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  1. I probably need the excuse as motivation, that half a million cp is burning a hole in my pocket. I know it won’t make any real difference but I can use it in place of TS and just be more careful. The advantage of some of the negatives I’m well aware of, I just never had any luck rolling the legendaries and haven’t read the list in months. The bonuses weren’t good enough or unique enough to change anything. I still think most of my no neg epics are probably better than whatever legendaries I might roll too which doesn’t encourage me very much. This is why I can’t wait for the rework. Did anyone catch the stream I got distracted and missed it... any good news?
  2. I wasn’t aware of that.... Now I need to go roll it so I really can be the fastest Mitch in camp, 😂.
  3. While I appreciate its inclusion in the OP, it doesn’t modify your speed stat so I don’t think it qualifies as a speed perk, same goes for Swift Attacker and even Evasion. But the argument could be made that the devs intended them to be the speed perks or to cover those bases. If Sneaky gets an upgrade, I think I want it to get you off the floor faster when you jump. (This is why it’s not on my list at the bottom.) Your thread also makes me wonder if a luck perk would be out of the question, we could use the Crystal ball icon. I think you’re right, the bleed over from composure is probably the culprit, possibly luck as well but that one might not hold true using Chad as an example. This is an interesting idea, maybe it could be spread out to a few other perks ie. Evasion, Aquanaut, or even Swift Attacker.
  4. Thank you, 🙏. I’m looking forward to the stream tomorrow.
  5. Abusive Friend I think? @Ahab http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25434-slugger-perk/?tab=comments#comment-339142 Here it is.
  6. I’m pretty stuck on Sneaky as it’s the most useful perk for playing my Scooby games with Jason. When I’ve tried using low profile with it to move around the inside of cabin to do more complex Scooby games but it hasn’t been beneficial enough to replace seeing him on the map. I’d give up TS but I’m just too rough on my Counselor sometimes and it gives me breathing room, so I don’t want to at this point. I never know exactly how I’m going to want to play it so I’ve settled on the best set for me, as mentioned elsewhere others have their own style that benefits their perk selection. NoS is my second favourite perk though, same reasoning as you. I like to drive, I’ll even trade a PK for keys most games. I have been working on a follow Jason and keep him marked build. It just that flare guns are too random and only being able to carry one shot makes it kinda pointless to stalk him. The thing I want most from the rework is to enjoy exploring new combinations and getting more specialized builds that don’t depend on more than one meta perk. Things like the flare gun perk letting you pick up extra rounds from every flare gun you find would be nice. I’m going to mention this last thing cause it hasn’t been brought up recently. We need a perk library that will hold one of each perk. I’ve thrown out plenty of epics just to make space but later wish to experiment with, it sucks.
  7. I main Mitch and run Thick Skin, NoS and Sneaky. I love my Sneaky even though others don’t find it useful, it lets me hop in a closet to reduce my fear or hop in and out of windows in a quarter of the time. While I do sometimes get caught by a knife and popped back out while climbing through a window, it happens less frequently when I run this perk. Thick Skin is my meta perk and I prefer it to Medic. Medic is the better perk as it increases your carrying capacity for all intents and purposes but I just want to not feel so fragile so I run TS. NoS does help with fear but I only run it for the perma map, Mitch is already pretty composed and I can use hiding places to reduce fear when needed. Low profile is a good one but I’ve never found the crouch speed to be enough to make me replace NoS. It would go good on my Shaggy build though. I’ve tried to pick Perks that match my play style and give me utility through the whole match, nothing situational like Mdac or Motor-boating. These are great perks but not my style, if I was more into team games I’d pick my perks based on our goals and so might end up running something completely different. Without this being a criticism about Friday, I’d like an asymmetrical horror game that has deeper levels to it, levels that could only be reached as a team. I think that if it’s hard work to get to the third or forth map, what will happen is a good chunk of the grief will be left in the first map. You’ll find a group and try and get the hell out of those low level and bored player maps and onto the story. I think Hide or Die has the right idea with having a battle royal style map as the core or first map but they need to take it one step further and let players earn tokens that let them go on quest/adventures with a group to get resources or search for an escape. Killers can get a ranking system and being high rank lets you hunt on the higher level maps. I really can’t wait for the perk rework. Great topic by the way.
