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  1. the worst are the "troll host" : want to fight in a one vs one against Jason, t-bag and dance around Jason and when you catch 'em to kill them, they rage quit... They want make fun of Jason, but don't accept to be kill when they fail : what a bunch of coward's clown
  2. Nerf Jason ? Lol Jason is already "weak" (compared to the beggining, more players come to fight him and success to kill him) Don't forget that it's Jason the hunter, not the counselor : he must stay OP... And in the things you ask, it depends which Jason you have : not all the Jason swim Fast or have many traps or have a good reach grab (sometime he can't grab a counselor who is at 30 cm...)
  3. Same but with marathon, the map and policeman in Perks. I find Deborah very efficient with marathon & Policeman : she can make the whole map (with some rest in house, but she can), can repair very fast the car and boat (but for it, it can be difficult to find all part) even with Jason near her ass, and can call the police very fast to put pressure on Jason with the time (3min30). And sometimes for the fun i go to Jason house to Take his mom's Pull and find Allies to defend me (more easy to be help with the pull), Jason can't catch me so easy...
  4. +1 And the stats aren't count for the players working for the trophy if the game doesn't end because host rage quit... And what the point of rage quit ? It's a game where we die more than we survive, if someone can't accept this fact, he should stop to play this game. If some guys are cheating in the game, i can understand a rage quit, but not just because the guy is dead This game must have a Rainbow Six Siege system for Host Rage quit. 1 Rage quit : 15min without playing 2 Rage quit : 30min 3 Rage quit : 1h And I read bad connections is the reason in an post, this is an excuse : too many bad connections for Host that Jasons kill, what a coincidence... Please don't take others for dork
  5. Agreed, Car need a fuel timer (Like the Police has before coming) to avoid the troll of Jason until the time runs. Good drivers can't be stop by Jason actually : they can dodge and make few lap around the whole map, if he want, without being caught (shift, morph doesn't work against them) and this could be frustrating for Jason player.if a driver couldn't be stop until the time runs. Compared to the boat, car has no default when it start Yeah sometimes Car is shaking and this could be embarassing, but driving is very easy the most of time.
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