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  1. branden1716

    Trophies not working.

    Update, I got both of the trophies now, thanks anyway.
  2. branden1716

    Trophies not working.

    Update- I did get the "A PHD in murder" trophy, but I am still working on the "Jack of all Jasons" trophy. I have played as all of them except the level 44 Jason in multiplayer matches but I will keep trying.
  3. branden1716

    Trophies not working.

    Hello, I have two trophies I am having trouble with, The "A PHD in murder" and the "Jack of all Jasons" trophies. I have performed all of the kills multiple times and I have played as every Jason except the level 44 one. Can you fix this for me? My PSN username is also branden1716