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  1. Thank God. I've been waiting for this rework sense the game came out.
  2. Don't know how to feel about this, hopefully it'l be good.
  3. I like these ideas alot. Especially the psycho Jarvis, considering that originally he was going to become the new killer after part 5.
  4. I'd actually like having perks for jason or even just changing what stats each jason has.
  5. The small speed buff to jason ain't really cutting it. The Things they need to do to make jason better. -Fix Jason's hit registration. -fix the Chain stunning -Make it to where jason gets rage immediately when ever someone calls the cops or starts the Car/Boat.
  6. There is no way the devs made Roy's kill weapon, shears without thinking about adding the kill he used them for. It has to be in a kill pack for him. The only kill for him I really like now is the one where he cuts the counselors arms and head off.
  7. Maybe he somehow got a hold of pamela tapes and that's how he knows what Jason's mother sounds like(Talking about the voice in Roy's head) and he could see how much pamela loved her son.
  8. Thank God, I'll actually feel like I can play jason again. I think the next objective you guys need to tackle is the chain stunning of Jason.
  9. Thus is a good start. But you need to look into the stuns and all pocket knives, Their is too much of that.
  10. I used to look down upon people that would just slash kill, I just thought it was so boring. But recently I started slashing people cause I've had it with all the pocket knives/ shotguns they added. Like am I expected to pick someone up only to get knifed and have them heal only for me to chase them for like another 2 minutes and have them find another pocket knife at a camp site? It sucks playing as Jason. I think I'm just gonna turn my spawn preference to counselors and play jason in offline bots mode.
  11. Yes! I like this, it'd be cool if it was a unique kill where jason like throws them into the power box and electrocutes them or something.
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