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  1. Going to have to think about it but wanted to mention how cool I thought you’re ideas were. Please do, and I like that whole post. Great ideas all around, especially like the idea of a knife, the kills could be really brutal.
  2. Yep, that facts don’t exist comment I totally missed it while typing my reply to another comment. I glanced at it, added some fact but didn’t process how dumb it was. (C is a constant, go argue with light.) I got a chuckle out of that Canadian comment, we’re super polite while killing you, kindness is the best weapon after all... it lowers people’s defences, lol. Actually the only thing that really changed when weed became legal were all the grandmas trying it, and then being super excited about it. My girlfriends Mom is a retired Nurse and now vapes to deal with arthritis pain, we had weed cookies at Christmas too, 😜. Grandma got high AF. 😂
  3. I really hope they do, it makes sense. PS. Stop double posting, edit and use the plus button to collect quotes. Makes work for our Mods, and my only hope to not be one is that none quit, lol.
  4. Yes, not sure if the other two need to be just epic or not. Much clearer, and teaming with Jason is never cool so we agree on that, don’t kill people just because they play differently than you. I would make an exception if you merely grabbed the sweater and escaped, nothing saying you have to stick around or not use it as a stun. These two things aren’t teaming, as getting the sweater makes you a target and using it as a stun is totally a valid tactic. Of course being mad at someone who does the stun or escape thing falls under that too, don’t be mad because someone plays differently than you. I thought the thread was mostly about not wanting Jason to get a buff, it kinda read that way after people started responding. Abusive Friend build - Legendary Thrasher, Slugger and Friendship. Demasking should be modified around this build, it doesn’t need a nerf. If you’re running it it means no meta.
  5. Sure, not sure this applies to what I was saying but sure. Jason needs a buff of some kind, I remember you’re old thread it’s an interesting idea but not exactly what we got, not sure if you want partial responsibility though, lol. 😝
  6. I believe it’s actually both, you have slightly less HP if you have -Defense and the block is delayed but I’d need to ask someone who knows it better. @Somethin Cool, could you pop in for a minute, I’m not sure on something and would appreciate a clarification.
  7. If you agree then clearly Jason needs a real buff, Rage isn’t a buff against the kill. It means Counselors can mindlessly throw themselves against Jason till the mask pops off. Wether early or late game once it’s off, the number of things that Counselors can do to prevent you from harming either Tommy or SG are easy and obvious. Just stay close and heal. Jason on the other hand can collect knives and hope to get one before they’re healed, doesn’t sound balanced to me. Stuns prevent damage once you’re in rage the mask comes off faster because you’re not being stunned and there is no reduction. You give Rage far to much credit, looping till the clock runs out is still possible.
  8. @Ahab, well said. I noticed but was out of emotes, that happens far too often. Have a heart... I cut it out of a Deb. Who needs pills, I’m Canadian weeds legal, lol. Looking forward to you actually presenting an argument for why it is balanced, I haven’t seen one yet. It should be rebalanced and in Jason’s favour. The average Jason against a team of Counselors. Fact is you can take the mask in as little as one hit. Fact is Jason can be de-masked and then sweater stunned before he can even Shift. Fact is Jason’s block is delayed and can only be used in combat stance, meaning you can’t wear down their stamina if you do it. Fact is Counselors win if the time runs out. How about those ones?
  9. The drawback is that people will leave the match rather than waiting to be Tommy or hunting parties becoming team killing drivers to clear the field of randoms, so they can try. I’m not sure it will do anything positive, even if it is a good suggestion. @malloymk, if it had been like that from a year ago it might have done something good but as is, 🤷‍♂️. There’s also this... .
  10. Thanks anyway, it might have been interesting but before my time, so I missed it.
  11. I just want to know what a Counselor bot would do if it was controlling a Jason model and given the most aggressive archetype they have. I never considered Sega, you might actually have something with that idea, they never shied away from horror. If you do find it please PM me a link, I’d love to see it.
  12. Yes please. To be honest I want that for a multiplayer game, not just single player challenges. An entirely contained story about a group of Counselors trying to get rid of Jason once and for all. Kill a running variant and he gets to come back as a zombie variant, get through to many maps to slow and he’s got more powers unlocked, and recharge rates increase. Missed the sweater got to go back and search those earlier maps. Would have been nice. Wether it was a new mode for online multiplayer or as a Counselor kills the bots mode.
  13. I think that’s a good idea. And they hate when you know that’s their plan, makes it to hard in their minds at least. I almost always want a rematch, Give me a 2/3 chance at least guys, lol. Then we’ll see who’s got better game. I don’t think the no new content thing would stop this from being doable.
  14. Oh, I definitely don’t mean combat stance. A Part 3 can demolish a door in less time than a Part 4, it’s not a glitch so much as exploiting a mechanic. I should add it hasn’t made its way into QP that I’ve seen and the person who figured it out has been good about not letting it get out but it could seriously break the game and I’d rather if it was taken care of. I was just using it as an example, I should have gone with the car/knife glitch instead. I’m fairly sure the guy who figured it out already reported it but let’s just say you never want it to get out, it legit scared me when I saw it done.
  15. @HaydenX, are you having a conversation with yourself or can anyone join?
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