  8. I’m not sure this is the case... it’s an asymmetrical horror game, it sounds to me like it should be scary and that, that’s want makes it fun.
  9. Bloody hell, they better not mess with doing a perk rework, even if it isn’t an ‘all out’ type thing like I’d prefer. At least tweak the bloody chances. I’ve got two legendaries and neither are things I’ll likely use unless they’re changed drastically or I get to be a Counselor offline (then one will get use). I’ll do the work myself, if they need an extra set of hands. I’ll map them all out and make sure they’re all at least useful in offline play for modding the bots with, which should be a thing they take seriously as it will effect how this game and their company are remembered. I would like to expand what I’ve already written in the perk thread and have other ideas just waiting to be expanded on. For instance, let’s say they went for the thread I started about combining perks for secondary effects, we could sneak all sorts of fun combinations in but not immediately tell the players and bring some life back to the game. @Fair Play, funny I was writing this when I got the notification of your tag, lol. I’d like lots of surprises.
  10. I was just taking another opportunity to mention some things I’d like. The pubs will do want they want, it isn’t up to me. Mods aren’t currently permitted, and I’m on PS4 regardless.
  11. I want an offline Counselor mode or the ability to load in as a Counselor in the single player challenges. I don’t care if the bots ignore me, I want to drive on those maps, or go on a shotgun rampage (I’d really like an infinite ammo code, 🥺). I want to be the bunny killer next Easter, I want to kill the pretty people with an ax... I prefer to move around the map as a Counselor, but there are things I’d like as Jason. The ability to have my powers always active for instance.
  12. I still see them on PS4 but at this point I actively ignore them and tell others to ignore them too when they’re brought up. Generally I say something along the lines of “let them be on time out, there’s other shit to do.”
  13. This is how I like to play to, that said if you ignore my warnings to just run away you’re probably going to get killed early. I generally tell the person at the fuss house I’m coming in and they have time to get out, if they’re quick about it. I’ve taken to limping people I find afk. It’s a tad funny when you see them later in a match, still limping. Yesterday I got rage by standing still and blocking while 5 of the new people broke their weapons on me, it was lots of fun.
  14. Great ideas, I’d like to know who’s contributing and the bragging rights among friends.
  15. I wish the pubs would listen to us about switching Stalk and Sense. They have this idea that Stalk is all powerful but really it takes skill and patience. It slows the Jason player down and gives the other players pause about running around speed looting. Thanks for the list, it’s good advice. My favourite is shifting into the back of a small cabin with the door open and stalking, most players charge right in and lock the door. You wait just a bit till they relax them give them a good scare.
  16. I’m biased, I definitely think it needs to exist. Of course it’s probably for the best that they stopped at just one Me.
  17. @Ralph Voorhees, thank you. I know it’s frustrating dealing with customer support, and their lack of understanding. The community appreciates your effort though.
  18. I like the whole post but this part especially. It’s one thing I like about Dbd as the killer. Knowing what I was facing after the match helps me become a better survivor. In Friday I think I’d like to know as a Counselor because so few people will let you know what they’re running and I’d like to find more fun builds. Good ideas brother.
