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  1. Slasher_Clone

    The Canadian server

    I didn’t even know we had a server, lol. There does seem to be a lot of Canadian players though.
  2. Slasher_Clone

    Heavy storm!!

    I think it would make driving impossible, I already have laggy steering in normal rain. Not a horrible idea but it can’t be random or people will just take the salt and leave. Better if it’s a toggle.
  3. Slasher_Clone

    Jason Perks

    A version of this is the other Idea I had been working on, use a second power or a power that is still recharging but have it drain from all the still charging powers the difference. Yours might be cleaner though as it only drains one full power. That second shift would be a godsend when you miss the car or get juked though. edit - interesting ideas all around guys and girls, look forward to reading more later.
  4. Slasher_Clone

    Jason Perks

    Jason Perks could maybe be done using only what is in the game already if we stop think of them as Perks. Jason needs to be unpredictable again, and we know his Strengths and Weakness are inactivated buttons in the menu’s. So this is what I propose, Jason is given the ability to turn off one weakness, and one additional weakness per strength he turned off. So for example part 5 could turn off - defence, + throwing knives, and - stun resistance. Turning him into a running, stalking tougher version of himself. I would be very curious how people ran their Jason’s, if they could change it up in this way, would people be willing to give up a strength to rid themselves of a weakness. I think this idea is kinda self balancing, yes some Jason’s might end up being OP but if they give the Counselors something Jason should get something in return, and maybe some weaknesses won’t be able to be disabled ie. running, or swim speed. Each Jason my have one strength or weakness that can’t be clicked on, it’s part of that Jason and can’t be turned off. Jason could also be allowed to start with either Stalk as well as Morph, or be able to select one power to start the match with, basically which ever power he uses, the first Morph doesn’t count. So Jason could go to the phone house under stalk or shift right after morphing in. Thanks for reading, still thinking about it but that’s it for now.
  5. I don’t recall if I’ve said this but I am in 100% agreement about the whole, no Legendary should be worst than it’s epic counter part, even if that meant removing the negatives from legendary perks entirely. I strongly agree with the idea that our perk library should be big enough to contain every perk, Ahab’s idea of plus 5 slots in the library is a good one. It would allow us to try different things out. We know that at least one build of the game has extra slots, we’ve seen screen shots, so it should be doable even if it only adds some slots. I probably have something else I’m forgetting but right now I’m still thinking about how to make Jason Perks with only what exists already in game.
  6. Slasher_Clone

    Being killer

    Some people seem to find fun in dressing up their counselor and dancing, I don’t but I don’t expect other people to play the game the way I want them too. Some people like to pretend to be stealthy but not do objectives, being stealthy is fine if you have away out before Jason gets rage, after it’s no longer a viable strategy. So while I play sneaky, I don’t think that stealth is a viable long term strategy for my play style, again if you can stealth out, say with the boat, then your strategy is viable, just not for me. Those players have a strategy I don’t play, I don’t get mad at them for not helping the team either, it does make the game more interesting, it isn’t about pressuring objectives for the group, it’s about getting out for them. So it’s not the best way to play it also isn’t up to me if they find that fun. If you enjoy hiding in a closet every game so be it, don’t expect me to save you though. There’s lots of ways people have fun, maybe find a group that likes playing your way. Edit - I’m on PS4, same name. I like to see it as chess and try and either do all the objectives and get everyone out or just survive depending on the Jason. You actually sound like your play style would suit me just fine man, so don’t think I’m ragging on you.
  7. Slasher_Clone

    Being killer

    Counter-point, it was intended for Counselors to have fun, it is a game as you stated yourself, different people find different things fun. Now I would rather if people played objectives but that’s just my preference, I don’t expect others to play the same way. Not having that expectation means I spend almost no time worrying about the dance party people, you should try it. Also have fun, it’s good for you. 😉
  8. Slasher_Clone

