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  1. There’s only the original, I don’t know what you’re all talking about.... a Rob Zombie Halloween movie, must be from some alternate timeline. Seriously though the original is brilliant and the remake is unnecessary, not much more to say I’m afraid. Also give me skinny, stealthy Michael back, I know you have him somewhere, the new guy’s not quite my Michael. I am looking forward to the next two, but don’t think old man Michael is my Michael. I need a young guy with real body control who is actually scary. (teeth being dropped on the floor is not scary... cool but not scary.) If Michael would go back to stalking babysitters, that would make me happy too. Just two more of my cents but the actor should be able to effortlessly flourish the knife. I know Michael doesn’t in the first but if they’re going to modernize something, it’s that. No talking, no face reveal, no reasoning, just doing. PS. I will gladly teach them how to flare a damn knife, it’s not that hard and awesome to watch. I like the idea of him expressing himself with it but being utterly lifeless otherwise. Also stalking, give me more stalking damn you directors.
  2. Thanks for the inclusion, and I’d love to talk about more early slashers or horror in general. On with the discussion.... Dawn is an interesting movie but I find more can be said about Night of the living dead, it’s not as gory and Dawn definitely influenced future film makers but I think Night’s still socially relevant today which Dawn struggles with. It’s funny that Night kicked off the zombie craze but doesn’t actually contain any zombies, the dead in Night are actually Ghouls (which are middle eastern monsters of non human origin but work as well as ex-humans). Night casting a black man as a white working class hero is most comparable to Ripley being written as a man but played by a woman, Ripley is the most badass final girl of all time, I can’t help but think this is related to her dialog being left untouched and Sigourney Weaver playing it in such a straight and genuine fashion. It effects the overall feel when a switch like this is preformed, but modern movies mostly fail to get why it worked in earlier films. I love all the old zombie movies almost as much as classic slashers, glad you started a thread man.
  3. I think I’ve heard of it but can’t recall seeing it, I’ll check it out though. Thanks man.
  4. If Psycho isn’t the fore father of slashers then a little film called Black Christmas is. It was released in 74 same as Texas. It’s most closely a predecessor of Scream, as they both make heavy use of the phone to build tension. It’s also Canadian which surprises a lot of people as it’s both well shot and hard to not see the characters and locations as stereotypically American. I have a fondness for it, mostly due to Margo Kidder (Lois Lane), who while not the final girl is ballsy and a real scene stealer. @Gottaevil you should check it out if you haven’t seen it. Sorry, sometimes these conversations are going to interrupt. Think about it not as a distraction but as the act of community. We all come here to talk about Friday but also the other things that we don’t get meaningful conversation about elsewhere, sometimes those conversations just happen in the middle of random threads. You’re welcome to join. Not a bad suggestion, increased tape drop would be another good one. (I’ve been done for awhile but others are having a hard time). With a proper reboot, I’d be all for that. I always think of her as being the most important part of Jason’s motivation, and doing it well would make it a film worth revisiting. Fix the mystery at it’s core, show Pamela with young Jason and have a twist that leaves it open to be continued, doesn’t seem to hard. I’m not so much worried about Victor winning and Friday going away, my concern is who he’s (or any other winner) is going to trust with it. I want it to be a passion project, that respects itself and not a cash grab. (Which the two Halloween sequels might be, we’ll see.)
  5. Victor’s vision of Friday is the first movie, he doesn’t have a high opinion of what came after. I don’t think he’d stop the fans from getting a new movie or game but until the suit is done we just don’t know.
  6. Not sure if you read the first page or not but here’s what he’s talking about. There’s another quote where I respond to Ahab’s concerns as well, but it’s less easy to move. Having three low level perks isn’t going to break anything, it will just make them interesting to play with, rather than them never getting any use.
  7. I agree, it would be a fun change, not game breaking. ...and then we could buff Jason’s HP. 😉
  8. It’s all good brother, I was just joining in on the fun. I definitely understand your position on this or any other new content. PS. Seems the Switch launch is going well other than that little hiccup.
  9. Welcome to camp send me an invite sometime, same name and spelling. I’m slow drawing a blank on the clubs name....? Good sportsmanship... maybe.
  10. Thanks, I was wondering how it was. Glad it did, it belongs on Nintendo, 😊.
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