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  1. Slasher_Clone

    Questions About Future Content

    A very specific question, that provides enough key words to start a rumour ie. ‘this year’, ‘October’. Hopeful our dialog will stop that from happening.
  2. Slasher_Clone

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    Nice work, very well done indeed.
  3. Slasher_Clone

    Questions About Future Content

    ? I think you’re being manipulative by posting this.
  4. There’s a warning, never seen it lol.
  5. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you were, I was just spitballing a reason why. Ten minutes seems like a long ass time to be waiting.
  6. Are you in the salt mines?
  7. Fuck yeah, when’s it dropping?
  8. Slasher_Clone

    Common tactic or BRILLIANT!?

    I like putting traps in front of the car for Jason, so you’re not alone in doing it, I’m going to say it’s brilliant but add the disclaimer of, when it works.
  9. I don’t think they’re listening, man. Not bad ideas, it just not a priority for the pubs to make the game better.
  10. Hoping for the best, but don’t have anything relevant to add.
  11. Slasher_Clone

    F13 Player Style

    I’m a little of all of the above. I’m not playing it to be competitive, it is competitive in a sense, but I think you mean the fight club members when you say competitive so I didn’t pick that one. I’m going to try and complete it, love the mythology but mostly I just love playing it, cause it’s a good game (bugs and all).
  12. Slasher_Clone

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Any news on the console patch?
  13. Slasher_Clone

    The New Halloween 2018

    Looks very promising.
  14. Jason was shifting over bear traps on PS4 today, so I don’t think that’s a thing.
  15. Slasher_Clone

    1 year ago today...

    What a deference one year made, hell of a feat making it in the first place though. I do wonder where it all went wrong, that dev diary is good, why’d they stop making them?
  16. That would be a cool thing to own.
  17. Slasher_Clone

    The thing

    That’s the one I was thinking of, a modern update with multiplayer would be cool.
  18. Slasher_Clone

    Maps in purgatory?

    Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you. I like your idea but think it’s unlikely it will be implemented.
  19. Slasher_Clone

    Best survival gear?

    I agree, one of each and a range weapon, I prefer the flare gun. Preparedness and Thick Skin are my favourite perks, but my goal tends to be getting away or eating up time, not direct conflict.
  20. Sorry, I saw a hook and went for it, dbd has taught me bad habits.
  21. Slasher_Clone

    Dead by Daylight director thoughts on F13s end of development

    His comments are trash talk, nothing more or less. Having the only real game to do asymmetrical horror right on the ropes, allows them to claim a title they don’t really deserve, the innovation in dbd is minimal. The game has a better balance, if you can call it that because it traps the Survivors in one place while repairing generators for extended periods of time. The game can be fun but it has no real growth just cosmetics. I get were he’s coming from when he answers the question, it’s clearly a place of relief. The place that this game left off in is still better than Dbd, I don’t think of them as real direct competitors, they’re only compared because we don’t have anything better to compare Friday too. I think he’s glad that the comparison will fade, it grants them more status. Edit - I don’t blame him for it, he probably dreams of being the rainbow 6 of asymmetrical horror.
  22. Slasher_Clone

    Hello Neighbor/Secret Neighbor

    I just wondering if anyone else has played this series, and what your thoughts are? I think the Secret Neighbor game plays as the paranoia mode would have, it also looks like a ton of fun. I got Hello Neighbor for my son so he could have a horror title but I really enjoy the game play. The A.I. Is legit scary, and makes me think a Jason A.I. Is possible as well.
  23. Slasher_Clone

    Hello Neighbor/Secret Neighbor

    Ah, true. I guess I was just wishful thinking again. I’m just glad the Neighbor doesn’t have Morph and Shift though, the tomatoes and glue are annoying enough.
  24. Slasher_Clone

    Pinehurst Barn

    Yeah, I’d like the three from Higgins to spawn in the Pinehurst barn too.