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  1. @AldermachXI, got banned for telling Jpops to “fuck off” in his own goodbye thread after they had a disagreement in PM’s. It led to a lot of stuff, people leaving mostly but some getting banned, like @Truth. He was not a happy camper, to say the least. To Hell and Back is a fan made ie @AldermachXI, documentary about the game and it’s various scandals. It isn’t something he should have been banned for but I don’t know the whole story, a lot was deleted. Kinda glad you missed it to be honest, good to see you back as well.
  2. Not exactly sure, he may have posted the ‘to hell and back’ video. I didn’t make it through the whole thing yet but it’s on YouTube. @AldermachXI‘s channel or @bewareofbears channel I think. Glad to hear you’re playing again, hope you have learned not to share to much horror stuff with your mom.
  3. Well a lot of people were so it became hard to keep track. @Truth got a month long ban.
  4. I’d quit buying or playing games, so this game brought me back to something I loved but had lost interest in due to the repetition and poor storytelling. It’s funny that a game that is all repetition and no story got me interested again. It did it by turning literally everything on its head, a single bad guy, please how could that work or the voip teamwork with people playing all over the world, we couldn’t have imagined how cool that was as kids. While I am not happy with how little of it we got, I do think this is my favourite game, it’s that or Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo. Edit - on topic The Dead Red game looks like it will be fun.
  5. Lol, when Toasty first joined I thought maybe Potaters was banned for something stupid and had made a new funny account. It became clear that Toasty was his own kind of special (I mean that as a compliment), I do miss @FrenchFriedPotaters thought, really smart kid. Edit - On topic. I haven’t found a game that’s enough like this one to move on to. Even If I did I’ll still be playing F13 regularly, it makes me happy far more than frustrated.
  6. It does look nice, and the title has a good sound to it, Ultimate Slasher Edition. I am still undecided, I’d like to know what’s actually on the disc and wether it will overwrite my save data first though. I still think this is NECA’s way to get rid of masks that didn’t sell as well as they anticipated. If this edition is the same as the one I already own, just repackaged, I would be disappointed. However if all the content on the disc is their with no download, I’ll probably pick up a copy for my friends internetless cabin, it can go under the machete.
  7. You’ve become a excellent source of interesting photos. Thank you.
  8. No this is on a different level, and definitely qualifies as an exploit. Again Ithink doing it to a troll would be funny, just as a player I can’t think of a good reason why this is any different than standing on an impossible rock.
  9. Slasher_Clone


    Welcome to the forums, we’re friendlier then our posts suggest.
  10. Please only do this to trolls, otherwise, not cool guys.
  11. I would like to know this as well, when you got a minute Shifty.
  12. Sorry to hear that, I prefer to challenge myself in different ways rather than being toxic. I only just got level 138 but I find the lack of options at this level tend to lead people to playing their own games rather than sticking to the script, so to speak. What I find ironic is that they could do this crap in PM with friends and it would be fine, maybe even fun. New Modes would have made all the difference imo.
  13. Good to know. As a side note I want them to tell us everything that was planned over the course of the next few months, so I wouldn’t see it as a bad move on their part as long as they’re up front about it.