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  1. Maybe Wolf, but 90-80% of times? and i still see people enter in a room, play as Jason, and leaves (problaly for enter in another roon and play as Jason) - i play in ps4
  2. thx @ShiftySamurai another thing, the new Jason selection systen, is working? cuz a lot of times, the system chooses the last player who entered the room thx for u suport
  3. Not workin, after this post i play a lot... and this still happen - ps4 plataform
  4. not working, last player to join in roon still selected a lot of times
  5. the new systen how Jason is selected in Quick Play matches of Friday is not working! last player to join in room is selected a lot
  6. Very good. and the update? yyyy/mm/dd???? hh:mm? =D
  7. If you're dead and spectating you can leave, no issues... so its ok quiters go to mines \o/
  8. Need change - Too many pocketknifes in game - Correct the calm down after they stum Jason - Party (chat) in PSN only in private matchs - Items appear on the map, after being marked, only in the final 5 minutes - effects of items and attacks through doors Thx
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