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  1. You’re a crazy, I’m not interested in talking to you about this anymore. You should know, if your god is real, I have lived a very good life by the standards of objective morality. So when I do get to heaven, I plan on eating your god. Others can feel free to join me, I’m sure their will be enough to go around. Edit - I’d better not get a warning for threatening to eat an imaginary thing, that would be stupid.
  2. I’ve had at least three this week but I don’t remember the map/time specifics. Jenny, Thick Skin(E), NoS(Blue-common I think), Preparedness(Yellow-uncommon I think) don’t laugh it’s not a full no fear build but I’m lucky I even got NoS, it never shows up.
  3. @Tommy86 is mostly right in this case, but it’s mostly because he’s back it into a very narrow box. Shifting is a legitimate tactic against good players that doesn’t require CS, so are knives (when they work, but we had that conversation already Tommy.) go back and read what Tommy said about the frames if you need to, it’s all spelled out there but Jason isn’t just slashing or grabbing, he has at least three other options, it means there are different right ways to play it. I like to control the battlefield, that works for me, I can kill a decent team with a single bear trap, never even using block, the tree on the other side of Jason does that for me. Is it the best way probably not but it isn’t common enough for them to have a plan for it. Playing Tommy’s way is harder to learn but generally more effective. It isn’t a style that I particularly want to play though, it turns it into to much of a fighting game for my tastes, I think this is a ‘to each there own’, type of situation.
  4. Oh, I guess we agree on it. You shouldn’t just do it cause it’s easy, there’s a time and place for it, just like traps and throwing knives.
  5. Grabbing is more of a liability, it gives a free stun to someone if you’re off by even a hair. If lag makes me miss a slash I keep right on moving but when I miss a grab that on my screen connected it throws everything off and locks me into a straight line till the animation is done. I use grab kills even when fighting a group, it’s about when there’s opportunity. The getting angry at Jason or the Jason player I have a problem with. It’s all just cause and effect, if you tease and taunt you have no right to be a little bitch about the slashing you get.
  6. Everybody get slashed as long as the grab is a liability. Everybody gets limped, then grab killed if there’s time. Don’t like it, to bad.
  7. Ummmm, I thought Perks couldn’t be stacked? If they can be some like swift attacker might be OP taken three times. I might have to rethink my perk library.
  8. Oh, I definitely need to see game footage, but it could be a good diversion for a month or so. It doesn’t meet replacement standards for F13 though. I’ll keep looking for one, Last Year looks the closest but it isn’t coming to console, it might in the future but I think that will be a ways off.
  9. Looks like a blast, trippy as hell.
  10. If by fix it you mean, make it so we select the load out of the bots, then I think that’s a great idea. Another thing we should be able to set are how prone to attack they are and wether they do objectives. On a slider or something, in offline there’s probably a dev tool to do just that in the program already. I don’t know all the specifics but it would be nice if the ultimate slasher edition had any of these tools unlocked along with sandbox mode for all the maps, even SPC. Wishful thinking but it should be brought up.
  11. And all around the mulberry bush The monkey chased the weasel...
  12. You do realize he’s talking out his ass, and really you picked one were he ‘debates’ Hitchens. He doesn’t provide proof, don’t you think if he did these would be the most watched videos in history. You can’t prove a god exist, let alone that your particular one exists, don’t be that guy. Edit - I swear this guy, he quotes a mathematician in his opening ‘that the infinite is only a idea in your mind’, that mathematician is talking about god not mathematically infinities. This guy can’t even get quotes right. He’s now talking about mathematical constants and how the universe is fine tuned for life, it isn’t. You can’t live on most of this planet, let alone anywhere else in the universe, it is not fine tuned for life. So String theory is good in this asshats mind, but multiple worlds isn’t, do you think he knows they’re connected ideas? God has no morality, ethics is a better system, regardless. hahahahaha, basic beliefs, hahahahaha. Your feelings are facts, gotcha and you need to ignore arguments that go against those feelings, that they’re just external and so not as important as your feelings. This guy would be hilarious if people like you didn’t give him credit for something profound, when he is so obviously manipulating you. So you only posted the one side, is it because Hitch does a fine job of slapping the jolly off him? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
  13. I thought you were a kid at first, lol.
  14. @AldermachXI, got banned for telling Jpops to “fuck off” in his own goodbye thread after they had a disagreement in PM’s. It led to a lot of stuff, people leaving mostly but some getting banned, like @Truth. He was not a happy camper, to say the least. To Hell and Back is a fan made ie @AldermachXI, documentary about the game and it’s various scandals. It isn’t something he should have been banned for but I don’t know the whole story, a lot was deleted. Kinda glad you missed it to be honest, good to see you back as well.
  15. Not exactly sure, he may have posted the ‘to hell and back’ video. I didn’t make it through the whole thing yet but it’s on YouTube. @AldermachXI‘s channel or @bewareofbears channel I think. Glad to hear you’re playing again, hope you have learned not to share to much horror stuff with your mom.