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  1. I have no disrespect for Rob but I don’t think he needs to be involved unless they are specifically doing his movie’s. His movies are a separate timeline and not the one’s most fans are hungry for. I’m not against the inclusion of his Halloween interpretations but they probably aren’t strong enough on there own to support a game.
  2. I need a Halloween game too. Not want, need. mostly joking about it being a need…. I’d be happy with any franchise horror game, or even an original property if done well.
  3. Michael’s looking good, can’t wait for Halloween.
  4. I actually pictured people throwing themselves backwards over their couches but yeah, I can see a fair amount of wall running too.
  5. Thanks man, it was a good read. I do think it represents an openness to making a full on Halloween game but don’t think it is related to the Gun tweets. The mention of VR worries me, not really that interested in a VR game but they could surprise me and make it interesting.
  6. Could you post a link brother. I’d like to go over what he said for myself. Could be good if it’s true, games lately haven’t been holding my attention for long enough and having a new Asymmetrical horror would be nice.
  7. 4 years, that’s quite a surprise. Has it really been so long? I found the game by accident, there was a YouTuber playing it and back then I didn’t really have any interest in let’s plays or that kind of thing..... but it was Friday, so I clicked on it. I watched the whole thing.... then I watched another, and another. I watched all of that YouTuber’s content, then watched everything the devs had released about the game and development. It felt like hundreds of hours of my childhood had been overheard, all those discussions about how it could work or how you’d survive, distilled it into a video game. I had fallen out of playing games, real life had intruded on my time to such an extent that I simply didn’t have the time for a few years. Now I had hours to kill during the day when I wasn’t working. So for Christmas we bought a new console, TV, headset and a single game, Friday. This game made me realize I wasn’t as burnt out on games as I’d thought when I stopped having time to play. That my break had given me new perspective on what was possible and enjoyable about games but it wouldn’t have happened without this game. Still can’t believe it’s been four years, but glad it has been too.
  8. Wish we could have gotten a city map. I do think it could have worked if they had worked their way up to a city through doing a Forrest Green township map. Bigger building, with multiple floors can work. As an example, I remember thinking that Packanack could have been made more viable, by having the upstairs railing be breakable like the fences. By using creative map design they could allow for more dense environments. Morph would have been an interesting thing to balance, I think it could have worked if the map had in building positions to morph too. Having Jason pop out of back rooms or stairways during a chase would have been epic.
  9. I do too, man. Sometimes I get over involved in things or arguments. It’s on me to monitor how involved I am, it isn’t on other people. You can function in society, I’ve seen you have discussions without feeling the need to overtly engage with the other person rather than what they’re saying. Quit being so hard on yourself, some people aren’t going to like you but that isn’t on you. High-school is over, you’ve got more time to figure out how to engage with people to have the types of conversations you want but you can’t force people to have those conversations. You can function in society, telling yourself you can’t rather than pausing when you feel you aren’t getting the message you want across, shoots you in your foot. You are an astute person, make use of it. If you don’t know what someone means, tell them that and ask them if there’s something you’ve missed. I’m disabled too, you know what the specifics of your disability are then you can take steps to work around it. Don’t give up man.
  10. Things seem better but I haven’t played enough matches to tell. Have finished matches though, so here’s hoping it is.
  11. I’m having this issue too. Game crashes after loading into a match or just sitting in the menu.
  12. @Carlso, it’s going to be archived today or tomorrow or about 1 week from the last patch. (Edit - might be longer seeing the crash issue.) I’m gonna miss this place too.
  13. Hope to see you all again. Can’t really believe how much I’m gonna miss this place and the community... and the sense of community. Best of luck in your future endeavours Matt, if you could pass on a message to Shifty and Wes. Let them know, you guys built something special in the horror community. You got here late but you’re part of that too. Sincerly Slasher
  14. Please tell me the perk drop rates were at least increased?
  15. Mitch, Jenny, LaChappa, Chad, Kenny, Debra. Jason will never see the threat till it’s too late. 😅
  16. You may have just needed to sign out and back into the server, I believe badges are stored there.
  17. That pre-alpha footage looks great even today.
  18. Trying very hard to finish my boat escapes, got one earlier today. I’m very close to 💯% done, just the water stuff left to do.
  19. I really hope so... maybe not the going to a convention part but an announcement this year would be very nice. I’m still not convinced it’s going to be Halloween. I’ve been considering which franchise would play the most like Friday and still think TCM or even Hatchet has the most chance of being successful in that format. It’s also possible that Gun may not try a franchise but instead return to their roots so to speak and their next game could be done as a Volume Two. Summer Camp:Volume One did get transmogrified into Friday, so maybe they’ll step back and do Suburbia:Volume Two or something of the like.
  20. Many good times indeed. Hope to see you again in the future. ✌️
  21. Man, Tim is just trying to warn you. He’s not wrong about it, not being a topic for here. Could you do me a favour and drop that one topic.
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