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  1. I’m with Dragon on this, and he can speak for the fans far more than you can @Speed_Force92.
  2. Welcome to camp, it’s end of the season so it’s pretty quiet but you should still be able to find a good conversation or two.
  3. Hey man, could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. It helps the Mods, who do this for love of the game and is appreciated by the community we have left. Welcome to camp by the way.
  4. Lol, I’ll try but my network of contacts isn’t exactly Horror people. I’ve already arranged with my Fiancé, she’s going to order me a copy. Can’t wait to check it out.
  5. Well it seems that Friday is the free game on Xbox this month, so congrats Xbone players.
  6. I agree, it isn’t all about traps. You also have to watch the sound bubbles, make use of unexpected morph points to keep an eye out while setting the board, push Counselors off obj. in an efficient way and sometimes completely ignore one (the boat or two seater), to guard the other three. (Phone, four seater, and before anyone asks what the third is, Sweater.) PS. There’s a fifth obj. to, the Radio but I rarely guard it.
  7. Jesus... some of those are bang on.
  8. My sentiment were a bit more expletive than yours but yeah, wow.
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