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  1. I purposely grabbed someone at the start of the match in Packanack, jammed them right in the wall. Then murdered as many Counselors as I could drive back there. The whole time they were trying to tell me I could still hit them, but I just told them, they were a cheater and now on time out. 😂
  2. Slasher_Clone

    Gamer Types

    Welcome to Camp Marty.
  3. Neg. Defense could be a good switch with Neg. Traps. I wonder if they would consider activating the buttons so that alternate Strengths and Weaknesses could be activated in the character screen. It would be interesting if each Jason had two alternates in each category it could make the game much more dynamic, and tense.
  4. Slasher_Clone

    Greetings from Barcelona

    Welcome to Camp, you’ll find lots of topics about the toxic players, just be thankful we don’t have to put up with hackers on PS4, PC has it rough.
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    Hello fellow Horror Gamers.

    Welcome again, hope you’re enjoying Camp.
  6. You’re on PS4 my PSN is the same, send me an invite sometime.
  7. Yeah, it was informative. Ladders or any form of climbing would be awesome in a game like this. I want to see the second part, and I’d like to know what else didn’t make it.
  8. Welcome to Camp, I believe Dragonfire has covered your question.
  9. I feel you brother, got killed earlier this week because of being trapped in an animation. Thought I had time to kill Chad before they got back with the sweater, but came out of the kill and went straight into the mother speech. They all quit the next time I was Jason so I guess they didn’t want to try when I knew it was their goal.
  10. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    As do I, it may be a fever dream but it’s a good one.
  11. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Not with 4 warnings and a ban for emotionally abusing past members, lol. I will keep doing what I can to make this a community worth being apart of and for what it’s worth, I think it’s working so far. I’m glad I have you, Ahab, Thrawn, Somethin Cool, Dragonfire, October, Lasse_hei and anyone else I’m forgetting, helping. I’m almost equally thankful for Tyrant and Nightmare for giving us so many good threads. Not to mention our Mods who don’t just supervise us but are members as well and all those members who still pop in to chat or give likes. Ok I think I got everyone but the small T trolls that keep it interesting, 😉. The more I think about this, or at least what we know of this from the video and a few tweets, the more I think it’s a good move on Wes’s part. He probably can’t salvage as much by doing anything else, and Halloween is in the best place out of all the horror franchises. I still would like to save Crystal Lake but it might be best to stretch their arms while they have a chance and get back to it as a sequel after knocking Halloween out of the park.
  12. Fuck yes, excuse my language but man do I ever want this to happen. I’m not even on PC but I feel for our members who are, thanks man.
  13. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Welcome to Camp ‘little blood drinker’. (Unless your the kind of Strigoi who leads people to treasure and is a ghost not a vampire.) Glad you worked through your issue with the other members not being as excited as you for Rob’s involvement. I hope you stick around and do contribute more ideas, just please remember we all have our own opinions too and sometimes they’re not going to line up. You remind me of someone who used to frequent the forums and I’d like to give you a little advice if I can, Don’t take it personally. Instead of feeling attacked, ask for their opinion, you’re bound to enjoy the forum more if you do this. I hope this helps you have good interactions in the future. Sorry to go all teacher mode on you but this advice might help others who are struggling too. Personally I’d like to see them attempt a story that flushes out the lore but don’t see it as likely. If Gun. is doing a Halloween game I think it will be based off only the first movie and the most recent movie. I think all the others will be tributes ie. thing like a hospital map, not plot or series expansion. I think this because if they do it via Blumhouse, then they’re only working from their movie and the original. This means that all the cult and thorn stuff will likely end up as weird little Easter eggs. There’s a lot of potential in the idea of a Halloween game. PS. Your lucky that the members in that other thread have moved on, this welcome was stellar compared to mine. 😉
  14. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Looks like I joined the confused club, lol. Someone has hurt feels about something.
  15. Slasher_Clone

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Sorry just got here, what’s going on? edit - Ok, watching it now. Very interesting! edit 2 - I’m left a little disappointed that it is a pipe dream at this point, there’s a lot of what if’s in that video. Overall I think it would be an excellent way for Gun. to continue this as a series of horror tributes. Success of a Halloween title could lead to a Nightmare title, if the Halloween title is as good as Friday, minus the bugs that are hurting it currently. A triple A budget would go a long way. At this point I’m going to wait and see, it isn’t that I don’t believe in Gun. or that I don’t think they deserve another shot, they do. It’s just, to be honest here, it feels like an admission that working with Horror inc. is just too hard. The people at Blumhouse get it, they do better marketing then actual production and video games are marketing for growing and maintaining a fan base. Blumhouse does turn out some good movies, so it feels like a good match. Gun. can give them a decent ‘in’, into game making, so from a business perspective it makes sense. I want to hear the actual pitch, it cannot be a rehash, and without knowing more we can’t help them. I wish them the best of luck. While I’d rather, Horror inc. let them finish this game.... (Going to humble brag for a second, apologies. In the last year, I’ve essentially written everything you need for a sequel and explained how to include a story. I’m not pleased I’ll never see my ideas in the game, but I hope other games keep stealing (/s) them. Lol.) Ok, done bitching about the past. Ideas are wasted if not shared. Halloween could be a great title, it doesn’t offer the story possibilities of Friday but it could be much more intense. I’d like to contribute if they are making it, I have ideas already about how to rework the fighting back mechanics for a Halloween game. Thanks for posting this @Dragonfire82877, it offers hope that this genre can get some respect and grow.