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  1. Next time you need it bumped, PM me. I’ll come give it a read, I’m sure I can find something to write that’s ‘with purpose’.
  2. I’d actually appreciate this as a serious suggestion and was planning on mentioning it. Bots can act as an outlet for some trolling behaviour, I’m all for Jason getting a couple extra kills each match if he can find them first and wouldn’t be against a couple showing up if they appear in the cut scene but aren’t being played. It could encourage people to play non OG Counselors. I think replacing any disconnects with bots would be a good thing too. Here’s to hoping it’s an easy add.
  3. Holding key items, it annoys me when I have to travel across the map because someone decided it was useful to take the objectives to the far corners of the map. That shit gets old. Worst is when they bait you out there then pick it up and fuck off.
  4. All those 1 or 2 seconds add up to that much more stamina to play with. You keep reducing it to other points but speed is stamina in the late game. Every window you hop in you get a bit more stamina than Tiff while Jason plays catch up. I don’t like that it breaks down like this, just so you know. I personally think it should be fairly balanced by the Composure stat and that stealth should be more valuable, they aren’t balanced or valuable but speed is. I main Mitch and used to main Jenny, so it’s not like I have a vested interest in Vanessa being Meta (most effective tactic available) but she is. Tiff is second but the gap between them is noticeable. Now if you want to have the last word, I’ll let you. I’ve said my piece and see no reason for this to dissolve into bickering, which it does when we start going over the same points and get frustrated with each other’s arguments. I can see why you think what you do but maybe it’s because you’re position is dependent on you being behind the controller/keyboard. That said I’m good with agreeing to disagree, and the last word can be yours, good chat by the way.
  5. You’re not wrong about this. However you’re wrong about speed, it allows you the opportunity to regain more stamina. It makes it both easier to dodge and to get between groups of cabins. Somethin isn’t wrong about the jog speed being higher as well. If the stats were more balanced then it might be a draw but unfortunately stealth and composure aren’t as viable or valuable in the late game. You’re play style might suit one better than the other but objectively Vanessa has better stats for survival. If you throw NoS on her the recovery speed jumps up quite a bit and those seconds of safety translate into real distance on Jason.
  6. That sounds fantastic, lol. As a fellow smoker, I’d love to be able to enjoy one while playing.
  7. Glad you’re back @Ahab, I was wondering where you’d gone, you didn’t miss much.
  8. No worries about being enemies man, I can disapprove and still see you as a member of the community. You didn’t get nothing, you got an Amazing game because people bought Savini as an exclusive. He helped get this game made for you to enjoy, without the Kickstarter and backerkits, there would be no game to play. It isn’t unfair, you’re just choosing to stand in a place where you can justify that claim. You aren’t seeing the whole picture or representing it fairly, when you state it as a something and nothing proposition. It does suck that not everyone can have him, I really do feel for you but I can also see the backers side and appreciate them as much as the devs for the game. So let me take this opportunity to say... Thank you to everyone who backed the game, I really can’t express how much it means that you all did this, 🙏.
  9. Because the level of entitlement is extremely offensive, you’re not just speaking up for those who missed the chance to back the game, you’re demanding something as a right. (For transparency I have Savini but never backed the game, the difference is I got him legitimately and am thankful. I don’t go around telling people I have a right to have him.) As for it being fair, we’ll you seem to not understand the meaning of fair, otherwise you’d see cheating to get him as unfair too.
  10. Savini isn’t required for the trophy... I very much disapprove of how entitled the OP is.
  11. Lol, right back. Had a match last week with a chase that lasted 19:30 minutes according to the first guy who died, he watched me go in every cabin but two on Javis all the while chatting Jason up about how nice his camp is to visit, not sure what everyone else did, they were all gone when we got back to the lobby but no one died or escaped... quiters. The guy who watch thought it was hilarious he died without doing anything and still had a good match, so at least it was entertaining. The Jason was a little salty but was a good sport the next match so I got no hard feelings about it. I did give him the kill but didn’t see a need to point that out, running and then escaping from someone who makes it look easy doesn’t help keep players playing. I’m assuming you must have given him quite a run, so jokes on them.
  12. Thanks @DontZzz34, I was hoping someone would make this thread. The only thing that really annoys me is Jason’s with no respect, if you chase me for ten plus minutes and you get on your mic to brag after killing me, rather than saying GG, you’re trash. So I guess a sub version of tunneling.
  13. Last time I got to play, there was a random Vanessa doing her best to change my view of a Vanessa’s in general. As Jason guarded the four seater, mostly by trapping/slashing and I was solo repairing it, she just kept appearing and dropping Sprays. I’d back off, Jason would drop a trap, I’d waste his Shift juking around the single cabin, tank the trap, lead him on a run and put in the objectives. Everytime I backed off she’d run up teabag and drop a Spray. It was weird but sweet, I had to die to get the car started but it was ok, good match.
  14. Welcome to camp, good luck on trying to get them to do things like you suggested. Joking aside, they’re doing a good job keeping people informed, if you haven’t go on YouTube and watch the latest episode of Beyond. The forum is their bastard step child, if you want better interaction try over on their official Discord, apparently they get a Mel. 😂
  15. Welcome to camp, what system do you play on?
  16. Get the game on console, it’s more than worth it.
  17. The real meta, lol. At least in my opinion, Hypo isn’t worth half what NoS is.
  18. I actually really like this idea. It’s an interesting take on perk upgrading. I really hope this is how it works in any future games, as much as I’d like small improvements that Mike suggested, a whole new system would be preferable. One were hard work are rewarded and luck is only a small part, if at all.
  19. Yep, they can take that car right out of Crystal Lake, mother will understand they were one of the good ones, they didn’t need punishing. Lol
  20. Wish I knew. I don’t personally think you win anything if you cheat.
  21. They should most certainly be banned. The company profiting off the hacks should be sued into oblivion.
  22. Ok we got three, a few more and we can do a proper list. Anyone else have a pet peeve about Jason’s behaviour?
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