour and write an introduction post, when you get a second. Good luck on finding more tapes, not sure when the next extra tape event is but then is always a good time to get some.
  5. Sounds interesting, you could get some really cool Scooby games going if you all looked the same. I’d have everyone whacked so they’re all bloody to add a bit more confusion. Maybe run the same perks too, give everyone a sense avoidance perk, combined with a meta perk (medic or TS) and sneaky for the window strats.
  6. Yeah, I wish that some of that stuff would come back, not just animations things like firecrackers used to look amazing too.
  7. Glad it’s back up now. Thanks for the info, and it makes sense it took a while for people to get back on if PSN was down.
  8. Great name for a camp site. I look forward to any more you do and would like to see your forest green when it’s done. Great idea about using sat photos. What’s the s on the west side of the map?
  9. I’m having a problem too, so it’s not isolated to you. @mattshotcha, heads up man. Edit - Got a lobby but it’s not filling up.... Seems better now been getting in to lobbies.
  10. Love doing the door thing to Jason’s in rage. I like good chases and that means cutting it close or purposely getting grabbed to kick out if it’s a Jason that you can do that too. (If his kills read all Decap and choke not so much.)
  11. No didn’t even think to, just stopped using them. Thank you for the list though, love the coat hook kill.
  12. That was hilarious, but I feel the trophy is more suited to the thread. Happy Birthday Jason
  13. Vanessa with the sweater, a PK, with a couple of health sprays and the right perks gives me fits. For some reason she’s the only one I suck at shift grabbing. Lately it seems as if more players are actually using her for parts running, or just distracting Jason, which makes me appreciate her players a bit more then I have in the past. The awesome forum members who main her have helped too. I do agree you can’t just depend on that bonus stamina from a stun that used to make her even more a pain, so playing her against rage definitely requires a strategy now. Sorry for the exposition about my feelings for her, she really does make me salty sometimes, 😂.
  14. Looks great in my opinion. It would need to be fairly large like Pinehurst or I think the distances would be to short between cabins. A few questions though @HaHaTrumpWon. Is the (s), the map stand? Does this represent a specific part of the franchise? The reason I ask is the second body of water down in the corner. Does the map have a name? I think that’s all my questions, I appreciate the legend at the bottom it answered most of my other ones.
  15. Agreed. Feels great. Love leading Jason around with Mitch and having them tell me they think Mitch is to fast, 😂. Couldn’t agree more. I love it from both sides.
  16. I used to main Jenny and if Tommy never showed or was dead and I had to run the clock, the sweater just becomes another stun to gain stamina or time. If I never use it for those, then in the last 20 seconds or so I’ll try, mostly for the xp even though I no longer need it. Hasn’t happened recently though, mostly play as Mitch, occasionally Chad. It definitely fun times though.
  17. Sorry, reading my post again I can see why it sounds super critical. It wasn’t my intention, I was just trying too point out the obvious and included the first part because as a pub, I’d let it stay till we finished off the roof and see people leveling as an unintended bonus. I actually agree that it was brushed off. Probably why I really don’t envy Matt his position, he has very little recourse but to just keep the ball moving. Everyone of his answers can be turned against him later if they’re not 100%.
  18. Or maybe they realize that people will farm and they think, hey let’s fix this other thing that has been a major thorn in the players side and leave the thing that lets them level grind alone for now. I want it fixed but if you keep moving people to whatever problem is most immediate in peoples minds, nothing gets finish. TTT
  19. Welcome to camp LL7, if you have any questions feel free to tag me. Tagging is done by using the @ symbol followed by the persons name. @Slasher_Clone a little window will pop up just keep typing till you see their name and select it. You can always use a quote too. Please read the rules there aren’t that many. I’m on PS4 too, same name.
  20. I like it, but I also think 2 minutes might be a bit short for the kill. What about if they can only go for the sweater if they get his mask?
  21. Don’t double post.... please and thank you it makes more work for our Mods. What does your post accomplish?... nothing, yeah that’s what I thought. Try and be a part of the community or move on. And stop demanding things, it comes off as so bloody entitled.
  22. Keys, I like to control when I can leave. Health spray is a close second, I run Thick Skin because I feel to fragile without it.
  23. Did you change your gamer tag on PS4? Or were you caught in the server weirdness? If it’s the Server issue contact Jasonkillsbugs.com and if it’s a PS4 issue you can have your tag reset to your old one and get your levels back. Welcome to the forums, Matthew.
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