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  1. I want it because how can we get the achievement for doing all of the grab kills if some of us that weren’t backers and we can’t do the Savini weapon kills to unlock the achievement
  2. I’m not a huge fan for part 6 in the game mostly because they gave him a bad morph recharge so it makes it harder for me to morph at the end of the road and shift straight into the car and stop it. The other problem I have is how we get part 6 Jason’s full arsenal on his tool belt but we’re stuck using only a spear which is the most pain in the ass weapon for me to use in the game
  3. I think that we should be able to change the weapons we use as Jason. • The way of how it would work is, is that you would be on the Jason customization screen and you can click on the weapon that Jason has and open up a menu where you can buy weapons from 500 - 2000 cp for each Jason and each weapon will include three weapon kill packs and each weapon with have different stats. • I believe this could work because people want to play as their favorite Jason’s with their most preferred weapon for that Jason like a machete, axe, spear, or a pitchfork. (Not the devils pitchfork but the one part 3 Jason used to hang fox with in part 3) • The other reason I bring this up is because the developers gave part 6 Jason his whole arsenal and we can only use two damn weapons he uses in the film, the spear that we only saw in the beginning, and the throwing knives. But yet this Jason uses a survival knife and a machete and both weapons are inaccessible during gameplay and Id love to play as part 6 Jason with the machete because I think that the spear is ridiculous
  4. So basically the amazing pre alpha footage that was basically darker and had no music which was cool and I still think that the pre alpha stages were better than the full game in my mind it had a much darker tone and I loved it I thought this was gonna be a Friday the 13th fans wet dream. But to me it turned out a little bit disappointing when I played the final product I didn’t understand what was wrong with what they had before.
  5. The reason why it’s so hard is because they didn’t even make the AI for the counselors its actually a game add on they paid $80 in backer money for on the unreal engine store
  6. I was only pissed whenever someone walked in front of my fucking flare gun before I pulled the trigger and then I shoot them and not Jason
  7. I think I see where you’re going and it makes sense because you can’t do much without internet on Friday the 13th especially simple things like leveling up and the customization process I’ve opened up the game without WiFi once before the latest offline bots update and all I could do was listen to Alice cooper in the end credits. Worst month 1/2 of my life I had to catch up and thank god we had a whole week of double xp so that really helped me. But I do see what you are getting at
  8. I swore that on Twitter the game devs tweeted that the single player challenges demo was gonna be released with the offline bots and virtual cabin 2.0. My only question is what happened?
  9. Hello everyone my name is David I was born and raised in the US and my love for horror movies started when I watched Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives which had gotten me interested into watching the rest of the Friday the 13th movie series which has made me into a huge fan. I’m also a huge fan for Japanese Monster movies but that isn’t the purpose of why I joined the Friday the 13th Forums page. I wanted to join to try and help bring new ideas to the table about the game, maybe meet some new people, and try and show some of the Friday the 13th artwork and replicas I’ve won off of giveaways and created myself
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