    An interesting Jason mashup

    It’s awful and beautiful all at the same time, lol.
  9. I don’t think you’re wrong but I do think that if Horror inc. and Gun. want to get the most out of the Friday the 13 property they have options that Halloween (or any of the other franchises) can only dream of. The game is the most recognizable peice of Friday that exists anywhere, it has taught the whole of a new generation of fans. It was praised bugs or no bugs, and exists in a position that lets Horror inc. have direct access to a huge section of their fan base. Friday doesn’t have to reboot like another franchise would, it can rewrite its history from this point forward and could even use the game to cement the new cannon. I have too much to say and to be honest I’m not sure if anyone cares to read my thoughts but I’m trying to say this... Imagine if Horror did cut a deal, a new movie is on the table and they want to make Jason King of the slashers once and for all. They have the mythology, and a game that does a good job of assembling it all in one place. The game has even given us a direct understanding of Jason’s powers, as we’ve all played him. The way I see it the game gives them a chance to build a modern story, not the off the cuff stuff that has come before but something that streamlines it, they can cut away most of the confusion and lay it out, a real New Beginning. The game could in that time have a real transformation as they worked out how to bring it forward in time to the present and use it as promotion for the movie and away to make the story accessible. (I would use the game to set the stage for a new movie, indirectly introduce the characters of at least establish a continuous history.) I dream maybe a little to big, but the way I see it, others have tried cross media promotions and had success. This property is build around keeping a core group of fans that re-excite the general audience every time a new movie comes out. It gives them direct access to the people who would do the most to build excitement for the next Friday to be an event movie. With access to the writers of the new scripts imagine how the game could work to their advantage. I seriously have too many ideas I want to write down all at once, so I’m going to wrap this up. Thanks for reading.
  10. Yep. Gun. would have to partner with a big studio to really do it justice but they just did the engine upgrade so it seems almost a waste to try and partner up just to make a sequel. I would much rather a big studio spend the time to finish this game and imagine a shared universe or something for the sequel, it would be the smart marketing move and give them a chance to repair their relationship with the fans. Sorry I keep dragging it off topic guys and girls, I just really love this game.
  11. Agreed, it was a good move even if the optics make it look desperate. I mean when someone like Larry Zerner is saying there’s no more money to be made, he just doesn’t seem to get how video games work now, the video game industry is still figuring it out so it isn’t entirely his fault but the assumption that a game is dead is wrong, a single dlc can generate new sales of the game. I’m very happy with what we did get but the wasted potential just blows my mind, and the other games that are coming while they have borrowed ideas from these very forums (maybe it was parallel thinking, but I doubt it), don’t seem to get the real potential of this genre. Imagine if you could only get to the more complicated or dynamic maps if you’d already beaten a low rank killer in a starting match. Imagine your characters progressing as the story unfolds, with the killers evolving as you ascend to higher levels of play. Each escape just sends you deeper into the mythology, and gives you access to more. Maybe I’m wrong but I think a game that rewards people for working together and we’re the trolls can be left in the opening match lobbies would be awesome. The biggest bad thing about Friday is the bored high level trolls, they’ve done it all but if you could only get to maps 3 or higher by working together it would reduce the amount of dicking around as you tried to get to maps that are maybe never seen by normal or casual players unless their doing a private game with friends, and the killer lets you. I went a little off topic again, I’ll try to bring it back. I mostly think the new players are alright, yeah they forget to trap objectives and they spend to much time doing the opposite of what people say, but it’s been fun. That’s why we play right.
  12. It will be interesting to see what happens with perks now that they have some feedback to work with. Not expecting it to be soon, just to be clear. I don’t particularly want to debate how the Jason perks or negatives of said perks would work in this thread though, so even though I’d like to join you in the discussion, this probably isn’t a good place for it, I will say I think there would be so many Jason’s equipping Destuction, we’d have to order camp doors in bulk
  13. Not a bad suggestion for Jason Perks, and your summary of the topic is a good way to put it.
  14. Such as? Extra traps, throwing knives, extra shift/morph?
  15. We all know how you feel about it. Are there any perks you think could be improved? I mean if you’re going to contribute to the thread why not try something positive?