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    prayers for shifty

    @ShiftySamurai, sorry to hear your father is in the hospital. I hope that everything works out ok.
  2. Ummmm, a lot of stuff has happened this week. We got a sentence from our community lead. I’m a little displeased with this, it apparently comes through in my posts. I can’t actually give you a list of shit that Shifty has failed to do, or done. It’s against the forum rules to do so. To answer your question... post here, write more than a sentence, acknowledge your community and what is happening in it. (If you go read the whole first page of Shifty’s post, you will see that I do give him a like for his response in that thread. It isn’t all negative.) Sorry If my quoting you led to confusion. I was just posting, to post.
  3. Slasher_Clone

    Tapes collected during event

    Do you look in drawers? I kid, that sucks.
  4. Slasher_Clone

    Legendary Perks

    Me neither, 70k later.
  5. Strangely I would, I’m not really a fan of the Funko Pop toys, they’re cool but I don’t normally buy statues or figures like that, so not my thing. I would buy this whole set, I’m tempted buy the Freddy and Jason cereals but would definitely buy these. They would be a good way to remember better times.
  6. I though it was well balanced, it gave both the positive and the negative. I think that the writer must frequent the forums, it she reads this, I’d like her to know how much I enjoyed it.
  7. Going to see the screening of your movie at Eyesore in T.O., happy Friday the 13th man. It’s going to be my sons first Friday movie, he’s dressing as Jason. 😁
  8. Slasher_Clone

    What kind of soda do you drink?

    Sorry buddy got booted for inactivity, thought it would take less time to let my sons friend in. Going to a screening of Never Hike Alone so I probably won’t be back on till late or morning. Had a pop called ‘island champagne’ it was delicious.
  9. Thanks, I don’t have anymore reactions, or you’d get a smiley face. edit there we go.
  10. Slasher_Clone

    I finally played online...

    My advice is to move to a new lobby, not much else to do. It doesn’t really happen all that often, at least in my experience.
  11. I do like the image that you upload Shifty, looks good, interesting background.
  12. Slasher_Clone

    Back in the saddle

    This was a very good read, and I agree whole heartedly with the suggestions it contains. Glad your not going anywhere @Bropollocreed79. Ahab just posted above me, so I might be reading for a while longer. (I’m shocked at the short response @Ahab.)
  13. Please hear this. below is a separate statement. I can’t apologize for my previous comments as I still believe them to be accurate. But I am trying not to be negative. The perk thing seems like a no brainer though, why wouldn’t we get an increased chance at better perks. Edit - just got a new fucking error right after posting the previous. wth is CE-34878-0?
  14. Shifty wants his to be the one we talk in.
  15. We were speculating that you must be on vacation, thanks for getting around to us.
  16. Slasher_Clone

    Exp increase is now in effect

    My bad, I should have said I moved it when I did.
  17. Slasher_Clone

    Exp increase is now in effect

    Better late than never.
  18. Everyone knows something I don’t..... 🤐, have you all been sworn to secrecy?
  19. Slasher_Clone

    F13 game tshirts

    You came back! oh, I guess just for today. Good to see your avatar though.
  20. Ummm, it still gives me that message. Can we please get this fixed. I’m going to see a screening of Never Hike Alone tonight and would like to play the game before I have to get ready.
  21. Slasher_Clone

    It's been fun...

    Sorry, I don’t remember interacting with you, but I wish you farewell anyway.