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    Current state of the game❓

    I missed you @FrenchFriedPotaters, so I can’t speak for others (cough, @stoney, cough) but I don’t think you were ever hated. The game is in a good state, not a great state but a good one. Shifty has even moved up in the world so we’ll be getting a new community lead in December, so I don’t think the game is ‘dead’. Hope to chat next week if your still around. @PowerHawkBasil, welcome to the forums.
  2. Slasher_Clone

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Thanks, not what I was expecting but glad to hear all the good news. I hope your friend is forewarned, we can be quite the needy community. 😉
  3. Slasher_Clone

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Shifty are you being impersonated by someone?... Because we’ve talked about this, you have to post a little dialogue to go with your list. You’re not living up to your potential, or my expectations. First you go on vacation, you don’t write or let us know if it was any good when you do come back, I’m starting to think you’re not taking this seriously. 😒
  4. Slasher_Clone


    Sounds like it would have been fun.
  5. Slasher_Clone

    Crossplay please !!!

    No thanks, I’m happy as is, and it’s not worth the expense.
  6. The legendary Friendship, really threw me off. I think I’d call the build ‘The Abusive Friend’ build, it’s still kinda wordy but gives you a hint as to which perk makes it unique.
  7. Slasher_Clone

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    Well said.... Excelsior.
  8. Sorry to be rude but would you mind sharing, and does it have a name yet. I want to gather more perk builds before they change them so I can get a start on making sure I can build as many as possible with what’s in my library. Edit - that was quick, I hadn’t even posted yet, 😂
  9. Sorry buddy, I got to disagree. Although it isn’t movie accurate having three people kill Jason, makes more sense in game terms. The whole kill scene is an amalgamation of things, not a movie recreation and killing Jason is still to easy. Edit - Welcome to the forum by the way. So did I.
  10. Slasher_Clone

    Patch fix PS4

    Pretty sure it’s all gone forever man. You could try asking Shifty, he’s not talking to me right now or I’d tag him for you.
  11. Slasher_Clone

    The Car

    Yeah, I want the beetle for my Mitch.
  12. Slasher_Clone

    The Car

    Or you can forget that you can’t drive over foot bridges and destroy the poor car like I did. Shit happens, laugh it off and run for the cops. I do wish they had gotten the car customization system up and running or even just had more options. Hell I would have payed for a dlc to have my own car, a perk that lets you start with the keys and a cool Skin is totally worth 5 dollars. Hell it would save me all the PK’s I’ve traded for keys over the course of the last year. (If someone wants to talk about what could have been with the car system, let me know maybe start a thread, not sure if this ones ok to co-op.)
  13. 😂 The OP’s not a bad idea, I’d probably play on random more if I could see my perks. I run different ones on different Counselors so it would help me remember.
  14. Slasher_Clone

    The Car

    Ah, I understand what you meant now and I agree that’s why they added those features it locks you in and gives Jason a chance. Plus I like drifting. Not sure what exactly your saying but welcome to the forums. PS. If you look at the bottom of the comment box after you cut and paste you can, Display as clear text, please do this in the future. Thanks.
  15. Slasher_Clone

    The Car

    So don’t let them start it. There has to be a chance to escape, or what’s the point. Jason can go murder bots any time, human players will quit if the car wasn’t a viable escape option. I hate to sound like I don’t care how a Jason player feels but at this point I’m just sick of hearing it’s to hard. If two people escape and you still killed six or seven, that’s a good match but the expectation that you should be able to murder the entire lobby every time is dumb. It’s disrespectful to the Counselor players, and doesn’t help anyone. Jason needs a buff sure, but nerfing the car would just cause outrage and in the end wouldn’t make anyone happy.
  16. Slasher_Clone

    The Car

    Ummm, have you ever driven a car. I think the car is pretty good as is.
  17. Slasher_Clone

    The big hello

    Welcome to the forums, I like your profile pic, ‘#5 is alive’.
  18. Your alive! I believe they want to see their own perk load out.
  19. Slasher_Clone

    Perk/stats question

    Welcome to the forums, I’m pretty sure your friend is right. The Sense avoidance is always on.
  20. Slasher_Clone


    That was awesome, I thought I’d seen everything, thank you for sharing this. As for the footage itself, man that looked fun. I don’t think the Devs are very good at playing video games though, even their own. They don’t even know if the car is fixed or not. The map seemed very odd, wonder which one it ended up becoming?
  21. Slasher_Clone

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  22. Slasher_Clone

    4k on the console versions

    Welcome to the forums buddy, not sure I can help you at all but give it a while for people to notice your thread. Hopefully one of them can let you know what’s up.
  23. @ShiftySamurai, isn’t this something that should have been posted here, by you? Has anyone seen Shifty, is he missing?
  24. Slasher_Clone

    Perk/stats question

    Yeah, as long as you’re sneaky. Here check this out when you have the time, it’s a great guide, written by someone who knows their shit. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/
  25. Slasher_Clone

    Perk/stats question

    Here’s a veteran talking about it, I agree with him and his excellent strategy. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25310-stumble/?tab=comments#comment-337317 Sorry about the double post, mods.