  19. Yeah, it actually does. I’m not judging others based on who they choose to blame for the current situation... but I’m done with Horror inc. For me it’s a way to deal with my personal feelings about the franchise and the game. One thing is very clear to me though, I’m very happy, even thankful that the game came along when it did. I’d stopped buying games or consoles, moved from pc to apple for convenience and in general just didn’t have any motivation to play games. Life happens to the best of us, I spent a decade not growing up and living ‘the life’ bartending, being irresponsible and playing games all day, but as I said life happened. I had a kid, moved away from my core friend group and got a ‘real job’. I moved on from games without really noticing, I lost something but didn’t know it. Then I saw a YouTuber playing Friday, I wasn’t much into watching other people play games either so it must have been recommended based on it being Friday. I’m a lifelong horror fan and Jason occupies a special place in my subconscious, he’s both the ideal Slasher, the iconic image pared with a perfect myth... and not my favourite. I’m a talker, never shut up and while I’m as prone to power fantasies as the next person, being a huge guy has never been one of them. I’m fine being my build (Chad but taller), with my never ending stream of words, my power fantasies tend to be of that guy, not some unthinking hulk or brute. I prefer Jason over Michael but Freddy and Chucky over both... because they talk, probably. Jason is the one I imagined on the other side of the elevator door though, he’s the one who you wanted to be on Halloween, he’s the topic of too many late nights and he’s the one we all wanted a game for, I can remember talking about it often. Gun made that happen, while I can see loads of places to improve it, I’m still impressed they made it work. They gave us a version of that hypothetical game from all those late nights. I have a nice collection of toys and other things, not a envious one. I collect other things so it’s piece meal and was never going to be complete. I just don’t need the merch, if the game somehow got more dlc I’d still buy it but NECA has lots of other properties and license I can support. I don’t think the small amount of revenue I provide will cost you any future figures. Like I said before I’m not calling for a boycott, I’m just drawing my line in the sand. It’s my line, so I’ll put it where I need too. (Things could change too, lines drawn in sand fade... of course they could piss me off more and I could burn that line into the surface of the earth with napalm.) PS. Who knew I had so much to add, Jesus I should shut up sometimes.
  20. I’m sorry I can’t give you the details but now at least you’re prepared and let others see what it looks like so they can be too.
  21. I figure most of the second portion of the match will play like a defence game as the Blob tries to either acquire more players to their side or as a group of players tries to confine and kill the Blob while they still can ‘easily’. Hopefully this will give the greatest amount of different types of games. I have more to write on it, just haven’t found the time. While I would jump all over a RE style game, or even the tower defence I find, I like modern online gaming it’s more appealing to me at this point than one and done’s. There’s something about competing against other thinking minds that makes it more fun. I think a game that’s willing to be a setting and give players a wide variety of experience will win the asymmetrical horror crown. It think starting with a property like the Blob would be poetic and more than a little funny. A small town can have a Slasher story or a monster hunt. It can grow with dlc and isn’t limited to just one type of match. There’s an opinion that if you have to many options, a game won’t have enough players to fill lobbies, I don’t think this is true. I think you could give them choices and they will play. Before I get any farther down this particular rabbit hole or start ranting, I wanted to say thank you for the bump. I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting honest feedback and appreciate it when I do. That RE idea is pretty good, it would be interesting for sure.
  22. 1980’s adult massagers, those things sounded like industrial equipment. I’ve never personally shipped these two and am a bit shocked it’s not Melissa, I mean Victoria that people would ship him with. Never wanted to picture this... but now every time Tommy calls Jason ‘maggot head’ I gonna think it’s a pet name... 😂.
  23. Looks like he’s ‘ghosting’, it’s a thing you can do where you don’t morph away but you’re character model disappears as if you did. You’re lucky it was a Savini, only him and Part 2 leave any way for you to tell he’s still there, the rest go completely invisible. I’d be interested to know wether he ever morphed outside during this, you said he did it multiple times? I’m not a glitcher so while I can do it, I’m not familiar with all the little tricks people have learned doing it. It isn’t new, but it isn’t very common either. I think I’ve only seen it in the wild once. If it is out in the wild then people should know it can be countered. You can still hit him and stun him, so if you think the phone is being guarded this way take a swing. It’s safer to use firecrackers as they also stun him and pop him back into existence, going in for the hit can be a risk as he may grab you and Morph away, possibly going directly into a kill animation. Like I said before Part 2 and Savini leave particles hanging in the air but other Jason’s don’t so be careful. PS. Great to see you back.
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