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  1. It's got a death curse...

    Welcome to camp, sorry about the murder.
  2. Best Screenshots

    Wow, that was fun.
  3. Arkham Knight, enjoying it so far, still playing F13 but everyone needs a break once in a while.
  4. While I like the idea of a CP store, suggested a bunch of things that could be bought in other threads, I don't think new clothing is the right way to go. That said I don't oppose the idea I just think a CP store should allow players both Jason and counselors to add thing to the match. If I have time, I'll think on it at work, let you know what I come up with.
  5. It isn't unethical, so morals are meaningless in this conversation, who's higher power should we listen to? I declare it moral to trap everything. Do you have an ethical reason why we shouldn't trap objectives?
  6. I can't agree, placing traps is not an exploit, but than again do you mean it as a noun or a verb. ex·ploit VERB make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource). "500 companies sprang up to exploit this new technology" synonyms: utilize · make use of · put to use · use · [more] NOUN a bold or daring feat. "the most heroic and secretive exploits of the war" synonyms: feat · deed · act · adventure · stunt · escapade · [more] a software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system, typically for malicious purposes such as installing malware. "if someone you don't know tweets you a link, it's either spam, an exploit, or probably both" If you mean it as a noun, it's a compliment, "why yes, it is daring to place a trap at the fuze box."
  7. Jason Selection Update

    Keep up the good work, . One of the guys I play with regularly is going to love this.
  8. When Jason Quits

    Thanks @JimB, welcome to the forum.
  9. New perk suggestions

    Well maybe I'll keep fiddling with it, and see what else I can work out. The biggest problem is finding the right balance for ten plus counselors. Don't want to make it impossible for Jason, although if it worked for the counselors. Then Jason could get his own pyramids, although I figure his will only be three perks two at the bottom with one at the top. This way the counselors have a little more to be unsure about when seeing a specific Jason but he doesn't end up being a perk machine.
  10. New perk suggestions

    Damn it, @Truth. Out of all of my posts the one that requires real bloody work is the one you like, that just figures. Most of my suggestion require the Devs to do the work, leaving me to enjoy the fruits of their labor. At least you got it, that means others should be able to figure it out, .
  11. New perk suggestions

    @Truth, That is kinda simplifying it, the whole pyramid would show up on you counselors character screen. Learning which perks worked together to unlock second and eventually third tier perks would be part of the fun. It would mean getting double the perks but balancing them at the same time by limiting each character to one OP perk, two in the middle, one you want and one that might not be what you want but you need to get the top one, and three you probably never play with but might kinda be fun to have. The different combinations of perk would, define your character type/class, giving you a leg up that helps your team in specific ways. Some characters would be naturally inclined to be certain types/classes. To use Vanessa as an example she might have a pyramid that has to do with sports, maybe swimming. Anyone else could build the swimming athlete pyramid but it suits Vanessa the best. Shelly is a prankster, but Chad could just as easily benefit from the prankster pyramid. When I first thought of it, I realized this would happen, it's not an easy idea to explain with out visual aids. I wish I had a tenth of some of our members graphical skills. Without explaining each pyramid in detail, you'd have more perks but only one really sweet one, and some metas for certain counselors could be made less effective, while at the same time making weaker counselors more effective. Edit - @Doyle_1989, yeah I would want to remove/rework perk rolling or have a bigger library that you can fill. Could try to build it using @Alkavian's idea of preforming actions to earn the low/mid tier perks and being rewarded with the top tier. See what I mean about work, lol.
  12. Lots of solutions in More Interactive Thingies (not the best title but a merge is responsible). I add something new and bumped it up for you if you missed it or ignored it based on the title. Lots of things to fill empty drawers, or make the game more interesting in general. @Kodiak was kind enough to clarify double posting at the bottom of the second page if your interested.
  13. More Interactable Thingies

    It needs to be added to the rules, it is used to bully new forum members. The last time I posted in this thread was two weeks ago, I did come in and edit it once in that time I believe, and I think you can check. I'm don't believe I have done anything wrong at this point, I have followed the rules you've laid out. Other than tagging a mod, which I've only just been informed of. Fix the rules is all I can suggest, otherwise the problem will keep happening. If you don't explain what I've done wrong how do you expect my behaviour to change?
  14. More Interactable Thingies

    Are my posts spam @Kodiak, if something is buried five pages deep should I let it die by editing a post no one will ever see? Would you like me to create a new thread every time I have an idea? Am I welcome on this forum, or should I go support a different game?
  15. More Interactable Thingies

    I was just about to tell you that edit, I looked for the rule last time couldn't find it, so it's not a rule. If you want me to start a new thread every time I have an idea, A. because it then won't be a double post and B. Because you only read the OP, I can do that for you but are you sure you want that @Truth.