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  1. Both sides, definitely going to try it tomorrow.
  2. I think I’m going to be jumping through that window from now on, lol. Whoever had the idea to do it as a Counselor is brilliant, I break it as Jason but just never thought to as a Counselor, even though I run a Thick Skin, I’m an idiot, lol.
  3. Slasher_Clone

    Wes' New Umbrella

    ROFL 😂
  4. Slasher_Clone

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Me too, first thread I was welcomed in.
  5. I’m glad to hear people still run MDAC, I ask but between people not picking up radios and not having mic’s, it’s one of those perks that are really useful for a group. I wonder if any groups have a group perk build, perks and rolls assigned to specific players?
  6. Welcome to camp, sorry to hear your having a hard time. Try forming a group with your friend and then looking for a match, not sure if this answers your question but if not maybe someone else will know.
  7. Yep there’s a time to go back to p2p but not yet.
  8. Slasher_Clone

    Perk Equipment

    I main Mitch, currently run Thick a Skin, Firecracker and NoS. I switch out NoS for Sneaky on window heavy maps or if I feel like playing with Jason. I’ve also run Preparedness, Flaregun, and Grease Monkey, depending on my goals at the time. Edit - Each Counselor has a unique build, I leave Thick Skin on all of them so I don’t tank a trap and end up limping when the random Counselor bug hits. I plan on testing more builds on various Counselors as soon as I can roll new perks. Looking forward to it, might find a new main as there’s a couple of Counselors I haven’t given a fair try.
  9. Slasher_Clone


    Lately people seem surprised if I say good game after shit talking them during a chase. I mean the level of shit talking does vary from match to match (I have been known to die early because I shit talked the wrong Jason), but it’s a very strange to me that people can’t seem to separate one thing from another. I shit talk when I’m stressed or bored but it’s always still a game, I want it to be fun for both of us in the chase. I think that people are sometimes looking for enemies, if you beat them or shame them then you’re an enemy. Someone I’m playing a game with may be an opponent to me but never an enemy, enemies you have to defeat absolutely, why would someone on the other side of the internet warrant that? 😂 It’s a failure of the education system, lol, all of them. PS. I’m glad so many members of the community have read the Art of War, this weeks reading assignment will be, The Prince by Machiavelli. If some of you read it you might stumble on the early references to Ancient Rome, don’t worry it isn’t necessary for you to learn the history that was the bases for Machiavelli’s ideas about Princes, just his way of thinking is enlightening. It won’t make you a better Jason in the same way as the Art of War but it will teach you how enemies should be viewed and how rare they actually are.
  10. Yep, people aren’t scared so they don’t even try to escape. As a Counselor I want a scarier Jason, as Jason I can admit when I’ve been out played. However @Strigoi, I need people to actually play for this to happen. As a side note, one reason I don’t want Jason to stay this weak is because the a Counselors will be buffed with perks, the variety of new builds that might happen after means Jason will be even further behind. Counselors may become more dynamic, this could hurt the game. If the opposite happens and Jason is buffed they’ll just have to try a bit more to escape, no harm, no foul.
  11. Lost two boats today, so not really impossible just harder. Welcome to Camp by the way, I’m Slasher and if you have any questions feel free to tag me... @ symbol followed by a name, it lets people know you’re talking to them or want their attention.
  12. Thick Skin and Firecracker, + Sneaky, NoS or Grease Monkey. I play/main Mitch so that factors into my perk build. Just wanted to say, good topic by the way. I look forward to trying new builds after the revamp.
  13. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I’m assuming they are offering to make a game, a lot goes into that and development can be incredibly hard if your not following a preexisting plan. Using the current asymmetrical model would be fine but wouldn’t produce a Halloween game, just a generic game with Halloween marketing. The fact that Gun. has done Friday means they have already gone through the process once and any product can be more refined. A Halloween game needs to be more involved than asymmetrical horror has been up until this point. Michael is a Stalker, both Dbd and Last Year play in a much more frantic way than a Halloween game should, Michael needs to observe and then kill in efficient ways. The players who aren’t Michael will need to be more than just Counselors, Survivors or Victims. Yeah I might be wrong but I think that to make the game work you’ll need more than 3 or 4 generic Babysitters, although they will probably be a big part of the survivor side. In my mind it will probably need to have a population of bots to make it more interesting and to make it feel like a lived in world. Escape can’t be the primary objective for the Babysitters/Other PC’s. If it is then we’re just back to doing the last reel of the movie. I think that a Gun. could plan this out much more effectively if they’re working with Blumhouse and Blumhouse would benefit from Guns. experience. As for Michael’s objective, maybe it’s to only kill the other players, or maybe it’s to only kill a player after killing two bots or to kill in a specific order. There’s a lot of potential I can see from having a publishing partner, just knowing what will and won’t work at this time with current hardware is a big help. Add story and any innovation that Gun. may have in store, it seems like better than starting from scratch. I do get what you’re saying but a good publisher will care about the details and not just give us more of the same.
  14. I just wish they’d make the bots in SPC fight back instead of sprinting for the exits. They should barricade and hide more too.
  15. Is that a Duck recipe? Duck le a’ die snitch, sounds delicious, does your mom make it?
  16. Slasher_Clone

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I’d be fine with it only happening to composure 5 or below, slower Counselors can’t loop effectively.
  17. Slasher_Clone

    What Gamma Do You Use?

    2.2, it’s the pre-set I’m pretty sure, I don’t remember ever changing it.
  18. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Me too brother.
  19. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Yeah, you’d almost think he was dropping hints, or just a fan, one of the two.
  20. Slasher_Clone

    Hello, Everyone

    Welcome to camp, glad you decided to join us. Look forward to killing you, 😉. I’m also Canadian.
  21. Damn it now I want duck, maybe some nice cranberry sauce to go with it, lol. Definitely click bait, mmmm dead duck, delicious. 🤤
  22. Slasher_Clone

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    The new trolling is simply playing Vanessa with stamina perks and running around a broken section of map. By broken section I mean infinite loops, Higgins staircase, the big tables, even some of the cabins if you break any walls. Playing as Savini or any slow Jason, you can’t speed walk and catch them. You can’t shift around accurately if the corners have uneven geometry, you get stuck or over shoot the grab at weird angles. The smaller and tighter the loop the more shift is useless. The Higgins stair case is by far the worst offending piece of geometry that you are forced to circle. You should be able to walk under it but can’t anymore, for whatever reason there’s an invisible hit box in there. @mattshotcha, not sure if you’re aware that the game has inadvertently added an infinite loop but I’d really like it to go away. I don’t particularly feel like I’ve been out played by the person exploiting infinite loops, I feel like the game has out played Jason. Fixes for infinite loops 1. Make Jason faster - this will mess up the balance but at this point the balance is shot. A slow increase over the length of the chase or just a straight buff. 2. Make fear actually do something - add VHS static if they stay right near Jason or don’t break line of sight. - have Counselors have a chance to fall after being at max fear for too long. 3. Give Jason the ability to always move at max speed. As a slow Jason why would I ever want to slow walk, his lumber is slow enough. (I’m tempted to remap my controller so it isn’t under R3 anymore, anyone else do this and find a good layout to use?)