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  1. Sounds about right, one or two could be skipped if they were a programming hassle but I’d like to see most or all of that.
  2. Yep, I think they should let us load in as a Counselor. It might not be quite the same but people will have fun with it because it’s new. I’d love to walk around in the SPC’s and not trigger anyone till I attacked someone. Toss in an infinite ammo Shotgun that can break doors in seven hits and I’ll be in heaven for months. Edit - Actually it should let you start with any weapon and have it be unbreakable/break doors and windows. (The flare gun could be tons of fun too, if it lit people up like Kenny in the generator cabin.)
  3. You’d have to remove Counselor circles from the map, at least for the Counselors, maybe Jason would have them instead just make them bigger and less precise. I think his powers would all need little tweaks to make it work. Morph he’d need to be invisible for a bit after he got there or morph into hiding places maybe (old idea for Pamela). Sense could be replaced with the skin swap power as he’d have the circles on his large map to morph to. Shift might need to be buffed for moving around the map but lose your ability to attack from it or grab and a Stalk could stay the same. It would be about predicting your prey and getting them from surprise, it would be more tense than a normal match. I think it’s a good take on Paranoia, hope you don’t mind my added two cents.
  4. Awesome we should see if we can get a full lobby together on wed. then, I normally don’t get on that late but next week I should be good to go.
  5. I like traps and wouldn’t want them gone from QP. I definitely get your frustration at people using them in an exploitive way though.
  6. Welcome to camp @Chrisdahlia. Thanks for taking the time to post an introduction.
  7. Excellent, look forward to getting an update about the next mediation from Larry. A resolution can’t come soon enough for me.
  8. Sounds hilarious when said like this. Lol I’d still take the ability to put it back on anyway, taking off their body would be satisfying. As a Counselor dropping it as bait to get the Sweater stun could be tons of fun too, 😉. “Come here and get your mask Jason, promise we won’t hurt you anymore. It will all be over soon.... Come take it back if it makes you feel safer.” Edit - Missed your Jump Scare idea, it’s really good.
  9. Slasher_Clone also on PS4, I mostly play tues. - thurs. in the day/afternoon. I know it’s been a bit slow this week but people are still reading threads and I’m sure you’ll find some good people. If Lassie, Redcat or Rust invite you, play your best but don’t feel bad if you get creamed, they’re all very good.
  10. Please(/s)... it’s only better at one tiny feature. 😉
  11. I think Kay Em would have been the hero on Grendel but maybe a perk like Ranger would have been add to allow her to spawn on any map. Instead of a Ranger it could be Android. If she was playable as a Counselor that would be cool but I’d hope she’d have normal stats in Counselor form and possibly better than Tommy’s stats as the hero. Robots don’t have stamina but I guess they wouldn’t have any luck either, lol, course with a ten plus strength her breaking normal weapons in one swing makes sense.
  12. Sounds fun, wish you gave more details on the Sense part though @SmoothCriminal.
  13. I’d kill for access to any dev tools they have. A test mode would definitely occupy a good number of hours too, there’s a very long list of toggles that could be added and I’d love a hud display showing how perks change or modify stats. Also I can’t say it enough, let me load into Bots or SPC’s as a Counselor, I don’t care if the bots ignore me unless I’m attacking them. I’d like to be able to practice as a Counselor and would definitely prefer exploring the maps that way.
  14. In order... yes, yes, yes. However.... 🤔 I think you want a bit more in-depth answer, so I’ll try. As a system in a different game, I think this would work really well. In fact I’m going to take a second and tag @Fair Play because he collects these types of ideas and this one is very interesting. It certainly changes the way a killer could be played, it opens up different styles of play and provides several good examples of execution. It’s to much of a buff, resetting a couple of traps would be fine, ideally done by picking them up and replacing them in the place you wanted. The ability to convert traps would be a death sentence to late game survivors, yes it would disrupt the window looping but that would backfire and make the complaints about rage start up again. I think this idea has a lot of merit and I’d love to see another killer use it in a future game or a system like it. The ability to personalize my killer sounds fantastic and being able to do it mid match sounds even better. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I hope you get some funny responses.... let’s see, I’m probably a mix of Chad and Mitch. High composure and Speed with better than average stealth and luck. It would have been nice to be able to build a Counselor like myself and seen how my stats would have rated against Jason. As it is, Mitch is probably the closest so that’s who I play, although Chad does have better clothes/looks more like me.
  16. @mattshotcha, DorianRo has mentioned a new problem with XP and leveling on PS4 that I don’t think has come up yet. Could you pass it on, thanks.
  17. I like the changing depth of shadow on variant three. The blues are a nice touch too, one thing I’d change is the hud is to pink needs more blood and less milk.
  18. I’m not sure why it picks an idle controller anyway, I want my Tommy to be watching the match or checking the cameras but then again no one probably thought about it, so the Tommy selection system doesn’t take any of that into account when selecting. Oh well, maybe someone will think that far ahead if we get a sequel one day.
  19. Thanks, I for one am glad they’re focusing on one problem. I also got the feeling that they had no intention of letting the bug make it to Switch and that gives me even more confidence in their plan of action. They got a lot going on this month and next month but they’re doing good on keeping us informed, with a little help from you.
  20. Hey if it’s good you’re probably right, it will end up on Xbox. If you do pick up a PS5 it’s supposed to be backward compatible with PS4 games so you might get to play it that way too.
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