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  1. You should be good, as long as your not showing hacked stuff you’re within the terms of service to show your own gameplay.
  2. Sorry for necro posting but Last Year is getting a re-release on steam and it looks like a whole new game. They’re dropping the Nightmare part of the name and following a chapter model where each chapter will add a new fiend, map, and progression goals. A sixth student has been added, a Sheik who looks like he’ll fit right in with the others. The new fiend is a giant spider... which is very cool, it even appears to have computer controlled smaller spiders to harass, provide some pressure and slow the game down. PVE is something I’ve wanted in this type of game for a while. The trailers up on YouTube and steam, for anyone who’s interested. It will be out on the 10th of December on PC, still no word on console but they’re having an AMA on Discord tomorrow, so we might know soon.
  3. Welcome to camp, hope you find some people. What system are you on, if you don’t mind me asking? @Dashing
  4. Welcome to camp. Stick around you’ll learn lots about how to be a good Jason.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  6. I’d be interested to hear what you came up with @Fair Play?
  7. Might be a while, these things tend to get announced at conventions. That’s assuming Guns. next project is even a game of this type.
  8. I’d take either, really. I see merits in both but think there’s a much greater replay value in a Friday style game. I think you’d need to have pre-set characters like in Friday but that each of them could play the role of one of the killers. You’d have to borrow some elements of Deceit to make a really tense game, two killers unknown at the beginning. Maps based on the largest central locations of each movie ie. the high school, Sidney’s neighbourhood and the party house from part one. Have different character sets from each movie, with different costumes from the movies as content. I’d like the ability to play the end game section as a straight death match to get people playing who don’t want to try figuring it out in the longer normal style matches, were lying and deception are the best strategy. @Jason Todd Voorhees
  9. I’d pay to watch it, even if it is pretty predetermined. Jason murders those cannibals but how would be the fun part.
  10. Heroes?, yeah the first season was surprisingly good but they lost me when it all got to big. She didn’t have the gravitas back then to support the role she was cast in. The whole ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ thing bugged me too. It never payed off like the build up suggested. Until Dawn is amazing so far, I think it’s got a lot going for it. The story, the narrator and the cast are all top shelf. The sequel is less up my alley but it looks good too, so I’ll probably pick it up after. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for part three. I just want a good Scream movie, like part 1 or 4, I want it to have characters I like and deaths that are seamless tributes to other great Slasher kills. If they can make an iconic Ghostface, under the mask that would be amazing. It’s the one flaw with the series, they should have slipped in a person worthy of standing among the other greats. A Ghostface who is the Icon under the mask and out of it.
  11. It was a pleasant surprise to find out who the cast were, playing through it with my fiancé and I am really enjoying it so far. Funny, I didn’t like the Hayden on Heroes but she’s become much more likeable.
  12. The fourth is the second best, the double false start is the only part I dislike. I get the need to call back the second and third in someway but it still jars even after repeat viewings. Ten years ago I might have liked the tweet threat about Randy being the mastermind but I hope they don’t go that route.... also ‘bring back Kirby please!’, something about that character stuck and I’d like to see her given a real final girl chase scene.
  13. You are a horrible person.... thank you for sharing. PS. You’re not and I’m joking but that does sting a little. It does, fucking Truth stabs you deep. Damn it now I miss @Truth.
  14. What VH1 season, never heard of it. 😉 @Jason Todd Voorhees, It does hit a lot of thriller beats. I’m a fan of the series but in particular the re-watch-ablity of the first one. I also like the humour, it contrasts very well and makes most of the characters likeable. It also gave Slashers a bit more respect for being intellectual, and for being for everyone, not just gore hounds. Not that there’s anything wrong with our more blood thirsty community members.
  15. “Please don’t be bad, please don’t be bad.” I really hope its not bad. Very excited for it though as Scream is one of my favourites.
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