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  1. Rest In Peace John, you’ll be remembered fondly. Thanks Dole, posting this is appreciated.
  2. Happens when the Counselor tries to get out of the bed at the same exact time as Jason uses the kill.
  3. Not that I disagree with a Jason bot being hard to program but I don’t think it’s a reason to not have some form of Counselor mode. Wether sandbox, hunting the other bots as a Counselor or even just seeing what happens when a bot is put in charge of Jason. A Jason AI doesn’t need his powers, having him walk after you would be scary in its own way. There’s a lot I’d like to experiment with, it’s to bad we can’t just have fun little side things. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to do a lot with what’s in the game already if they’d let us.
  4. I think making the perks only useful as counters to specific Jason’s is to far. I’m all for balancing but not a the cost of players choice, and whichever perks work would become the new meta. Sorry I can’t be more supportive but it’s not a good idea to mess with it like this.
  5. Well I know what I’m going to go mess with later, 🤣. Thanks HaHa. I like your garden of headless corpses. Fucking Adam just die. Jokes aside I think XP farming means this needs to be patched, thanks for posting man.
  6. I would like all those options Play. I picked the top option as it’s got the most replay value but I think the other choices are all good too. SPC for Counselors is a very close second, and I’d take it in a heart beat. I hope some more people join the fun.
  7. I think it’s a great idea. I would like to add, I don’t think you even need a Jason bot but it would be very cool. I like roaming the camp as a Counselor though and would enjoy killing the other Counselor bots with one of their own. PS. Welcome to camp, could you do an intro when you get a second, D7 would appreciate it (he’s a Mod).
  8. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25838-jason-question/ Here’s the appropriate thread, starts about halfway through if I recall.
  9. @Sir Jack, I actually think you do want to have a discussion, and we all make mistakes so I’m not holding that 90% against you. It’s why I choose to make a joke about my aggression, instead of yours. We can laugh and get on with the chatting. Claiming Proof is not the same as having proof. It should be easy for you to prove you won, or are you referring to yourself in the third person? PS. Thank you for not randomly hitting enter, it really does remove 90% of my annoyance. Remember what Ahab said, I want to save everyone, not exactly the actions of a troll, even if my methods are unpleasant, they work and it’s always nice when I can start responding to people like fellow campers.
  10. Yep, I want the maps far more than the kills but leave them in and we’re all happy. 😊
  11. Yep, and sorry I had no emotes earlier, you deserve it though.
  12. Wow, I was asked to come give this thread a read as I wasn’t around camp much this weekend (work) and toss my two cents in. After reading through five pages all I have to say is, I’m glad people are still posting about a game they no longer play... but that doesn’t give any worth to those opinions. Hey I hadn’t even posted in this thread yet, how could I have hijacked it if I wasn’t even here yet? My aggression issues are anything but repressed, that’s why I kill trolls, lol. @Thunder, looks like you found your fan, he was hiding in a pointless thread this whole time. Now you have something to ‘shame and beat’ to. PS. You’re formatting still sucks, stop randomly pushing enter.
  13. 🤣, she looked so calm standing there with the door open.
  14. Her profile picture. Is an adult performer named Lexi Belle (sp?). It generated some ‘controversy’ in the past, silly stuff that was kinda funny. If someone identifies with a girl like Lexi, enough to use her as an avatar, not much is bound to shock them. You’re welcome.
  15. Yep, it’s the only thing Xbox does better. As for how many hours I couldn’t even guess, maybe somewhere in the 500 range, not enough to have had 500 Jason matches but I have to be getting close.
  16. Welcome to camp, when you have a minute do an introduction post, stop by and read the rules too. I’m sorry you feel he’s impossible to fight, he isn’t really, you just have to be smart about it and intend to kill him. Once you learn how the new mechanic works you’ll be fine, learn to kite and loop windows.
  17. I was more talking to J-Ray than you, even when I was replying to your quote but it was about as effective as in the past. Some people just look for confrontation.
  18. You might have noticed that although people still disagree and fight, there’s a lot less toxic crap, could you do me a solid and not resort to telling people to fuck off, even the PG version. It just makes work for the mods, and they still don’t get paid. I really am happy you’re back in camp so let’s try and play nice, ok? Please excuse an seasoned camper their rudeness, things used to get quite heated, and old reflexes die hard. “She’s(?)” not all bad and everyone’s entitled to forget shit when they take a break. Besides just imagine putting enough knives in someone for them to heal 6 bloody times, then having them do it a 7th or 8th time (which is possible, people have stashed med sprays in glitch spots before), you’re likely to be on here asking WTF too. I know I was confused at why they wouldn’t just die when it happened to me.
  19. Cool beans, could we add them to the map screen too, that way we can remind ourselves during a match.
  20. Medic perk doubles health sprays if you take hypochondriac you get one at the start of the match.
  21. There’s perks that start you with gear, so I don’t think that’s an argument against it, those perks instantly become more useful if the match starts right away. It could also encourage altruistic actions early in the match as you don’t want to end up fucked if all the repair Counselors die. I like this idea quite a bit, I actually don’t see any obvious flaws in trying it out. With that said, I’d only want it to be a chance of this happening, definitely not more than 50% or 3 matches in a row. If would change behaviour, wether that’s perk selection or hunting techniques which would bring tension back. Remember not to get stun happy kids, you’re only making the end game harder, 😝. Firecrackers and Slugger is the new meta. Lol
  22. It’s not going anywhere, but it is bound to get harder to do.
  23. They don’t... well I should say most of them don’t and it’s sad. I still needed the boat ones last I checked, I was getting close though, so that might have changed the last game I played as Jason. Had a lot of fun luring people to the abandoned boat. 😆 Still need a competent boat driver to get the Counselors trophy for being a passenger, I keep dying when I do go for that one. Very close to done but holding off on focus getting them because then, I’ll have done it all feeling. Anyone who thinks Savini is OP should try the boat, he’s just as bad as Part 4 in the water, lol.
  24. I was mostly joking but they’ll happen on PC regardless of if they’re allowed.
  25. I like the idea of fixing the grabbing a knife animation, it feels clunky. The grab recovery needs some love to, it shouldn’t be enough that a Counselor can’t get in with Swift Attacker but a normal swing should be really hard to time. The door animation should be either made to look quieter or more forceful, if more forceful Jason should let go early and the door should finish the motion and bang a little. This would speed up the animation and make Jason scary as he comes through, not delayed as it is now. Like the fast open Counselor animation. The chopping down a down is still very clunky too, it needs smoother transitions in and out, there’s a slightly jarring jump as he starts and stops. I wonder if combat stance should lock on to doors, not the frame just the door if you’re facing it, this would make it more fluid to break in combat stance? Sorry if that was to much detail, it’s just somethings I think would improve the overall feel.
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