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  1. New Fixer Playstyles

    Here's a thread with lots of ways to improve Repair characters, just added the wheelchair because of our little chat @Chetork. Hope you find something useful or inspiring for your thread in there. I don't personally play fixers, according to your little breakdown I play support, but then again who am I there to support if not the fixers?
  2. More Interactable Thingies

    Wheelchair Thought I'd write out my thoughts on the wheelchair. Mark stats at the bottom to show bonuses. The wheelchair will have lots of limitations, so let's get those out of the way. It can't be taken through windows or up stairs limiting the places that Mark can go on some maps. It also cannot be taken in the water, if it does end up in the water it sinks and Mark is left treading water, if his stamina runs out he drowns (this also would happen if Jason flipped the boat with him in it). If Mark is loaded in the car, the wheelchair can be put in the backseat, taking up on space or left behind. There now that's out of the way, being in a wheelchair is limiting but also freeing. If you've ever been in one, you know they take some getting used to. But once you are, traveling down a hall or even street is easy. The large wheels at the back allow you to leverage your upper body strength, and the laws of momentum keep you moving. One quarter of your strength is added to your stamina while in the chair. A flat plus three speed bonus is also applied while traveling on flat ground or on a downward slop. As for the amount of noise generated by the wheelchair it is treated as stealth five regardless of the counselors stats. Pushing the wheelchair for Mark gives its own advantages, action button to grab the handles. Your stealth is increased to five if your pushing the chair as your counselor is paying more attention to the path they take, if higher than five already no change is made. While pushing the wheelchair your stamina depletes at half speed, and recovers slightly faster too. Being with Mark should also effect your fear accumulation as your not alone and helping someone gives you something to focus on. Mark (using this name to represent the trope, I would rather have more original characters) Composure - 4 Luck - 3 Repair - 7 Speed - 5 + 3 (on flat ground or downhill) Stamina - 6 + 2 (one quarter of your strength is added to stamina) Stealth - 2 (while no modifier is added stealth is treated as a 5 regardless of who is in the chair) Strength - 8 Crawling - new animation Allows a counselor like Mark to travel short distances. If Mark needs to get up stairs or hide under a bed he can leave his chair and crawl at half speed round down, this would be a slow process and only to be used as a last resort. Getting in your chair again takes time, although another counselor should be able to help and cut that time in half, they hold the chair still or pull you up. So this is how I see the wheelchair in game, it's a mini vehicle that gives bonuses to key stats. As always feedback would be appreciated.
  3. New Fixer Playstyles

    I wasn't actually suggesting buffing them directly, just giving them options that would suit the characters we already have. Would you play Mark as a high Strength, Repair, Stamina character?
  4. Fix the stuns

    I mained Chad all day, but I play as super Chad, running around saving people. Which isn't the norm but hey it makes me happy.
  5. New Fixer Playstyles

    You said all that, look try this on for size. Fixers as you call them have two goals, fix or hide currently. So make some suggestions that fit that play style. Here's an example. - If your repair is high enough, let the counselor hide under the car, same animation as the bed. Let them choose which side they come out on as a bonus feature for high stealth counselors. (This would suit a Stealth/Repair character) After the car is repaired this feature can be accessed by crouching, press action button, rather than just the action button when the car is broken. Granted this is a mechanic suggestion and not a play style one but I did say that isn't really my thing. I'm sure we will get one eventually, but right now(April), is doubtful. Unless Mark is high Strength/Repair, which actually makes sense for the character.
  6. Fix the stuns

    Stuns are not fine, but this thread will descend into an argument that is old at this point. The pink ranger was involved in the last one, and should know better than to bait a new member. If the argument does erupt @KilledByKangaroo, just walk away, you said your peice, more than half us hear you.
  7. New Fixer Playstyles

    @Chetork, is there a new play style being discussed? There doesn't seem to be any listed, I'm not being a dick but your topic title is confusing me. The question in the poll is also confusing me. Actually everything on this page is confusing, maybe it's me? If you do decide to talk about fixer play styles, please invite me back, as it is this seems kinda pointless. Fixed/repair characters need more love. Suggesting more things to fix, or ways to make them more powerful is something I've already contributed too, a play style isn't something I would normally spend my time thinking about, but I'd like to read about them if that's what other people are thinking about. I'm not sure what the goal of this thread is, like I said maybe it's me, so don't be offended.
  8. These are my suggestions for Pamela's powers, hope you find them useful @Dr. Doodlydoot.
  9. is it true, I can't wait for April, best birthday ever, how did Gun know?
  10. Clothing Pack

    Damn you @Truth, take you trophy. Lmao
  11. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Money spent on making a fan film isn't profit.
  12. Thank you that answers half the question, how does it fit into F13? By that, I mean would it be special Camp Uniforms, Crystal Lake, Forrest Green etc. or would it be just bloody skins, because you can get those now by having a teammate hit you. I guess I just wanted more information. I would like to hear more ideas if anyone has them?
  13. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Why would they add serial killers as counselors? Nevermind.
  14. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I get why so many people want movie characters over new ones but Fox and Shelly seem to get less love than characters/tropes that people can project themselves onto. I think the Devs need to make a decision fairly soon about wether or not they are going to build a story around these characters. Like Mark, having the trope the character represents, would be more useful than having a named movie character. I know my personal bias, that I want a full story (2 years down the road), is why I want her to have an original name. Not really trying to change anybody's mind, I'm just working out how I feel about the name. The Catty Girl trope would definitely play a roll in the story I would tell, the story wouldn't force you to play any specific characters, so the catty girl could end up being the final girl. Which I'm sure you'd all love. Anyway whatever she ends up being named, I look forward to her snide remarks, hope she drops in April.
  15. Could you explain your idea, please? I'm not a Dbd player so I have no idea what a prestige is. I'd like to participate in your thread but need more info on how your idea fits F13. Thanks @TiffanyIsBae.