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  1. Look forward to the next part, very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. It’s recognizable and even kinda fun. Better dialog than some of the movies.
  2. Very interesting, I’m definitely interested in seeing what you come up with.
  3. I think some form of mediation is occurring. It explains the license being used in the limited degree we’ve seen the last few months.
  4. Just wanted to stop by camp and wish everyone a happy New Year. 2021 should be exciting, can’t wait to see what Gun has in store for us. I hope everyone has a good night, stay safe and see you in the new year.
  5. It was bad the first day, but the first patch helped quite a bit and today’s patch seemed to have helped even more. I only got about an hour of play today though and won’t get more till Monday so it might still be happening and I got lucky, won’t know till then. I’m on a PS4 pro so it was never as bad for me as stand PS4 players. I will say I’m enjoying it tremendously, I haven’t played any modern RPG’s and those elements seem to be interesting if not revolutionary. Haven’t gone through a romance option yet but there’s different options depending on your The city is amazing, it’s very pretty. There are a few issues the NPC tend to spawn in and out so if you turn fast you’ll catch them, cops can’t chase you far they’re dangerous but easily lost and need work to be more than a nuisance. The positives have outweighed the negatives for me. I like the story and feel I’ll get multiple play through out of it. I think the things that aren’t as good as they could be, will be improved. This is their first game like this, with this kind of scope and it’s going to be their flagship for the next few years. The different ways to build out you’re character alone offer tons of replay value. I’m going the Netrunner/hacker root first. I’m about level 10 and just just starting to see the potential. I may have cheated a bit and watched YouTube.
  6. So far I’m really liking the story. I decided to pick choices I wouldn’t normally play first, I’m still only in the opening section and think I’m at the first real opportunity to explore. The game tries to keep you moving along the main story line and you kinda have to just ignore it. I haven’t seen much of the city, from what I have seen though it’s bigger and more detailed than any video game city I’ve ever been in. I haven’t even seen the edge of it yet. It’s like a very in-depth FPS with RPG elements.
  7. Downloading it now, can’t wait. Looks like it’s going to be a blast.
  8. Don’t know what the next game is but Wes is posting mocap for it.
  9. I’d love that @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow. I hope they do.
  10. What I wouldn’t give for a hint about Guns next project. I need something to think about, not much going on in the world of asymmetrical horror till next summer (Indie game, Charlie the Legend) and I’d love to contribute to whatever is coming. Halloween has lots of potential, so do Scream, TCM and Child’s Play. The other horror franchises could work but aren’t going to have the same pull as these ones, Friday was such a massive success because it had a built in audience. That’s audience is most attached to 80/90’s franchise horror. If Gun is building up a smaller IP, or one with a smaller fan base it could still be as successful as Friday but it will be harder. Whatever they’re working on, I can’t wait.... Do us proud Gun.
  11. @Strigoi, I just think there would be better ways to make Michael his own character. I do think Michael needs something like Stalk but the other powers could be things that more suit Michael. Besides it isn’t like there going to base there idea off my post, if they’re working on a Halloween game they likely have been working on it a while.
  12. @KOOLLAYDTAC, Michael drives a car to get around fast. I don’t see Michael using Shift or Morph that doesn’t mean he won’t end up doing either of those things. I’d rather have them expand him in his own unique way rather than copying Jason. I’d be very happy if they allowed Michael to hide and ambush kill the other players, it makes sense for the character. It needs to be a game about Prep and prediction rather than a rubber band chase.
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