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  1. Your right the focus should stay on the update this week.... I hope your right about it being possible next week. See I think, they think their being cheeky, but it is a concern that could be talked about and be fixed. I'd like them to at least explain what they think it means, so we're at least on the same page.
  2. A Save Crystal Lake plan, things that will be introduced to increase player counts, rewards that incentives teamwork, and an update on future plans. This is definitely expecting to much though.
  3. Elias and Jason's father are two different characters in the games universe. Elias is his step/adopted father.
  4. Slasher_Clone

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    Good job. Glad to hear it will last long enough for me to make up some levels.
  5. If your on PS4, I'll help you level up in private matches. If someone earned a level they deserve the credit for the work, but the weapon swap lock isn't good for the game in general.
  6. I do have a few questions @ShiftySamurai, is the song playing in the trailer the one being added? Did you edit the trailer, if you did I enjoyed it. Especially the transition from in the house to Jason, it was highlighted by the song, hence the first question. If you didn't edit the trailer, pass on my praise, it was well done. I'd like to know if it is your work though, others might find that interesting as well, so question number two? Last but not least, where is our sit down about Muffin? You've gotten the update out of the way, time to talk about the future, and by future I mean Muffin.
  7. I don't have issues with the game, feel free to check my posting history, just how its community is mismanaged. Wether it's posting the best announcements first instead of last or taking blame constantly for messes that never should have happened in the first place, our community gets no thought by the person who's job it is to corral us. @ShiftySamurai, Dan I'm sorry I called you incompetent, it's overly harsh considering the assholes you have to deal with. A breif aside... "So is the update coming out?" Chad says to Buggsy "Yeah, man it's going to be hype but I am worried about this one thing." Buggsy replies "What's that man?" Asks Chad starts getting scared face. "Well the first sign the devs gave us that they think their in trouble is some hashtag on the end of the trailer, #savecrystallake. It makes me worried because Shifty didn't bother to say anything, he just dropped it and ran, dog." Buggsy mimes dropping something, throws his hand up. "Dude did he say anything about it when someone asked? I really want this update Buggsy." "That's the thing, he just gave another non-answer. Answered a question with a question bro." "Fuck, hope he adds something tomorrow. This shit is getting old."
  8. No, it feels like a half effort. The #SaveCrystalLake, is good and sets the right tone but lacks any punch without you saying anything about it. I get your not at work, and that dropping it tonight is preferable to waiting till morning. I do appreciate it, but where's your fire.
  9. So is our community manager incompetent or just to scared to write anything? It's a good trailer but that's it, that's the announcement, where's the rest of it? I'm disappointed, you can do better.
  10. Slasher_Clone

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    @ShiftySamurai has the update been sent to cert? Letting people know would be appreciated. It might even stop the ridiculousness above.
  11. Slasher_Clone

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    The problem isn't the level lock in my view, it's the level of the lock combined with the fact that you get them all at once. They should be spread out to encourage players to try them out, for a period of levels. They should be steady rewards that encourage grinding by making it a process to get them all. With it this way, it's all or nothing, I think it makes more sense the other way.
  12. Slasher_Clone

    Removal of "Free" Stuns?

    Wait stop the argument for a moment, and read this again. This is good, useful, objective. Who are you and what have you done with @DasMurich?
  13. Slasher_Clone

    Movie Marathon Mode

    Yeah more new mode ideas, tell me more....please. 😃
  14. I like it, good balance. I would like them to give different stamina penalties and fear reduction bonuses, it would make sense for some emotes to make you less fearful but not all of them, same goes for stamina.
  15. I really like this idea, wish you'd stuck it in my thread on modes, but I really like this idea so I don't really care you didn't. Almost all the modes I've suggested since the first one have been about making small gains in different areas of the program ie. AI cars driving better, getting a Jason AI up and running (the race mode actually has this general idea in it) by popping in and out at different points, or improving bot combat. Back to your idea, it could be a good place to test out Jason hiding in closets as well adding an element of suspense to exploring cabins, if you stay in Combat Stance you can dodge his attempted surprise attack from the closet or something similar to make it take time to accomplish objectives.